Kalavathi, My Mom, And Me

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Kalavathi, My Mom, And Me

I have completed my Civil Engineering in a local college and now working as a Design Engineer (Architect) in a private company in the UK. I am 25 years now, fair and have an average body type.

I am 6.2 feet tall and have 6.5-inch hard tool that makes all girls feel the real heaven of sex. Any virgin, non–virgin, married, divorced, widows, aunties, teens, mail me for hot and secret sex. Mail ID: [email protected] and [email protected]

My family consists of me and my mom Kalavathi. We live in our own 2 BHK house. My mom is 47 years old. My father left us when I was young. He was married to his relative’s daughter by his parents, as they don’t like my mom. We didn’t have any touch thereafter.

My mom came to Chennai and we settled here. My mom is fair and looks like 30 years old and like a normal Indian woman. She is working as a Chemistry teacher in a School. I never had a bad intention towards my mom. After completing my school, I was introduced to porn by my college friends.

I also found sex story sites and became a follower of the ISS site. I read i****t stories in this site, mostly I read brother sister and teachers sex. I didn’t read mom son stories at first. Slowly I started reading mom son stories and they make me shot a lot of cums.

I messaged some of the authors. They said these stories were their fiction work and very rarely 1 or 2 may be real stories. Some authors used to chat about their mom and masturbate while chatting. This increased my sexual desires towards my mom. I used to masturbate thinking my mom daily and released my cum in the bathroom.

I felt bored in masturbation and I wanted to feel the real bursa escort sex. My mom is the only woman very close to me. I don’t know how to approach her. I was placed in a company in a campus interview. My mom was very happy and I wanted to use this situation to approach her.

After my exams were over, I told my mom I am going to enjoy this 2 months before I join the company. I asked my mom to accompany me in this enjoyment. She too was happy and nodded to join me. One day I asked my mom to get ready so that we can go for an outing.

She got ready in an orange color saree. I took her to a pub. It was just started a few months ago, so there was no dress code. Any couple can enter the pub with any dress. Initially, she hesitated to come in. But I told her, only couples can enter a pub, I just wanted to see how is the pub. We can leave in 5 minutes.

So she came with me. There were sexy girls with their boyfriends. They all were dancing on the floor and I asked my mom to dance with me. She holds my hands and lightly dances with me. Then there was a romantic song. Everyone hugged their partners. I hugged my mom tightly and caresses my hands on her back and I enjoyed it.

There was a dare game after that, the couples should kiss (lip lock) for 5 minutes if they fail in the dare game. We failed in the game. My mom hesitated to kiss me on my lips, they compelled us. I said mom, no one here knows us and our relationship so kiss me, we can go then.

Then on my insistence, she kissed me. I sucked her juicy lips and inserted my tongue in her mouth and our tongues met. I caressed her back and softly pressed her ass. After 5 minutes we broke our kiss and left the pub. I said sorry to mom bursa escort bayan for taking her to the pub and the incident happened.

But I was really happy in my mind. My mom said it is ok Rahul, don’t feel about it, it is just a kiss. Leave it she said. 2 days later, I took her to a movie. It was a flop English horror movie with hot erotic scenes. The theatre was almost empty. I took her to a seat where no one can see us.

My mom was dressed in a violet color saree. The movie started and there was a sex scene with 10 minutes of the movie, some unimportant character girl was topless and was fucking with her boyfriend. I saw my mom’s reaction, she didn’t like the movie and wanted to go. I said her it will over in 2 or 3 minutes.

Then there was a lip lock of hero and heroine. I looked at her. She was in no mood to watch the movie. Slowly with some courage, I kissed her. She was shocked and tried to push me. But I didn’t break the kiss and inserted my hand inside her saree. I touched her navel and pressed it and slid my hand inside her petticoat/paavadai.

It was full of her pubic hairs. I touched her pussy lips. She shivered, pushed me and slapped me hard. She left the theatre in anger and I did not dare to return home. At around 10 pm, mom called me to come home. When I returned to the house, she was in anger but also crying as her own son misbehaved with her.

She was in a nightie. When I reached home she started to beat me. I thought now or never and lip locked her, pushed her on the floor, raised her nighty and paavadai, pressed her boobs. I removed her nighty and raised her bra above her boobs and sucked them. Then I started to fuck her.

She asked me to stop and tried escort bursa to stop me but failed. I ejaculated in her pussy.
Next day when I woke up, she took a bath and was ready in a saree and was waiting for me to wake up. She asked me to get ready and come. I got ready and came to her, she offered me tea. How do you feel Rahul? Are you satisfied?

With tears in her eyes, she asked me. I said no mom, I did it in a rush. I know I have fucked you once and you can allow me now. She stood up and asked me to follow her to her room. She removed her saree and said, “See Rahul this is your mom’s boobs, which fed you milk when you are young.” She was in tears.

I pressed those boobs and removed her blouse. I removed her bra and sucked her boobs one by one. She closed her eyes and tears were rolling from her eyes. I removed her thali/mangalsutra from her neck. I untied her paavadai, it fell down. I pushed her on her bed and fingered her pussy.

My mom said, “This is the place from which I pushed you out.” I replied, “That is why I want to enter it.” After fingering her pussy, I licked her pussy juices and her pussy walls. She shivered and finally I pushed my rock hard dick in her pussy and fucked her for 30 minutes. I lay near her and sucked her boobs.

She asked me, “Are you satisfied now, Rahul?” with tears in her eyes. I told her, “I am happy to fuck my birth hole mom.” In the evening, I tied a new mangalsutra/thali on her neck and said you are my wife now. I fucked her daily and she too likes it and started to enjoy it.

This made her pregnant. I didn’t want her to abort, instead, I told her to relocate. I got a job offer in the UK so we shifted. Now I have 2 k**s with my mom cum wife. Still, I fuck her. She used to tell me, “You have fucked me more times than your father fucked me and my pussy is overflowing with my son’s sperm. Thank you, Rahul.” We enjoy every minute now.

Hope You Enjoyed !!!!

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