Maggie’s Slutty Fantasies

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Maggie’s Slutty Fantasies
Hi, my name is Maggie, and I guess you can consider this story or stories (not sure yet). The fantasies and desires which have grown in me for a long time now. I know I wasn’t supposed to read dirty stories like this before I turned 18, which I am now. But, after seeing certain movies and stumbling upon websites like this, the desires were implanted in me and grew.

This is the fantasy I had that started a couple of years ago after visiting my sister in Georgia and stumbling upon a place that had glory holes.

To get a few details out of the way to allow you to picture this better. I am 5’3″, I have a good body and would consider myself pretty cute, thanks to the genes given to me. I’ve always been kind of tomboyish and dressed not really to show any of it off. Skater shirts, baggy shorts and pants, dresses and skirts kind of feel more like a hindrance to my daily life and I get cold easily, so I usually have some sort of comfortable hoodie on. For that reason the boys in my school never really noticed me, I may as well have just been another guy to them. If anyone had really looked they would have noticed my breasts were a bit large, I guess thanks again to the genes my mom passed down to me, I have 32C boobs and a hot sexy booty to match, not too large and definitely not small and I try to keep it tight with all the running I did for cross country in school. I like to keep my hair short, it made running easier and made washing my hair take less time than it used to.

I guess in the story of hair I also shave… everywhere. Not sure why that’s so embarrassing to admit since I’m about to admit all the sexual desires I have to complete strangers, but the thought makes me blush now with people being able to picture me…pubeless. Is that even a word…I guess a better word would be hairless down there. Oh god, I’m blushing, and all flushed just thinking that someone I may know may stumble upon this before I graduate and know I shave my body all over.

No boy has yet to actually see me naked, not sure why I said that as well. Just a word of warning, I’m not the greatest writer but I’m trying and hopefully I find an editor that can help me make this story great. Oh, and like I said before, before I graduate, I’m 18 and still in High school until I graduate in June.

So, my older sister lives in Georgia, she moved out there because of college and got married. He was a tech nerd and they fell madly in love and settled down there. I visit when I get the chance because we were pretty close and her neighborhood isn’t so bad, I tend to play Pokémon Go whenever they are busy at work and I have nothing better to do.

Well last year I stumbled upon this place that I thought was an anime/sci-fi shop, but it ended up being a glory hole, sex video business and shockingly no one checked my ID or asked me anything, just let me roam around. It was strange, it was all painted black inside and had these cubicles with doors that kind of looked like changing rooms. Each set of 3 were connected to each other, they had television screens in them and holes in the walls.

I heard someone, panicked and left. Later I looked up the place on Google and found out exactly what it was. Google takes the innocence away from everyone doesn’t it? Videos, stories, pictures, websites, floods of information sullying my innocent little brain, getting me turned on just thinking about it. From there and finding for the first time because of my search, I read story after story, stories about girls being used, experiencing humiliation and being naked in public, bound and taken advantage of by nameless men and sometimes by men they knew, not always knowing what was going to happen to them.

Kerina’s College Humiliation was always one of my favorites for some reason, I guess it was a mixture of the power men had over her, the sexual situations she got into and her innocence in all of it. The shock factor was a big thing as well and I guess deep down, before I started learning about everything, I felt just like her. Probably if the situations were the same I would have ended up like her, minus the ending, I wasn’t a fan of the ending.

So up until now all of that was fact, and this is where the fantasy begins. After graduation I was hoping to visit my sister during the summer, we’ll call her…Kaylee and since we are going with names we’ll call her husband Derek. So we fast forward, I graduated, thank you everyone for the congratulations and yes I was already accepted to a college and I fly up to see my sister and stay at her place all the while nervous and turned on to what I’m going to do and how it’s all going to play out. Just the thought of it now is turning me on and it’s hard to focus writing this without touching I want to touch myself so badly. I do masturbate at night thinking about my fantasies, I strip naked and sit at my desk with my legs over the arm rests massaging my sensitive nipples and teasing my hairless pussy getting it so wet that my fingers just glide over my clit.

This is getting me so wet just writing this… so where was I, usually I take night flights to see my sister, we have dinner and go back to her place when Derek finally gets back, and we save him something. He tends to work really late, the draw back of being a programmer!

During the night I can’t sleep at all, all I can picture is what I’m going to say and do, what do I want, what do I want to happen to me, how far am I willing to go and what if it’s too much for me to handle? All the while my hand finds its way touching my cheek feeling how flushed it my hand then moving slowly down to my neck feeling my pulse beating so fast and hard.

My hand moves down to my chest making me moan as my arm grazes my nipple, sending shivers through my body. I want to just shove my hand down my shorts but instead I move my hand slowly down the soft skin of my stomach anticipating the touch and wanting more, teasing myself. I skip over my yearning pussy and reach down to my knee tracing around it and slowly moving back up my smooth thighs. My touch feeling like gentle electricity, so sensual, so arousing, I can feel myself getting so wet and I take off my shirt and pull my shorts and panties down to my feet kicking them off onto the floor. Finally after all the teasing I slide a finger down my hot, wet, slit and it feels like I haven’t touched myself in days, it’s so sensitive and the desire is intoxicating. I’m so turned on I’m shaking and I do something that always felt kind of gross to me. I take my wet fingers and put them into my mouth tasting myself for the first time. Sweet and a little salty, I feel so dirty tasting myself like this, sucking the juices off my finger and moving my other hand down touching my clit as I suck on my finger trying not to moan too loud.

My sister has a small apartment and I rarely ever lock doors. Note to self, when I stay there, lock the door…or don’t. I want this so badly with my finger circling my clit, slowly rubbing it, teasing it, wanting to prolong the feeling for as long as I can, building up my orgasm to a height I could never imagine before. I dare not put it inside me because I’m still a virgin but OMG I want to, for the first time in my life something inside my pussy, something, someone, anything to fuck me like the slut I feel like.

The thought of acting and being called and seen as a slut turns me on so much. I both desire it and am scared of it at the same time if that makes any sense. Knowing that I want to be good and be normal but at the same time have insatiable urges to be used and fucked, and pleasured.

“Slut, slut, slut, slut, you are a dirty slut and you wanted to be treated like one.” is all my brain keeps saying over and over again.

I grab the pillow next to me and bite it hard having one of the most intense orgasms of my life nearly screaming at the intensity of it, my back arches, my toes go straight and my body jerked like I was having a seizure, I lost total control of myself and passed out on the bed smiling at how good it felt.

“Morning! We’re heading out to work!” my sister yells out.

I woke up realizing I was still naked, I barely had enough time to cover myself with the sheets before Kaylee came in.

“We’ll be home late tonight.”

I was kind of relieved until I saw Derek behind her looking in and felt very, very naked, although I was covered by the sheet. I hoped they didn’t notice my shorts and panties on the floor.

I had to start my plan now and prepare for the day ahead, I was going to do this or forever let my desires fly away from me in regret. Once they finally left and I heard the door lock and I didn’t bother getting dressed. I went straight into the bathroom and decided I had to look my best, although I wasn’t going to be seen. I turned the water to the shower on nice and hot and felt the relaxing effects of the warm water cascading all over my body.

My mind though was going a thousand miles an hour imagining the water was hands and mouths all over me… caressing me and… shit snap out of it. I grabbed some shaving lotion and the razor I brought with me and made sure to shave my armpits and pubes off so that I was nice and smooth. I wanted to masturbate right there, but decided the added arousal and energy would push me further in making me want to go through with this. Trying to calm myself down I just let the water wash over me, clearing my mind and just breathing slowly. Before I knew it, the water had gotten cold so I got out and dried myself off with the pink towel I found hanging on the door. I could just imagine Derek drying his body with some girly pink towel that my sister probably picked out and giggled a little.

“I wonder what his cock looked like,” like someone else was talking through me and instantly snapped myself out of it, “that’s just wrong, he’s my brother-in law and I’m thinking dirty thoughts about him.”

I put on my usual clothes and realized just how boring my underwear was. I decided I needed to be a bit more adult and snuck into my sister’s room and found with little shock some sexy lacy bras and a thong she probably wouldn’t miss. I do love the color black. She’s about my size although the bra was a little snug, I felt so sexy looking at myself, even my ass looked perkier, either from the thong or the energy running through my body. In contrast to the underwear, I put on some denim shorts, an old band shirt that must have shrunk because it fit my body better than usual and of course my hoodie and headed out on my adventure.

The place was only a few miles away from her apartment and being a cross-country runner, the walk was no big deal. But every step didn’t feel like it came fast enough and although it was a nice and sunny day out, I felt like I was going into a dark woods with evil eyes glaring at me, wanting to do dirty things to this poor innocent little girl. I’m also wearing sandals, it’s the Floridian in me, doesn’t matter how hot or cold I always have them on, probably should have put some nail polish on or something.

I finally reach my destination and I’m scared to even walk in, embarrassed for some reason like I’m about to do something very wrong and yet people go in here all of the time, so, I guess, what’s so wrong about that. If it were so wrong wouldn’t it be i*****l? And OMG I’m ranting, walk forward, stop rambling, time to go in.

Fear trying to pull me back making me want to run away, I move forward and finally make it to the door and nearly get smacked right in the face by the door flying open and a guy looking at me in shock.

He grins, “sorry about that, let the door get away from me, let me hold it open for you.”

Wow, what a nice sweet guy. He looks me up and down and I feel very self-conscious but at the same time, I’ve never had a guy look at me like that before. When I finally get in a guy is standing at the counter and just gives me this look like he’s not enjoying his day and I’m going to be an annoyance to him. How right I was…

“Hi, I’m kind of new to this…”, I say and he looks at me annoyed.


I guess I was kind of shy and said it a little sheepishly.

“Hi, I’m kind of new to this!” I said slower and a bit louder than I wanted.

He gives me another… look, “Don’t worry about it, but bathrooms are for paying customers only.”

“I want to be a customer.”

In disbelief, “k** don’t waste my time with some dare your friends gave you, I deal with k**s like you every day and don’t need your bullshit today of all days.”

As I thought I was about to be kicked out, a man comes to the counter.

“Shut up, Ron!”

He’s a little overweight and kind of balding.

“Ron! You are one step away from being fired if you keep treating customers like that, especially such a pretty, little lady!”

The compliment makes me blush thinking of being called something so nice while being at a place where people anonymously suck cock behind walls…

He comes up to me “Apologies for the terrible service, how can I help you Ms? Actually, why don’t you follow me to my office so that we can chat more privately, and I can tell you about the place.”

As we walked, he asked, “how old are you princess?”

“I’m 18.”

“I have a daughter turning 18 soon and am very protective of her. I’m not sure I would want my daughter in a place like this, but, I suppose there are all kinds of people and if I turned down anyone I would be out of business.”

I think that’s what he said, I was a little out of it, my adrenaline was spiking, my mind was in a fog, I almost felt d**gged, but knowing he had a daughter like me made me feel a little safer for some reason.

We finally made it to his office, it was nothing special, although there were screens watching the front of the store with the guy there looking like he was picking his nose as if he had lost something in there, which made me giggle. A couple of chairs, a boring desk that looked like it was bought from a public school that a teacher would use in contrast to a fancy leather chair behind it.

“Take a seat.”

As he closed the door behind him, it felt a little warm so I took my hoodie off.

He sat down at his desk, “You have such a great body why do you hide it it under that sweater.”

I blushed again, “thank you.”

He leaned forward and kind of gave me this look like he was about to make a business agreement.

“I’m just going to come out and ask princess, what are you doing here? What is it you want? What do you think is going to happen?”

The room felt warmer… and it felt a little hard to breathe.

All I could muster to say was, “I have this fantasy and had found this place a year ago, accidentally thinking it was a nerdy store.”

“Ha ha ha, that’s hilarious.” was his only response.

His eyebrow raised and his glare made me feel like he had x-ray vision, I crossed my arms and legs but that still didn’t feel like any cover from his gaze.

“What’s your fantasy?” he asked me.

I could feel my face start to flush and my breathing get a little heavier.

“I want to be used like a slut!”

My eyes went wide, not believing the words that just came out of my mouth. While in contrast he just kept his eyes on me, a poker face not knowing what he was thinking at all and me looking like I was a spy about to crack under torture.

“What do you mean by that princess?” he calmly said to me, “how do you want to be used?”

I looked at him and said “When I first walk in I wanted to be stripped and…”

“Stop right there”, before I could even continue.

“You want to be stripped naked, before you even get to the booth, how do I know this isn’t some joke? How about you strip right now, if you can’t do it here in a private room, how are you going to do it out there?”

I must have looked like a deer in the headlights… and I didn’t know what do next.

“You may as well just leave if you can’t.”

Now or never and with that in mind, I stood up trembling which made him look kind of disappointed, but his disappointment turned into a grin as he saw me grip the bottom of my shirt and start pulling it up over my head.

“What a slutty little bra you have there for such an innocent looking girl,”

I almost forgot I wasn’t wearing my normal underwear and blushed especially noticing my nipples being hard.

“Come on princess don’t waste my time, continue.”

My fingers started undoing my shorts and without thinking pulled them down nearly pulling the thong down too, which I stopped and fixed. Stupid, I was about to be completely naked so why did that matter, I was just prolonging the inevitable. I turned around and undid the bra, holding it over my breasts I turned back around to face him seeing his hand held out. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath and handed it to him. Opening my eyes to see him breathing in my smell.

“Mmmmm so innocent, smells like fresh flowers,”

I looked down and started to remove the thong, shaking.

“Look at me while you do that.” he said sternly.

I looked at him in the eye feeling controlled as I slowly let them drop to the ground and again he held out his hand. I picked them up off of the ground and handed it to him. I felt like my face and chest couldn’t be redder with embarrassment but then he smiled.

“I guess not so innocent being this wet”

I watched as he licked the crotch and just made a sound like he had just tasted the most delicious thing ever and I was embarrassed knowing he was right and didn’t even notice how wet I had gotten.

“Now let’s continue.”

I just stood there and shaking, the room felt like an oven, “I wanted to be stripped and my virgin body to be…”


He looks at me like he just won the lottery, “Now prove to me, that a slutty girl, that just stripped for a complete stranger with such a sexy body couldn’t possibly be a virgin.”

He clears his desk and pats on the part in front of him.

“Take a seat right here in front of me.”

I step forward and sit on it and turn around facing him, knees at my chest, and feet on the desk.

He reaches for my feet, “how rude,” he says, “shoes on my desk, didn’t your parents teach you no manners?”

For the first time he touches me, his hands so close to my pussy, but holding my ankles removing each sandal, the hair on the back of his hands brushing against my butt nearly making me gasp feeling sensitive all over.

“Spread your legs and prove to me that a slut can be a virgin.”

As I slowly do, I realize this is the first man to ever see me like this. My legs are spread, and I reach down to spread the lips of my pussy and for the first time in my life exposing myself to someone. He leans forward, so close I can feel his breathe and just picturing that he is looking practically inside of me.

“Well look at that a little cherry, do you play with yourself?”

All I do is nod.

“Do you or don’t you princess?” he looks at me sternly.


“Yes… what… princess?”

Like trying to talk in space I say with no air, “I play with myself, a lot sir”.

Why did I say a lot I thought to myself and why did I call him sir?

“Show me how or else this conversation is over.”

With my legs still spread I start to massage my breasts with my left hand and reach down with my right to start rubbing my clit and I begin to close my eyes.

“Open your eyes! People pay to do things like that here, you’re on my time now.”

My eyes shoot wide open and he looks at me with a serious expression, “so you want to be stripped and you’re a virgin, then what?”

I moan and the words for some reason just blurt out, “I want to be blindfolded and tied up in a booth.”

“Ha! That’s hilarious princess.”

All the while my fingers tweaking my nipples and rubbing my clit like they had a mind of their own, going against me and pleasuring me for his sake, not mine.

“Mmmmmm,” my body writhing on his desk, biting my lip and losing control of myself.

Feeling myself getting closer and closer, but, did I want to cum in front of this man? My feelings were so mixed, but my body kept going, leaking my juices, I bring my fingers to my lips and taste myself without even thinking of him watching me, in a daze of lust and confusion.

My phone starts to ring, I ignore it but he gets up and grabs it.

“Your mommy is calling, a good girl should answer their parents.”

“No that’s OK, I’ll call her back later…”

He answers and puts it on speaker phone.

“Hey sweetheart, how’s your trip going?”

I shockingly answer, “great mom, just out playing Pokémon Go, Kaylee is at work and I wanted to get some fresh air.”

He leans over and whispers in my ear, “If you try to end this conversation, you will be banned from the building and you won’t get to live out your…fantasy.”

I look kind of worried and don’t move as he circles behind me and wraps some cloth over my eyes blindfolding me.

“Oh, you must be busy catching all of those mon’s I’ll let you go then,”

“No! That’s OK I can talk, it’s kind of lonely walking around all alone in a strange town anyways mommy.”

“So, how’s your sister doing?” my mom asks as I feel hands slowly touching me all over, moving from my neck to my tits, I’m not sure where he is, but I’m sure where his hands are all the time, learning every inch of my body, my stomach, around to my hips, my back, the sides of my legs and down to my ankles, as I try not to make any noise to alert my mom I’m doing something bad, that I’m being groped by some stranger that was old enough to be my father.

“Oh god!” he was in front of me and his tongue dove in straight canlı kaçak bahis for my pussy lapping at my clit.

The first time a man had ever put a tongue on me, on my body, on my sensitive clit that only I had ever touched and as I blush thinking about this.

“Are you OK sweetheart?!”

“Yeah! I just got scared by a… squirrel, they are… huge… here.”

If she could see my face the story was much different. My mouth open wide in shock and pleasure, my eyes closed tight under the blindfold, my hands gripping my ankles tight holding on for dear life as my pussy is eaten for the first time ever.

“Well, you wouldn’t believe what your father did the other day,” my mother droning on about my father, not sure about what, usually about how he does something and says how he shouldn’t.

“That’s dad…mmm…OK…gasp…uh huh…fucck,” as I feel like I’m about to explode.


“Sorry tripped over a branch”

“Well there’s no reason for such language for a proper girl.”

My strength is going, and I lay back on the desk, legs still spread holding my ankles hoping I don’t fall off the desk, can’t even remember what it looks like anymore. All I can picture is this man, head between my legs and his tongue moving slowly around the lips of my pussy circling it and finding my clit, touching every inch of it like he was a blind man figuring out how it looked by feeling every inch. Every time he hits my clit it’s like electricity through my whole body and I fight the urge to moan and then I feel another shock, his tongue licking my asshole.

“Cough! Gasp! Cough!” trying to hide the moan that escape.

“Are you OK sweetie? Is anything wrong?” she said worried.

“It’s nothing! I’m OK! You can be such a mom sometime!”

“What flew up your butt?!?!” she said ironically which made me blush deep red worried that she knew something.

Then I felt his tongue push into my asshole and at that moment the flood gates opened, I bit down on my hand trying not to scream as my orgasm exploded forward, or at least that’s how it felt and after I just laid there for a second, my mom put my dad on the phone and it felt like the world was just my phone and myself, the man vanished.

“Hey Princess, how’s life?” my dad started.

“Pretty nice daddy, not too hot, just roaming around.”

I just laid there talking to my dad in a daze, “Derek is such a nice guy and Kaylee seems to be doing great,” using all of my energy to sound chipper.

Talking, with no idea what was going on around me. I heard some moving, a copy machine from the sound of it I think, but through the fog in my mind and body I had no idea.

“I didn’t get a chance to tell you this at graduation and wanted to do this in person, but, I just wanted to tell you what an amazing young woman you’ve become.” my dad said, although I wondered if he would say that seeing what I’m doing now.

I felt hands on me that slowly pulled me backwards moving my head off the desk and then felt a face by my ear.

“Open your mouth and be a good little girl, princess.”

I was getting the, I was all grown up and becoming such an amazing young woman speech as a stranger’s cock slowly pushed into my mouth, while I laid naked on his desk after being stripped, humiliated and eaten out as I was talking to my mother. I could feel the head of his cock slowly push into my mouth and it tasted salty and a little bit like sweat, but there was nothing I could do but take it or else tip off my daddy of what I was doing.

I moved my tongue around it instinctively, but I wasn’t sucking it, he was fucking my mouth, using it like a toy that was there to please him. All I prayed was that I didn’t make too much noise as he went deeper and deeper into my mouth touching my throat, making me want to gag. I could feel all of it inside of my mouth, it was a strange sensation having his cock in me, I could feel the veins and I could feel it pulsing, getting ready to what I could only guess was cum and I prepared myself. I was going to suck him dry and try not to taste any of it and let it go straight to my stomach.

Timing in my life always seemed to be funny, the things that happen at the time they happen, and this was no different. All I wanted was this man to cum down my throat and as my dad was wrapping up his speech about the world and it’s going to be hard and filled with surprises, the cock in my mouth pulled out.

“I love you princess.” my dad said.

“I love you too daddy” as I felt cum shoot all over my face, hair and tits, warm, smelly and kind of salty and weird by the bits that landed into my mouth.

I had just told my father I loved him as I got sprayed with cum.

“Talk to you later princess, don’t give your sister such a hard time, OK?”

“I won’t, love you daddy, bye.” and he finally hung up.

“You’re father was right, you did turn into such an amazing woman and it seems he calls you princess too, if he only knew the truth about his little girl.”

He scooped up some cum off of my tits and ran it over my lips and into my mouth and I took his finger obediently, well more in a daze and letting him do whatever he wanted. He teased me a bit more rubbing his cum into my skin, on my face, and into my sensitive clit, which amused him at how responsive my body was. He removed my blindfold, gave me a bag and put my underwear and hoodie into it and told me to get dressed. I put on my shorts and shirt, feeling naked like everyone would know I’m bra-less and the shorts feeling tighter than usual hugging my sensitive skin. He sat in the chair and I finally noticed it, he never put his cock away. It wasn’t huge but it did look thick and on it still glistened some cum and it was the first real cock I’d ever seen in person.

“Why don’t you clean it off if you are going to stare at it so much,” knocking me out of my daze, “get down on your knees and lick it slut.”

I walked forward and got down, this was me doing this, this was me that was going to touch him and act out, on purpose, to another person. I reached out like it was going to bite me and he grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock. It felt wet still probably from my saliva and the cum and I slowly stroked it with my hand.

“I said clean it slut, not play with it!” He grabbed me by the hair and moved my mouth to it.

I got the idea and started licking it clean, tasting his cum again, stronger than before but cold and clumpy. My mind, my mouth, my everything was wrapped around his cock, his cock had become my world and I licked every inch from his hairy balls to the tip of it and back down. Feeling every vein, every piece of skin, everything. I slowly took the tip and put it in my mouth and started going down taking the rest slowly when he grabbed the back of my head and held it in place.

“Now princess, or should I say Ms. Maggie Hill, I got your ID out of your wallet while you were talking with daddy and made a copy to make sure you were 18. Didn’t know you were a Floridian… came far to become a slut. Also, there is a security cam in here that recorded the whole thing, audio too, of you admitting everything you wanted and that was with your consent, maybe I’ll let you watch it later…”

At that moment I didn’t know what was worse, that he had complete control over me now, he had to say it with his cock in my mouth, or that I was getting turned on by all of this. My fantasy was becoming more real than I could imagine, part of me was enjoying it and part of me was terrified of what was to come. He pulled my head back by my hair and his cock came out of my mouth with a pop and just laid there on the side of my cheek as I looked up at him.

“I’ll see you tomorrow princess”



The door shut behind me and startled me out of my daze as I walked out of the store. What just happened? I didn’t expect for this, well to be honest I didn’t know really what to expect. How did I get to the front door again?

“Remember, try to remember,” I kept repeating to myself.

Everything was so fuzzy between the adrenaline and endorphins racing through my head, the horniness and orgasm that sent me over the edge and the shock of the things that happened. I tried to focus on the last thing I could remember.

The words rang back into my head, “I’ll see you tomorrow princess”.

His cock warm, wet and somewhat heavy resting on my cheek. Then I felt it start to rise up off of my face, tip rubbing across my cheek as he did. He got up and walked over to the door putting his cock away in the process; I could hear him zip his fly and the sound of the knob slowly turning, all the while I was still on my knees by his desk.

“Well unless you want me to get Ron, so he can use your mouth as well you better get going.”

I got up and started walking for the door.

“Don’t forget your slutty underwear princess.”

I turned around and got the bag off of the floor and slowly walked back and out the door with him behind me, his hand on my back, not giving any resistance, I then felt his hand moving slowly down to my butt, firmly squeezing it as we walked as if he was seeing how far he could push his luck, tracing a finger down past my shorts tracing the bottom of my left butt cheek. Had I put my shorts on that high or had my cheeks been showing this entire time without me even noticing. I felt his finger move back up towards my inner thigh and slowly enter through the left cuff of my shorts instantly finding and rubbing my slit. Before I knew what was happening, we made it to the front of the store where Ron was.

“Mmmmm…oh god…”, escaped my lips when I suddenly saw darling Ron sitting at the front counter doing something on the computer with his headphones on and I stifled any other noise and tried to regain any composure I had left.

“Working hard Ron!” the man yelled out finger still toying with my pussy.

He almost threw off his headphones, “yes, absolutely, just checking inventory to make sure we are good for next week.” He responded, obviously lying.

“Good, let me introduce you to little Maggie here, or as she likes to be called, princess” all the while finger squirming in between the lips of my formally innocent vagina that I had only ever played with getting me wetter, breathing harder.

“Well I know Ron was rude to you earlier princess, but how about we start new and shake hands, he is my nephew and is going to be running this place one day.”

I walked forward hoping the invading finger would stop, and for a second it did. I reached my hand out to shake Ron’s embarrassed that the scent of my pussy was probably still on my fingers, took his hand in mine and started to shake it.

“No hard feelings at all, you wereeeeee… GOD… sorry…”

I felt a finger slowly start to push into my ass and looked back to the man next to me, but instead found him just looking forward with a smile on his face.

“Probably just having a baaaaadddd… daaaayyyyy… and having to deal with annoyinnnngggg… k**ssss all of the timmmmeeee.”

I tried to keep a straight face feeling a fat finger, hopefully wet with my juices penetrating my virgin asshole, the whole time not realizing the firm hold I had on Ron’s hand. Instead of letting go, Ron’s thumb started stroking the back of my hand and he was just looking at me with a devious grin. Did he know? Was it the look on my face? My Voice? Could he smell me?

“I’m sorry as well, I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that.”

The finger in my ass was up to the second knuckle and Ron was still stroking my hand, my mind was going wild. Why does this feel so good? Why does my hand feel like it’s getting so sensitive?

“Oh don’t worry Ron, she’ll be back tomorrow, you’ll have a chance to…treat…her better then, isn’t that right princess?”

I looked up at him with glassy eyes and saw him staring at me intently.

“Yessss…treat meeee…mmm…tomorrowwww”, the words just barely coming out.

Ron finally let go of my hand and I was led to the door like a finger puppet, literally.

“Don’t be rude now princess, say goodbye”

I turned around, the owner still next to me, looking like he was walking me out with a hand on my butt and I felt his finger slowly start to pull out of me, giving me relief.

“See you…tomorrowwwwww!” I felt the finger ram back into me.

I was swung around as the door opened and was shoved out finger leaving me making my asshole feel like it was still gaping open as I stumbled out the door.


The sun hit my face, it was still day out. I felt like I had been in there for hours and when I checked my phone, it had only been an hour and a half to my shock. I put the phone back into my pocket and heard a crumple. I didn’t remember putting paper in my pocket. I reached into my pocket and unfolded it. A note from the owner, I was too nervous to read it, what else could he possibly have to say to me.

“Just to let you know princess, the front desk computer is attached to the security cameras as well. I want my nephew to learn the business, just like his dear old uncle runs it. If you’re lucky, he wasn’t watching in, but being the pervert I know he is, he probably saw everything and listened in too. I’ll see you and that juicy virgin little body of yours tomorrow, unless you chicken out.

Hugs and Kisses,


Ron had watched me, without me knowing. I didn’t know how much he saw, did he see me undress, did he see me get on the desk and spread my legs, be blindfolded, get my pussy eaten for the first time, get on the phone, get mouth fucked, came on or at the very least me cleaning the cum off of his uncle’s cock in the end, the taste that was still lingering in my mouth and the smell coming off of my body. The word rang into my head from the note, EVERYTHING, he probably saw everything. I shoved the note back into my pocket and I started to walk home.

The few short miles that I walked here felt further than before. I felt naked without underwear; my soft boobs feeling like they were bouncing up and down like a Baywatch trailer even though I was just walking, nipples rubbing up against the cotton of my shirt making them hard and pointy. Was it the shirt doing it or was I just that turned on? I felt a trickle go down the inside of my leg and thought sweat? But I should have known better by now as I touched the liquid with my fingers and brought it to my nose, it was me, I was wet and without thinking I licked it off of my finger.

“Slut…” a woman said as she walked pass me and I blushed realizing what I had just done in public.

Hearing that word, it didn’t make me angry, or upset, it sent a shock into my whole body, a tingle that went from mental to physical, she was right, I just tasted myself in public not even caring who could see. I made my way back into my sister’s apartment, threw off my shirt, undid and dropped my shorts as fast as I could, kicking them and my sandals off, naked, dropping down to my knees and attacked my body with my hands.

“You are such a fucking slut!” as my fingers dove downwards and started rubbing my clit, while my other hand started kneading at my sensitive tits, “fuck…a whore who loves cock,” switching hands sucking on the two wet fingers that were just rubbing my pussy imagining it was a cock, the owner’s cock, and continuing the attack on my clit with the other hand.

It didn’t take long to build, it started as I was walked out of his office, stirred inside of me as I walked home and just needed the final push to explode and it did, like a bomb, with everything that happened rushing back into my mind.

“YES!!,” I screamed as I came and collapsed onto the floor, seeing my shorts in front of me, I reached in to the pocket for the note and brought it to my lips as if I was kissing a lover that had just gotten me off.

“I’ll be there.”

I tried to make the rest of the day go by normally, but the horniness never seemed to go away. My hormones were on overdrive, and the itch of arousal was like a tease just barely there, but noticeable under my skin. I put the underwear I borrowed from my sister into her dirty laundry, hoping she wouldn’t notice, threw my clothes into my room and took a long hot shower, which just made me more aroused than relaxed. I would close my eyes and the warm water running over me just stirred up images of me lying naked on a desk, blindfolded, getting sprayed with cum.

I toweled myself off and put on some pajamas, didn’t bother with any underwear though for some reason, just some soft shorts and a t-shirt. Something had changed, my skin felt more sensitive to everything that touched it, my arousal almost uncontrollable, and my mind dirtier and filled with lust. I’m not really sure how much time had past while I tried to keep myself busy and for the rest of the day I tried to get a hold of myself, but eventually I heard the door open.

“We’re home!” my sister called out.

Kaylee and Derek came walking through the door, grocery bags in hand.

“I thought we could make dinner together like old times sake, come to the kitchen so we can start!”

I walked in giving my sister a hug, then walked over to Derek to give him one too, which he held onto me a little tighter than normal, his hand trailing down my back and lingering for a few seconds more than he probably should have. Something that before would have gone unnoticed by me, but couldn’t help to wonder why. Did he just sniff me? I suddenly remembered my braless state and hoped he didn’t notice. Either way the hug felt a little weird, but strangely nice although it still felt like something was off, but couldn’t put my finger on it.

The rest of the night was fun and made me feel a bit normal, but ended up being kind of a mess. When my sister said old times sake, I didn’t think she meant the fact that neither of us could cook like mom and always end up burning half of the food. Whatever tradition is tradition right?

When I finally got to bed, I passed out asleep right away, my dreams were intense; I dreamt that I was floating in darkness, my body was the only thing visible, like I was glowing. I couldn’t move, like some force kept my body still, I had no control. I could feel hands start to touch me, but I couldn’t see them, caressing every inch of me like vultures that had just found a meal.

“Yes, this little slut needs your attention!” I said out loud.

Fingers rubbing, and kneading my breasts, rubbing the soft skin of my stomach, tracing my legs from inner thigh to toe and back up sending shivers through me, fingers reaching into the crack of my ass circling my hole.

“Please I need more! Give me a cock!”

I felt breathing next to my ear.

“Be a good girl and open your mouth princess,” the voice sounding familiar.

Without thinking my mouth opened and what felt like a warm, thick, cock, slowly pushed its way pass my lips and down into my throat.

“mmmmmmm, yes”, I tried to say with my mouth stuffed.

Fingers started playing with my clit and then what felt like a rough wet tongue, running over, outside then inside of me and every inch of my pussy. Hands turned into mouths on my nipples, lips on my stomach, mouths sucking on my toes and tongues circling my ears, a finger slowly pushing into my asshole then fingering it in and out.

“MMMM, closeeee, moreeee, so closeee, don’t stop!”

I was going crazy with lust and was going to lose my mind if it continued, and then I felt it, the tip of a cock rubbing up against my virgin pussy. This is what I wanted, this had been what I was waiting for, I was going to be fucked!

“Slut, slut, slut, slut,” like cheers from an unknown number of men around me.

It slowly started pushing into me, penetrating me, but stopped just before breaking my virginity.

“Maggie!” yelling my name, “Maggie!”

I felt it pull back, getting ready for what I can only tell expect was it about to thrust into me ripping my cherry to shreds.

“Maggie! We’re heading to work!” my sister burst through the door.

I jumped up startled out of the dream, thankfully this time I was dressed and the covers were still on me, but my fingers were buried in my shorts rubbing my clit on the verge of orgasm, my hair stuck to my forehead and a bit sweaty, I was a hot mess. My sister must have noticed and she sat next to me feeling my head.

“Are you ok sis? You look like a mess? This room does get hot sometimes for some reason. If it gets too hot again try the living room, the couch is amazing.”

“No, I’m ok, travel flu, or something… those airplanes are petri dishes, it probably just needed to burn itself out… I’m feeling better already.”

Trying to control my breathing on the verge of orgasm, I sat up next to her slipping my hand out of my shorts, hopefully unnoticed. Thank god Derek wasn’t there watching as well.

“Ok well, if you need anything just…”

“Hey Kaylee, we’re going to be late, let’s go,” Derek shouted as he walked into the room.

My sister gave me a hug got up and walked out, “ok, let’s go cranky pants!”

Did that hug; just make me feel really good? Did I just think of my sister rubbing up against my braless chest right now? What was wrong with me? I looked up with feelings stirring inside of me and I could feel my heart racing.

Derek walked up to me, “I’m sorry, just can’t be late, you know,” he leaned over giving me a hug.

I tried to stand up and meet his hug, but lost balance and so did he with the both of us falling back to the bed and him on top of me, both desperately trying to get up with no success.


His leg rubbing into my pussy and his flannel shirt rubbing up against my hard nipples, my fingers digging into his back as my body arching casino firmalari forward bringing his leg deeper into me, my eyes rolling as an orgasm suddenly overtook me, thankfully unseen in our position with his head next to mine.

“Are you ok?” he was able to finally stand back up and looked at me curiously.

Oh my god I just came on my brother-in-law, like a little dog humping her owner’s leg, I couldn’t have been more embarrassed and shocked.

“Yeah! Yeah! Just back has been hurting ever since that plane ride yesterday.”

Derek slid his messenger bag to his front getting the keys out of his bag.

“Kaylee says I’m pretty good at back massages, maybe later tonight I could help you out?”

“Sure, that sounds great, a good rub dow… back massage would probably do just the trick getting those knots out.”

Oh god, I can smell my pussy just please leave, and almost like he was telepathic, gave a weird expression, a small shy wave and walked backwards out of the room. I fell back into the bed with a slump, hands on my face in complete embarrassment. My brother-in-law just made me cum.

“Oh my god!” and then I heard the door shut.

I shot back up, “fuck, I hope he didn’t hear that…”

I guess there was nothing to do now than to get ready. I stripped off my pajamas right there in my room and walked naked to the bathroom across the hall. No one was home so I figured, why bother getting dressed. Took a short cold shower, I needed my mind to be awake enough to be ready. I was still well shaved all over so I didn’t need that, just some deodorant and a change of clothes. I decided I needed a change of pace and walked to my sister’s room leaving the towel in the bathroom, feeling so open and free, walking naked around her apartment.

Good thing the neighbors probably can’t see anything; they probably would love the view. I giggled to myself and struck a few poses at the window in the middle of the living room, arms and legs out, spread eagle like I was doing a jumping jack. I let me hands move to my tits and started to cup them, my nipples already hard.

“Do you like my slutty tits? I want to you to cover them in your hot, warm, sticky cum again.”

I turned around and bent over, legs still spread, looking back with a finger to my lips like I was trying to be innocent. I reached back and spread my pussy lips.

“Yes, this slut is still a virgin…for now,” the thought getting me wet.

I moved my hands to my ass and spread my cheeks.

“This one has just had some old man’s fat finger in it.”

I decided to stop playing around, walked into my sister’s room and into her closet and found a pretty sundress, cream colored with pink flowers all over it, something that you couldn’t pay me to normally wear, but today I felt like being a little girl and add a little bit of innocence to my look, maybe even make me seem a little younger. I looked at underwear and decided on none, figured what was the point, let’s be adventurous today. I borrowed a little make up, not too much just enough to make me feel pretty, a touch of blush and a little lipstick nothing else, not like I knew much about makeup anyways. I put on the dress, which felt foreign to me and zipped up the side, it had a tie that tied behind the neck since it was sleeveless and as I looked into the mirror I realized, it fit rather well. I looked, actually kind of hot, it hugged all of my curves just right and showed my body off instead of hiding it, it also felt very exposing not wearing any underwear, which just sent tingles up my spine at the thought. It wasn’t see thru, but I guess in the right light and looking hard enough it could be… or at least if it got wet, which hopefully no rain in the forecast today.

This time I sat down and took the time to have something to eat, not much, just some toast and some cereal, I didn’t want to get light headed from lack of food and pass out. Oh god, did I really want to do this? Was I really going to go through with this?

“You know you want to,” a voice inside my head, “a slut like you needs this or else you’ll regret it forever.”

I eventually got the nerve to get up and grabbed my backpack to hold my phone, wallet and keys, put on my sandals and left for the store. Another nice sunny day out walking there, not very windy, but every little breeze felt like Mother Nature itself was teasing me. Each gentle gust stirring around my bare ankles and legs felt sensuous, almost intimate, I was horny enough as it is, why this? Maybe it was because I was so horny that my body felt so sensitive.


The bottom of the dress snagged on a branch because I wasn’t paying attention where I was walking. I was too busy getting felt up by the wind, letting my butt be exposed by a bush. I took a second to breathe and focus not wanting to look around at whom I may have just flashed and continued making my way back to the store. I finally made it and there I stood in front of the door.

“Last chance to back out,” I say to myself.

The door opened slowly this time instead of nearly hitting me and there stood Ron.

“Welcome back princess, I had a feeling I would be seeing you again,” he said with a sly grin. “Let me get the bag for you.”

I didn’t even have time to hand him my bag, he just came behind me and gently took it off of my shoulders like a coat check and then came back around and opened the door for me. He was being awfully nice compared to yesterday. I stepped in slowly like I was sneaking in, expecting to be jumped on until I got to the counter.

“Well hello there princess, good to see you back!”

It was the owner John walking up to me from the hallway that went to his office. I started walking towards him.

“Wait a second there princess, remember what you wanted.”

“What I wanted?” I responded.

Oh shit, I told him I wanted to be stripped before I even walked in. He walked up to me and gave me a big grin from ear to ear.

“Didn’t the little princess want to be dressed appropriately before entering, and although that dress does look pretty on you, I don’t think it’s proper attire.”

“Maybe we could do it somewhere private instead?” I said kind of shyly having second thoughts.

“Nope we can either do it right here or you can get out.”

I nodded my head and he led me over to the counter and where Ron was sitting at his usual “work” position. Which I say work very sarcastically to myself. There were some papers on the desk in front of him with a pen. Ron handed me the pen, I took a deep breath and he started explaining.

“First things first, every person that comes in here has to sign a waiver and we made a special one just for you. It shows we aren’t responsible for any damaged or lost property, injury, etc, just some legal mumbo jumbo to protect all of us. Just sign here at the bottom and we can begin your fantasy.”

I signed and dated the paper and handed the pen back. I Maggie Hill hereby state… John came up behind me and put a leather blindfold over my eyes and had me take a step back guiding me with his hands on my waist.

“You look pretty sexy in that dress princess but I guess we’ll see how you look with it off as well.”

I reached for the zipper on my side with shaking hands.

“Don’t worry about that let us do the honors of unwrapping our gift for today, just put your hands on your head and let us do the rest.”

I slowly brought my hands to my head trying to get a feel for the leather blindfold that was put on me, when I felt a hand on my stomach making it’s way around to my back, I didn’t know who’s hands they were, they could have been John’s or Ron’s, I had no idea which, either way made it just as humiliating. I felt a hand go under my dress and flinched for a second, almost taking my hands off of my head, but felt a sharp slap on my butt.

“Don’t you dare move those hands princess or you get another smack on the ass.”

“Yes sir”

Why did I call him sir again? I kept my hands on my head struggling to do so feeling a hand slowly make it’s way under my dress, a finger trailing up my thigh inwards and up from behind feeling my wet slit.

“Mmmmmmm,” the finger began exploring around like it was searching, “god” the finger wasn’t as graceful as yesterday poking around bumping into my clit, “yes.”

“Well what’s the verdict Ronnie boy?”

“She’s ready Uncle and you’ll be surprised!”

“Some slutty little panties like yesterday nephew?”

“Oh you’ll see uncle, you’ll like this.”

I blushed a deep red realizing that it was Ron touching me, not John. Now a second man has touched me in my most intimate place and I didn’t even hide the fact that I was enjoying it. At least with John, he had seen me; he had already experienced me, but another new person. The zipper on the side of my dress was clumsily pulled down almost worrying me that he was going to rip it. The only thing holding it up now was the tie at the back of my neck. I felt the back of my hair grabbed and my head forcibly tilted a little so the tie could be seen. Did having my hair pulled just turn me on?

“Time for the big reveal Uncle!”

With that the string was pulled and in slow motion I felt the dress fall to the floor. The feeling was like falling or knowing they had you, I felt it pass slowly over my breasts rubbing against my nipples, down against my stomach, rubbing my butt, falling down my legs and pooling at my feet. I stood there for what felt like minutes, but probably were only a few seconds it was hard to tell, naked in front of John again and now Ron for the first time.

“No underwear at all, I don’t know if I’m disappointed or that I knew a slut like you would like the easy access.”

“Ouch!” Ron slapped me on my butt.

“Well do you want to stand there naked all day princess of do you want to continue?” John said sarcastically.

A hand roughly grabbed me by the back of the neck while the other groped at my ass moving me forward and making me step out of the dress and sandals on the floor. Leaving all of my belongings behind.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of those for you,” said Ron half laughing as he said it.

I moved forward blindly, being guided by my neck, feeling my feet on the cold floor, then to a cheap rug and back to cold plastic like floor, as my ass was groped and teased, fingers kneading each cheek and into my crack towards my asshole. I’m suddenly stopped as I bumped into someone, a hand wrapped around my waist to stop me from falling back and for a second it almost felt warm, loving even, having an arm wrapped around me like that. Then I heard the door open.

“It took me all night to get this ready, but I got it ready just for you,” a voice devilishly whispered into my ear.


“Open wide please, princess.”

I did as I was told; confused and nervous, I felt some kind of ring forced into my mouth and behind me teeth and a strap that went around my head was locked into place, not allowing me to close my lips or bite.

“That’ll make things easier on you, so you can keep that slut mouth of yours open, because well, it isn’t your mouth anymore, it’s mine now.”

Next my hands were brought forward and what felt like leather bracelets were put on each wrist.

“Lift up your leg for me princess, I’m not getting down on my knees for you.”

I raised my foot and felt a hand place it on a leg as a similar leather bracelet was put on one ankle. As I put my next foot up knowingly this time, it touched something hard through pants and he took his time putting the bracelet on as I felt it grow even harder under my foot. He grabbed hold of my ankle, reached out and wiggled his finger across my clit making me moan and nearly fall over.

“Final pieces of the puzzle princess.”

I was moved into a room and bent over what felt like a stool. I was put into an awkward position, like a plank between two walls, my face up against one wall and my ass up against the other. My hands were pulled down and after hearing some clicking sounds, couldn’t move them. The same was done to my ankles and I was now stuck in this position, mouth wide open, stuck, bent over, unable to see and.

“One last thing princess, wouldn’t want to ruin any surprises or keep you unmotivated.”

Earphones were placed into my ears and then all I could hear was the sounds of sex, then it stopped.

“Ron made this playlist just for you, I hope you enjoy it, he worked very hard on it last night while I put this all together, now you have a magical day now princess, I hope all of your fantasy comes true.”

“Mmmmmm, fuck me, I love your cock, yeah take it slut, take it like the whore you are.”

The soundtrack if you could call it that started again and the sounds of sex filled my mind. I was lost in a void, stuck, unable to move, unable to hear anything but the sounds of pleasure and lust. I had no idea how long I was left there, the soundtrack was so random and nothing seemed to repeat so I couldn’t figure it out that way. Then a finger entered my mouth, feeling around like a dentist or a cop doing an oral cavity search, around my teeth, across my tongue and the inside of my cheeks, feeling the ring in my mouth, I realized I was powerless. The finger quickly disappeared and was quickly replaced by the head of a cock, bitter, warm, salty cock that pushed just the tip into my mouth and kept it there for a while. Without warning it pushed forward without any restraint and for a second, I almost wondered who’s it was, then realized, a slut shouldn’t care about who’s cock it was, the only thing a slut should care about is that it was a cock and a slut was there to service it, I was going to be that slut.

And that’s how it began.

“A slut shouldn’t care about who’s cock it was, the only thing a slut should care about is that it was a cock and a slut was there to service it, I was going to be that slut.”

This was my chance to be everything I wanted, the fantasy I’ve had for almost a year and why’s that you ask? Well to answer that, let me first answer what makes a glory hole so great? The anonymity, the fact that I am hidden from the world, and being hidden, I could be the slut I always wanted to be, without a reputation, able to leave my slutty nature in this box and come back to it whenever I wanted, but know, when I didn’t, it was trapped right here. Just a heads up as well, I have been on the pill since I was 16, thanks to my sister, so I didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant. Did you know it also lessens the intensity of you period? I highly recommend it for that alone. Finally, I didn’t have to go looking for cock; the cock came to me as well. Now, with the added benefit of having someone who knew how I wanted to be helpless and used.

So here I was, naked, blindfolded, tied up, unable to close my mouth with sounds of sex blaring in my ears and…


A cock being shoved in my mouth like I was nothing more than a sex toy, and I loved it. It wasn’t the longest or most amazing cock in the world, but it filled my mouth, moving back and forth, warm, and after a while only tasting like my saliva. In and out it went and it was turning me on so much I couldn’t take it, I wanted more. I swirled my tongue around the cock, I made it my whole world and even though I was restrained, I tried my best to suck on it as he fucked my mouth, moaning the whole time. Did someone call my name? It must have been me imagining it and for a second, my mind tried to picture myself in the situation I was in.

I was bent over between two walls, my face up against one and my ass up against the other and I can only guess if one glory hole was in front of my mouth there had to be one on the opposite side…

“Oh god,” I flinched feeling a finger feeling around my asshole and begin to push into me.

No! Not my ass! I want it in my pussy! I came here to lose my virginity and I guess my prayers weren’t going to be answered just yet. I felt a cold slimy finger circle around my asshole and easily push its way inside of me. The feeling was actually not what I expected. It felt dirty, but a slut is nothing but dirty is she not? I was having my asshole fingered and was starting to like it.

“Yes! Finger my asshole fuck it! Finger this dirty little whore!” yelling between a cock shoving it’s way back and forth into my mouth.

The cock that was moving fast and deeper into my mouth, finger moving in and out of my ass, until the finger pulled out and for a second I felt disappointed and empty.


I screamed as the head of a cock was slowly being pushed into my ass, even with the lube and the finger in me before it felt huge, like I was being torn apart, my sphincter felt like it was on fire, being stretched for the first time and the cock felt like a soda can was being pushed inside of me. At the same time, the cock in my mouth started pushing forward as far as it could go, penetrating my throat. I tried my best to breathe through my nose, but it was hard and with the added pain of having my ass being penetrated for the first time by a cock, I almost felt like I was going to pass out. I tried my best to focus and I could feel the cock in my mouth starting to pulse.

“Yes! You fucking slut, embarrassing me yesterday like that, I’m going to fill your mouth.”

Was that Ron? I could just barely hear because the sex soundtrack and of how I was rocking back and forth, but whoever it was, was yelling so loud and what felt like hate fucking my mouth. I was thankful he was so deep into my throat that when he finally came, I wouldn’t have to taste it. I just kept moving around my tongue, sucking, doing the best I could do to get him off as fast as I could.

“Yeah, you like that don’t you, you want my cum so badly, well enjoy it!”

I was ready to just swallow it the best I could, as fast as I could, but I felt his cock pulling back. Pulling out of my mouth thinking he was going to give one last deep thrust and I prepared myself so I wouldn’t gag, waiting for my throat to be penetrated again, but it didn’t, it just stayed still. Then I felt something else, the cock in my ass finally bottomed out and then it started pulling back, almost feeling like my insides were getting pulled with it. This wasn’t a sensual fucking of my ass, it was a slow, brutal, assault and for some reason it was turning me on.

I started to relax my ass, and I can only imagine the lube was working because it went in a lot smoother this time, hitting the back of my ass, in places I never thought existed. In, and out, it went from a cruel, slow, assault to an actual fucking now and although it was moving faster, fucking my ass, the cock in my mouth that was so hell bent on filling me with his cum had just, stopped and left the tip in. It felt like it was still moving though, but not further into my mouth, maybe like it was being jacked off. The cock in my ass started going from pain to pleasure and it was all I could focus on. I wanted to cum so badly and after everything that happened so far my body was on fire.

“Yes, fuck my ass! It feels better than I ever imagined! I love it in my butt!”

I’m not sure if any of that could be understood, I doubt it really mattered being that a cock gagged me, but it was doing a number on my mind. I was getting close to cumming and if I was going to cum, I was going to make this cock in my mouth cum too. I started licking at the tip until, I found the slit with my tongue and wiggled it around trying to make my way into it. My orgasm was coming on fast, why wouldn’t this cock cum!

“Please cum, please cum in my mouth, I need your cum.” I started begging hoping he could understand me.

The cock in my ass pulled out till it was just the tip as well and almost in unison they both started fucking me. In and out, back and forth, they were both in deep at the same time or one was out while the other was in, the back and forth was driving me crazy, only imaging myself between two cocks was sending me over the edge.

“Yes! I’m going to cum, I’m so close.”

The cocks inside my ass moved faster and harder and not able to hold back anymore, selfishly caring about my orgasm.

“I’m cumming!”

It pushed deep into my butt and I felt warmth I had never felt before spread inside of me, he was the first to ever cum in my ass, spreading his spunk through my bowels. I took a moment trying to catch my breathe and with a twitch and a pulse the cock in my mouth pulled back to the tip and shot it’s load, hitting the back of my throat. I tried swallowing the best I could, but it flooded into my mouth so fast I nearly choked and gagged on it. I was filled with cum at both ends and as I was trying to do my best to drink down the seed in my mouth, the cock just stayed there, slowly becoming soft, shrinking down. I nearly finished getting every little bit, using my tongue to get it all down and out of my mouth. Then it twitched, and twitched again, did cock cum multiple times in a row, was that a thing?

“Let me help you wash that down princess!”

I didn’t know what he meant until it was too late, warm liquid came pouring out of the dick in my mouth and I swallowed thinking it was cum, but it wasn’t; he was pissing in my mouth. A man was pissing in my mouth and I was in shock! Humiliated, degraded, a toilet now, worse than a slut. I couldn’t drink all of that disgusting liquid fast enough and it came pouring out the sides of my mouth, drizzling down my chin to the floor. The smell of urine was strong and it felt like forever till he finally pulled out.

Finally, I was there alone now, no cocks were in me, and I didn’t even realize when the cock in my ass had casino şirketleri pulled out. I took a moment to gather my thoughts and I didn’t realize how evil the isolation of my senses could be, leaving me only with my mind and the sounds of sex.

“You were just ass fucked, you swallowed your first load of cum and then he pissed into your mouth and I bet…you…enjoyed…all…of…it!”

The voice in my head was right, I enjoyed it all, every second of it, I was pushed hard and I loved every moment!


I squealed with delight, I loved it, I was used and I loved it. The sex soundtrack stopped and a voice came from next to me. I could feel his hot breathe on the side of my face; he was in here with me.

“Hi there princess, I was going to give you a drink, but Ron says he’s already had that covered. Yeah Ron’s was the one fucking that pretty little mouth of yours and I got that sweet heart shaped virgin ass. I hope it didn’t hurt that much.”

It did you asshole, but guess what, I liked it, I thought to myself.

“I was going to take that sweet little pussy of yours, but a VIP stepped in and we decided to make things special, keep it in the family sort to speak and have some emotional support for you, because we aren’t evil assholes.”

What did any of that mean? I tried to figure out what he had said when I felt a finger start playing with my pussy. It was slow and gentle, tracing the outside of my lips, until it reached the bottom of my pussy then gracefully into the folds of my slit, pushing in just slightly till it found my clit. There it stayed and circled around it, I almost felt like I was going to cum again just from this. The person was so gentle, almost loving, who was this guy?

The finger disappeared before I could orgasm.

“No! Don’t go! Please come back it felt so good!”

A feeling returned in my loins, it was soft, wet and warm, a tongue!

“Yes! Thank God!”

It took the same path as the finger before it, circling around my lips, then inside and found my clit with precision.

“eee, ahh, mmmmm,” all I could do was make noises, no words forming in my head.”

The tongue moved away from my clit to the center of my pussy and started to push it’s way inside. I felt like I was literally going to melt as I felt it enter and squirm in me. What could this guy possibly be thinking; I never imagined a tongue could make me feel like this.

“Are you enjoying yourself princess?”

I was a bit embarrassed, but after everything they’ve seen and done to me so far, it was probably a drop in the bucket.

“Yes, it feels really good…”

“Just really good princess? You sounded like you were in heaven a few moments ago?”

My pussy was being tongue fucked and I was holding back all of a sudden. I didn’t want to hold back anymore, even with John in the booth with me.

“Mmmmm, it feels fucking amazing, I love it! I love the tongue that’s fucking my pussy, he’s going to make me cum!”

“Do you want him to fuck you little girl?”

“Yes! I want him to fuck me!”

“I’m sorry it’s just so hard to understand you with that thing in your mouth,” I felt the back of the ring gag unbuckle and it taken from my mouth, my jaw wasn’t that sore yet but it hurt a little.

“That’s better, I doubt you really need it for this next part anyways, now I want you to repeat after me… I state your name and say what you are, you know what you are, and what you want to happen. Make it convincing or we stop right here.”

I felt a hand reach down and start playing with my tits, no one had touched them this whole time and they were begging for attention.

“I Maggie Hill, mmmmmm, am a cock craving horny slut, ah, that needs this amazing pussy eater, god he is so good, to take his hard, hopefully thick, long, cock and put it into my hot, wet virgin pussy.”

The tongue was driving me crazy along with the assault on my tits, I couldn’t think straight, I would say anything they wanted me to say, I had no idea why they were, maybe just to toy with me. Whatever they want let them have their fun, so I can have cock.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum again if he keeps this up!”

“That’s nice princess, but like we said before, here is the emotional support we promised during this big event in your life and if we don’t like what we hear, well, you’ll be very sorry. How nice of you to make the password on your phone your birthday. I remember how hot it was the other day when mommy and daddy called while we had our little session, so I thought we would add that to the plan and low and behold we found out you had a sister right here in the state. Like I said, I worked on this booth all night just for you.”

Ring, ring…ring, ring…ring, ring…

I could hear a speakerphone starting to ring.

“Hey sis! What’s up?”


“Yeah…you called me, is everything ok?”

Shit, what else could they, oh god that tongue won’t stop and my sister can hear me.

“Oh…god…sorry… I must have butt dialed you!”

John started pinching and tweaking my nipples hard at that comment.

“Ok I’ll let you go then…by”

There was a sharp pain in my left nipple that almost made me cry.

“No! No, I was just thinking about you, we didn’t really talk that much last night! How are things with…you?”

“Me? You know me, the same boring days, the same boring work and life as usual. It’s you that I don’t know much about lately?”

She had no idea how right she was, I doubt my sister could picture me like I was at the moment, a tied up slut having her pussy eaten by some random stranger. I bet she would have freaked out if she knew, she wasn’t a prude but I felt that kind of world would disgust her. Hell a man just peed in my mouth; it nearly disgusted me, but at the same time turned me on.

I whimpered feeling the orgasm slowly boiling inside of me, “mmmm, you know me, what is there to know?”

“Ok, how about the obvious stuff. Do you have a boyfriend yet?

“ahhh, nothing that serious, no guys were mature enough at my school…”

“Nothing serious? Has my little sister been giving it away?”

John leaned back over whispering in my ear, “If you lie, I’ll tell her everything, you don’t have to tell her details, but if you lie, she’ll know what a slut her little sister is.”

I gulped, how was I going to be honest and not let her know all the dirty things I’ve just been doing…I could be vague, I could say yes or no answers… oh god I wish he would stop licking my pussy for one second so I could think.

“Kind of…”

“What do you mean kind of?”

“Well I haven’t really done…ah, anything with guys until recently, but I’m still a virgin…”

Which technically, wasn’t a lie since my hymen was still there.

“I guess my little sister isn’t so innocent after all, which was so hard to believe since dad still calls you his little princess.”

I blushed knowing that nickname has been forever tarnished in my head. Princess, as in the slut that lets men use her however they want.

“Do you and Derek… mmmm… you know?” I asked trying to change the direction of the conversation.

“Have sex? Of course, I know we’re married, but we still get it on. Although we haven’t lately, I should probably fix that…he is amazing, so good with his tongue… and he does this thing…and I probably shouldn’t be telling this stuff to my little sister.”

I couldn’t help but picture it, especially after this morning, Derek eating my sister out, his tongue twirling around inside her pussy like this guy was doing to me right now.

“No, god yes, it’s good, I really have no one to talk about this stuff with anyways, and you know mom, she would freak out thinking I was thinking about sex at all.”

Freak out if she knew I just did sexual stuff with a man old enough to be my father.

“Ok, um, well he does this thing with his tongue and twirling in and out of me and it feels amazing, like mind blowing.”

“Does it hurt… by the way? When… you… lose it?”

Twirling tongue, twirling inside me, I was getting so close, I was going to orgasm on the phone with my sister listening.

“I guess it depends, every girl is different and the situation matters as well, how turned on you are, if you like that kind of thing, wetness, how thick it is. Derek is huge so I’m thankful I wasn’t a virgin when I met him.”

I was about to cum but the tongue pulled away, I had a moment to breathe.

“That’s good to knooowwww!”

I bit down on my lip as I felt a cock push into me, not thrust, not slowly, just penetrating me and through my cherry, busting it wide open and being so close to orgasm, I came as it filled me. The mixture of pleasure and pain cascaded through my mind, body and soul with my sister practically right there with me.

“Maggie? You ok? What happened?”

It took everything I had to regain my composure and sound semi normal.

“Oh it was nothing, just a random guy… a real dick… banged into me.”

At this point, he was banging me, and banging me and banging some more. The pain quickly turned to pleasure much faster than I expected and although I had just came, I wanted to cum again on this cock and I wanted to feel him cum inside of me and I had a feeling both were about to happen very soon.

“Where are you anyways?”

“Oh, uh, god, I just found a place to tie me down and keep me busy for the day.”

“That sounds nice, I need to find a place like that one day.”

I sincerely doubt that, but if that was true, maybe my sister was as kinky as I was, or I’m just thinking about what she said in a far different way then she intended.

“Don’t worry, your first time will probably be great?”

I could feel the cock in my pussy starting to throb and twitch and I knew what was about to happen.

“Reallyyy? You thiinnkk? Like Meg Ryan in that movieee? Yes, mmmm! Oh God! Yes! Just, oh, like, uh, that, I’m close, so close! Oh god, I’m cumming!”

And I was, I was cumming right then and there and it was huge, the most intense orgasm of my life thus far and I had it with my sister on the phone.

“Ha, Ha, yeah, something like that…but your acting sucks. Anyways got to get back to work. I love you sis!”

“Love you too,” I said breathlessly, half conscious.

She hung up and I felt the cock, my first, slowly slip out of my formerly, innocent, virgin pussy, not knowing who it belonged to, feeling his cum start to leak out of me. I was only alone for what felt like a few minutes though when I felt the tip of a cock pressed against the front of my face. I didn’t have the ring in my mouth anymore, so this was all me. I stuck out my tongue and started licking at the end, it tasted funny, but at the same time, kind of familiar. I thought it may have been Ron or John turned on at the thought of what had just happened and needed their sex toy to relieve them again. It was salty, sweet, bitter, tasted like me.

“You were the one that just,” I didn’t even get a chance to finish when it was suddenly pushed into my mouth while I was talking.

It was still wet and without a doubt I could tell, it was my juices on this cock. I was going to thank him for being my first by sucking his cock with everything I had; I was going to make him cum again. I thought back to every thing I’ve ever read about blowjobs. I twirled my tongue around it, moaned, sucked on and off and even in my restraints tried my best to move my head back and forth, but felt like I was failing somehow and it was upsetting. My moans turned into moans of disappointment that I couldn’t do more and like John knew exactly how I was feeling, I felt my bindings start to be released, first my ankles then my wrists, as I was helped onto my feet. I was still blindfolded; I reached back out for the cock until I found it, blindly, got down on my knees and started sucking it while jacking it off with both hands. It was huge, wet and all mine!

I twisted my hands back and forth, took it as deep as I could, I didn’t care if I gagged, nothing mattered to me but getting this cock off.

“Please, please cum for me, cum on me. Do you want to cum on my slutty face, my tits, please tell me.”

“Face,” was all I could barely here.

I pulled back, jacking off the cock in front of me.

John started whispering into my, “keep your eyes closed, or I walk you out of here naked.”

I nodded my head and felt the blindfold removed, all the time keeping my eyes closed tightly. Still jacking off the cock in front of me, waiting for him to cum all over my face. The first time this happened, I was lying on my back, blindfolded, not knowing what was about to come, this time I did.

“Whose Derek? Someone your slutty sister fucked in high school?”

“Her husband,” I was so lost into a fog of arousal the words just came shooting out without thinking.

“Would you fuck him?”


“Even though he’s married to your sister?”

“He made me cum this morning.”

“We will talk about that later princess, do you want him to cum on you right now?”

“Yes, I want his cum all over me.”

“So say it”

“Cum on me! Cum all over my face!”

“No say his name, say Derek,” he whispered into my ear.

I could feel the cock twitching in my hand, twitching or pulling away, I couldn’t tell but I held onto it for dear life stroking it.

“Cum for me Derek! Cum on your little sister’s slutty face!”

A few pulses in my hand, my mouth still open, breathing so hard I felt it, like I was hit in the face with a squirt gun, warm globs of cum shooting on me, my forehead, eyes, nose, into my mouth and onto my chest and the first thing I did was hurl myself forward sucking on the rest of it, sucking him dry, nearly hitting my head on the wall in the process.

“God! Yes! That’s so good!” I could hear the guy just barely on the other side of the wall.

All the while sucking every last drop out of him, I never really feared the taste of cum, nor did I like the idea of it much either to be honest, but now I craved it. I loved the taste; I wanted to taste all kinds, flavors, textures, and consistencies. Have it sprayed all over my body and in every hole. God, did the thought of being cover in cum turn me on?

I couldn’t help but picture this morning, Derek on top of me, but instead of what happened I imagined us both naked and him fucking me. My legs wrapped around his body, arms around his neck.


His cock deep inside my pussy fucking me, chest rubbing up against my hard nipples, my fingers digging into his back as my body, arching forward bringing his cock deeper into me, my eyes rolling as an orgasm suddenly overtook me, moaning that I was cumming.

“Are you ok?” he stood back up and looked at me lustfully.

Oh my god I just came on my brother-in-law, like a little dog humping her owner’s leg, I couldn’t have been more turned on.

“Yeah, your cock is just fucking amazing.”

Derek rubbed his cock and I slid off of the bed, got down on my knees and started sucking it.

“Kaylee says I’m pretty good at sex, maybe later tonight we could do this again?”

“Mmmmmm,” I took his cock out of my mouth, “that sounds great, a good fucking would probably do just the trick.”

I went back to sucking with fervor, I can taste my pussy on his cock and I was so turned on thinking, please cum for me, and almost like he was telepathic, gave a weird expression, a small pulse went through his cock and shot his load deep into my mouth and down my throat. I pulled back away from his cock, cum shooting on my face. My brother-in-law just gave me a facial.

“Oh my god!” and then I heard the door shut.

Before I knew what was going on the blindfold was replaced, cum still all over me as I was pulled out of the fantasy, about my brother-in-law, I really was a slut.

I was stood up, pulled over somewhere in the booth bumping into legs in front of me. Still being pulled forward by my waist I spread my legs and straddled a lap. I sat facing forward on a pair of naked hairy legs and what felt like a beer belly and hairy chest against mine and nestled between us, a hard cock pushing up against my pussy. I reached down to touch it but got my hand slapped.

“Time for a little talk princess, a heart to heart, consider that your intro for today.”

It was John, from what I could tell, so close I could feel his breathe on my face as he talked and he was completely naked with me straddling his lap and I was completely at his mercy. What was he trying to do?

“Yes Sir, whatever you want”

“That’s a good girl, let’s make this fun while we’re at it.”

He picked me up, my weight put on my feet straddling him, the tip of his cock moved to the entrance of my pussy. I could feel the strain of staying like that starting to affect my thighs and calves, but nothing I couldn’t handle being an ex cross country runner. Then I felt him push on my thigh, down just a little and the tip just barely penetrated me.

“Now stay like that and once our conversation is over, we can continue, whether it’s throwing you out naked or tying you back up to be our little princess fuck toy for all of our customers is up to you and you better be completely honest with me.”

“Yes…sir,” I’ve ran for miles in school, I’ve pushed my legs to their limits but the thought of having to walk home naked terrified me and the fear made my legs feel a little weaker.

“Are you enjoying yourself princess?”

“Yes I am sir, I’m loving all of it!”

His cock twitched, I’m assuming he liked my answer.

“What happened this morning?”

“My sister and brother-in-law nearly caught me masturbating and when my brother-in-law gave me a hug, he kind of tripped onto me and his body pressed up against mine, his leg rubbed up against my pussy as I was on the edge as it was… he made me orgasm.”

“Ha, ha, ha, did you want him to fuck you right there princess?”


He pinched my nipple hard and I nearly screamed in pain.

“Lie to me again cunt and you’re out of here.”

I whimpered, “Yes… I wanted him to fuck me, shove his cock deep inside of me, filling me with his cum.”

“So why didn’t you just ask him?”

“I don’t want everyone knowing that Maggie Hill, is a cock craving, cum hungry, humiliation yearning slut. I don’t want a reputation to completely ruin my life because of my secret desires and he’s my sister’s husband.”

After saying that I probably should have said he was my sister’s husband first…

The tip of his cock was rubbing back and forth inside my pussy just barely going in and out and I realized it wasn’t him moving, it was I. This was turning me on, exposing not only my body, but also all of my hidden desires in me, which was more arousing then being physically seen. If you take my clothes off I’m exposed, but even naked no one can expose my mind without my complete consent and I was opening the doors wide open for him to see. I was getting off on it and that didn’t go unnoticed.

“What are you doing princess?” with a touch of sarcasm in his voice.

“I can’t help myself the tip of your cock feels so good and exposing all of my dirty little secrets is turning me on so much.”

My body shivered all over at the next level of arousal I was feeling.

“Tell me more than, tell me, some of your other dirty little secrets.”

“At home I play with myself every night around 2am, naked at my desk, sometimes with the curtains open, legs over the armrests hoping someone would catch me.”

“Oh, so you do want to be caught?”

“No, I like the fear of being caught…”

He pushed me down a little further, taking more of his cock inside of me, my legs starting to strain at the angle I was being held at, but feeling oh so good at being filled a little bit more.

“What else princess, dig deeper, tell me something you’d never thought you’d tell anyone.”

“I’ve masturbated thinking about being tied down, naked with a hood over my head in the boy’s locker room and taken by the whole football team!”

I was close to orgasm, I could feel the inside of my pussy contracting because I was so turned on; the filter between my head and mouth was gone.

“Wow, the whole football team princess, why them and not the basketball team, bet they would have been bigger?”

“A guy I had a crush on was on the football team, but I doubt he ever noticed me in school.”

“Oh really? What was his name?”

This felt weird answering, it wasn’t sexually humiliating, it was embarrassing, and it felt like a step into my personal life, my secret life bleeding into my normal one. He must have noticed my hesitation and I felt him reach between us take my clit between his thumb and forefinger and start pinching and rubbing it.

“Brian! His name is Brian!”

My knees were starting to wobble, I didn’t know how much longer I could keep myself like this, and I was going to cum.

“So tell me princess, what happens at the end of this football gangbang?”

“They pull off the hood and all find out it was me, even Brian…”

“Does that turn you on to be exposed like that?”

He started pushing me down further leaving only a couple of inches left outside of my pussy.

“No! Yes! It scares me at the same time.”

“Deep down, the slut in you wants to come out for all to see, you want to be fucked by countless men, used, seen, even by family.”

He pushed me down, slowly this time, filling me with the last few inches he had, my thighs were on fire, but in this position I had never felt fuller, he felt so thick and he was hitting some special part inside of me I never knew existed.

I felt him lean in, his hairy chest rubbing up against my nipples, feeling his breath by my ear, “you have always been, a slut.”

My legs gave way, I bottomed out on his cock and as I was about to orgasm, his cock twitched, shooting his hot load into me, sending me over the edge. The words playing over and over in my head as I screamed in pure ecstasy, you have always been a slut, you have always been a slut and I knew it was true.

I slouched forward spent and asked, “Are you kicking me out now?”

“I bet you would love that princess, but the day has only begun.”

I smiled…..

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