Late Night at the Office

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Six o clock. Ellie looked at the display on her phone with dismay. If she’d known that being a manager was going to involve so many late evenings at work, she’d have… nah, who was she kidding, she’d still have taken the job. She knew how ambitious she was, and she enjoyed her role and the perks it came with. Like her own office for example. Not that it mattered when she was the only one left in the building anyway, but it was her own space and that counted for something. It certainly had in the last few weeks anyway.

She turned back to her work. Only a little more to do, then she could finish for the night. She started reading the contract again.

The sound of door hinges disturbed her concentration; it was from the door that led to the garage downstairs. Footsteps sounded on the carpet outside her office. She turned her head to the door expectantly.

A couple of seconds later, Sam stood in her doorway with his usual grin.

‘Hey Ellie, still hard at it?’

‘Yeah, nearly done though, now thank god. What brings you here so late?’.

‘Forgot my laptop. I need to work on that presentation from home tomorrow.’

‘Oh of course, I remember.’ His mentioning the presentation reminded her. ‘Since you’re here, do you have time to look over the quote for the new project?’

‘Trying to get me to stay late with you?’ he raised his eyebrow and gave her a cheeky smile.

‘Maybe, ‘ she replied, returning the smile. Already her pulse was increasing.

‘I’ll get my notes’.

Ellie put the contract to one side and opened the quote on her laptop. She and Sam had been friends for years, since way before she was a manager. In the last few weeks though, they’d discovered another level to their relationship. There was an attraction there, a mutual discovery of chemistry and sexual tension. Ellie had felt much like a horny teenager again, the two of them stealing brief moments behind her closed door. One day it would be his hands sneaking up her bra to squeeze her nipples, another day she had clearly felt his erection as he grabbed her ass and pulled her hips onto his. The excitement of all this happening at work was only tempered by the danger of anyone opening the door while they were doing it.

But tonight, no one else was left in the building. Ellie felt a sudden heat between her legs, and a growing wetness on her lace underwear.

Sam came back into her office and sat on the chair next to her, wheeling it closer so they could both look at the screen. He was so close that their thighs were touching, and she was near enough to him to breathe in his scent. It was driving her crazy.

She turned towards him and saw an unmistakable look in his eyes. They were not going to talk about the quote. She dropped her hand to his leg and gave a cheeky little grin as her fingers moved up his leg, quickly finding his hardening cock and stroking it through his jeans as he leaned back a little with a moan. Before she could change her mind, Ellie shifted in her seat so she was facing him, and swiftly undid his buttons, pushing his boxers down a little to free the head of his cock.

Gently, she touched one finger to the exposed tip, sliding back and forth across the eye, and swirling his precum along the smooth head. Based on his breathing and appreciative sounds, Sam was enjoying the feeling. His hands grasped the sides of the chair, and his hips began to move a little.

‘I want you in my mouth.’ Ellie looked him straight in the eyes as she said it, and the look he gave her in return made the muscles canlı bahis şirketleri deep in her belly clench in anticipation. He didn’t need telling twice – his hands moved to pull down his jeans and boxers, leaving him sitting on the chair with his cock finally free for Ellie to take completely in her hand.

Still not quite believing she was doing this in her office, Ellie kneeled on the floor in front of him and licked slowly along the tip where she’d been stroking just before. Normally she wasn’t that hot on giving head, but Sam’s cock felt wonderful under her tongue. She gently traced across the head, then applied slight pressure to the tip, tasting his salty precum.

She began to move her tongue around the head, lightly flicking underneath it, and exploring every part of the smooth skin in small probing licks. As she moved further down the shaft with her wet tongue, she opened her lips and let the top of his cock slide into her mouth. Stroking the lower half with her hand, she closed her mouth around the first few inches and alternated swirling her tongue and moving her head up and down until Sam’s groans became louder. Slowly, she lowered her head until she could feel him touching her throat and kept him there for a moment, feeling his hands lightly touch the sides of her head as he arched his back in pleasure.

The sweet burning between Ellie’s legs had not abated. She was desperate to be touched, and the sensation of Sam’s large cock in her mouth was giving her ideas about how he would feel inside her pussy. She lifted her head, sucking her cheeks in as she moved up, and gave the tip one long last lick before looking into Sam’s eyes. He was the first to speak.

‘My turn’.

He helped her to stand, and put his hands on her hips to position her so her ass rested on the edge of the desk, and she was facing him with her legs slightly apart. He undid the button and zip of her short denim skirt, and pushed the fabric to the floor.

Ellie saw his gaze fix on her legs to take in her hold ups and her small black lace panties. He placed his hands on the area of naked skin between the top of the stockings and her underwear, and guided her to turn around in one slow full circle, tracing his fingers along her thigh and the curve of her ass as he watched her.

When she was turned back around and looking at him again, he grinned, ‘this is what you wear to work?’

She nodded, slightly shyly.

‘And I never knew you had this side to you’.

Sam didn’t seem to mind discovering that his manager wasn’t quite as innocent as he’d thought. Ellie flashed a quick cheeky smile that made him realise that this probably wasn’t the only surprise she was hiding. He couldn’t wait to find out.

There would be plenty of time for that later though. Right now, he could smell her arousal from where he was sitting, and it was making his cock ache with desire. His fingers started to stroke over the lace of her panties, and Ellie moaned as they moved gradually closer to her clit. One finger brushed it through the soft material, and she opened her mouth in a silent gasp, desperate for Sam to press his fingers to her. Sam let his movements come ever closer, until he was finally massaging her clit completely with two fingers through the thin lace. Ellie grasped the table with her hands and used her position to push herself harder onto his rubbing fingers, feeling every slight pressure promise to heighten her pleasure.

She didn’t have to wait long. Slipping past the now soaking rest of her panties, Sam canlı kaçak iddaa pushed towards her pussy and slid both fingers inside. Ellie’s muscles tensed around him at the intense sensation, her mouth forming words that never quite came out. Sam began pushing deeper, using his thumb to continue the work on her clit as his fingers moved in and out of Ellie.

Ellie felt every push of his hand against her hot, wet core. Firmly inside her, his fingers teased at her g spot, sliding along her tight walls to exit before returning, pushing through her lips and reaching back inside. Her head was tilted back and her eyes half closed, concentrating fully on the building pleasure.

‘I wanna taste you’. She hardly registered what Sam had said. Looking down, she saw him push her underwear to one side and move his soft lips towards her. Then all she felt was the heat of his mouth on her clit, and the probing of his tongue towards her pussy. Captivated by the sensation, she lifted her leg so it was resting on Sam’s shoulder, and pushed herself nearer to his mouth. Sam used the better angle to dive deep into her pussy with his tongue, tasting the wetness that already covered his fingers and lapping at her clit mercilessly. Ellie could no longer tell where the pleasure was coming from; she only knew she was its slave. Sam felt her legs tense and heard her stifle a scream as she began to shake. Ellie looked down at Sam as she orgasmed, catching his eyes looking directly back at her as she came in his mouth.

That look. That smoldering look of pure insatiable desire coming from his manager. Sam could no longer ignore how desperately he wanted to finally be inside her. He grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him so she was straddling him on the chair. For what felt like a torturous eternity, she kept her weight on her legs, letting her pussy brush his cock as he held it below her. Then, in a smooth movement, she sat all the way down until he was deep in her pussy and her ass was resting on his thighs. For a few seconds, there was utter silence as they both sensed the deepness and closeness of their bodies. Ellie broke the silence.

‘God you feel amazing. So. Fucking. Deep’. She punctuated each word with a slight rocking of her pelvis. Sam’s only answer was a wordless moan, and he started rhythmically moving his hips up and down while holding her waist in his strong hands. Ellie responded to his movements, using her legs to support her weight before plunging her hips down to meet his upward thrusts. Each time, Sam’s cock slid deep and hard into her, and her clit brushed his pubic bone with each impact.

Ellie thought that the stimulation couldn’t possibly increase. Her pussy was wet enough that Sam’s thighs and her own ass were damp with her juices. The feeling of being so close to orgasm was taking over her body. She felt Sam’s hands shift to cup her ass, and one finger inch closer towards her small hole.

Ellie darted her eyes to Sam’s, seeing the unspoken question in them. How could he possibly have known? Ellie’s most secret fantasies had involved ass play and anal for years, but never had she experienced it. Sam saw the glint of excitement in her eyes as she nodded. As much as she wanted to ride him hard, Ellie slowed her pace down as he first wet his finger in his mouth, then placed it between her cheeks, moving it back towards her asshole. When he finally touched it, she gasped with the unexpected pleasure. Sam pushed gently, feeling the resistance, then relaxed the pressure to let his finger circle her hole again. He kept canlı kaçak bahis this pattern for a few more times, then Ellie felt the pressure build as he pushed past her tight muscles and pressed his finger into her ass.

Ellie lost all sense of control. Previously unknown nerves in her ass were firing in absolute pleasure, sending waves of glorious fire through her whole body. It felt simultaneously like such a terrible invasion, and yet it was the hottest she had ever been. She felt him push deeper and wiggle his finger slightly, causing ripples of ecstasy up her spine. She sped up her movements up and down his cock, her breath catching every time she sat down and felt his finger shift inside her. She was so close.

‘Come for me baby. ‘

She hardly needed telling. She felt her muscles clench, increasing the sensations even more as she gripped Sam’s cock and finger, and ground down onto his lap, keeping him deep as her inner muscles spasmed for her orgasm. Sam pushed down on her hips with his free hand, and moved his pelvis up even higher, practically trapping Ellie in this most intense position. Unable to move even if she’d wanted to, Ellie dug her fingers into his shoulders as her body shook, each tremor reminding her that both holes were deliciously filled. Sam wanted to let her ride it out completely, but the urging in his cock to also cum was becoming too hard to ignore.

In one smooth movement, he put both of his hands on her hips and lifted her onto the desk, setting her back to lean on her elbows with her legs bent in the air. Ellie protested as both her holes were suddenly empty, but her protest quickly turned to a gasp of pleasure as Sam teasingly placed the tip of his cock back against her pussy. She tried to push herself onto him, but her position afforded her no control over the situation. She let out a small whimper of frustration, which only made Sam smile a little.

Sam was also desperate to be inside her again, but first he had something he needed to find out. He began to move his cock up and down her slit, rubbing her clit before resting at her lips again. The next time, he moved his cock down towards her ass and pushed it slightly against her tight ring. Ellie’s eyes opened wide in shocked pleasure.

‘Yes…Push harder…’

She hardly managed to get the words out for a mix of fear and excitement. If his finger had felt that good, how would his whole cock feel?

Sam groaned a little, pushing harder and increasing the pressure. He knew now that Ellie shared this desire with him. That was enough for today; he was close already and just the thought of her ass was threatening to make him cum instantly.

‘Next time dirty girl’, he said, enjoying the slight disappointment on her face.

The disappointment quickly vanished as he finally drove his cock back into her wet pussy. From his position of control, he was able to thrust hard into Ellie, pulling on her hips to increase the pressure of each push. With her legs bent at the knees, Ellie was entirely at his mercy, unable to guide his movements, but also unwilling. Fuck, he felt good!

Sam wanted to tell her that he was going to cum, but his orgasm took over him before the words could be formed. Holding her knees, he pushed hard and deep into her and held himself there, breathing hard and fast as he pinned her with his weight. Ellie felt his hands grasping her, and the force of his orgasm against her, forgetting any thoughts or sensations other than him being inside her.

As their breathing returned to normal, Sam helped Ellie to stand up. Her hands traced around his hips and waist, feeling the muscles under his shirt. She bit her lip. ‘Next time?’

Sam moved his hands behind her to squeeze her ass, so there was no mistaking his meaning.

‘Next time.’

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