My Very Personal Maid Ch. 3

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Betsy and I went to London on the train to obtain passports for our trip. While there I bought her several new outfits. “I have a motive behind my wishes to have you travel as a companion. We can stay in the same room, and you will be treated as my equal. You have earned that.” I told her as we shopped in one of London’s finest shops. I did not want her to travel with me as a servant, but as a companion. She was thrilled by the thought.

“I shall try to make you proud of me, Mistress,” she said, tears in her eyes.

Weeks later, and a train ride, and we reached Portsmouth to board the train ferry to Havre, France. When we reached France it was foggy, but as the train to Paris rocked on its way, the weather cleared, and we sat at the window watching the beautiful countryside slip past. I had been to France once before, but it was the first trip for Betsy.

She was enthralled by the whole prospect, particularly going to Paris. Everyone had told us to be sure and see the Eiffel Tower. I had seen illustrations in magazines but it was supposed to be a marvel of sight and engineering. We reached Paris after dark, hailed a handsome, and the driver took us to one of the new modern hotels in the middle of Paris. The hotel was an imposing structure inside and out.

We registered and were whisked to our floor in a quiet smooth elevator. Betsy held my hand tightly as this was her first elevator ride. Our room was beautiful, huge and opened onto a balcony. After our steamer trunk was delivered, we hung our clothes in the closet, then went down to the dining room. We had a small lunch on the train, but were both hungry now.

Several men turned to look at us as we entered. Betsy looked stunning in her new clothes. We had both picked outfits that showed off our figures, particularly our bosoms, nothing vulgar, but a generous swell of our flesh. I let the waiter select our first meal in Paris, and he did a splendid job of it. Betsy was awed by the hotel and the food. I had to gently remind her that she was a lady now, and should act restrained.

She quickly reigned in her excess enthusiasm, but spent the whole meal with a large grin on her face. We had several handsome men come to our table to try and engage us in conversation, and twice waiters brought us bottles of champagne from admirers at other tables. I sent them back with our regrets.

As soon as we got to our room, we went into the bathroom and discovered that they had a bidet, a shower, a new invention, and a large bathtub. Betsy was fascinated by the bidet, she had never seen one. I showed her how it worked. She had to try it, squealing with delight when the warm water gushed against her cunny. She let is gush against her clitty, and became very excited.

Weary and dirty from our train ride, we got under the shower at the same time, and enjoyed the hot water streaming down on us. We took turns washing each other’s bodies, and our fingers slipped down and we brought each other off. Clean, we slipped on our gowns and opened the doors onto the balcony. The night air was wonderful, and from it we could see the Eiffel Tower, lit up beautifully. We stood together, and Betsy slipped an arm around me, hugged me and thanked me over and over.

We kissed and went back into the room. The bed was huge, and we undressed and lay together naked. Our passions arose again, and we made love to the sounds drifting up from the streets below. Her sweet body never seemed more alive. Her touches drove me to new heights of passion. When we came, we made no effort to stifle our cries of passion. This was Paris, City Of Love.

The next day, Betsy and I went to the bank, to attend to Auntie’s business. We were expected, and ushered into the managers office immediately. Betsy was introduced as my associate. She sat quietly and listened intently to every word. I explained some of the terms and meaning of the transactions to her as we went.

Finally, our business done, the manager thanked both of us and ushered us out in grand style. Auntie’s considerable money meant a great deal to the bank. Outside, Betsy asked several question that showed she had listened, and understood some of the dealings. As we walked the streets I schooled her somewhat in the banking vernacular. She drank up every word.

We went back to the hotel to leave off the business papers, and to change into less staid clothes. I had impressed on her the importance of the proper dress when doing business. We dressed in simpler clothes, and sensible walking shoes.

In the lobby the desk clerk helped us set up an afternoon itinerary, and offered to obtain a reliable guide for us. We agreed. Without our asking, he soon had a lovely Parisian lady of perhaps forty as our guide. We both were delighted by Jeanne. She was lovely, witty, cleaver, and knowledgeable, and we were off in a carriage to tour Paris. Betsy and I both delighted in her Parisian accented English. I can speak French fluently, but out of difference to Betsy spoke mostly English. Jeanne was a delight to be casino oyna around. Our first stop was the Eiffel tower.

The elevator took us up and we looked out over the storybook Paris, spread before us. Jeanne pointed out landmarks. Betsy was afraid at first to move close to the rail, but soon, her natural curiosity had her looking down at the tiny people below. We ate in the wonderful restaurant in the tower.

We took in the cathedrals, museums and art shops. It seemed every where we went, someone knew Jeanne, and seemed delighted to see her again. We ate desert in a sidewalk cafe and drank wine that Jeanne suggested. Betsy and I both became a little tipsy, and our hand holding, and subtle caresses did not go unnoticed by Jeanne.

“You two lovely ladies are lovers, oui?” She asked with a twinkle in her eye.

We both giggled and I’m sure colored a little.

“In Paree, this is smiled on. Women, know how to please women. A Frenchman will kill, if he finds his wife with another man, but if he finds her with another women, -” she paused eyebrows lifting , “he wishes to join them.” She finishing with a delightful laugh. “Many men have wives and mistresses, and many wives have husbands and mistresses.”

“Jeanne, you are very perceptive.” I said suddenly trusting this open, lovely woman. “I am new to the arts of Sappho. While we are in this city of love, I would like to learn more about it. Betsy and her friend have taught me quite a bit about this love, but I know Parisians could teach us both more about the gentle art. Do you have any suggestions?”

“Let me think. I too have loved several women. My husband approves.” She said with a wink.

“Did he want to join you?” Betsy asked with a laugh.

“Oui,oui! But of course. Men are so predictable.” Jeanne said.

“And did he?” I asked, wondering if she would answer.

“Once, my lady friend wished him to join us. We played a game. He was blindfolded and he could only tell by smell and taste which of us he was making love to. When he guessed wrong, he received a “caning,” I believe you British call it, on his rear. He guessed wrong quite often as we changed perfume. I think we all three enjoyed it.” Jeanne said. “I was not jealous to see him make love to my lady friend.”

We wound across the city, seeing it as can only be seen with the help of a knowledgeable Parisian. She took us to a small restaurant and we had a fabulous dinner, dining on red checkered tablecloths, sawdust on the floor. Finally, back at the hotel, she paused.

“Miss Diana, when would you like these lessons in love to begin?” She asked with a grin.

“As soon as possible.” I said with no hesitation.

“There will be a young lady, who will come to your room inside of two hours. She will bring a note from me. I assure you that you will be safe in her hands. I hope you two lovely ladies learn much. I will see you, where she shall take you.”

I paid her the agreed sum for her guided tour, and added a generous tip. We had certainly enjoyed Paris as well as her company. She gave us a light kiss on the lips and left. We went to our rooms and freshened up a little, lay on the bed resting for a while.

It was dark outside, and about two hours since Jeanne had left us, there was a knock on the door. I opened the door, and a beautiful young girl stood outside. She had two small boxes with her. She handed me a note from Jeanne.

“Madame Jeanne asked me to come.” She said in French, coming into the room “I will take you to where you wish to go. You must first change into these clothes. Your clothes say you are English. You will attract less attention if you appear Parisian.”.

Betsy and I quickly changed into the plain dresses. She combed our hair out pulled it back and tied a ribbon around it. She gave us each a barrette, fastening it on our heads. When we looked into the mirror, we were two different women.

“Please take 25 of your pounds, and leave your other money behind. Take only your room key.” She said. I did as she asked. She led us not to the elevator, but to the back stairs and we followed her down. We came out at the back of the hotel, and two passing chambermaids gave us not a second glance. She led us into the night. We walked for what must have been a mile, crossing the Seine, to where I remembered the West Bank to be. No one paid us much attention. We received a couple of whistles from men we passed. We appeared as two Parisian women and a girl.

She led us off the main street, to a nondescript door, knocked twice. It opened and we slipped in. “Come in, please.” Jeanne smiled at us. Welcome to my lover’s house.”

She pulled me close and gave me a warm kiss on my lips, her tongue flicking lightly against my lips. Her body pressed lightly against mine. She stepped back and did the same to Betsy. Betsy closed her eyes, and when Jeanne stepped back, glanced at me for approval. I winked at her.

Jeanne led us into another rather large room. She introduced us to her lover, Renée, who was a beautiful canlı casino tall woman in her mid thirties. She gave us a hug, and light kiss on our lips, and welcomed us to her house.

“You wished to see how the Parisians made love. I was able to obtain two truly lovely women, who are dancers, and entertain at private parties. They will be here momentarily. I hope you two enjoy them. Renée and I have seen them before, and are anxious to watch them again”. She brought some wine, and an excellent cheese, and we sat on a low sofa and talked to the two warm ladies. They sat close together, Jeanne’s arm around Renée.

Both spoke well, their English proficient, but with the lovely French accent to it. “When our entertainers arrive, we will both disrobe and lay on the couch. We like to caress each other as we watch. Feel free to disrobe, or to stay clothed. Renée and I find it very difficult to keep our hands to ourselves, when we watch these two beautiful women. They will not touch you unless you invite it, nor shall we, so you may relax.”

Betsy and I decided to stay clothed for the time being. There was another low couch and we sat on it, awaiting the two dancers.

There was a knock on the door, and Renée opened it. Two very beautiful women came in. They both had long coats on. When the slipped them off, we saw why, The wore diaphanous harem clothes under the outer garments, gold slippers on their feet. Beneath the thin cloth we could see sparkles as they turned and moved. Renée and Jeanne greeted them, then brought them to us. Jeanne told them in French that we were from England, and wished to learn more of the arts of Sappho.

They took our hands and kissed them, commenting on how lovely we were. They said they hoped we learned from their humble efforts, and it was an honor for us to come so far to see them. They were both unbelievably beautiful, with long graceful bodies, small perfect breasts only slightly hidden by their costumes.

Their nipples tented the thin cloth They both had long blonde hair pulled back and braided, the braids reaching almost to their pert buttocks.. At the juncture of their thighs I could find not a trace of pubic hair, but the filmy cloth bunched there somewhat. As they moved across the room, I asked Betsy if she could fashion harem clothes for us. She nodded and giggled.

Renée had a Victrola in one end of the room. One woman gave her several recorded disks and at a nod from her she put one on. Soft oriental music filled the room. The two began to dance sensuously.

Renée and Jeanne disrobed, revealing firm bodies that were very beautiful. They lay on the couch across from us and nestled together. Renée lay behind Jeanne, her arm around her, caressing a firm full breast. Jeanne’s hand moved behind her to find her friends cunny.

The dancers moved in a sensuous harem dance. Their bodies were like living willow trees bending in the wind. They both had fantastic control of their bodies and could cause their belly muscles to ripple up and down. They held their hands in front of them grasping their own wrists and made their beautiful firm champagne glass sized breasts jump and move. Thighs spread, and hips thrust forward, they danced around and facing each other.

It was very sensual. Betsy and I both were very affected by it, and the sight of Renée and Jeanne, whose caresses had become more intimate. I stood up and quickly shed my clothes. Betsy did the same a moment later. Renée and Jeanne smiled their approval as we lay down imitating their position. I lay behind Betsy, and reached over her to slip my hand down to her sweet cunny. She raised her leg to give me free access to her intimate flesh.

The two dancers began to slowly shed their diaphanous harem clothes, as one plucked veiled garments from the other. They wore necklaces, and bracelets that swung and sparkled. When their breasts were bare, we could see one had both nipples pierced, and a thin gold chain ran from one breast to the other. They also had something resembling sparkling dust on their bodies, so that as they turned they seemed to scintillate.

One sank to her knees and bent backward. The other moved close and straddled her head. She grasped the thin cloth in her teeth and bent backward till she lay back on the floor, her legs bent outward. I marveled at how supple her body was. The diaphanous cloth slipped from the others body. She placed her hand over her cunny and danced around. When she came close to us and removed her hand, she revealed a completely hairless cunny. I had never seen an adult cunny shaved before. It was novel, and very lovely, I thought.

She moved close to our heads and we saw her beautiful cunny close up. I could smell her subtle perfume, exotic and very sensuous. She danced away to move close to Renée and Jeanne. Jeanne reached out to lightly cup the offered cunny for a moment.

The other dancer did a backward roll and stopped supported by her arms and raised her legs, then slowly spread them. Her partner danced around her and kaçak casino then bent forward and placed her head at the juncture of her partner’s lovely long thighs, and with her teeth, plucked the covering from her partners cunny. She pulled back, the veil between her teeth. Slowly the lovely women swiveled her body, first one way then the other.

We could see a sparkle between her thighs. She flipped backward and danced before us. Spreading her legs, she turned her back to us and bent forward slowly. Betsy and I could not believe our eyes as she bent at the hips till her upper body was between her legs. She placed her arms through her legs and her head almost touched the floor. She turned slowly, moving only her feet. Inches from us her cunny was as lovely and as bare as her partner’s. The glitter we had seen was a gold ring that pierced one of her cunny outer lips. Her partner danced close and ran her hands over her partner and spread her lips so we could see her pink wet core. In the other cunny lip was a small diamond stud. She placed her hands on the floor, did a hand stand, brought her legs to spread outward, and walked on her hands across the room to Jeanne and Renée. They repeated their display.

The two went into an strange dance, that depended on the supple one’s ability to slip into seeming impossible positions and bodily attitudes. She could lay on her back, bring her legs behind her arms, and bow forward until she could lick her own spread cunny. She could slip her own long tongue into her own core, or flick her clitty. She would stand upright, bend down, place her arms and shoulders behind her ankles. Her partner would lick her cunny and nether hole. She stood on her hands, let her partner move to her and they would lick each other at the same time, one upside down.

Betsy and I were enthralled with the two. We both glanced to Renée and Jeanne from time to time, as the two were caressing and kissing each other as they watched. We were both stimulating each other also. I had a finger buried into Betsy’s sweet cunny, which I brought up to stroke her swollen clitty from time to time. She reached back to do the same to me.

The music ended, and the athletic lady did a cartwheel to the Victrola, and changed the record. This one was more intense, with a heavy drum beat behind it. Her partner had disappeared for a moment, and when she returned, Betsy and I gasped. She had black straps around her waist, that went down between her thighs, but what we gasped at, was the large pink cock that jutted from her body. In the light, it looked very real. I had heard of dildos, but never seen one. I knew they were almost as old as man. They had been found in Egypt, Greece, China, and Rome. This was my first time to really see one.

“What is it?” Betsy asked in my ear. I told her.

The dancers now became male and female. The athletic one, with her breasts connected by the chain and rings in her cunny lips, played the coy one. The other became the man, strutting with his large cock before him. They moved and danced, till finally the ‘male’ caught the ‘female’ and pulled ‘her’ to ‘him’. She grasped his ‘cock’ and slid down to lick and suck it till it gleamed. She turned away, bent forward and with a suggestive wiggle, presented her pert buttocks to her lover.

She reached back and took the dildo in her hand and guided it to her cunny, sliding it up and down her wet slit. Her partner caught her hips, and turning her so we all could see, she slowly began to slip the dildo into her love partner. Their actions were so like Daisy and her beau, but now it was two beautiful women fucking.

The dildo was almost as long as Johnny’s cock, but not quite so large around. Slowly is slipped into her clean shaven cunny. For the next ten minutes the two moved this way and that, changing positions as they fucked. The woman being fucked had at least two climaxes. Betsy and I talked later, and we did not think her climaxed were simulated, but real. She had all the symptoms of a genuine climax. The music died down and the two parted.

A new record was put on, and this time the two came out and danced around. They had a long slender box they carried, and with much fanfare, opened it. They brought out a very long fat dildo, that was double ended, a large glens on each end. I guessed it to be a foot and a half long. They took a small jar out the box, and it was soon apparent that it contained a lubricant.

They both slipped their hands up and down the dildo after they had put them in the jar. They stroked the dildo from end to end sensuously as if stroking the real thing. They lay down and positioned themselves slightly apart, hip to hip. They took the shining dildo, and each placed one end against their spread cunnies.

We all watched fascinated, as they slid the dildo up and down their cunnies to lubricate them, then slid it inside themselves. They moved together impaling themselves on the long thick dildo. Like Daisy, we wondered if they could take all of it inside. They moved back and forth, slowly getting closer. The dildo seemed to move into one more than the other, I imagined they had wonderful control of their cunny muscles, then in turn, it would slide further into the other lover.

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