Mixed-Up Revenge Ch. 02

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Ray couldn’t believe his good fortune. Not only had he not gotten in trouble for accidently ass-raping his cheating ex-girlfriend’s younger sister, but Charlotte was going to help him get back at Karen as well! Plus, he’d taken her out on two dates while her sister was away and he was starting to really like her, and not just because she was a hell of a lot of fun in bed. She was spontaneous, cute, funny, smart, and they were interested in a lot of the same things… she’d even liked the jazz club he’d taken her to! It was a hell of a difference from dating her older sister.

And now she was just as into him getting revenge as he had been before… honestly at this point he could have cared less, because he was content just having her, but she really wanted it to happen. He kinda thought that she might be a little turned on by the idea of him raping her older sister’s ass, and that she really wanted to watch. Maybe it was her own payback for past things done to her as well, whatever, he didn’t really care – he was just doing it to make her happy.

Happy she was too, she’d slipped a drug into her sister’s drink during dinner and now she was helping him carry Karen up the stairs and tie her face down to the bed… they were going to wait until she woke up before doing anything else though. It would be nearly as much fun with her asleep. Stripping her down they placed her on the bed, a bundle of blankets was placed under her hips to keep her ass in the air… they tied her hands behind her back and her legs to the bed so that she couldn’t go anywhere. Ray privately thought that Karen didn’t look nearly as good as Charlotte would in this position, and he wondered if she would ever let him tie her up like this. It might be worth it to ask eventually.

While they waited for Karen to wake up she sat on his lap on the bed and they kissed passionately, slowly divulging each other of their clothes. Charlotte had the ability to make him more horny than ever.

“Are güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you sure you want me to take her ass and not yours?” he asked, panting as her fingernails ran down his back.

“No,” she giggled at the expression on his face, “But we’ve already gone through all this trouble, and I really want to watch.”

Ray groaned at the lustful feelings she aroused in him and gripped her ass with his hands, kneading her butt-cheeks with his fingers. Their kisses became deeper and rougher, his dick was rubbing along the inside of her thigh and he longed to just plunge it into her body, forget Karen and fuck his new girlfriend raw. Just as he was about to lose control they were interrupted.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?” They looked over to their side where Karen was now awake and glaring at them, Charlotte straddling Ray as they held each other.

“Oh good, you’re awake,” said Charlotte.

“WHAT THE HELL!” yelled Karen, “LET ME GO!”

Shaking her head in disappointment, Charlotte got off of Ray’s lap as her older sister continued to scream at them and picked up Karen’s panties off the floor. Balling them up, she shoved them into Karen’s mouth before her sister had realized what she was going to do. Now her yells were muffled by the fabric, and Ray looked admiringly at his girlfriend.

“Come over here and lemme lube you up honey,” cooed Charlotte, picking up the bottle of KY jelly and reaching for him. Eagerly Ray went to his girlfriend’s hands, his cock bouncing in front of him. She lathered him up as they watched Karen struggle on the bed… Ray mused that it was a good thing Charlotte was here, he didn’t think he’d be all that aroused by Karen.

But when he did get behind her, watching her jiggling buttocks, he found that he did want to part them, split them open… all his old vindictive feelings came rushing back as he watched her struggle.

“Decided to cheat on me with my best friend huh?” he güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri snarled, pressing his dick into her ass as she shrieked and started struggling even more, Charlotte coming around to hold her sister in place and watch as he violated her ass, “Tell me that you want to wait for marriage and then you go fuck around with someone else.” He jabbed a few inches deeper and Charlotte smiled as Karen’s eyes popped. Looking around she opened the night stand drawer and pulled out her sister’s vibrator, turning it on she pressed it underneath Karen and against her clit. If Karen came, while Ray raped her ass, it would just be too perfect.

Karen’s body jerked as it was assaulted with pain and pleasure, the dick in her ass burning and make her bowels cramp as it invaded her, and the vibrator against her clit buzzing inharmoniously with the discomfort in her backside. Rubbing the vibrator against her clit, Charlotte smiled as she watched her boyfriend’s dick bury itself in her sister’s asshole, the formally crinkled hole looked stretched and whitish around the invading member. She wondered if her own looked like that when he took her… or maybe it would look different now that she was no longer an anal virgin. A giggle rose in her throat at that thought… not nearly virginal anywhere now!

Ray found that Karen’s ass was just as tight as her sister’s, although perhaps not as enjoyable – she certainly wasn’t as enthusiastic as Charlotte was (or as she had been the first time), but the revenge factor made it plenty exciting for him. He pillaged her ass, fucking her hard and taking his own pleasure in it, leaving Karen’s orgasm up to Charlotte to engineer. A vibrator would probably do a better job than he would anyway. When her hips began moving involuntarily against the vibrator – and consequently against his thrusts – he grinned and began fucking her even harder, gripping her hips as he set a bruising pace.

Although Karen was doing güvenilir bahis şirketleri her best not to humiliate herself, the pumping of a dick in her ass actually was starting to feel kind of good. The burning pain had stopped and now it was a slick movement that left her feeling full and shivery; combined with the ever-intensifying vibration on her clit she was actually starting to build towards an orgasm. Wriggling, she tried to fight it, but her movements just ended up moving her closer to climax rather than further.

As he moved within her, her ass started ripple around him as she writhed, and he could hear the change in her moans. Charlotte was watching her sister with an odd expression on her face – envy, lust, arousal… it made his balls tighten to see her watching them. Gritting his teeth he thrust hard into Karen, pushing himself as deeply as he could go each time before letting out a bellow with his final pump as his back arched slightly and he came, spurting cum into her bowels. Charlotte turned up the vibrator to its highest intensity and pressed it hard against Karen’s clit as she realized Ray was cumming; feeling his dick pulse in her ass and the pressure of the vibrator sent her soaring and she began cumming as his orgasm finished.

Breathing hard, he leaned on Karen’s backside as her body shook and she finished out her climax, his dick slowly shrinking inside her hole.

Charlotte removed the vibrator from her sister’s pussy as he pulled his dick from her ass and they kissed happily. Making a face, he said, “I’d better go wash myself off, I’ll be right back.” She ended up going with him to wash off the vibrator as well.

Coming back into the room they looked at the sweaty girl on the bed; she was struggling again, trying to get loose.

“You know,” said Ray slowly, “There’s still one person in this room who isn’t satisfied… I don’t think that’s quite right.”

“You offering to do something about it?” Charlotte smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck as he gave her a strange smile.

“Not me…” his gaze drifted over to the struggling figure on the bed as his hands stroked the small of her back, “Someone else…”

Surprised, a little unsure of what to think, Charlotte looked at her sister’s jiggling backside.

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