My neighbor is transgender

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My neighbor is transgender
When I got out of the military I landed a great job and bought a house in a new neighborhood. I didn’t know anyone around me and was fine with that. Being in the military made that easy. I was 25 at the time. It was a nice split level house with a garage and a big back yard with a inground pool. The house is 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. I went out and bought a top of the line bbq, table and chairs. I was 25 I’m not making lasagna I was eating steaks and drinking beers.

after I got pretty much all the furniture I needed I decided to have a bbq on Saturday. It was like 85 sunny. I didn’t know anyone so it was a 1 man party. There I am drinking and cooking when a head popped over the fence. It was a lady about 40 yo. She came to introduce herself. I opened the gate and invited her in. She was about 5’6” average build but had a great ass. She asked me if I would mind letting her daughter swim in the pool. She explained to me she was a bit of a loner and didn’t have any friends as she was home schooled most of her life. But she was 18 and could look after herself and wouldn’t bother me. The mother was going out with friends for the night.

I said of course cause I didn’t mind at all I would at least have someone to chat with. The mother left and I went about my business. About a hour went by when I heard a knock on the gate. I told her to come in.

In walks a very very petite girl . Pale ,skinny with long ginger hair she had freckles on her cheeks. And she was adorable she stood 5’3 she was wearing a long white T-shirt and I could see through to her turquoise bikini top and bottom. She was flat chested but very cute. I told her to make herself at home as I sat there sipping my beer. She was very nice and polite as she thanked me for my hospitality. She walks to the edge of the pool and lilts her top slowly off her delicate body . I watched In awl as the shirt slid up her tight little ass, up over her back then in the air. She slowly turns her head as her beautiful hair falls over her soft shoulders. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and she now sees me watching her. She smiles and bites her bottom lip as she drops the shirt to the ground. And dives into the pool.

My cock is enraged as I haven’t had sex in over bursa escort 2 months. I grab another beer and chug it. She swims up to the edge of the pool and puts her arms on the edge. What are you cooking she asked I told her hamburgers and asked if she would like one. In a sweet sexy voice she says she would. She slowly emerged from the water walking up the steps. The water running down her delicate body off her hair down her flat stomach and her hips. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She sat down and crossed her legs sitting there dripping I asked if she wanted a towel. No I’m fine she replied. I hesitated to stand up as I was wearing basketball shorts and still had a semi hard cock. But I did to make her a plate. I noticed her eyes look right at my crotch and she bit her lip. I sat back down and we ate. Can I have a beer she asked. Without thinking i handed her a beer. And we started chatting.

our conversation was great she was very easy to talk to and had the best eye contact ever. So do you have a girlfriend she asks I told her no and she bit her lip again. I changed the subject quickly. I wanted to pull her clothes off and make her my girlfriend right there lol. now we’re both a few beers in and she says let’s go in the pool. So we do . I just jumped in with my shorts. Next thing I know she has her arms wrapped around my neck I’m standing but she’s too short and wraps he legs around me so she doesn’t sink. Face to face she stares into my eyes and bites her lip. I can’t resist and kiss her . I wrapped my arms around her and slide them down to cup her firm ass. As we make out heavily my cock grows hard as a rock I pull her closer and her legs slide up around my waist clenching my body my cock is now pressed hard against her bikini area. She lets out a moan and starts grinding her body against my dick.

We we hear a car door shut in the driveway and we break away from each other. Shit it’s my mom she whispered. So your 18 what’s the big deal? She laughed did my mom tell you that? As she hopped out of the pool threw her shirt on and grabbed my phone put her number in and left. Now I was pretty drunk so I got out of the pool and got dried off thinking wtf did I do? I grabbed my phone and texted Sara. How old are you?

I görükle escort bayan woke up the next morning hung over passed out on the couch to knocking on my door. I stumbled and opened the door to see Sara. She was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. And didn’t look happy she barged in and was like wtf I told you everything and no reply. I told her I passed out. No your just like everyone else! As she grabbed my phone and deleted the messages. I was confused. I calmed her down and sat her on the couch she was balling her eyes out. Talk to me Sara!
You didn’t see the messages? No I swear.
Ok she dried her eyes. How old are you? I asked
18 today it’s my birthday!
big sigh of relief.
so what do you have to tell me?
Im just going to show you! She picks up her phone and my phone buzzes. And she starts walking to the door. I look at the message and it’s her nude. Between her legs sits a 6”cock bald. I wasn’t turned off from it it was actually cute I never thought a dick was cute before. But I didn’t find it repulsive I actually got very arroused.

I jumped up and walked over to her . I shut the door and pulled her close and gave her a kiss on her lips. Happy birthday Sara! She smiled and hugged me. You don’t care she asked. No baby I really like you. So what do you want for your birthday? To get drunk and make out she giggles. We sat on the couch watching tv when a knock on the door it was Sara’s mom. I invited her in and she sat down. She looks at Sara and whispering does he know. Yeah mom we’re good. Her mom said that’s great! And says she will be home later with cake and her present. She left.

I sit back down on the couch and Sara snuggling up to me. Her hand running up and down my thigh closer to my cock each pass . My cock grows hard pitching a tent in my shorts. She looks up at me and smiles as she grabs hold. And slowly stroking my cock through my shorts, my hand squeezing her ass and she slowly parts her legs I reach behind her between her thighs and against her crotch as she is also hard I reach further and unbotton and unzip her shorts. She reaches for my waist band and slowly pulling my shorts down as a pull her shorts down. We never break eye contact. Our cocks are free we grab each other at the same time and bursa escort bayan slowly jerking each other off. She moans as I stole her. Let’s go to your bedroom she softly said. I stand up and pick her up carry her into my room as I gently lay her on my bed. I take of her shirt and my shorts. She lays there flat looking up at me. She tried to speak but I tell her shhh just relax as I part her soft legs and crawl between. Slowly I kiss her neck then suck and gently bite her as she moans working my way to her left nipple sucking and nuzzling to the right I like and suck. I drag the back of my tongue down her belly to her belly button where I suck and kiss as she moans louder. Moving south down her left thigh biting and licking, back up over her pubic area kissing and licking the back of my tongue gliding down her hard shaft and kiss the tip of her cock down her smooth balls. I pull back and roll her on her belly starting at her neck again kissing licking and sucking my way down her perfect skin as I go down her left cheek a part them and slowly kiss and lick her tiny pink asshole. She moans our yes baby omg! My wet tongue dancing around her asshole . I slowly dart my tongue inside her and she lets out a big moan. I roll her back over climbing between her legs and start passionately kissing her. My hard cock pressing against hers. I lick back down her body straight to her cock and take her in my mouth. I never sucked a cock before but I must have been good at it cause she came in 5 minutes. Her thick cum coated my mouth and tasted divine. I kept her cum in my mouth and rolled her over drooling it all over her asshole and eating her at the same time. I rubbed the rest on my stiff member. And pulled up to her garage. Slowly I pushed into her as she cried out but begged me not to stop . I felt her hole give way and my cock slide deep inside her as she cried out while slapping the bed and clenching the sheets. She was so tight as my dick picked up the pace the cries stopped and the moaning began. When I knew she was enjoying herself I lifted her to doggie style and pounded her sweet little hole until I couldn’t hold back anymore, my balls erupted filling her hole with my seed. Exhausted we both collapsed onto bed, sweating and out of breath we were kissing and cuddling.

you just took my virginity baby! She said
happy birthday Sara!
we passed out and woke up a few hours later.

she sucked my cock like a pro and I gave her, her first facial. We got showered and ready to bbq.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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