Llc chapt 4.

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Llc chapt 4.
So Becky didnt expect what had happened the night before to actually take place.

She had hoped for it, planned for it, but didnt think it was reality. Point being she had to go to work today and it was killing her. She wanted to stay home and play with her cousins big cock and see what kind of trouble they could get into. Worse yet, she had invited colleen over for dinner tonight so she would have to wait even longer.

She was trudging through the day trying to be nice to all the customers and co-workers but found it increasingly hard. At least the store was not that busy today. Torrential downpours outside saw to that.

Finally she had made it, nope not to the end of the day, to lunch.

She had no appetite but couldn’t resist spying on her cousin to see what he was doing. I had totally fogotten that she had cameras everywhere and after eating and watching some tv i decided to check out her computer even more.
She had the camera but that was pointless since she was working i found another file that said family and friends. Seemed harmless enough, i figured it was pictures of family and friends most which i hadnt seen in a while so i thought i would check it out.

Holy shit! So apparently these were pictures and videos of our family and friends showering, getting dressed or undressed etc….there were videos of our cousins Liz and Gwen showering and changing. There were videos of her frien JJ and there ataşehir escort was a video of Colleen showering. Damn colleen looked even beter naked than she did at dinner the other night. I was totally unaware that Becky had been watching me for the last few minutes on her lunch and was u*********sly stroking my cock looking at all of these.

Becky was just watching her cousin stroking her cock remembering what it felt like last night and how amazing ut had been. She was getting more horny and wet by the minute. She decided to see if the little used rear bathroom was empty and hopefully she could get off. She basically ran to the back, opened the door and YES! She was alone.

She went into a stall and removed her panties and lifted up her dress before sitting to pee, when she was done she had her phone in one hand watching her cousin stroke his monster and the other was between her legs rubbing her sopping wet pussy. She was going to town on it and her first orgasm almost knocked her right on the floor. One was not enough though. She continued rubbing her pussy but sliwed it down to enjoy it a little more. Slowing working her fingers in and out of her sopping wet pussy and tracing the outline of the lips with her nails. She was so engaged in wha she was doing that she didn’t even notice someone else had come in. Not just anyone but our friend Lynne.

Lynne was there just to get a few things but come in to pee. göztepe escort She sat down to do her thing and heard a groaning and wetness sound coming from the other stall. At first she thought someone was hurt but then she realized what was goung on when she heard the other woman exclaim “Oh God Yes!!!! Oh yes cum in my pussy you huge man youive been waiting years for this” Lynne wasnt sure what to do but found herself strangely aroused by what was happening over there. She had lost her husband 3 years ago to a horrible illness but still had urges like any normal woman and wanted to rip her pants off right there and join whoever was over there. But she disnt want to get caught especially in a pyblic place. She listened for a couple of more minutes and then decided to leave. She left but stood down the aisle so she could see who was in there enjoying themselves.

For Becky her lunch was about over and she finished up what she had started and then cleaned herself up. She noticed a huge puddle on the floor but figured she would have sanitation clean it up. Not her job.

She got her self all straightened out and headed out. Lynne was in the aisle when the door opened and it was her friend Becky. Lynne was in shock, she had just gotten aroused and wet from listening to her friend play with herself. She made for the bathroom like she had to go almost running into Becky. “Oh my God Becky i forgot you worked here” Becky ümraniye escort was totally flustered. Holy shit she thought, that was close. Lynee just smiled and opened the door and then smiled when she smelled Beckys wetness in the bathroom. “Hey I’ll catch up with you later i gotta go” lynne said and went in.

Holy fuck, Becky thought she smelled it, she smelled what i did and i was the only one in there. Then after the intial shock wore off she was strangely excited by it. She had never thought about Lynne like that but now she wanted to see that pussy. OMG I’m never going to make it through this day.

Lynne went in and took one last whiff remembering what she had heard and decided she had to go home she couldnt take it anymore. Lynne drove home and the wetness was unlike anything she had experienced before. Why had Becky masturbating gotten her so excited ? She had never even thought of being with another woman much less her friend. But whatever it was as soon as she got home she went to her room rippednof her jeans and panties and starting playing with her own pussy. Working her fingers in and out of her wet pussy it was amazing. She had not felt anything clo s e to this since her husband passed. She remembered listening and the sounds becky was making and wonderin what it would be like to have another woman down there. She kept fingering herself until she finally exploded with and orgasm that was unlike ANYTHING she had ever experienced. She gushed cum out of her pussy and finally exhausted just laid on the bed with a big smile just thinking about what she had just experienced.

Becky finally made it throught work amd headed home…….

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