Maggie meets Mark

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“Hello, I’m Maggie!”

“Hi. I’m Mark.”

“Well Mark what do you do for a living?”

“I’m a musician.”

“Oh, what instrument?”

“Bass sax.”

“Ummm, they have such a soulful sound. Are you soulful, Mark?”

“I like to think so.”

“Well, you do have a very sexy voice. Do you sing too?”


“Oh I know you like being in the background – out of the spotlight.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“I like walking in the shadows too. Where it’s neither light not dark – and maybe you’re there – but then again, maybe not. Do you think I have a sexy voice?” Maggie wanted to know.

“You have a very soft-nice voice, but I don’t know if I’d call it ‘sexy’.”

“Oh well. Tell me what you’d say if you wanted to seduce me.”

“Are you serious?” an incredulous Mark wanted to know.

“Very,” was her only response.

“Well, I’d get very close to you and whisper in your ear that ‘I wanted you’.”

“Would I feel your breath on my face?”

“Yes as I started to kiss your forehead.”

“Would I let you?”

“You’d have no choice. I’d ask you to dance with me.”

“Would I?”


We’d be dancing very slow and very close as they played ‘Unchained Melody’.”

“I love it.”

“I’d take my arms and put them around your neck as you pulled me close. Just as you were about to put your head on my should I’d take your chin and tip your face up and kiss you deeply and deliberately.”

“Ummm. That would be nice.”

“You know Maggie that’s not really me.”



“What is you?”

“I’d walk up to you, whisper in your ear that from the first moment I’d seen you, I’d wanted you. And ask you to come to my place – or your place with me.”

“Just like that?”

“Yep, just like that.”

“You know I’d go.”

“I’d casino oyna hope.”

“And when we got to your place . . .?”

“I’d pull you close and although I’d feel some resistance at first – I’d begin to kiss your neck.”

“You know what I’d do?”

“No, what?”

“I’d run my hands up and down your chest and unbutton your shirt.”

“I’d reach under your dress to see if you were wearing panties – If you were I’d take them off.”

“I’d grab your belt buckle and undo it – unbutton and unzip your pants.”

“I’d unzip the back of your dress and take it off your shoulders as I undid your bra to culp your breasts in my hand and squeeze your nipples.”

“I’d reach in your pants and take your cock in my hand as I dropped your pants over your hips and they fell to the floor.”

“I’d maneuver you into the kitchen so I could set you on the counter undressing you as we go.”

“I’d be massaging your cock as I removed your underwear and shirt.”

“I’d sit you on the kitchen counter and kiss you as my hands moved up your thighs.”

“I’d open my legs and mouth to you.”

“I’d plunge my tongue into your mouth as I placed my thumb on your clit.”

“I’d moan and arch my back – pushing myself into you.”

“I’d lift your knees slightly as I put my tongue on your clit, still massaging it with my thumb and forefinger.”

“I’d begin to buck as I rode your face. I’d put my hands in your hair and tell you to ‘eat me’.”

“I’d tell you ‘Yes, I’ll eat your cunny.’ I’ll lick you until you come on my face.”

“I’d be biting my lip and pulling your hair.”

“I’d make sure I took my mouth and sucked your clit.”


“As I sucked on it – I’d insert two fingers into your hot wet honey pot.”

“Yes! Fuck me with your fingers and mouth.”

“You’d be so wet for me.”

“Dripping slot oyna for you.”

“Tell me you want me to fuck you!”


“No tell me!”

“Oh baby, I want to feel your throbbing cock pumping into me. -my mouth and my pussy.”

“Do you want it Bad?”

“I want it so badly – I’d do anything for it.”

“Would you suck my cock?”

“For all it’s worth.”

“Oh Maggie, suck me.”

Maggie got off the counter – her head was spinning and her knees weak. She wanted him so much. She got on her knees taking his erection in both her hands and as Mark watched, she took the tip of her tongue and licked a glistening drop of moisture off the tip of his cock.

“I’d put just the tip in my mouth as I rolled my tongue around it.”

“I’d tell you to ‘eat me’ Maggie and I would force myself deeper into your mouth.”

“I’d begin by sucking you very slowly – with full strokes – from the tip to the base of the shaft. Then I’ll go faster and faster, while sucking you harder and harder.”

“I’d put my hands in your hair to pull you in deeper.”

“I’d meet each of your thrusts fully – and tell you to ‘fuck my mouth’.”

“I’d tell you to play with yourself while you sucked me.”

“I would slide both hands down between my legs.”

“Put your fingers insider yourself and think of them as mine pumping you endlessly.”

“I’d begin thrusting my pelvis in rhythm to both the sucking of your cock and my fingers working my clit and pussy.”

“Oh God baby – you’re good.”

“I’d tell you I wanted you to fuck me, I want to feel your cock inside me.”

“I’d slowly take my cock out of your mouth letting you to keep playing with yourself.”

“I’d pout and tell you I wanted you.”

“In time.”

“Since you were on your knees and I could tell hot you were – I’d lay on my back on the canlı casino siteleri floor and slide my head under your hands. I’d begin licking the backs of your hands but pretty soon

I’d be licking your juices off your own fingers. Before I fuck you Maggie I want to taste you as you come.” and begin sucking your clit in earnest while you finger fuck yourself. You’re so hot – I want you to come for me – your pussy is just radiating. You begin making this low growling sound deep in your throat. I grab your thighs and move with you as the orgasm hits you. As the tremors begin, I plunge my tongue as far into you as it will go and the rhythmic tremors that rock you travel up my tongue and spread out over me. As its urgency subsides I kiss your clit and sit up to kiss you and notice no hesitation on your part to opening your mouth to me to taste yourself.

I walk you into the bedroom and lay you down on the bed and enter your eager wet cunt. And as I begin pumping in and out I know you were born to this – With boundless passion your were born to give and receive pleasure.

I’d kiss your breasts – gently nip at the hard protruding nipples. Your rhythm would match mine stroke for stroke.

“I’d feel you fill me completely again and again. I’d maneuver you so that I was on top and my pussy would be milking you with every stroke. I’d tell you I want you to come in me – to shoot your seed deep into me. I want to feel it filling me up – dripping out and down the sides of my legs. Give it to me Mark!

Mark fill me. Shoot it into me as that I can feel it in the back of my throat.”

“I’d grab your hips and pull you down on my cock as I pushed it up into you. I’d come in great spurts over and over again.”

“In the midst of our orgasm you’d sit up and pull me to you and we’d hold each other as if our lives depended on it.”

“I’d hold you tight, kissing you, willing this orgasm to go on forever and feeling a sense of loss when it’s over.”

And that’s how Maggie met Mark over and over again, but then the phone rang . . .

“Hi, I’m Maggie.”

“Hi, I’m Dave . . . “

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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