Learning to be a Good Boy, Part 7

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Learning to be a Good Boy, Part 7
There I was, on my elbows and knees, my ass high in the air and my hard-on straining the thin-skin covering it as it throbbed for release. A butt plug was imbedded inside my rectum and I was licking Mrs. Perkins’, my new ‘Mommies’, very wet and gapping pussy. Another woman was behind me, pulling and pushing on the butt plug yet her identity was a secret, due to the leather half-hood covering my eyes. NOW, the woman behind me was sliding under my hips and taking my length into her hot, wet mouth. Her hand continued it’s grip on the butt plug, sending very strange and erotic impulses DEEP inside my bowels.

“Please Mommy” I pleaded, as I lifted my mouth off of Mrs. Perkins’ vagina, “PLEASE…. “I WANT to be a Good Boy… but this is all too much for me.”

“Is Mommies naughty little boy” she asked, “feeling that familiar boiling in your balls?”

“Yes Mommy” I shot back, “YES, I AM!”

I felt hands on my face as my head was lifted and guided away from Mrs. Perkins’ sweet center. The mouth on my cock seemed to spit me out and I was guided onto my back. I then felt wrist-straps placed on each of my wrists and my arms were pulled up and secured.

“He’s beautiful” said the voice of the other woman. “thicker than most others that are like him.”

*”Most others?” I thought to myself*

“I know” I heard Mrs. Perkins agree, “Yet he’s still a naughty little boy with that primal canlı bahis siteleri need to spray his dirty little cum everywhere. Perhaps, once I’ve trained him properly, he will know his place and his purpose.”

“If anyone can train him properly” said the other woman, “It’s certainly you!”

“Why, thank you, sweetie” replied Mrs. Perkins. “Perhaps I’ll allow him some time to get accustomed to that full-felling from the butt plug and let’s see how long his erection can persist without any continued physical stimulation.

I then heard what sounded like kissing. Yes, it was passionate kissing and the sounds in the room filled with giggling, moaning and ultimately whimpers of joy. The two women must have been having sex right beside me, as I lay there, tied and exposed. Without my eyes sight, I could only imagine what was happening. My other senses increased, and I was now very aware of the erotic scents that filled my nostrils. As for my sense of touch and felling, I was now very aware of my own precum that slowly dripped from the tip of my throbbing penis and puddled below onto my smooth stomach. As the two women satisfied each other, I was also very aware of the throbbing in my own nipples and the cool air that passed over them. I was aware of the grip that my anal ring had on the base of the butt plug imbedded inside of me. I was also very aware of the heavy weight of my balls as perabet they pulled down from my still-spasming penis. All of these sensations, combined with the sounds of erotic, a****listic lust only inches beside me, brought a very satisfied smile to my young face.

As the two women climaxed and then calmed, I was now feeling fingernails lightly tracing along the skin of my body.

“How are you doing?” asked Mrs. Perkins.

“Wonderfully, Mommy.” I replied.

“Good Boy” she quickly answered. “And if you really want to be Mommies ‘Good Boy’, you’ll need to learn some things for Mommy.”

“I want to learn everything that you want to teach me.” I replied, “and I want to learn everything that you think I should know.”

“Such a good boy” she replied, as her fingernails got very close to my throbbing penis.

“In order to learn how to truly treat a woman,” she said, “you need to learn to be treated like a woman.”

“I… I don’t understand.” I said, sounding very confused.

“This hard penis” she added, as she lightly grazed her fingernails along the underside of its length, “will one day make some woman VERY happy. But before that day comes, you will need to learn how to treat a woman.”

She then used her index finger to apply a bit more pressure to the underside of my penis.

“And in order to learn how to treat a woman” she added, “I’m going to treat YOU like a woman… to teach you…. perabet giriş but first” she continued, “we will get this hard, naughty penis nice and soft. Once it is no longer throbbing for it’s own, naughty need, you can focus on learning what it is that you need to learn… you know the needs of others. Right now” she added, “this hard penis is nothing more than a distraction to you. Do you understand?”

”Yes Mommy” I replied.

“Good boy” she added, “now just relax and do as you are told.”

I then felt ankle straps being attached to my ankles and my legs were lifted and I was rolled up as my ankles were pulled up toward shoulders. The hood was removed and once my eyes got accustomed to the light, I saw that it was just Mommy and I… the other woman was now gone. Mommy was naked and as beautiful as ever! Her chest had a red glow and her nipples were hard. The small fur tringle, between her thighs, was wet and matted. I then noticed that my hard penis sticking out between my own thighs and was pointing directly at my face!

Mommy then grabbed the butt plug, the one that I had become accustomed too and actually appreciated the full-feeling, and suddenly removed it, in spite of my anal ring gripping it tightly, and leaving my rectum feeling empty and me somewhat disappointed. The emptiness in my rectum, however, was soon replaced as Mommy applied a liberal amount of lube and slathered all over my anus, smiling down at me as she did.

“Once this hard penis is soft” she said, in her comforting voice, “you’ll be able to concentrate on these new feelings that I’m going to show you…. the feelings that a woman appreciates.”

To Be Continued…

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