My Lovely Virgin Venus Lucy Pt. 03

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Lucy is a beautiful girl, having inherited her mother’s good looks together with her father’s height. In-fact she was unusually tall. She possessed a most voluptuous figure and loved to display it. Unlike her blonde mother. Lucy was a charming brunette with a mass of black hair and violet eyes, which fairly captivated me.

It was love at first sight for both of us. I was nearly mad with admiration, desire, and love for her. She was fully aware of my passion for her.

‘Lucy’ was Ms. Jane’s companion. Her mother was a schoolmate and dear friend of Ms. Jane’s mother. When Lucy’s parents died in an accident, Ms. Jane took charge of Lucy and had her educated properly. After Lucy finished her school Ms. Jane brought Lucy to her home as her companion. She was a charming sweet and lovely girl, a universal favorite and one of the accepted belles of the neighborhood; and although she had only just turned eighteen she had received more than one good offer of marriage, all of which she had refused.

Ms. Jane further told me that on that day after they met me, they visited some old acquaintance of Ms. Jane whose son wanted to marry Ms. Lucy. Then and there itself Lucy refused and told Ms. Jane that she was in love with me since we met and that no one else would ever get her.

Lucy absolutely worshipped Ms. Jane, and whatever her own private opinions and ideas might be she was ready to conform to the slightest wish that Ms. Jane may have or might express.

Then I sat near Ms. Jane and I held her hand and said: ‘Now, Ms. Jane, I want to talk to you seriously.’

‘Have I done something wrong!’ she exclaimed. I smiled ‘Ms. Jane, You know very well what you have done but I want to talk about is what you are required to do,’ I replied. ‘Now Ms. Jane, promise you’ll do as I want!’

‘Of course, I will if I can!’ She said ‘What is it?-something very serious or very difficult?’

‘I have been wanting you badly, my love, ever since you were teaching my sisters and the lovemaking that I have seen today, has only increased casino oyna my urge to have you.” I said.

‘I’m astonished!’ Ms. Jane stammered-and Aamir,’ She added, ‘you’re not playing a trick on me, are you?’

‘I’m telling you the truth,’ I replied, speaking now quite seriously and looking straight in her eyes. Don’t you like me?’

It was for the first time that I expressed my feeling to a lady.

‘Of course, dear Aamir, I love you! She replied as she placed her hand on mine -‘I place my self and Lucy at your disposal in all honor and loyalty, and will not spare anything in your service!’

I laughed. ‘But what about Lucy!’ I asked.

‘Oh! I managed her without much difficulty!’ Ms. Jane replied, smiling at the recollection. ‘You know Aamir, that Alice will do anything that I wish her to do it. I got her quietly the same afternoon after she confessed her love for you, and told her that I was getting very anxious about her because I could see that her natural desires will begin to affect her health and looks. She was awfully staggered. Then I drew her near me and took her in my arms, kissed her tenderly, and said lovingly: “My darling, my little sister, the one man in the world we believe you love is coming down here tomorrow-your Aamir!”

Lucy blushed deeply and said to me. “If you will consent to let him put me right, I want you to keep company and let him have you also, I want that we should be together in my room where you can look after me! Do you consent, Ms. Jane?” I didn’t know what to say, I was shocked and taken aback! “I beg you to agree, Please say yes, my darling Ms. Jane,” whispered Lucy lovingly to Ms. Jane.

‘Slowly came the answer: “If you wish it, Lucy, yes!” We hugged and kissed and that soothed her, and now she’s all right about it though very timid! Aamir, you’re going to be a lucky man!’

‘Going to be!’ I exclaimed, kissing tenderly her hand as my other hand slid on to her lap and amorously pressed the region of love. ‘Am I not so already, seeing that I have the run of this canlı casino treasure!’-and again my hand rested over the organ of her sex. ‘And as if that was not enough luck for any man, you are going to put me in possession of the finest woman and the prettiest girl in this part of the county! My darling, how can I ever thank you sufficiently?’

Ms. Jane looked lovingly at me and I saw her eyes were beautiful. She was a fine-grown, voluptuous, large-breasted, comely lady. Oh, Gods! What a heavenly form! Now I could see her enraptured on its every perfection. She was absolutely perfect in the figure and developed every beauty that ever distinguished the finest statues ever made by God himself and added the rich flesh and blood that makes her a most glorious incarnation of beauty. Then her lovely blonde hair and the whitest skin. Her shoulders in their noble width, her glorious breasts standing well apart and as firm as rocks, with her delicate pink nipples inviting a kiss; she had beautifully rounded arms, small waist, and the extraordinary fine swell of her hips and buttocks, which seen in an erect position, seemed still more beautiful.

She said softly, ‘Thank you for what you have said, my own true lover. I always saw it in your eyes. I am so proud and happy to know that you will at my request do to my friend, what you have so often dreamt to do with me!’ Then after a pause, she added, ‘And you’ll find that your virtue shall bring its own reward, Aamir!- Dear Lucy is a lovely Virgin, Love!’

I began to think Lucy was a virgin flower, the plucking of which would be a real treat for me.

I said to her further from what I have seen from that window while you were making love to that man I wished I must have you.

I now knew she has planned it all. I said If you agree I want a small change to the whole plan.

Before she could say anything and unable to control my urges any further, I clasped her in my arms and gave her a most loving and long embrace, which she warmly returned. I glued my lips to her deliciously wet kaçak casino lips. I pushed my tongue into her sweet mouth, and said, ‘Oh dear, return me the favor.’ She immediately darted her dear little tongue in and I sucked it deliciously, pressing her loving bosom into my chest, while the other wandered over the wide expanse of her smooth back, pressing my body against hers, so that she could feel the stiff projection that was throbbing in my trousers

I ran my kisses all over her body and could have worshipped her. Of course, she had observed that all this was rapidly producing a ‘resurrection of the flesh’ and stopped me that she might more closely watch the change, which had so much novel delight for her. It was soon as great in its glory as ever, and all the toying we had both indulged in had equally excited her-indeed, more so, for before I could put her in the new position I desired, she clasped her arm around my waist and, sighing, sunk her head on my bosom and, while squeezing hard at my standing prick, she pushed her body close up to mine.

She smiled and I could see that her eyes glanced down to my unruly member, bulging out as if he would burst the bonds of cloth that confined him.

Our lips remained joined in a long kiss of desire. when she broke the kiss I said – Ms. Jane, I want you and Lucy to join me there tomorrow at my Mansion. It is bigger with lots of space and has servants and caretakers to take care of us. Do you agree?

My residence in Delhi before I got it renovated, then was a comfortable old-fashioned farmhouse that stood on the outskirts of the Indian capital town. There were really three buildings, the house itself, and the wing that contained offices, and the servants’ rooms. The house had a ground floor that had a large hall and first floor; a sort of one-storeyed passage gave the servants access-so that at night the family and visitors were quite separated from the domestics, a feature that also will be found to affect my narrative in my future stories. My bedroom occupied the whole of one end of the Mansion on the First Floor and looked out over the grounds, and communicated with other bedrooms and the room generally allotted to visitors separated by curtains and doors.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20