Nancy and Laura Ch. 03: The Waitress

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Laura was standing at the kitchen counter making dinner thinking about her son and his girlfriend. She really liked Nancy and they got along very well. She liked being friends with the younger woman and had enjoyed going to the ballet with her. She didn’t understand their relationship though. That night had been so different and so sexual that it embarrassed her. But Nancy acted like nothing ever happened. She didn’t speak of it and Laura didn’t know how to bring it up again.

A few weeks had passed by. Nancy and her son came in while she was cooking. Her son was like most boys and said hi but didn’t notice much. Nancy came around and looked at all the food and complimented her on it and talked about how much she was looking forward to eating.

But then she stopped and looked behind Laura. Nancy then flipped up Laura’s skirt and made a disapproving noise. “I don’t like those Laura. The meal is delicious looking and you are wearing a boring choice. Maybe no one can tell but I will know. Wait five minutes then go to your room and I’ll have something you can wear picked out.”

Nancy walked off leaving Laura speechless. It was just strange that the younger woman would even do that and then think she could order Laura around or tell her what to wear. Who did she think she was?

In a few minutes, Nancy came back, gave her boyfriend a kiss on the couch and walked back to the kitchen. “Okay, I’ll watch the food. Go.”

The whole time Laura was walking up the stairs she was angry. She was angry and surprised. She decided she was curious too. That’s why she was going. But she would have to talk to Nancy about this. On the bed, laid out nicely, were a pair of panties. Laura removed her pink cotton pair and tried on the pair Nancy had picked from her dresser. They were green and silk. As she put them on she thought about how silly it was. Green silk panties with dinner with her son and his girlfriend. What was the point? She wasn’t even sure why she was doing it. She stared at herself in the mirror and spent a minute or two rubbing the front of them and admiring them. She liked them and they were sexy but no one could see. It was silly for Nancy to even care.

She walked back into the kitchen and had no idea what to say so she didn’t say anything. She just started putting food in dishes. Laura came up behind to help. Her hand lifted Laura’s skirt and rubbed the back of the panties before sliding underneath and moving one finger along the front and back again. The she didn’t do anything else except say, “good girl,” and take dishes to the table and sit.

Nothing else was said and Laura was distracted. She finally realized they were talking about her. Her son was saying, “Mom, I know you’ll go again so I don’t have to. It’s such a chick thing, ballet, it’s the same as torture for a guy and I bet it would probably bore me to death, completely to death. I can’t. Thanks, Mom”

Nancy smiled. “Okay, Laura, your son stood me up so we’ll have to go by ourselves. Maybe we’ll pick up ballet studs and have a wild night.”

Laura laughed and her son did too. “Oh, yeah, I’m worried. There’s probably like two guys at the whole ballet and they aren’t your type.”

It was a nice night after Laura forgot about the panties and the weird way she ended up in them. Nancy left soon after dinner. She called out “see you, Tuesday night.” She almost left and then came back for her keys and leaned over to Laura and whispered, “wear them to bed.” Then she left.

As Laura lay in bed thinking about the ballet again, she couldn’t believe what Nancy said and why she was wearing the green panties to sleep. It wasn’t like Nancy could tell and had any right to tell her something weird anyway.

By Tuesday night, she mostly forgot. Nancy had told her they’d change at the hotel and she bought them matching outfits so just pack clothes for tomorrow to come home. So she had a small bag and they drove down. Laura wanted to talk about the last time. “Nancy, I know this won’t be like last time and I think that’s good. I don’t know what to say.”

Nancy smiled as they pulled up to the hotel and they went in. “Laura, of course it won’t be the same. It’s not the same ballet or even the same ballet company. They’re more of a dance ensemble. This will be much more low-key.I packed different clothes, not even formal. Don’t worry, let’s just relax.”

They got to their room and Nancy opened their bags and laid out an outfit for Laura to wear. It seemed strange for the younger woman to be picking clothes but it also felt natural for some reason. Nancy didn’t speak about the clothes and Laura just put them on. There were matching panties and bra. They were both pretty. The bra was silk and lace and a very pure white with matching panties, almost all silk with just a hint of lace.

The rest of the outfit wasn’t formal but was nice. A simple casino siteleri skirt in a subtle black and white pattern matched well with a white blouse with small flowers. It was a nice outfit, not boring but not exciting.

Nancy came out of the bathroom ready to go looking great. She didn’t look any more dressed up but she was wearing a blue wrap dress which looked great on her.

They walked downstairs and stopped in the bar. “We have an hour before the dance starts so let’s get a quick drink.”

It was early and the bar wasn’t busy yet. The waitress came over and took their order for two glasses of wine. When she brought them back, she asked if they were interested in food because hot food wasn’t available for a half hour yet.

The waitress was somewhere close to Laura’s age and looked at the older woman when she asked. Nancy looked at her nametag and said, “No, Kate, we’re just having a quick drink before I take my friend Laura to a show. If she’s a good girl, I’ll bring her back and we’ll make it up to you with a nightcap to close the night.”

The waitress looked carefully between the two women and smiled but didn’t say anything. The whole encounter and the way Nancy talked made Laura turn red but she soon forgot about it.

The show was very interesting and the dance group was very different. It wasn’t ballet and there was a variety of shorter pieces. Laura really enjoyed it and also enjoyed it in the dark when Nancy pushed up the hem of her skirt and played with her knee. She didn’t know how to react when Nancy took a hold of Laura’s hand and put in on Nancy’s own leg, directing back and forth along the thigh exposed by Nancy’s dress falling slightly open higher up. Nancy finally pushed Laura’s fingers under what must be a garter strap and left tem there. Laura felt strange but didn’t move them. She just kept looking between the dancers and her friend’s leg.

When Nancy leaned over and whispered in her ear, Laura tightened her hand on Nancy’s thigh as an accidental reaction to the warm breath in her hear. “Laura think about your hand on my thigh. It’s like a dance. See how the taller dancer keeps touching the other one? They are dancing too. And maybe they are special friends and the one is making the other’s panties wet. The dance changed when you think about the one woman making the other one’s panties wet by teasing her.”

She leaned back and Laura was left with her thoughts and just as Nancy planned her thoughts made her excited and a little ashamed. She was going to move her hand but she was sure Nancy wouldn’t like it so she didn’t. She needed to please Nancy. She didn’t know why but she wanted to.

When the show was over, Nancy let her move her hand and they got up together and walked out into the night. They had a quick dinner and didn’t talk about what happened at the show. On the way back they walked past bars and took a short cut to the hotel that went past the alley they had seen before, on the last trip.

They stopped and Nancy asked Laura, “do you remember this alley? Remember what we saw?” They both smiled. Nancy continued, “I remember we were watching a woman on her knees in front of a man, do you remember? I think about it a lot.” While Nancy talked she was slowly caressing and gently squeezing the back of Laura’s skirt.

“Keep looking Laura and you can almost see them. I wonder he had his orgasm first and then her. Maybe after we left and he was finished, she stood up and then he got down under her skirt.” While she said that she lifted Laura’s skirt from behind and caressed the panties cover her from behind then slowly moved her hand lower and under until Laura felt a gentle touch on the front of her panties from a hand that snaked from behind.

After just a few minutes, Nancy stopped. She stopped talking and turned and walked toward the hotel.

It took Laura a minute to catch her breath and come back to the world and then turn and hurry after her friend. They were only a block from the hotel and Nancy kept moving quickly so Laura took a few hundred feet to catch up then they turned in and Nancy walked across the lobby and into the bar. “I think we need a drink.”

The bar was almost empty because it was late and near closing time for the bar. They sat in a corner and waited until the waitress from earlier, Kate, came to take their order. “Hi, I remember you two from earlier. Did you have a nice evening? How can I help you?”

Laura still seemed dazed and Nancy ordered two glasses of wine. “Thank you, Kate. The dance show was lovely and Laura was a good girl so we’re having a nightcap or two. I’m glad you are able to service us.”

Kate walked away to get drinks happy that she finally had at least one interesting customer for the slow night. The older woman was quiet but the younger one was very different and very interesting.

When Kate had canlı casino left, Nancy looked at Laura. “The evening is going very well so far I think. But before our drinks come I need you to take off the panties I had you wear. Fold them and hand them to me please.”

Laura stared at the hand Nancy held out, surprised at her words. While she was lifting herself off the seat and sliding down the panties she kept thinking this was ridiculous. What a ridiculous request and strange thing to do. She had no right. But the whole time she was obeying the direction. She looked confused and tried to think of what to say but folded the panties and handed them to her younger friend.

Nancy was enjoying watching the conflict in her eyes and proud of Laura for obeying. She moved and set the panties near the edge of the table and said “good girl” as they saw Kate across the room with their wine.

Kate set the wines down then looked at the panties on the table like a napkin. It was obvious what they were and she looked back and forth between a calm confident Nancy and a shy Laura turning a little pink and quickly drinking a lot of her wine. “Well, ladies, who do these belong to?”

Nancy looked at Laura and then turned to Kate. “The panties, Kate? Well, Laura was wearing the panties so they are hers but she is mine so I think they belong to me. You must admire them, Kate, if you’re asking. Do you want them? I think they would fit you. I’m sure Laura would not mind if I gave them to you.”

Kate looked around the bar. There was one other table near the door and people were leaving. She looked at the strangely silent Laura. She asked in a strange whisper that made her seem excited and nervous, “do you want to give me your panties, Laura?”

Laura didn’t know what was happening. It was all so strange. She just looked at the waitress and nodded. But before Kate could take them and move away, Nancy spoke again. “Kate, Laura and I both want you to take her panties. We want you to wear them. Please put them on right away. But then I need you to bring back your other pair, folded neatly, and place them back on the table. After all, Laura might need something to wear back to our room.”

Kate didn’t speak but she smiled. The younger woman who seemed in complete control of Laura was the most interesting thing to happen to Kate in a long time and she quickly left toward a room in the back.

Nancy turned and started talking about the show they watched as if nothing happened. Laura’s head was spinning. Everything was so strange and Nancy just acted normal.

Kate came back with a big smile and nervous. She placed a pair of light blue panties on the table folded neatly and opened her mouth but couldn’t seem to think of what to say. Nancy smiled and looked from one woman to the other. “Laura, be a good girl and put on Kate’s panties for me. Right now, please.” Then she turned to Kate and said “I know you’re closing but since we’re at the hotel can you have a bottle of wine delivered to my room? and glasses? Room 400.”

“Since you’re a guest I can. I’ll bring them up when I close since everyone else left.”

“Thank you, Kate. I thought that would work. Bring three glasses please.”

Kate went away. Nancy wrote a room number on the check to have it billed. Then they got up. Kate was waiting at the door to unlock it because the restaurant had closed. Nancy smiled. “Kate do you have other clothes? I hate for you to have a drink from us in your uniform smock.”

Kate shook her head. “Only the top is the uniform not the skirt but I don’t have a different shirt.”

Nancy frowned. “I wonder what we can do. Do you like Laura’s blouse? I think a pretty blouse like that would suit you.” She waited while Kate nodded her head.”Good then I have a solution. Laura, you need to take off your blouse and let Kate wear it. We just have to go down this hall to the elevator and then to our floor and down that hallway. You’ll be fine.”

The whole time she was talking, Nancy had started unbuttoning the blouse. Laura tried to protest as her son’s girlfriend undressed her in a closed restaurant but she just made noises and strangely did nothing to stop the younger woman. Kate just stared and was breathing heavily.

Nancy smiled, handed the blouse to her new friend and took her other friend’s hand and let her out of the restaurant and down the hallway. The hallway to the elevator was deserted but Laura was scared and nervous and tingling. She walked and stood the whole time holding Nancy’s hand. They didn’t see anyone on the ground floor and were alone in the elevator but the whole time Laura was thinking “what am I doing? I riding almost topless in an elevator holding the hand of my son’s girlfriend wearing the panties of another woman I haven’t even met. This is strange and I’m not protesting and I’m very wet. I should say something.” kaçak casino But she stayed quiet and just went where she was led.

Kate was only a few minutes behind them. She showed up with wine and glasses and Laura let her in, still blouseless and still quiet.

Nancy sat in a chair watching. “Pour us each a glass, dear.”

Kate poured, Laura drank and Nancy toasted. “Here’s to new friends.” And they drank. Then Nancy added, “Oh Kate please unzip Laura’s skirt. She wants to show you that she’s wearing your panties. It would have strange for her to take her skirt off in the bar.”

Kate knelt behind Laura as Laura looked Nancy in the eyes. She slowly unzipped and let the skirt fall. Laura was as still as a statue. Kate stayed on her knees and slid her hands slowly from Laura’s ankles up the sides of her legs and over her thighs and the panties before moving her hands around her hips and hugging tightly. Her cheek was turned and pressed against the back of what used to be her own panties. She gently kissed each rounded cheek of Laura’s cute ass. Then she stood.

Nancy walked to them and gently kissed Kate. He lips and the older woman’s lips exploring each other softly while her hands unbuttoned the blouse Kate wore. Kate’s bra was thin and her nipples were hard. Nancy commanded, “Laura kiss out playmate’s lovely nipples while she shows us your panties.”

Laura leaned in and started kissing and then pulling with her lips on her new friend’s nipples. She was hungry and eager and soon Kate’s bra was wet from Laura’s mouth. Out of the corner of her eye Laura could sense Nancy moving around them like a stalker surveying her prey. She didn’t see but knew that Nancy was caressing Kate’s bottom covered in Laura’s panties with one hand and doing the same thing to Laura with the other.

Kate pulled Laura’s head up and kissed her, their eyes locked together. While they kissed and licked and squeezed each other Nancy slowly pushed them toward the bed and then pushed them on it. Then she sat in a chair and watched the two older women who were strangers just a few hours ago. Two women wearing each other’s underwear groping and kissing, hungry for each other, loving each other for her own pleasure.

Nancy moved the two of them like her personal playthings. She sat Kate up and pushed Laura down. Then she moved them and their legs. Kate figured it out and helped them form scissors until they straddled each other and their panties connected. Laura’s eyes got big and she moaned and the two women started grinding, tribbing each other with their panties.

Nancy stood next to the bed watching each of them with a smile. Before to long, she put a hand on each of their hips to slow them down. “Not too fast, ladies. I need some help with my dress.”

The two women slowed down and Kate was the one closest. She reached out and undid the dresses tie. Nancy then unwrapped herself and threw the dress away. She stood there wearing green panties with black trim and a matching bra. Her stockings were held with garters. Laura stared at the young woman with a lust that surprised her. She was surprised that she was jealous Kate had been allowed to open the dress. She thought Nancy didn’t look real. She looked like someone in a catalogue wearing the kind of sexy underwear no one wears almost ever.

Laura’s thoughts consumed her and she moved her hips slowly grinding and staring at Nancy. Kate seemed to exist only as the things she was grinding against. Nancy smiled and could tell how her friend was thinking. She wiggled her tongue at Laura before turning and bending over to lean and kiss Kate. Her hips wiggled and the only part of Nancy that Laura could see, her tight beautiful ass filling her panties, seemed to be teasing Laura. The she reversed and did the same thing, kissing Laura and teasing Kate. The she stood up straight, got a chair, sat at the edge and commanded “cum for me my sluts.”

The two women didn’t need to be asked twice. They were close and their wet panties were busy until first Kate then Laura started to climax. The next few minutes were blurry for Laura but when she was aware again she and Kate had uncoupled. Nancy had sat between Laura’s legs and leaned against her, turning Laura into a chair. Kate had been told to kneel before her but on the bed. Nancy grabbed Laura’s hands and put them on her own chest. Then she grabbed Kate’s shoulders, pulled her down and the other older woman began licking her. Kate between her legs and Laura’s hands from behind grasping and squeezing her breasts.

Nancy moaned, turned her head and kissed Laura and moaned again. She kept repeating this until she began squirming and held Kate’s head tightly. She tightened her hands on Kate’s head just as Laura pinched her nipples firmly and then she screamed in a way that was part moan and part crying out in pure pleasure.

She pulled Kate up and kissed her then turned her head and kissed Laura and then Laura and Kate kissed. The three stayed like that in the bed with their bodies trembling and their lips caressing each other. No one moved for a long time.

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