More black gardeners at home

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More black gardeners at home
One full week passed since that time when Tyler showed up with his Uncle Frankie. Both black bastards had fucked my sweet wife in a wild way during the afternoon.
When I came home late evening, I found Ana was still walking with a certain difficulty. I asked her if she was fine, thinking about the abuse of those black serpents in her wet pussy, but she lied to me, telling that she had spent a while at the gym and had hurt her knee just a little…

I continued checking the camera daily from my office. One full week went by with no visits, but on the next Monday, Tyler showed up with Frank and three young black teenagers.

They all came in and made themselves at home.
Tyler instructed my wife to go put on just a white shirt of mine and high heels. Ten minutes more Ana showed up again, wearing my white shirt, a black thong and heels. Her makeup was perfect, with her sensual lips in red…

My wife looked sheepish and nervous, but the black boys all whistled and stared as she walked around in front of them. Those bastards looked like a pack of hungry dogs sitting on the couch with their tongues hanging out.

Tyler told Ana to pick one of his nephews and go show him what a married white pussy was like…
I saw my wife seemed to be reluctant, but then she walked over to the shortest one who looked to be the youngest and motioned for him to follow her to the main bedroom.

During the next hour, Ana took each one of the black young guys back to our room and did them individually. The three boys shoved their fingers in her pussy, licked her hard nipples and fucked her doggy style and all came in her wet cunt.
After she did the three boys, Tyler took Ana to the bedroom too and fucked her in missionary position for about twenty minutes. This time, after he finished güvenilir bahis filling her cunt with his full load of semen, he made turn Ana to all fours on the bed.

Suddenly he inserted one and then two fingers in her tight asshole. Ana was surprised and she begged him not to fuck her anus; his black dick was too thick and he could hurt her asshole so bad…
But Tyler laughed, saying he just was getting that tight ass ready for his Uncle’s cock…

Then very carefully, he shoved his engorged dick between Ana’s cheeks. I could see Ana suffering as that huge black dickhead disappeared inside her ass. It was really very thick. Ana cried in pain, but the black bastard did not stop at all. He pushed again and his dick finally hit the bottom.
Ana started to breathe heavily while this black bastard pumped her asshole. And she sobbed and cried all the time he was inside…
He finally came inside her anus and then he took his hard cock out.

My wife looked wasted. She stood on the bed facing down, but Tyler grabbed her waist and made her stand on her heels. Then he dragged that tiny black thong from her body, but let her wear my white shirt.

In the previous days I had moved the teddy bear with the camera. Then I could see our marital bed and part of the living room.
When Ana and Tyler came back to the living room, Uncle Frankie had settled a camcorder on a tripod and was filming my wife…

Tyler told Anita to strip for the camera and play with herself while they watched. She looked at Tyler like this had gone too far, but the black guy just laughed and told her that she would have to see herself on video at least once in her life.
The bunch of black men watched mesmerized as Ana sat on the couch, spread her long legs widely and played with herself.

Her nice round boobs were bets10 güvenilir mi covered in bite marks, so I assumed the young black bastards had sunk their teeth into her while they licked her nipples. Her pink pussy lips were engorged and reddish…

Anita rubbed her pussy and pinched her nipples as the boys cheered up in delight. Uncle Frankie was filming my sexy wife and rubbing his crotch at the same time when suddenly he said.

“Tyler, take this camcorder. I will stick my cock in her mouth…”

After a few minutes Uncle Frankie grabbed her head and made Ana choke, as she tried to swallow his sticky load.
Then he pulled his pants up and took over the camcorder again.

Then Tyler told Bobby, one of the nephews, to try out her mouth. He didn’t need to be told twice. Bobby walked over to Ana and stuck his half hard cock between her soft red lips.
It started to harden as she sucked on it.
After Bobby came in her mouth the other two boys followed.

Tyler told them to get out as soon as they enjoyed Ana’s oral skill.
After the boys left, Tyler had Frankie pointed the camcorder at the couch and then the uncle laid down on his back as they lowered Ana onto his cock while Tyler made her suck him off.

They switched positions twice and then Tyler grabbed the camcorder off the tripod and told Frankie to blow his load on her face so he could get a good shot of it.
But Uncle Frankie had in mind a different idea. He made Ana to bend over on the couch and told her it was time to take a good taste of that sweet asshole of her…

Anita protested, saying that man had a huge dick and it would not fit in her tight asshole. She would be in great pain…

But Uncle Frankie slapped her in her ass cheeks and told her to behave like a good slut married white bitch as usual…
Ana mobilbahis insisted in trying to escape from that sodomy, but both black bastards grabbed her and kept her in position, as Uncle Frankie started to push his thick cockhead against her rear tight hole…

Anita started to scream in pain and agony, as that black piece of hard steel invaded her anus. Frankie had not mercy at all as he fucked that tight asshole with his hard dick.

When he came inside of her anus, Ana was close to pass out.
Tyler moved in closer with the camcorder and recorded her now fully stretched butthole.
Then they shut off the camcorder and abruptly dressed and left.
There was not any more sexual action for a few weeks.

Then Tyler started showing up every Wednesday, with a different guy in tow. They would each have a turn at my wife individually and then double teamed her, one in each of her tights holes, as she screamed in both pain and pleasure.

One time Tyler brought four muscular and athletic looking black guys who abused my wife for over two hours. They double teamed her, abusing her wet cunt and her tight ass. After turning to fuck all her holes, they made her lay on the floor naked with only high heels on and masturbate for them while they stood over her in a circle and jerked their cocks until they came all over her face and boobs.
Tyler did not fuck Ana while the four guys were there, but he came back later that day by himself and sodomized her in a wild way.
I watched my sweet wife yelling and screaming like crazy as that black hard dick pumped her poor tight anus…

By now it was obvious that my wife was his personal whore.
Two weeks later, Anita told me she wanted to go to Vegas for the weekend with Camilla, one of her girlfriends.
But I was pretty sure that she was sneaking off to spend the weekend with Tyler and his magnificent black dick.

As soon as Anita left, I called Camilla, who was spending the full week end at home with her husband. Then I got sure that from now on, I should get used to my wife being someone else’s whore…

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