Minoan Vacation

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Minoan Vacation
Cindy opened the French doors to step out onto the little apartment’s balcony. The apartment was not right on the beach as Carl had promised. However; it was an easy walk to the center of Plakias, so it was not a problem to reach whatever shopping and night life that the little village could offer. More importantly, the apartment had a spectacular view of the Mediterranean across the narrow, road that wound along this portion of the southern coast of Crete. It was all theirs and only theirs for the summer.

Thanks to Carl’s parents’ willingness to assume the responsibility of watching over their grandc***dren for the summer, they would enjoy a prolonged respite from the burden of parenthood for the first time in nearly two decades. This apartment would be her home and Carl’s home base for the next few months while he traveled to various oil fields in Africa and the Middle East. Her husband would frequently be away for a week or two at a time, but they would also enjoy leisure time together during which they could fulfill her dream of touring Europe.

It was almost oppressively hot, but there was a breeze blowing from the blue waters of the Mediterranean that made the heat almost easy to bear. Cindy savored the sensual sensation of her dress billowing around her. The light weight fabric allowed the breeze to whisk away the sweat from her body.

The apartment was almost in the middle of the little town, so neither the road or the beach were deserted. Cindy had been surprised to see that some of the people on Crete, especially the younger men, were obviously African immigrants. Two such men were sitting at a table on a patio, right across the street one story below her, having drinks with two, rather mature, blonde haired, blue eyed, obviously nordic women.

The realization that the two African men were wearing skimpy, speedo style bathing suits provoked a blush from Cindy. Their suits conformed to the name “banana hammock” that Carl had once used. The skimpy speedo style suits displayed genitalia that were shockingly impressive.

The sight of the two African men sitting with the two European women reminded Cindy of the thought and conversation provoking, foreign movie “PARADISE: LOVE.” She had been both fascinated and embarrassed by the movie when her husband took her to an obscure, specialty theatre to see it for a date night well over a year ago. Seeing that movie had inspired some exceptionally candid conversations about their past, present and future. She had confessed her unfulfilled desires and regrets about lost opportunities. Cindy was bemused by the thought that these two women were obviously getting their money’s worth.

Cindy was shamed by the sensation of her panty becoming damp as her vagina began to lubricate in response to her thoughts. A respectable married woman should not be so easily aroused by fantasies inspired first by that movie and now by the sight of two younger, African men flaunting their formidable genitals. It didn’t matter how handsome and well endowed the men were because she had a husband. It didn’t matter that her husband had not been angry when she confessed that the movie had provoked her thoughts and desires as well as her self righteous indignation.

In spite of her shame, Cindy found herself appraising the Africans’ female companions as if they were competition. The two ladies appeared to be about a decade older than she was. They were merely somewhat overweight rather than obese as the women in that movie had been. Cindy was shamed by the realization that she was perhaps a bit heavier than they were. The women actually looked rather attractive in their somewhat revealing bikinis.

Carl finished stowing their luggage then went to join his wife on the balcony. As he exited the double doors, the sight of Cindy standing in front of the sun revealed just how thin the white linen fabric of her dress was. He paused to admire the view. Not only was the silhouette of Cindy’s muscular but well toned legs visible through the fabric, he could clearly see her white, bikini style panty. The fabric of the dress also clung intimately to the contours of her large breasts. Although the prospect of spending the summer in Crete had compelled Cindy to shop for a wardrobe that would be more appropriate to the weather, it was doubtful that she had realized that this dress would be so revealing. Carl had no intention of embarrassing her by bringing this to her attention.

Just as Carl was stepping out onto the patio, a gust of wind caught Cindy’s dress, lifting the hem above her waist. Carl felt his penis swelling in response to the sight of her lush growth of dark blonde pubic hair that was visible through the sheer fabric of her bikini style panty. He had given her several panties of that style along with matching bras for her fortieth birthday a few years earlier. He had been elated by her willingness to wear the new lingerie that was so much sexier than the matronly styles that she had habitually favored during their c***d bearing years. He stifled a laugh as he watched his wife struggle to regain control of her errant dress.

Cindy was still contending with the hem of her dress when Carl joined her at the the balcony railing. Her distress became far more understandable when he noticed the group of two African men and their women companions sitting at the table. They were all looking up to observe Cindy’s struggles with her errant dress. Carl yielded to the primal instinct to appraise Cindy’s admirers as if they were potential adversaries. They were all younger than he was, leaner than he was, and far more muscular than he was. The menacing bulges in their speedo style swimsuits only exasperated his anxiety. However; the young African men were not adversaries. They were potential accomplices.

“It looks as if you’ve already gained some admires,” Carl observed.

“It isn’t funny,” Cindy retorted. “The can see my panty.”

“What is the big deal? You are wearing a panty so you aren’t naked under your dress.” Carl went on to embellish the truth, “your panty isn’t much more revealing than a bikini. More importantly, we are ten-thousand miles away from home so your precious reputation is not in jeopardy.”

Cindy didn’t abandon her efforts to restrain the hem of her dress, but she became less frantic. The sensual sensation of the wind on her nearly naked sex felt deliciously wanton. She giggled, “it is a bit embarrassing because those men at the table are so obviously watching me.”

“I guess Europe has its own problems with i*****l immigrants that are even worse than we have back in the United States.” Carl abandoned the political conversation to comment on their swimming attire. “Those guys must choose to wear speedo style swimsuits just to humiliate the local men and impress the lady tourists. It is a good thing that I packed some baggy trunks so I will not be embarrassed or embarrass you.”

Cindy chose to not respond to her husband’s jest. She didn’t want to offend him by agreeing with him. “I would be just as embarrassed if they were native Greeks rather than Africans,” Cindy protested. “There is nothing wrong with being an immigrant. The Greeks were the immigrants when they conquered Crete after the Thera explosion devastated the Minoan civilization.” As if to emphasize the point, she smiled mischievously as she ceased her efforts to restrain her billowing dress. She allowed the hem to rise to her waist so that it intermittently revealed her sheer panty which failed to conceal her sex to her two admirers.

Carl didn’t respond to the historical reference. He didn’t want to listen to another lecture on ancient history. Cindy had been studying for a minor in history as well as majoring in education when they met in college. The ancient Minoan civilization had been the focus of Cindy’s final research paper during their Senior year. They might never have begun dating if her field of study hadn’t caused her to take notice of Carl’s guilty pleasure. He had been reading, for perhaps the dozenth time, Paul Anderson’s science fiction novel “THE DANCERS OF ATLANTIS.” It was a time travel story set in the ancient Minoan empire.

Cindy’s decision to actually read the blatantly erotic novel along with Anderson’s almost pornographic “THE AVATAR” had inspired her to allow Carl to seduce her into surrendering her precious virginity to him. His guilt about exploiting the opportunity combined with her anxiety about a pregnancy possibly resulting from his failure to wear a condom and his failure to pull out had compelled him to propose to her. Fortunately; Cindy hadn’t gotten pregnant. She hadn’t gotten pregnant during their prolonged engagement and newlywed years in spite of their frequent reliance on the pull and pray method rather than condoms.

“At least these guys seem to be somewhat employed servicing their sugar mommas,” Carl observed.

Cindy blushed with embarrassment. “It doesn’t seem quite so desperate bahis siteleri and sordid as it did in the movie.”

“No. It isn’t,” Carl agreed. “These ladies didn’t wait until they became so old and so fat before allowing themselves to live out their fantasies.”

Cindy giggled, “if the women weren’t so obviously two or three decades older than their escorts, it would seem perfectly normal.”

Somewhat embarrassed by the subject and fearful of offending his wife by being unsubtle Carl asked, “now that you are finally here in Crete, do you want to go to the beach or go shopping?”

“I think that I will show mercy to you by electing to go to the beach,” Cindy answered. “I will have plenty of time to shop while you are away touring the oil fields of Libya.” Cindy turned her attention to the foursome at the table. The two women were older than she was, yet they had the confidence to wear bikinis. While their escorts were no doubt well compensated, they didn’t seem to find their mature, somewhat zoftig bodies repulsive. This realization inspired her to reconsider her own choice in beach attire. “We can go to the beach, but we need to stop along the way to shop for perhaps only two items.”

Carl was amazed as he watched Cindy step back from the wrought iron railing and into their room, but allow the double doors to remain open as she casually lifted her dress over her head. Her bra was no less revealing than her panty. Her nipples and large, dark aureolas were barely concealed by the thin fabric. Carl noticed that her labia as well as her pubic hair was revealed by the thin fabric of her panty. While she was concealed from people on the patio across the street and the beach, she was quite visible to whoever might be on the various boats floating no more than fifty yards off shore. Obviously; her confidence that her skimpy bra and panty would not reveal to much to anyone who might be viewing her through the open doors from a distance allowed her to indulge in this not quite private, near nudity.

Carl was amazed and elated that his wife was being so brazen. He understood that she was confident that no one could see too much. However; her unexpected willingness to finally relax her inhibitions pleased him. He watched as she moved closer to the door to savor the sensation of the ocean breeze on her nearly naked body.

Cindy retreated to the back of the room to strip out of her panty and bra. However; the need to unpack her bikini compelled her to return to their luggage which Carl had laid out on the table near the door. She rationalized that while she would be visible to people on the beach, they wouldn’t actually take notice of her.

Carl was not quite as shy about stripping off his own clothes. He wanted to set an example for Cindy that would encourage the relaxation of her inhibitions that he had been hoping for. He had selected this little village on the island of Crete as their home base for the summer because Cindy had always been fascinated by the Minoan civilization. However; the fact that it was normal for women to go topless on the beaches of Crete had inspired hopes that Cindy might relax her inhibitions enough to consider going topless on the beach herself.

Carl smiled as he imagined his wife accidentally discovering the nude beaches only a few hundred yards to the East of the little town. It was highly improbable that this discovery could occur by chance. An outcropping of rugged cliffs separated those nude beaches from Plakias.

After putting on his suit then using the toilet, Carl emerged from the bathroom to discover that Cindy was pulling the top of her tankini over her head. He frowned disapprovingly. “I was hoping that now that you are finally in Crete, you might relax enough to wear a bikini, or even go topless.” Remembering a favorite detail from “THE DANCERS OF ATLANTIS”, Carl coaxed her with the comment, “the Minoan women never covered their breasts.”

“Are you certain that you want other men admiring your wife’s naked breasts?”

“Yes. I am,” Carl assured her.

Cindy looked down to appraise herself critically. The fact that the two gigolos had been appraising her inspired her to test her husband’s confidence. “I am not so certain that other men, particularly those African studs, would be admiring this old lady’s breasts if they could see them naked. Nursing our babies has made them flabby and saggy.”

Carl assured his wife, “I am certain that other men would enjoy seeing your breasts naked as much as I do.” He said nothing more as he watched his wife put on her tankini bottoms. He remained silent as she applied sunscreen to her exposed skin. She then packed towels, the sunscreen, their room keys and a few hundred Euros in cash into her beach bag.

Carl followed as Cindy as she led the way into town. When they first arrived, he had noticed her noticing the little shop that had a limited selection of beach wear on display. She led the way directly to the shop. Rather than select a bikini, she selected a speedo style, men’s swimsuit. “If you want me to buy a bikini to wear on the beach, you have to wear one of these.”

Carl was reluctant to even try on the suit. He knew that he would be unimpressive, and not just compared to the two the Africans. However; the prospect of persuading his wife to wear a bikini on the beach gave him the courage to duck into the changing room to try it on. The speedo was worse than he had feared. His unimpressive genitalia was the only thing that allowed the speedo style suit to be humiliatingly revealing without being indecent. However; he realized that the humiliation might serve his ultimate purpose by encouraging Cindy’s discontent.

Carl was acutely aware of his near nudity as he waited for Cindy to select a bikini then duck into the changing room. When she emerged, he was pleased. The bikini she had selected had not been the skimpiest bikini on the rack. It was a classic style from a bygone decade. The straps of the top even went over her shoulders rather than around her neck. The bottoms rode low on her wide hips but they covered most of her well rounded butt. Carl noticed that the bottoms were fastened with knots on each side which had saved Cindy the hassle and embarrassment of trying to find a suit that would fit her wide hips. He noticed that she hadn’t had an opportunity to trim her pubic hair to conform to this skimpier swimsuit. A few errant tufts protruded over the top and sides of the fabric triangle.

Cindy asked, “how do I look?”

Carl was not unrealistic. The bikini revealed the evidence that Cindy was no longer a young woman. Her belly was soft and gently rounded rather than flat and firm. The stretch marks from repeated pregnancies were evident. The bikini top gave her breasts needed support, but the cups were small enough to reveal that she needed support. “You look fantastic,” Carl answered enthusiastically and honestly.

Cindy paid for their purchases and stuffed her tankini and Carl’s trunks into her beach bag. Her husband followed eagerly as she led the way to the beach. As they walked along, she noticed the two, young, African men and their sugar mammas who they had earlier noticed sitting at the table by their apartment were now on the beach. The two women were now topless.

“It would appear that going topless on the beach is part of the ritual for spawning with African men,” Carl observed.

“Are you really sure you want me to go topless on the beach? Those African men will suspect that I am a potential sugar momma if I bare my breasts, especially when I am alone while you are away at the oil fields.”

“I’m certain that the African men will hope that you are a potential sugar momma even if you don’t bare your breasts. They will be hitting on you anyway, so there is no reason to not go topless.”

Cindy could not refute her husband’s unexpectedly libertine logic. She felt a disturbing fluttering in her lower belly as she considered the implications.

Cindy selected a spot then busied herself unpacking her beach bag, applying sunscreen to the newly exposed areas of her body, then spreading the towels out on the hot sand. She was bemused to see Carl’s surprise when he noticed that she had packed two splits of champaign. She normally didn’t allow herself to drink much. He sat on his towel next to hers and took his bottle so they could toast. “To Crete,” she said as she gently clicked her bottle against his.

After finishing her small bottle of champaign, Cindy slipped the straps of her bikini tops off of her shoulders then laid back on her towel. She applied more sunscreen as she adjusted the now loose fabric of her bikini cups to expose as much of her breast flesh as possible to the sun while keeping her nipples and large, dark aureolas concealed.

The sight of his wife flirting with her near nudity compelled Carl to roll over onto his stomach to conceal his erection. He ignored Cindy’s bemused giggle. He pretended to make small talk as he admired her partially bahis şirketleri exposed breasts. He said nothing when he noticed the fabric of the cups slipping to partially expose her aureolas.

After about an hour, Cindy rolled over onto her stomach. Carl noticed that she carelessly allowed her top to slip so that her nipples were briefly exposed before pressing her breasts against her towel. He didn’t risk embarrassing her into being more modest by saying anything. After settling onto her towel, Cindy yielded to the temptation to push her bikini bottoms down to expose more of her butt cheeks. She rationalized that her bikini didn’t completely cover her butt anyway and she had noticed that many of the women were wearing thong style swimsuits that left their butts completely exposed. After fumbling around to position the garments so it wouldn’t feel uncomfortable and awkward, she finally pulled the strings to untie the bow knots so that the back of the suit could drop between her thighs. She would have to be careful when she got up.

Carl eagerly obliged when Cindy asked him to apply sunscreen to her back. He started with the backs of her legs and thighs, then moved up to her butt. She giggled in response to his less than clinical technique, but she didn’t complain. She didn’t want her butt burnt.

Carl decided to become a bit bolder as he applied sunscreen to Cindy’s back. He mischievously unsnapped the clasp of the back band. His wife protested, but she calmed down when he reminded her that her breasts would not be exposed as long as she remained on her stomach. She even slipped the straps off of her shoulders so that she would have no tan lines on her back.

Carl was nodding off when the same foursome who had been sitting at the table below the balcony of their apartment sauntered past. Carl noticed Cindy rising up on her elbows to watch the group. He noticed that she carelessly raised her body high enough that her nipples were no longer concealed by her towel. He noticed that the two African men were taking notice of her apparent carelessness. The brief interaction provoked a renewed stirring in his groin.

Cindy soon announced that she was hungry. Carl eagerly agreed that it was well past time for dinner. He watched as Cindy fumbled to fasten her bikini top. Her efforts to preserve her modesty were not entirely successful, but this no longer disturbed her. Her attempts to retrieve her bikini bottom to retie it while she remained on her stomach failed. She finally rolled over and sat up so that she would not be hampered by her awkward position.. She seemed to be either unaware or unconcerned that the few men who were nearby were being treated to a brief glimpse of her naked sex.

As Cindy packed their things, she realized that she was neglecting something important. They were not only on Crete, they were on the shores of the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean was the cradle of civilization. While the island of Crete was hallowed ground, the Mediterranean was hallowed waters. She needed to go for a swim before she could go to dinner.

Carl watched as his wife bounded down the beach to the water. Although she was a strong swimmer, he was surprised that she was so undaunted by the surf. He joined her with somewhat less enthusiasm.

As they finally emerged from the water, Carl noticed that while Cindy’s bikini was conservatively cut, the seemingly demure fabric didn’t remain completely opaque when wet. Suspicion compelled Carl to glance down at his speedo. The fabric of his own suit had also become somewhat translucent.

Cindy noticed her husband inspecting himself. She was shocked but bemused to see that his penis, scrotum and pubic hair were very discernible through the damp fabric. She suddenly realized that the fabric of her bikini might have been similarly transformed. She blushed with embarrassment when a quick glance confirmed her suspicion.

“I guess it is too late to worry about it,” Carl suggested. “I doubt that the local shops would sell these suits if the local authorities considered them to risque to wear in public.”

Cindy reluctantly agreed with Carl’s reasoning. She picked up her beach bag to lead the way back to their apartment. The beach had showers which could be used to rinse away the sand and salt water. Cindy was momentarily reluctant to use them because rewetting her bikini would only ensure that the fabric would remain translucent. However; the lecture that the property manager had given them about being careful to keep salt and sand out of the apartment compelled her to use the shower. She found herself becoming aroused when a quick glance confirmed that her nipples, aureolas and pubic hair were very evident through the soaked fabric. She considered getting a towel out of her bag to cover herself with then rejected the idea. Carl followed her example.

There were a number of small restaurants that fronted the far side of the road along the beach. Although there were signs advising women that they couldn’t be topless, beach wear was obviously permitted. Their dinner was simple, uncomplicated local fare that was delicious.

As Carl nervously walked Cindy back to their apartment, he found himself hoping that their evening might culminate with lovemaking. It had been too long, again. Given the layovers and plane changes, they had been traveling for two days. They had been far to exhausted to make love during their night in Athens. The day before their flight had been consumed by last minute preparations. Carl had been away on business for most of the previous two weeks. He was not reassured by these extenuating circumstances. It had become far to normal in recent years for them to make love only once or twice per month.

Carl was not disappointed. Cindy was definitely in the mood. She was stripping off her bikini bottoms before he could even close the door behind them. He had no doubt that it had been the sun and the Mediterranean sea rather than the company of her husband that had been an aphrodisiac to her. She responded eagerly to the ministrations of his lips and tongue. Unfortunately; when Carl positioned himself between her thighs she reached down to fend off his penis as she reminded him, “you need to put a condom on.”

“I didn’t pack any condoms. I assumed that you would,” Carl responded with less than perfect honesty. “The trusty pull and pray method has failed us only once.” This assertion was debatable. They had been using a combination of condoms and withdrawal in combination with Cindy’s informal and imprecise version of the rhythm method when they began their family a bit sooner than expected. Fortunately; she had been just as averse to resuming the use of condoms as he was, so they had agreed that her first pregnancy had been the result of a condom leaking or slipping off. When Cindy failed to relent Carl pleaded, “I want you to enjoy this as much as I do.”

Cindy contemplated her options. She was confident that Carl would not be upset if she insisted on pleasuring him by embracing his penis in her cleavage. He would be elated if she used her mouth. However; she wanted to get laid. The prospect of not having a sheath of latex between them only inflamed her desire to have his penis inside her. While using a condom had never been certain to deny her an orgasm, it had always been easier to climax without one. She also had confidence in Carl’s willingness and ability to restrain himself. The knowledge that they were flirting with the risk of pregnancy by relying on the withdrawal method had always enhanced her pleasure during her c***d bearing years.

Cindy considered her options. She could only vaguely recall when she had last menstruated, but she was confident that it had been about three weeks earlier. She was probably late enough in her cycle that she should be safe. Her increasingly irregular cycle attested to the fact that at her age, she was probably no longer as fertile as she used to be anyway.

Carl was elated to feel Cindy’s hand guiding his naked penis to her vagina. He could count on one hand the number of occasions when she had allowed his penis inside her naked during the years since she had weaned their youngest. Unfortunately; the fact that it had been so long since they had made love combined with the no longer familiar pleasure of barebacking made it difficult for Carl to restrain himself. Cindy was just beginning to build to her second orgasm of the evening when he was compelled to withdraw.

Cindy moaned with frustration when she felt Carl’s penis withdrawing from her vagina. Her sexual frustration became alarm when she felt the first, few, most potent spurts of Carl’s semen spilling onto her lower belly. She frantically reached down to check. While Carl’s seed was soaking the upper portion of her pubic hair, it seemed that none had gotten into her vagina.

“Sorry,” Carl pleaded. “It has been too long. I am a bit out of practice. I will be more careful next illegal bahis time,” he assured her with hopeful presumption.

“We can buy some condoms tomorrow,” Cindy insisted somewhat angrily. Carl’s claim that he was out of practice was less than honest. In recent years she had been usually insisting that he withdraw when he began ejaculating as an added precaution to enhance the effectiveness of condoms. She got out of bed and went to the bathroom to rinse her husband’s semen from her vagina. The time allowed her mild anger to be forgotten. Carl was pleased to see Cindy not bothering to unpack her nightgown before rejoining him in bed. It had been years since she had slept nude.

The next morning found Carl and Cindy sleeping in, enjoying a leisurely breakfast at a nearby cafe, then exploring the shopping that Plakias had to offer. Cindy found a pharmacy that should have condoms. She was disappointed to see that the small shelf devoted to contraceptives was depleted. The only condoms remaining were the extra large style.

“Those would be to large to fit me,” Carl volunteered.

Cindy suspected that Carl’s humility was motivated by a desire to have sex unprotected again. However; he was also correct. Cindy’s Greek was far from fluent, so she struggled to read the tags on the empty shelves. The pharmacy normally didn’t stock any other contraceptives. There were no spermicides. There was no sponge. There was nothing.

The pharmacist proudly informed Cindy that while Greeks were not ignorant, most married women preferred to rely on traditional methods. He had noticed that only a minority of young couples seemed to buy condoms and they didn’t buy as many as one should expect. The fact that Greeks had so few babies was a testament to the effectiveness of traditional methods. Cindy was far to polite to suggest that this recklessness might explain why Greeks committed so many abortions. The pharmacist was expecting his restock order to arrive in about a week, Cindy resigned herself to having to rely on Carl’s ability to restrain himself. He would be off to the oil fields in two days anyway.

The rest of the shopping was mercifully brief, but it was well after noon before they returned to the beach. Cindy once again spent an hour sunning herself, playing the peekaboo game with her bikini as she laid on her stomach. Carl tried to not be to obvious about watching as she rolled over and sat up to retie her bikini bottoms. He held his breath as she reached for the suntan lotion rather than her bikini top.

Cindy could feel her unrestrained breasts swaying as she applied a fresh dose of sunscreen to her legs, arms, shoulders and belly. She reconsidered her decision to not put her bikini top on. Then she reminded herself that her nudity would be relatively unobtrusive as she laid on her back to sun herself. She wouldn’t be strutting around on the beach. She hesitated to touch herself so intimately in public, but she had already witnessed other women casually rubbing sunscreen onto their naked breasts. She found the experience liberating, strangely exhilarating and even arousing.

Cindy’s expectation that no one would really take notice her naked breasts turned out to be unrealistic. Many people walked past them. Some paused ostensibly to look at the ocean. Some found an excuse to have a conversation with Carl. One particularly bold, African immigrant even flirted with Cindy, obviously unconcerned by her husband’s presence! Her searches on the Internet had confirmed that some of the women who indulged in sex tourism were married rather than single, and that their husbands encouraged them.

Carl’s wish that his wife might find the courage to go topless was finally realized fully when she decided to go swimming. She left her top on her towel as she sprinted to the water. Carl wondered if she realized that her haste was causing her big breasts to bounce and sway enticingly. He noticed that he was not the only man who was fascinated by the sight. The knowledge that Cindy’s new admirers were becoming jealous as they frolicked in the surf together enhanced his pleasure.

Carl was elated when Cindy didn’t put her bikini top back on before gathering up their things. She waited until after she had used one of the showers at the edge of the sand before putting her top back on for the short walk to their apartment. Given Carls inflamed desire for his wife, it was fortunate that she suggested that sex should come before dinner. She was even more responsive to his tongue. Even better, she was not reluctant to trust Carl to restrain himself. He honored her by exercising more restraint. He succeeded in bringing her to another orgasm before he withdrew to spill his seed onto her belly and breasts while avoiding her pubic hair.

As Carl waited for Cindy to take a quick shower, he tried to remember the last occasion when they had made love two nights in a row. He could not recall doing so during the years since the birth of their youngest.

Carl was elated to see Cindy putting on a bra but no panty before she slipped into a dress. “It has been years since you were willing to go commando for me.”

Cindy felt a brief pang of guilt as she wondered if her husband was gently chastising her for her evolving habit of going commando for Wives Night Out. She had noticed him noticing whenever she had left a garter belt and stockings d****d over a towel bar. “I figure that after that performance, you deserve a reward.” She was relieved when he said nothing more that might have been perceived as veiled anger.

As they walked into town, Cindy found herself once again contemplating why Carl encouraged her to flaunt rather than conceal her body. He was certainly not unusual. Most of her friends admitted that their own husbands were always trying to coax them into dressing more provocatively than they were really comfortable with. Possessive pride was obviously one motivating factor. Having his wife dress up to provoke attention was perhaps no different for a husband than washing and waxing his car to show it off. However; she had long since noticed that vicarious arousal was also involved. Her husband found her more attractive whenever he noticed other men taking notice of her.

The dinner was more sophisticated than the night before. They had cocktails and shared a bottle of wine as they lingered over their late meal. Carl even took Cindy dancing at a bar that had an excellent sound system rather than a live band. Unfortunately; he became fatigued after dancing only one set.

Fortunately; a younger local man, an ethnic Greek rather than an African immigrant, silently asked Cindy to dance. She was pleased but not really surprised when Carl encouraged her to accept. The Greek obviously didn’t speak English, but he knew how to dance to the fast paced songs as well as they slow songs. Cindy was acutely aware of the sensation of her big breasts pressing against his muscular chest when he held her close. She also noticed the sensation of his swelling penis pressing against her belly. It was a sensation that she had experienced many times before, but not just with her husband. Aside from the obligatory slow dances with Carl’s bosses at company functions, there had been somewhat illicit dances with strangers that she had met during occasional Wives Night Out.

Cindy was acutely aware that she was not wearing a panty under her dress and that the hem only came to mid thigh. The knowledge that her sex was so naked and vulnerable to the penis that was rubbing against her belly never failed to provoke her imagination. This was why she often went commando on Wives Night Out. She found herself yielding to the temptation to rub herself seductively against the male member as she struggled to make small talk in Greek while they danced so that she could appraise it more thoroughly. She was not surprised that he seemed to be an inch or two longer than her husband and thicker. Most men that she had danced with over the years were.

The hands that had been gallantly positioned at Cindy’s shoulder and waist drifted to her hips. When she didn’t protest, the hands drifted to her butt. This too was not a new sensation. Carl’s bosses always took such liberties with her. Carl had never made a scene about it. The guys that she had danced with during Wives Night Out were usually even more brazen, but Carl must be unaware of these encounters. However; this was different because her husband was sitting close by, perhaps watching, and the guy she was dancing with was not a boss whom he must defer to. A furtive, nervous glance at Carl confirmed that he was watching, but he offered no protest.

When the song ended, Cindy asked to return to her husband. The fact that the Greek was disappointed flattered her ego, but she was pleased that he graciously accepted her request. Unfortunately; Carl had just ordered another drink for himself as well as for her. It would be impolite for her to insist that they leave without finishing their drinks.

Their drinks were almost finished when Cindy felt a massive, dark presence looming over her. “May I have the pleasure of a dance with your wife?” The vocabulary and diction were flawless, and the accent was B

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