My Vacation with Gabika #6

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My Vacation with Gabika #6
Chapter 6.

Gabika’s secrets revealed.

There is no doubt – Gabika is different. But what made her so different?

We went to bathe in the river Tizsa in a village called V***********. Funny how difficult to pronounce foreign names are ever so long. Anyhow, it seems that this is a major attraction in the area, I wonder why. We bathed in the river and in some health spa, and sang on the banks of the river dressed in bathing suits and towels and with no amplifiers. It was just some 20 km. from the hotel. It was such fun to see Bohunka dance in her bathing suit together with Anne-Marie and Esmeralda. Just Gabika kept a low profile, as if worried about her age. Not that she had to worry about her figure: Lots of ladies in choirs are older. It is not unusuaI to find seniors in amateur choirs.

I wanted to grab her hand, pull her into the water and make love to her right there, in front of three bus loads of cheering females. Instead I just sat there on the sand next to her, hugged her shoulders and kissed her gently on her cheeks.

“Did you fuck Anne-Marie last night?” She was handling my cock through the sleeve of my bathing suit. It was hard and leaking at the top.

“Yes, I did.” I admitted. “You were sleeping and I went over and fucked her and the fat Czech, Bohunka.” She was gloomy, insulted, but not upset.

“Why, was I not good to you? Didn’t I let you fuck me in the popshee?” I kissed her forehead gently.

“No, Gabika, you didn’t let me fuck you in the ass, you took my cock and lead me to your ass. It was your pleasure as well as mine.” There was a silent, awkward moment. Then she said, “I like it also in the popshee, but more in the punciko. You fuck me very good and you make me do things not natural. Not normal. You make me want to do things not natural. But I am sorry you go to the other women, too. You can always love me. I am always there for you. I love you.”

“But Gabika, this is supposed to be vacation fun! I came here to meet your daughter. I’m glad I met you, because I also love you very much, but remember, this is a vacation. Afterwards I go to Eindhoven and you to Budapest.” She was gloomier than ever, but never let my cock out of her jerking hand. She performed wonderfully. I suddenly wanted to feel her mouth on my cock. I let my hand and my fingers explore her cunt. She raised her popshee to facilitate easier access to her dripping hole.

“Yes, I know, and I close my eyes and think of you and me like husband and wife and I know soon you will go, so it makes me very, very sad.”

“Me too, Gabika, me too.” My index finger was circling her G-spot as she was resting her elbow on my shoulder.

“Let’s go to the car, I want to feel you inside…” She cooed. We left the beach and ran to my silver rented Mercedes. When we entered, Esmeralda was at the door, waiting for us.

“I’m going with you two, I have had enough sun. This weather is too hot! Let’s go and have a beer.” We entered the car, Esmeralda in the back and Gabika next to me. The drive to the hotel was 20 minutes. Gabika sucked my cock all the way to the hotel. She was doing a wonderful job! Unbelievable, but anything relating to sex she performed perfectly. Her mouth massaged my cock very softly and her tongue constantly licked the damp secretion the dribbled from the urethra. Her hand held my cock firmly, never letting it lose its tight rigidity. With her other hand she tickled, teased and pressed my anus and brought me to unique bliss and delight. I should have given Esmeralda the wheel had she had a drivings licence.

When we got to the hotel I was up her punciko in 5 minutes, thrusting and shoving, positioning myself in the best angle to facilitate long and mighty thrusts, the way Gabika liked.

“You can fuck me as much as you want in the punciko,” said Gabika, “and when you need to spill you can push it in my mouth or in my popshee.” She smiled, her eyes watering. “You don’t have to go to the fat ladies. You have your pleasure with me, your loving Gabika. I want you to. I will not push you off like I did on the first day.”

“You should first clean yourself with the enema, I’ll wait. Then, I can fuck you in the popshee.”

“OK, I can do. What about her?” She pointed to the beer drinking Esmeralda.

“What about her? She likes to watch.”

“You can fuck her while I clean my popshee. But don’t finish in her punciko! Wait for me.”

She jumped pendik escort out of bed and ran naked to the bathroom. Esmeralda walked seductively towards me and impaled her juvenile vagina on my hardon. I liked it, but it felt kind of rough on my penis after the joy of the Hungarian soppy and drenched super vagina. I waited eagerly for Gabika’s return while the little girl rocked her way to a relaxed and satisfying culmination. Finally she returned and waited patiently to Esmeralda to finish and evacuate. Reluctantly, she vacated her thorny throne after her mild orgasm and I remained seated while the now purified Gabika mounted me.

“Show the little girl how to do this properly.” I hugged her, sucking her nipples and pinching her popshee. I got up standing while Gabika still impaled and walked with some effort around the bed. Gabika was just 58 Kg! Remarkable, for a lady of her age. She was actually lighter than Esmeralda, who giggled in the corner laughing at the display of machoism. I got on top of her and kept thrusting. Within minutes I felt Gabika’s now very familiar contractions. I got out, turned her around on her belly and started massaging her shoulders, occasionally biting them gently. Slowly I descended to the part I like most, the ass. I kneeded it, sniffed it, kissed it and cradled it. I licked it and tasted it and bit it. I spanked it lightly, then more firmly, and finally, I spread it. I spread, it did, accompanied with a heartbreaking sighs, gasps and hitches.

And then I attacked.

My tongue missed the target many a time, on purpose, because she was expecting me not to miss it. When it did wiggle its way to her popshee-hole, she was already exhausted from sobbing and yanking and yelling and screeching like a madwoman. However now she seemed to have cooled off and lay there at my mercy, leisurely enjoying the treat. I had made sure this is going to last a long time and licked and licked and licked from butthole to clit and back until…

“Fuck me… Fuck me now! I need it now…” She begged, her voice strangely hoarse distorted and unnatural, as if possessed by the fuck demon. But… I didn’t! Instead grabbed her feet firmly by her ankles.

“What… What…” she recoiled in evident fear. I then licked a slow lingering lick between her big toe and its neighbor.

“No… No…” she tried to pull her feet away, but I was too strong for her. I then repeated my licks and adorations to her lovely feet and at once, despite her struggling, forcefully holder her agitating foot in place sucked the big toe into my mouth.

“NO… What… Why… I don’t…” But her objection weakened and she had submitted to the licking fully and stopped struggling. Instead, she started sobbing and tearing the sheet with her red painted nails. I moved from one toe to the other, sucking them forcefully and driving my tongue in the grooves between them. She couldn’t take it no more, and I didn’t start with her other foot.

“Pleeeeeease, please fuck me now, I beg you to please…” She really begged, so I turned her around and fucked her. She was spread eagled on the bed, I between her legs, slowly shoving deeply, my arms around her torso, my eyes looking in hers, our noses nearly touching each other and not even kissing, just being alert for a kiss that would never come, and my right index finger gently circling her anus. And then, BIG, BIG, BIG, weak, weak, weak, Long, EXTRA LONG, and a sigh. Tears ran along her cheeks and down her neck. Again she pushed me off. “You can fuck me in the ass if your want to finish.” She turned around and balanced herself on her knees, pulling her ass cheeks for me and rotating her tush. I complied and gently inserted my cock in her popshee, sawing back and forth, but the great excitement has vanished. Neither me nor she had any stamina left. I felt like I wanted to fuck, but I wanted her punciko, not her popshee. I pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to her.

“Don’t you like my popshee?” She nearly cried.

“No, your popshee is very cute. I love everything about you, Gabika. Your mouth and your breasts and your armpits and your punciko and your popshee and your toes and your nose. Especially your nose.” I joked. Girls like that kind of a talk. “I am simply exhausted. And yes, I have great pleasure from fucking your tush, believe me, it is paradise. Let’s do it later.” Yet feeling my frustration, she turned around in the 69 position and started orhanlı escort sucking my cock. Boy, was she an expert. She did this so skillfully and with so much bravado and imagination it took effect immediately. She caressed my balls with her left hand while clamping on the cock with her right hand to keep it as firm as possible in her little silky mouth which was bobbing energetically over the tip. I moved her hand from my balls to my ass, hoping she’d understand the silent desire.

She did.

Wetting her finger with her spittle she started rubbing my anus the way I pampered hers just a few minutes before. Oh, how I loved the feeling.

“Push it in…” I begged and she forced her finger not to deeply in my asshole. The sensations were sweetly blissful.

“Go to clean yourself. I don’t want accident.” I did. Who am I to disagree? She was a cleanliness freak I suppose. I went and gave myself an enema in the bathroom. A few minutes afterwards I returned with a fragrant and purified colon, eagerly anticipating the pleasures to come.

Esmeralda was lying next to Gabika on the narrow bed and they were trying to hold a conversation, while Esmeralda slowly rubbed her pussy. “Why do you like the ass sex so much? Doesn’t it hurt?” I translated. Gabika blushed but didn’t answer. I kicked the young lamb out of our bed and resumed the 69. Gabika attacked my cock with renewed vigor while her fingers, first one, then two perforated my asshole bringing my to heights of pleasure I never knew existed. Suddenly she got up from me (I was on bottom) turned to the other end and spanked my ass hard. “Turn around”, she ordered, stuffing a pillow under my belly to elevate the butt. With one hand she pulled hard on my cock, while her other hand spread my ass cheeks. Then she started licking my anus, still hesitant whether to deepen the penetration and verily perforate my now purified ass using her tongue. I guess my grunts and sighs and woes encouraged her further and she really got into it. I thought I’d die from the maddening sensation. She sensed my approaching orgasm and spanked my butt again to signal me to turn around. She then recommenced sucking my cock hard while sawing two fingers in my ass, searching for the right point where my rectum radiated the most pressure on my prostate, and then, pressing hard and bobbing fast I ejaculated in her mouth, partially squealing, partially yelping from sensation. She accepted my sperm in her mouth but could not disguise her displeasure from the tangy taste and hurried to spill it out as soon as my climax had subsided. Then she left me and jumped to the bathroom to rinse her mouth.

“Wow, she really licked your ass. I have never done this before.” Exclaimed Esmeralda with awe.

“She never did either. You have to have the courage to try new kinky and exciting things. There is nothing like a good, clean ass licking. It is very stimulating.”

“How do you know she didn’t?”

“Gabika is a natural talent. She had only her husband whom she married in her early twenties and two other quite old and nearly impotent boyfriends she had experimented with after her divorce. She told me she never did anything kinky in sex. No anal sex, not much oral sex, no swapping, nothing. Her husband was jerk, if to believe what she’d told me. He had was a bigamist and a selfish sonuvabitch. He didn’t even help her with alimony after their divorce. Everything she does stems from her own inner intuition. She is the best lover I have ever had.”

“You’re pulling my leg. You have slept with her daughter.”

“I am serious, you just saw what she did.”

“She probably saw this stuff in porn movies.”

“No she didn’t. You don’t see stuff like that in porn movies. Porn movies are for unimaginative imbeciles. No one pours semen on the faces of their lovers, if they really care for them. That’s why porn is so mundane and unreal.”

“I like porn.”

“So do I, sometimes, but not the hardcore stuff they mass produce nowadays without story line, without character development. Nothing but endless, repetitive thrusting and display of genitals, with male domination as the main motive. Also, I don’t like the use of those plastic, ever younger, blond models. I like porn with real people in it. People like Anne-Marie, like Gabika, like yourself, like me.”

“Are you bisexual? I noticed how you enjoy your anus stimulated. Do you fantasize about men fucking you?” I laughed.

“I’m not bisexual. aydınlı escort All men enjoy anal sex, but some are too chicken to admit it. I’ve never even considered sex with another man. I love sex with women and Gabika is the ideal woman.”

“She is old.” Gabika just came back from the shower, a towel around her wrapped around her wet hair, but otherwise totally naked.

“Look at her body, Esmeralda. Is this a body of an old woman?”

“No, she has a nice body, but her hands and neck and face discloses her age.” Indeed, there were some age spots on her hands. She lay next to me, all smiles. I think she was very happy. I think she was as happy as it gets.

“Why do you like anal sex so much, Gabika?” I asked.

“I don’t want to say,” she answered after a while. “Not when she is around.”

“She doesn’t understand German.” I said. But I told Esmeralda to leave.

“Please, we want to be alone for a while.” The young witch left, evidently upset.

“You can tell me, Gabika. I love you.”

“You don’t love me. You are 20 years younger than me. I’m old. An old grandmother who should be knitting socks for her grandc***dren.” She laughed. “I’m so happy now with you, but a day after tomorrow you will go back to the flat land, and I will go back to nursing old people in Budapest. But now, today, tomorrow and the day after we are like husband and wife, Ja? And today and tomorrow and the day after you can love me and I can love you.” She laughed, kissing me.

“You are wonderful, Gabika. You are the best lover ever. The sexiest, youngest and most desirable woman in Hungary. I’m so lucky to have met you. And yes, I love you. It is funny, but I do love you. For me, you are just 18 years old. You are a 100 times better than Esmeralda or Anne-Marie, or even Eva. Fucking you is like dying and going to heaven, sex heaven. You don’t understand what fucking you means to a man, a man of any age.”

“Better than Eva? Really?” She seemed surprised.

“Did Eva tell you everything we did?”

“Yes, of course. She tells me all about her love life in detail. I wanted to try some too. You seemed like a fairytale. I didn’t believe her, now I do. I want to marry you. I know it is stupid, but I really like your cock in my punciko! I don’t even know you. I just know you have a lot of work and a lot of money and you like sex.” Suddenly I was very tired, not wanting to go to dinner, I hugged the naked Gabika and let her talk.

“I’ll tell you about my popshee, why I like it and why I think popshee sex is fun. But must never tell anybody, please. Not Esmeralda. I don’t trust her.”

“I promise.”

“I was born with a tight anus. The doctors told my parents that I will have constipation all my life and probably cancer of the colon. They told them that my ass should be stretched, while I am baby and even later. They gave them from glass, long things… what we use in the laboratory from glass…” She couldn’t express herself freely yet in German.

“You mean a test-tube?”

“Yes, test tubes, and they used it in ass everyday to stretch it. Sometimes I still constipation in my popshee. Also Marika, she suffer from the same small popshee. I learned to like it as baby. Marika was already 3 when I was born and later she also put the test-tube in popshee. And I did to her too. We liked it very much, especially when our father or our mother put fingers in our ass. Father was then very horny and went to fuck mother and Marika and me remained in the room to play with the ass. That is why I also don’t like dirt and afraid of accident. I don’t like to mess things up in the ass. But when it is clean and you put your finger in I faint from the pleasure and when… When… When… you licked me in the popshee I thought I would die and go to Jesus. Because no one did ever this to me popshee. Not even Marika, but I wanted so, just my husband laugh and did not want to kiss and lick ass. And when you licked my little fingers in the foot I thought about your tongue in my popshee, in and out and I cried. But I think that you are the sexiest man in the world. And if all the men in the Netherlands are like you I want to live in the Netherlands!”

“You are so fantastic Gabika. I will lick you until my tongue will fall out. In your punciko and in your popshee. You just tell me what you like.” I turned her around to kiss her ass again, but she objected.

“No. No! We go and take Marika. I want you to fuck Marika. It is not fair that we do all the time with the best lover in the world and Marika already more than a year did not have good fucking. Then we go to eat dinner in Debrecen and bring her and you can do her good.” We dressed and left, just as Anne-Marie and Bohunka reappeared.

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