My First Girlfriend, My First Love

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All the names in this story are changed for the safety of those involved in the story…

I never had any luck with girls when I was younger. Maybe it was because of my home situation or whatever. I had it hard the first 15 years of my life. I was beaten and molested which made it hard for me to be open with people and meet others because I was affraid of what others would think if they knew. Well that all ended when I informed the athorities and was put in a reform school until I was put in a foster home which was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am 5’7″ tall which is short for a male and i weigh 130lbs. I always ran which makes me in excellant shape.

Susan was my first and has been the only person I have ever had. She had the perfect body in my mind. She is 5’0″ and has 36D breasts and the roundest ass you’ll ever see. I stole her from a really good friend of mine named Paul. Paul was a really good friend of mine in High School. He and Susan were dating in the winter and spring of 2000/2001. I first saw Susan at a friend’s house when she was there with Paul. I didn’t think much of her when I saw her for the first time. I found her attractive but nothing spectatular at first. She was very shy and was’t involed in the conversations we had.

The first time we actually did anything together was about a month later. I was with my friend Bob and Susan and Paul were riding with us. We had to drop Paul off at his house and we were supose to take Susan home. On the way to take Susan home she asked us if she could hang out with us because she didn’t have anything to do the rest of the night. We agreed that she could because the more the marrier.

Well that night we went to a restaraunt were Bob and I often went to drink coffee and just hang out and bullshit for a while. That night Susan looked different to me. She looked like a Goddess. She was wearing pumps with these tight sexy black jeans and a tight, sleevless top that showed off her large brests. She appealed so much to me and I wanted here relaly bad after that. I flirted with her quite a bit that night and I paid for her food as a polite gesture.

I felt kinda bad about it beacaus after all, she was my friend’s girlfriend. But now I felt different about her. I wanted her for me only. I wanted to take her away from Paul.

Well as time went on she started hanging out with me and Bob all of casino oyna the time and started advoiding Paul to see us. This made me happy and I felt like she wanted to be with us. I wasn’t sure if she wanted me or Bob though. The shit hit the fan so to speak when Bob and Susan were over at my house one day and Paul happened to show up unexpectantly one day. She stepped into the hall with him and I’m not sure what they talked about. All I know is Paul left and Susan stayed and then we left to go to the coffee shop.

Later that week they broke up and I was really happy about that. I wanted to ask her out so bad but was so affraid. I mean I had never even kissed anyone up to that point let alone asked anyone out before. I figured that I would tell her how I felt first and see what her reaction was then decide what do do then. Bob brought her over and and we planned that he would leave to get smokes so that way me and her would be together alone. After he left I told her that I thought of her always and I liked her a lot. Her reaction to this went quite well but she didn’t quite say how she felt about me. I decided that I would go for it in a few days. After work one day, Bob picked me up from work and we went to Susan’s place. I knocked on her door and she was suprised to see me. I told her that I liked her and thought of her always again and asked her if she would go out with me. She said she didn’t know and wouldn’t give me a reason for her answer. I was upset and went home disappointed. I had figured that she didn’t want me.

The next day would be one of the best that I can remember. She came over unannounced that afternoon with a friend. She seemed different which I didn’t find suprising since she was with a friend of hers. They came over and we talked for a while but I had to leave cause I had work. She asked if I could call her when I got off of work. I told her that I would call after work.

When I got off of work, I came home and took a shower and changed into sweats for bed. I called and we talked for a while. We had the usual conversation about how was work and all. Then she said the reason she said she didn’t know the day before was because she wanted a freind’s approval before going out with me. She said that her friend said that she sould. I took the hint. I asked her out then and she said yes. I was so happy. Then shortly after we said goodnight and I went to bed the happiest man in the world.

Well canlı casino this didn’t go over to well with my friends who said I stole her from Paul and they didn’t want anything to do with me. Even Bob who helped me by helping us be alone together. Well I didn’t talk to them for a while but I didn’t care cause I finally had a girlfriend and she was the most important thing in the world to me.

Well our relationship went well. I took things really slow because I didn’t know how to approach new things. Hell I didn’t even kiss her until we went out for 11 days. As time went on, I became really open and told her about how things were in the past and she helped me in any way she could. Things were like this for a while. In the early spring I realized I was in love with her and told her this. She didn’t say how she felt about it but she wasn’t negative about it.

I wanted to take things further with her so bad. I was always hard when I was around her. She knew I was but didn’t tell me she knew so until later on. How I always dreamed about just removing her top and sucking on her beautiful tits or pushing up her skirt and licking her sweet pussy. Well that all came true that summer. We had been together for a while. I was camping with family on the lake. She came and saw me often when I was camping. We would go for walks in the woods and go swimming and what not. I loved being with her. July 1st though proved to be the greatest day of my life. She came to see me like usual and we went swimming and then dried off and went for a walk in the woods. We stopped at this bridge over a creek. I told her how happy I was to be with her and she told me that she was happy too. I pushed her up against the rail and held her close to me and started kissing me. Lust took over me. As I kissed her I slowly reached up and grabbed her breast. I started messaging it. I was affraid she might get mad but the reaction was the complete oposite. She put her hand over mine and made it so my hand was squeezing her breast. It was so soft like the softest velvet or silk you will ever feel. I decided to be more daring. I slowly reached up under her tank top and felt her breast like that. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She let out a soft moan. I did the same with the other hand. They were so soft and I wanted her so bad. I pulled away from her.

I told her that I had wanted to screw her for the longest time but was affraid to. She told me she wanted me too. kaçak casino I was so happy. I made sure no one was around. I put my hand down her pants and slowly reached down. I felt her soft patch and kept reaching down further. I found her slit which was very wet which I assumed was good. I rubbed up and down it and slowly shoved a finger in. She was so wet and warm. I wanted to replace that finger with my rock hard dick. I asked her if I could fuck her right then and there. She said yes.

I slowly pulled down her pants down past her knees. I undid my pants and pulled them down past my ass cheeks. She laid down on the bridge and slowly spread her legs apart. This had been the first time I had seen a pussy in real life before. I was so hard and so excited. I got on top of her and started kissing her. She guided my dick to her slippery entrance. I slowly entered her. I was in heaven. She was so wet and so hot. I slowly moved in and out of her. She let out low moans. I told her I wasn’t going to last long and she said that it was OK and she understood. I kept trying to go slow so that way I would last longer. It was no use. I got that feeling inside of my balls like I was going to lose it. I started going faster and faster. I wouldnt stand it any longer. I thrusted into her hard and lost it. I started filling her with my cum. I kept pusing and pushing. I thought I would never stop. She was breathing hard and pulling my ass down on her hard and moaning. When it was over I got off of her and redid my pants. I saw my cum leaking out of her pussy. She stood up and put her pants back on. I held her close to me and told her I was sorry and she said it was alright.

Well Susan and I are still together and she later told me that she loved me even when I told her that I did but I guess thats just how women are. We have had many sexy experiances together since then. She later tought me how to eat her pussy which I enjoy very much. I have gotten really good since my first time. Susan is the only person I have ever fucked. I don’t plan on leaving her anytime soon and I am thinking of proposing to her and living together after I am finished with college here soon.

My friends and I have reconsiled and Paul even forgave me and later said I was doing him a favor cause him and Susan’s relationship wasn’t working out to begin with.

Well its been nearly 2 years since we have been going out and nearly a year and a half since our first time together. No matter how many good times we have together or how long we are together, I will remember that day at the campsite in the woods on the bridge like it was yesterday for the rest of my life…

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