Little Girl, Interrupted

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Little Girl, Interrupted
Hello, my name is Teagan and I have a secret. A secret that I never really told anyone before, until now. I really don’t know why, but I seem to be attracted to boys that are older than me, and sometimes even guys. Or maybe they’re just attracted to me, I really don’t know. I haven’t developed much like some of the other girls I know and I’m about 6 inches shorter than all my friends. I became very self-conscious about my flat chest, even to this day, it bothers me at times. For the record, I’m a 28A. I’ve always been a good student in school and my parents taught me to be well spoken, since they seemed to fail in that department with my older sister Chelsea. They will probably be even harder on my little sister Elizabeth when she becomes my age.
I can’t stand living a sheltered life that my parents had made for myself, due to the fact that they couldn’t hold these same rules over Chelsea. To understand Chelsea would be a whole another story, and as of right now, we are not talking, much less seeing each other, and I will keep it like that. So in my parent’s eyes, I’m supposed to be this very academic girl, who is always concentrating hard on my studies, training every week in gymnastics and push myself when it comes to competitions and ballet. Oh yeah – – and I can’t forget about my weekly chores after school on that stupid chore chart on the refrigerator too. But over time I became more and more aware of something eles – – my older brothers’ friends who came over the house and began to take more of an interest in me than before. By the way, my brother is the oldest out of all.
It was right near the end of summer vaction and I was going to be in the 5th grade soon. It was also right before my birthday too as I was soon to be ten. It had been over three months, back in late May when Travis broke my heart and dumped me for some stupid girl, as I promised myself to never talk to a boy again. As I tried my best to keep busy during that summer vacation, it was difficult sometimes and made me sad at times too when I saw some of my friends with their boyfriends. I didn’t want a boyfriend and I never wanted to get mixed up with a boy again, yet I found it difficult at times when my attention began really to stray to other things – – like when my brother’s friends came over. There would be times when I would be somewhere around the house and usually wearing a dress or long skirt, which was often a bit on the small side because extra small fitted me perfect around the waist, and small was too loose. My tops were usually extra small too and tended to stretch a little bit across my small A breasts. My full dresses which was usually regular length, came down well above my knees, showing off my short legs, which sometimes might have been covered in different color kneehighs. I’m sure they sometimes might have caught a glimpse of my panties as we watched TV together, either in the den or the livingroom. Sometimes I would casually lift my legs up onto the sofa and forget to pull my dress over my legs properly, giving them a possible view of my panties, as I would sometimes see them look in the corner of my eye or catch them looking.
Jermey was my brother’s best friend for as long as I remembered and from what I know I guess he had it a bit rough. He always semed to be arrogant, which my parents hated, especially my mom, but he was kinda accepted in our family for the most part, as we kinda all grown up together. One night in August I was getting ready for bed and didn’t realize Jermey was staying over, although it wasn’t unusual for him to do so. My brother Drew and Jermey were like unseperatable and always hung out together and went to the same school together too. He and my brother would stay up late sometimes on weekends watching movies and stuff and always laughing about nothing, or that’s what it seemed to me at least. If my parents weren’t home they’d be in the livingroom hogging the television or outside, and if my parents were home, they’d be in my brothers room being loud and obnoxious, which of course was next to my bedroom upstairs. I remember I had some music on, which was not that loud, although we have a big house, so i could’ve played it louder and I don’t think my parents would hear it. I remember I was dancing to the music and also practicing some ballet movements as I was getting changed for bed. I only had on my baby blue bra and panties and I was moving freely to the music of Eric Prydz and I had been dancing for about 5 to 7 minutes when I happened to spin around and see Jermey looking in through the gap of my bedroom door at me. I got scared and frozed for a second as he quickly turned away and ran into the upstairs bathroom which was almost just opposite of my bedroom door.

I was totally shocked and also mad at the same time. I didn’t know if he just happened to walk past my bedroom at that moment or if had he been watching me. And illegal bahis so like, if he had been watching me, for how long and what had he seen me doing. I remember feeling really embarrassed that this older boy who thought he was like Mr. Perfect or something, had seen me and spying on me or something, invading my privacy in such a vulnerable moment. I mean I was being silly and kinda making sexy girly moves and practicing my ballet techniques in just my bra and panties. I quickly put on my long pink Disney nightshirt and turned the music down really low. I suddenly realized as I heard the toilet flush that in my confusion I hadn’t closed the door yet, as it was still opened a little bit from before. I sat up from my bed and rushed over to the door and part of me was super nervous that he might come in and another part of me wanted him to. I remember I didn’t have to wait long as I heard the running of the toilet suddenly get louder as the bathroom door opened. I spun around like two times before freezing in position. I couldn’t move as I just stood there, with my right side facing the door in my bra and panties and my pj nightshirt which came down to just above my knees showing off my bare legs. I waited for what seemed like forever seconds when I finally thought he had gone when I heard his voice from the doorway. I looked around a bit, still startled, and again I saw Jermey standing in the doorway.

“Hi.” Jermey said.

“Ohhh. . .hi Jeremey.” I said nervously.

“How are you Teagan?” he asked so naturally.

“Ohhh. . .I’m ok, thanks. Ummm. . .I didn’t realize you were staying over, sorry about the music and stuff.” I said, as I began to blush.

“No worries. . .turn it up if you like, I don’t mind that type of music.” he said, as he stepped into my bedroom.

“You’re a good dancer Teagan.” he said, as I watched him totally scan my bedroom, as if he was interested.

I continued to blush again, as I realized he had been watching me for at least a little while now. My mind flashed back to me trying to shake my lil bum bum in front of my mirror, thrusting my hips back and forth, and trying to twerk like the girls on tv and stuff.

“You’ve got the legs for it, for sure.” he added, with a weird smirk on his face that I couldn’t figure out.

I only blushed again more and automatically looked down at my legs like a dork. I looked back at him and realized something. Or should I say, smell something – – – he was like totally drunk, I mean I thought he was, because he usually was never this foward around me, much less say two words to me. Plus, I could smell beer or something like that. Somehow, it made me feel a little less vulnerable I guess, and probably a little bit relieved because I thought that maybe he wouldn’t even remember talking to me, much less seeing me dance like that.

“Oh yeah. . . you’ve definitely got great legs, and you’re pretty hot too.” he said looking at me while licking his lips in a weird manner that made me feel kinda weird.

“Ummm. . .Jermey, I like think you’re drunk or something, and if my parents find out, they will be totally pissed off and then my brother will get into trouble – – – you should go back to Drew’s room.” I said.

“Drew is passed out drunk. He can’t hold his liquor – – – can I stay here with you?” he said, in a way that made me a little upset that he was talking about my brother like that. I was also kinda worried about Drew, and hoping my parents wouldn’t find out about these two.

“No!” I said, in a firm tone, without trying to raise my voice to loud.

“Ohh come on Teagan. . .I don’t think I can sleep until I’ve had some relief, you know?” he said.

“Hey. . .remember that time at your aunt’s wedding and she was like totally drunk and she tried to make me dance with you on the dance floor. I was totally nervous and told her no, as I just felt weird dancing with you with everyone watching – – – I mean you were like six or something.” he added, while mumbling and stuttering his words.

“Ummmmm. . . .I don’t even know what your talking about Jermey.” answering back, and totally confused now. I mean, where in the heck did that come from – – – and I knew nothing about my aunt wanting him to dance with me at her wedding.

He stepped forward towards me as he continued speaking and put his arms around me, pulling me close to him. My initial reaction was to keep him away and hold him at arms length, but he soon pushed his body into mine and I felt something hard press up against my thigh. I exhaled nervously, and my breathing became faster as he moved his face up to mine closely.

“Please Teagan. . .” he said in a soft tone, yet begging manner.

“Noo!” I said, now in a stern and upset tone.

“Just a touch then?” he asked again.

His sudden directness, and not taking ‘no’ for an answer, took me back for a second, and I once again hesitated, and then said. . .


He looked at me for a second with a weird look and laughed illegal bahis siteleri briefly.

“You thought about it though.” as he continued to laugh with arrogance.

I suddenly felt somewhat exposed, confused, and flustered, all at the same time. I guess I had thought about it for a second, and had to admit it was kinda of an exciting thought. I had never done anything with a boy since Travis, and Jermey was alot older than him. So I suppose I was somewhat curious, and still trying to remember him at my aunts wedding, which was a total blank in my mind.

“I know you’d love to play with my cock, wouldn’t you.” he said, while still standing close to me in the middle of my bedroom with the music from my ipod still playing softly.

I didn’t quite know what to say or do at that moment, as I continued to become flushed again over my face, with a confused look.

“It’s ok. . . nobody will know. Drew is sleeping, and I would never tell him about right now. Lizzi is downstairs with your parents anyways. Here, take a look at this.” he said, staring into my eyes without even blinking.

He let go of me and stepped back a little as he almost fell backwards on the floor and before I realized what he was doing he quickly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his cock. My eyes got big as I couldn’t help but stare with amazement, as his cock like stuck almost straight up in the air, and it was alot bigger than Travis’s and it also looked thicker too. He just kept eyeing me up and down and slowly pulled back his foreskin revealing the tip of it. I was speachless and in awwhh, as Ive never seen one like this before with the skin like that. Everything happened so quickly and before I knew it my eyes were glued to his hard cock. He took my hand and placed it around his cock. I had only touched one penis before Jermey’s and for some reason I was surprised how much warmer and bigger it felt and how totally solid it was. I think my little display of disbelief had gotten him even more aroused.

“Mmmm. . .there you go. You like that?” he asked, as he cupped his hand over mine and guided it up and down the length of his hard cock.

I looked down as his cock in my hand had amazed and fascinated me, but I didn’t say a word.

“Mmmm. . . you do don’t you Tea.” he asked again.

“Ummm. . .i don’t know – – – maybe.” I said softly, smiling slightly, as I looked up at him.

He leaned forward and kissed me gently on my lips, as I felt his tongue force its way into my mouth. Travis and I used to kiss with tongues, but I never felt a kiss like this, as it was hard and forceful. I tried to keep my mouth open and breath at the same time while trying to kiss him back too. He then began to maneuver me towards my bed as I fell back into it as he slowly sat down next to me, still kissing, while I continued holding his cock in my little girl hand and fingers, slowly going up and down.
He then finished unzipping his jeans all the way down completely and pulled them down with his boxers, kicking them off his feet and pushed me back further onto my bed. The next thing I knew, he put his hand up my nightshirt and right inside the front of my panties. I gasped, as his hand moved under my panties as his finger rested in between the lips of my little bare sweetness. He started to rub up and down on my little girl opening and I soon became very wet.
He began fingering me first with one finger and than tried putting two fingers up in me, but he couldn’t get it because I was too tight as my body reflexed due to the pain and tried to pull away. As he stopped trying to use two fingers, my mouth opened and I began moaning gently as he continued to finger me.

“You like being fingered, don’t you Teagan?” he asked, as I continued to jerk him off on my own now.

“Uh huh. . .” I said, in a soft tone within my breath.

“Have you been fingered before?” he whispered in my ear.

“Just once – – – and by myself sometimes.” I said, with a little shame in my words.

“Mmmm. . . good girl.” he said. ”

Little Teagan, putting her fingers up inside her, and allowing other boys finger her too.” he said in a whispering tone next to me ear.

“Yeah. . .” I said, trying to control my breath, while agreeing with him and trying to hold on to the biggest cock ever.

He stopped suddenly and I looked up with concern with a begging facial expression of more, but then I realized he was just pulling my panties down. He slipped them off my feet and threw them on the floor, leaving him with only his shirt on and me with only my long pajama disney nightshirt on. He smiled broadly as he pulled up my nightshirt above my tummy and had a good look at my bare sweetness upclose, as he continued to pull my nightshirt over my head. I was now totally naked, in my bedroom with the door closed, on my little girl bed, and my brother passed out in his bedroom next door and my parents and my little sister downstairs doing whatever, not knowing canlı bahis siteleri what the heck is going on upstairs with myself and Jermey. We resumed our position kissing on the bed, and his hand between my ** year old legs and my little girl hand wrapped around his hard teenage cock, jerking him off, going all the way up, and then all the way down in a slow fluid motion, all on my own with no help from him.

“Wow!” he said, as he looked down again momentarily, watching his finger manipulate and push it’s way into my little girl sweetness.

“God damn, you’ve got a tight pussy Tea!” he said, while moaning at the same time.

I smiled, as I looked down at his cock as I continued to stroke his cock up and down harder and faster, as he pushed my legs open a bit more with his hand. Secretly, I really liked what he said about my sweetness and I liked him looking at it while he had his hand over it and his one finger trying desperately to get in a little further. He was pushing his finger in and out of me with some quickness and then slowed down when i began to whimper in pain because it was just too tight. I was trying to match his speed by continuously jerking him off when I suddenly heard him make a loud and strange noise that I remembered when Travis and I were together in my den upstairs, just down the hall from my room now.

“Ohh. . .don’t stop Teagan. . .keep it going.” he said, with great urgence and soft groaning, as if he was in great pain, trying to hold his breath.

I looked at his stiff cock as I continuously jerk him off faster and harder, all the way up and then all the way down to the base with my ** year old hand and fingers. In hindsight, I felt kinda slutty as I watched myself stroking his rock hard fifthteen year old cock. Suddenly I felt it jerk and throb from my hand as a shot of warm milky stuff squirted out from his cock and onto my hand and thighs. Then as I stopped, he told me not to stop real quickly, as I started going up and down again with my messy hand and another shot squirted even a little higher, all over my arm. When I slowed down and stopped my little girl hand and fingers covered in cum on his hard throbbing cock, I realized I had guey and milky white stuff all over me. Thick wet, white blobs were clearly visible all over my hand, up my arm and on my thigh, which was now dripping on my Kingdom Hearts blanket on my little girl bed.
I was started to feel a little awkward and confused for a second after he squitrted as he then kissed me softly on my lips and said thanks, so casually, as if I had just made him a cup of tea. (hehe. . .no pun intended, it was just the first thing I thought of during that moment.) Then all of a sudden he just stood up and started putting his jeans back on as he stared between my legs. At that moment I felt very shameful, lost and confused, as I didn’t attempt to cover myself, laying on my bed and still felling really horny from him fingering me. I must admit I slowly opened my legs wide open and smiled at him as he looked at me as he zipped up his jeans and buckled his belt. Then he just smirked and winked at me as he turned around and staggered out my bedroom, leaving me all alone, wondering to myself, what the heck just happened, and why do I feel the way I feel right now.
I must say that I felt a bit used,as this was an experience like no other, much more dynamic then all the times with Travis, as I felt a little excited by the whole incident. I picked up my baby blue laced panties from the floor and studied my wetness in them, which I had no idea happened from the beginning, as I then used them to wipe all the cum from my hand and arms, and also on my thigh. I then used them to rub out the cum that dripped on my bed too, as I didn’t want no evidence of anything that had happened this night. I then opened my legs wide and touched myself on my little girl bed, leaving the door slightly open deliberately this time, after Jermey left, hoping that he might return and watch me again, but in truth, I think he was so drunk that he just went back in my brother’s room and passed out. I didn’t mind replacing his finger with mine, but it was his cock that I thought about. I had not seen, much less touch a cock for almost three months, which was in the den, down the hallway, giving Travis a handjob. From this time on, I saw Jermey less and less thean usual, but when he did come by to visit my brother, it was as like it never happened. It was as if Jermey was back to his old self, barely giving me the time of day. Just a, ‘hi’, and off he went to be with Drew. As for Drew, I’m assuming he never knew what happened between myself and his best friend. I’m thinking, if Jermey really did say anything to him, my brother would have confronted me and asked me, ‘what the hell?’, but he never has, so I feel somewhat a little better about the whole situation. Jezzz. . . .why the heck does all this happen to me? I just don’t understand all this at times – – -I suppose, this is why I write these stories (or somewhat like my diary), as I seem to have so much bottled up in my little head of mine – – – ohh well – – -I suppose this is why I call it – – – the Curious Adventures of Teaganella.

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