More of cleaning lady adventures 01

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More of cleaning lady adventures 01
By Dina Petro

I was called by the office and informed of having a cleaning job to perform, they gave me the address and time to be there, at the exact time I was ringing the door bell, an older man who was at least in his late sixties or early seventies opened the door for me, from the first moment, he seemed to be a nice man with lots of flirting habits, he was always smiling and giggling.
I greeted him smiling and saying “you have called the cleaning service requiring a maid Sir?”
He nodded smiling and saying “Yes mam”
I said “I am Anne, your cleaning lady Sir, and I am at your service”
With a wide smile he said “come in please” he held my hand high leading me in talking to another man saying “Hey Jim, look, can you believe it, does this queen look like a maid?”
Walking further in I noticed another older man about the same age standing there, he giggled answering “what? A maid, how could that be John, no fucking way, who could believe that?”
I was dressed in very short pair of denim shorts, a short T-top revealing my tummy and belly button area and a pair of high heeled, short boots, almost enough for me to clean comfortably, although we all know that cleaning houses was never my main intention when I started taking this job in intervals while having free time, I always had other intentions of making easier money by flirting with clients and homeowners, that is why I try to dress in seductive clothing, but not enough to look like a slut.
Both older men, who were old enough to be my grand daddies, held both of my hands walked me into their living room, asked me to have a seat, Jim said “no one could ever convince me that you are a maid sweetie, you look like a queen to me, that both of us old farts could be your servants”
We all laughed so loud, but they sure looked very rich to me, from their hose and other hints I had, I answered softly in a feminine soft, sexy voice “I am not a maid Sir, I am a college student, but I do this job partially to make enough money to help me out till graduation, it is an easy job with flexible working hours, anything wrong with that?”
Both older men had nothing to do with shyness, very brave and direct forward, they were both checking my body up and down, right and left as if I was merchandise they wanted to buy, which did not upset me at all; it pleased me in a way, kind of turned me on believe it or not.
John seemed to be the house owner and Jim was his visiting friend, they were having fun, playing cards or so before my arrival, I was seated in the middle of a wide, bahis siteleri spacy couch in the living room, both men sat on both of my sides, very close to me almost touching my sides, they were big flirts as I have mentioned earlier, but their flirting wasn’t of any annoying type, it was pleasure to me, especially that they are very old both, and I happen to be the type of woman who enjoys the company of older people a lot and I enjoy making them happy and pleasing them in any way.
Their intentions of sexual flirting and appraising my body, checking it out was hard to mess, but that did not annoy me either, I am the sex loving woman who would not mind pleasing them in anyway if it was with benefits in return, which I had on mind by doing the cleaning lady or maid job anyway.
John looked me in the eyes with a wide smile, lifted his hand up stretched it till it was over my thigh but not touching it about a fracture of an inch high, he looked at his hand, my thigh then back at my eyes smiling and asking “May I feel them?”
Without thinking twice I nodded smiling and saying “Sure, go ahead Sir?”
He felt my thigh, rubbing his hand softly over it up and down, closing his eyes making hums and sounds saying “wow John, this feels like a truly genuine silk, she is the prettiest woman I have ever seen, soft too” he kept his hand moving over my thigh.
We all laughed loud when he said “by the way, I don’t want you to call me Sir any more, my name is John, and this is big old fart Jim, don’t you ever believe you are a maid in this house, forget it, consider the maid job was done already and well paid for, but you are our honorable guest now, let’s enjoy it and have fun?”
I smiled looking him in the eyes saying “fun? What kind of fun do you guys have on mind?”
He laughed saying “any kind our beauty queen would allow us to have”
By then it was my time to be smart and naughty at the same time, holding the stick from the middle by saying “well, thanks for considering the cleaning job done and paid for, but you do not expect having fun would be at the same price do you?”
I made it sound like a joke, but I was literally asking if they would pay money for having any fun they liked with me, and I think they both got the hint properly and directly, they both seemed pleased to hear it as well, as they were super rich, it looked to me that money was never an issue for them, they also did not want to make it sound like hooking or so.
John was still feeling and rubbing my thigh going upwards to high levels almost touching the edges of my pussy under my denim perabet short lose leg, same time while we were talking Jim felt jealous, he lifted his hand over my other thigh and looked me in the eyes, I smiled nodding, he was feeling and rubbing my other thigh as well.
After mentioning the money issue, they both looked at each other smiling happily and John said “of course not, I believe fun with a gorgeous woman like yourself is priceless and not many men could feel into heaven like that easily, honey, of course the cleaning money will go to the cleaning office account through the Visa card as usual, but your tips would be in cash in your pocket of course, and good girls make excellent tips don’t they?”
I got the message clearly and was so happy, I giggled saying “then I would not be doing any cleaning?”
He said” not in the sense you came to do, but may be in other sense we both have on mind” we all laughed loud when he said that
All I said after that was “You are the boss” and things turned into a very open conversation and actions
John said “we would like to have a look at your gorgeous tits if that is possible?”
Without thinking twice about it, I lifted my top up and over my head, I was looking at them both with a wide smile as if I was making a strip tease show for them, pushed my hand behind and unclipped my bra, let it fall down revealing my gorgeous tits to the older men who looked like a pair of k**s who had just found the toy they have been looking for, they both started feeling my tits, each pinching a nipple, no one could miss how horny I was by looking at my stiff nipples, they were no fools, they knew it right away.
John pushed his head between my tits and started rubbing, kissing and sucking, while Jim started pulling my shorts down, then my panties, they turned me around on my knees and were both checking my ass feeling it and rubbing my pussy from behind.
They asked me to stand up between them Jim got on his knees and started licking my wet pussy while John was behind me kissing and licking my ass, then they got me on my back on the couch, Jim was licking my pussy while John held his surprisingly steel hard cock and started rubbing it to my lips, pushing it in my mouth.
I alternated sucking on their cocks while the other one was licking my ass and pussy, finally, I was on my knees sucking Jim’s dick when I felt John’s hard, super thick and long cock trying to push itself in between my pussy lips, it went in easily and he was fucking me like there was no tomorrow, I was totally shocked by how hard both perabet giriş older grand daddies were and how big their cocks were, I honestly though they would be doing lots of oral sex to me, not being able to get their cock hard, but they shocked me in fact.
They were both taking turns fucking me in my pussy and in my ass like a pair of hot, young studs, not like the age they were in, at a certain point I was riding John’s stiff old rock hard cock in my pussy, when Jim started pushing a finger into my ass hole, then he pushed his tongue making it slippery wet.
A couple of minutes later he was shoving it into my ass same time as his old friend was fucking my pussy, I was literally being double fucked by their stiff older dicks exact same time, one in my ass, the other one was in my pussy, they fucked me like their fuck puppy or fuck toy nonstop, I was cumming one time after another nonstop.
As of a sudden, they both pulled their cocks out of my fuck holes, I got on my back on the couch, Jim got between my legs and started fucking me missionary while my head was over John’s lap, till he came all over my body, tits, tummy and everywhere else, he stepped aside while John held his cock in hand, came in between my legs saying it was his turn to cum over their tonight’s slut and he fucked me till he was ready and milked his dick all over his friend’s cum over my body.
Upon their request I stayed there on my back for a few minutes while both older men were enjoying looking at my cum filled body, then I got up, went to the bathroom, got myself cleaned up and put my clothes back on, as I hanged my purse over my shoulder, John hugged and kissed me on the lips, he shoved an envelope into my purse whispering in my ear “there is a business card in that envelope which has all my contact numbers on it, if you ever feel you want to be treated like a queen again, just call me and say so”
I giggled saying “you guys have done well tonight regardless of your precious age, but do you think you could ever do it again soon?”
He kissed me again on the cheek saying “Don’t you worry about us, we still have lots of Viagra left, and I have other friends who are as hung to make your pussy change the cock taste next time”
I looked at the envelops in my purse, then looked him back in the eyes with a wide smile saying “I cannot deny I have enjoyed it a lot tonight, you bet I will call you back soon”
He kissed me again, giggling and saying “and I have dozens of the same type of envelope, even fatter and thicker ones”
I thanked them, walked out to my car, could not wait to open the envelope to find a fortune of money in there, enough to make me call him back soon enough and fuck him with all of his friends in any way they wanted to fuck me.

Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]

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