Memory of a friend

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Memory of a friend
Memory of a friend with a dog aunt true story -1

Once when in my early twenties I had some “domestic” problems with my partner, David.

I walked out and went to spend summer with my Aunt on a smallholding in a remote part of South Wales. Meg was a widow aged around forty living on her own ever since my Uncle Dylan had been killed in a mine accident ten years earlier. I think the Miners Union obtained a decent compensation amount for her, she now seemed quite well off and she and Dylan having had no c***dren had always had a soft spot for me, her younger sister’s daughter.

She kept chickens, a goat, several orphaned lambs, a cat and two Labrador dogs for company. The Labs were lovely, one black and one golden, named, ‘Bill’ and ‘Ben’.

Her old farm cottage was remote, well off the beaten track or any real road. The two dogs would howl like banshees if a stranger dared to approach their lonely track but just greeted people with a welcoming bark when the few folk they knew well approached, my Aunt could truthfully tell you just who was approaching up the track by the sound of the dogs barks. I had no idea how she did it but after they barked she’d say,

“There’s Glyn top farm with the eggs, get them off him at the gate Bach”. She would be right.

Her dogs were highly trained, one of her hobbies was dog obedience training, she had done it for years and won cash prizes and exhibitions at exhibitions at local fetes. She had even once trained Border collie sheepdogs, winning trials when younger at my Granddads old hill farm.

Local people in the village, even farmers were forever asking her advice about various dogs, breeds, illnesses, training etc. She was definitely a respected canine “expert” in that valley.

I stayed with her all that summer, I chilled out walking by the river next to her land with the dogs, fed the goat illegal bahis and totally relaxed away from the hassle, bustle and bitchiness of the city life I had been used to. I just loved the peace away from the crowds and the city and David.

The thing I missed most was that the few local men I met were unbelievably shy of girls, no one my own age dared even speak to me in eight weeks but I enjoyed the chill out after my “relationship” trouble at home. I had lived with David for six months, truthfully the only thing I missed him for was sex, he had been my first and good at it. That’s probably why I was still masturbating a lot while thinking about him, even in Wales. I hated myself but did it most nights in bed and sometimes on hot days, in the barn. Once I even played with myself next to a secluded pool down by the river, it excited me so much that I was in the open air doing it that I invented a fantasy that some shy local man was in the bushes and so excited by watching me that he was wanking himself. In reality highly unlikely, we were miles away from anywhere populated but the thought excited me immensely. I lay back on the river bank with my hand down my pants and came frantically at the thought of what a slut I was being!

Perhaps it was the hot August weather but I seemed to be in a constant state of excitement.

One very hot day my Aunt strangely sent me on a somewhat odd errand to the Coop shop in the local village. She put her list and some money in a purse on the table. It was odd because I remember studying it and thinking that half the stuff on it we already had in the fridge. I certainly didn’t complain though, I was a little bored and looking forward to the long three miles country walk along the remote lane by the river with the two dogs for company, perhaps she had sensed that I was bored and had just sent illegal bahis siteleri me off for that walk on purpose.

‘I might even visit my “secluded sexy pool” again’, I thought, my hormones kicking in again.

Bill was tied up outside but when I went to untie him my Aunt told me to leave him and just take Ben who was already there, loose in the yard and I just did as she advised.

Ben was my favourite anyway and I was happier controlling him. While both dogs were highly trained Bill was older and reluctant to obey me sometimes, often looking at my Aunt for a second opinion as to whether he should obey me. Ben, the younger golden lab was always fully obedient with me, on first command.

About a mile down the road I cursed as I suddenly realised I had the list but the purse was still on the kitchen table. Turning, we retraced our steps for about twenty minutes along the river

track back home … Usually Bill would bark out a greeting to us but I noticed with surprise that he was no longer still tied up in the yard as we went in the gate, but was not on the chain.

I wondered why, he had been there when we left and wherever he was, even inside the cottage he invariably greeted friend or foe with his many different barks, Aunt Meg would almost converse with him when she heard the gate catch… “Whoszat?” … and he’d tell her by a bark!

It was very unusual that neither of them had heard me come back into the yard this time.

I quietly passed the living room window and glancing in saw Aunt Meg sitting in her arm chair with Bill standing in front of her. I was just about to shout out a greeting to her when my brain suddenly caught up with the message from my eyes. I stopped in my tracks in disbelief before ducking quickly back in the shadows, shocked and totally stunned. Had I really seen what I just thought I’d seen? I had canlı bahis siteleri to look again before I made a sound.

Peeping cautiously around the window again I took a second look and confirmed it. I could now see just why neither my Aunt or Bill had heard my approach. They were both too busy.

Aunt Meg had her knickers off, still around one ankle. Her long skirt was hiked well up to her breasts and her right leg was dangling limp over the padded arm of the leather chair leaving her vagina gaping wide open. The dog was licking away at it for all his he was worth as my Aunt frantically masturbated her swollen clitoris with her fingers at the same time.

I looked round the corner, hidden in the afternoon shade but the dog was so intent on my Aunts pussy that even he didn’t hear us. His attentions were clearly exciting her wildly, her eyes were closed and it was obvious from the look on her face she was near to climax and loving every second as Bill kept nuzzling greedily at her. She was only a few feet away and I could see clearly that her spread vagina was had now opened up so much that Bill’s bulbous black nose was now pushing up inside the lips of my Aunts pussy, physically sliding up out of sight inside her. I could see how swollen and red her clitoris had become by rubbing it.

“My God” I thought. “She’s trained him, he’s actually screwing her with his big nose.”

Despite the fact that I was outside in the open yard seeing her masturbate had excited me so much that I pushed my own hand down the front of my pants and did the same thing to myself nearly as frantically as my Aunt was doing it.

I watched her intently for perhaps another five minutes or more until she suddenly started shuddering and panting then climaxed heavily with the dog still lapping greedily away at her. Her face twisted as if in pain as she arched her back, grabbed Bill’s collar and started thrusting herself hard against the dogs muzzle in an obviously very intense orgasm, the tip of his black nose pushing up back up inside her again as she pulled him into her. Bill did not seem to mind in the least and kept on dutifully

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