Internet Dating 2

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Internet Dating 2

Jen awoke the next morning wondering if it was all a dream, it wasn’t, she knew it wasn’t but hoped it was, she had a long bath and relaxed, Trying to make sense of all of this, Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine herself doing anything like she did yesterday, but the men, their confidence, forcefulness, the way they spoke to her thinking about made her heartrate go up a little, She was glas she only had the afternoon shift today, that gave her time to get her thoughts together.

suddenly her phone started to buzz, it was Ann,

Ann- Hey Jen how did your date go last night, I was hoping to hear from you

Jen- Hi, Oh I didn’t meet him, I got on the wrong train, rode for a bit then came home,

Ann- OK, that’s to bad he seemed nice,

Jen- Hey Ann, I need to talk to you about something at work today OK

Ann- I’m off today, why don’t you come by now

Jen- Ok give me a bit ,I’m just having a bath but sure Ill come by

Jen really needed someone to talk to, and she couldn’t discuss this with any of her other friends, she finished up, got dressed and headed off to meet Ann

Ann answered the door in a tshirt and shorts, ” cmon in I have the coffee on, so tell me what’s on your mind” ” well first I was wondering if I could see the add, maybe see some of the men’s profiles, ” Ann had to think quick, ” wow I cant right now, I’m doing a backup and will take a couple hours before I can log in” Jen knew nothing about technology so this excuse was enough for her,

” what else is going on ” asked Ann ” OMG I don’t even know how to say this, last night I don’t even know if I was on the right train, 2 guys saw me and started pawing at me” “Oh no that’s terrible ” ” Then they dragged me off the train, I don’t know Ann I think maybe I was assaulted but I don’t know, I’m just confused” ” what are you serious, did they have sex with you?” ” Yes , but I didn’t really stop them or say no, I just let them” ” don’t feel bad I understand exactly, a lot of women have that fantasy, and you have gone to long without sex” ” I know but I don’t want it to happen again, I didn’t even know who they were” “wait , you weren’t wearing a bra or panties either were you” ” well no you told me not to, ” ” wow Jen, so its partly your fault as well, looking that way, they probably couldn’t help themselves” ” I never thought of it that way” ” But you cant let guys just do that either, you have to be stronger” ” I know but its not that easy” ” when I was younger Jen I had some issues, I found role playing really helped, lets try it and see how it goes, I think it will be good for you” OK I can try”

” Ok Jen I will be the man, you be yourself, wait you weren’t wearing a bra right, go in the bath and remove your bra and come back”

Jen just did as she was told, she trusted Ann and knew she was trying to help, when she returned Ann had her sit on the sofa, ” OK pretend your on a bench somewhere and I’m a man” ” Ok no wait, I’m a date and I just bought you dinner and we are in the car” Jen nodded

” OK sexy I hope you enjoyed dinner, lets make out, ” Ann moved closer and started kissing Jen, ” OMG Ann, what are you doing?” ” look Jen, if you want me to help go along, I don’t want to do this either but I’m trying to help, ” she leaned over and kissed her again, ” I think you need to pay for your dinner now” ” how do I do that” ” you can start by showing me your tits” ” do I have to Ann ” “don’t call me that my names Bob and yes you do” ” OK Bob ” and Jen lifted her top over her breasts Ann reached out and started massaging them, he hands seemed so small on Jens tits , not like a man, much more gentle, she rubbed her nipples, again it felt different, but still sent a shiver down her spine. Ann didn’t want to stop, ” Ok at this point you could tell him to stop . but lets try a bit more” She grabbed her top and lifted it off of her, ” you want the guys to see your tits don’t you Jen, you want me to see them” ” I don’t know, not really ” don’t lie to me Jen,

” I guess it makes me feel a bit sexy” ” well you are sexy,” Ann reached out and started to caress her again, rubbing her smooth skin, playing with her nipples, Jen was getting excited ” I think we should stop Ann ” Ann stood up over Jen” now strip completely take off all of your clothes ” but Ann” ” Do it you stupid slut” ” Ann was shocked. she removed her pants and panties , ” now I’m going to fuck you whether you like it or not” ” OK ” was all Jen could say. Jen knelt down in front of her, between her legs , her hands on her hips ” If I was a guy Id be doing whatever I wanted with you. don’t you see you can let this happen, I hope you know I was only acting, I want to help you” Jen felt relieved and gave her a hug, as they embraced Ann’s hands started to wonder, One between Jens legs , the other to her tits, ” Is this still acting” asked Jen, ” Jen I am going to ask you something, Do you want me to find you men to fuck you, men who will take advantage of you, men who will make you do things you don’t want to, ” Ann started sliding her fingers across jens Pussy, she was wet and Ann Easily slipped a finger inside her, ” do you want me to find men who will own you while they are with you, men who don’t care about you, just about getting pleasure from your body” ” yes I do” Ann started laughing, ” Oh Jenn I’m just joking, just role playing, , Now get dressed. Jen wasn’t sure what just happened again, She tried to compose herself as she dressed,

“Jen remember ,men will try and take what they can, its up to you if you let them, ”

Jen left to go to work a bit confused, after she walked out the door Anns husband came out of the bedroom, ” well that was quite the show, your right she’s very horny, but she was a lot hornier last night when Dan and I fucked her and I’m going to fuck her a lot more” ” yes you will baby” as Ann dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth.

Jen made it through the work day even though her head was in a fog, but she was happy to be home where she could relax a bit. She poured herself a nice glass of red wine and put her feet up.

no sooner had she started to relax and her phone rang, it was Ann. ” hey Jen Hope you had a good day, are you up for a date tonight ” ” No sorry , I just need some rest , maybe tomorrow” ” well Ok but let me know for sure in the morning so I can arrange something” ” thank you so much Ann, your really doing way to much for me, if you want I can try and manage it from here” ” no don’t be silly, I’m having fun doing it and happy to help, and I hope this afternoon wasn’t to much, I was just trying some shock treatment, ” ” NO its fine , sure go ahead and set something up tomorrow, not to late though OK ” ” OK hun ta, ta”

After Jen hung up she wondered if this was the best route, is this how dating was these days, she eventually güvenilir bahis finished the bottle of wine and felt she needed some fresh air, so she decided to walk a few blocks to the corner store and grab a few things and maybe another bottle of wine, it was visible she had to much to drink, slurring her words and staggering, in the store she stumbled, luckily the shop owner was close and he helped her up, as her did he put his arm around her, his hand went on her tit, Jen noticed but knew it had to be by mistake, He decided to give her tit a bit more of a squeeze, He was older ,in his 50s , unkempt a few days growth beard and probably the same clothes all week, He helper to the till, he rang in her goods , but as she was leaving he stopped her, “excuse me , you have something in your bag you didn’t pay for, are you stealing from me?” “no, I don’t , I wouldn’t do that”

He reached in the bag and pulled out small cheap watch, ” I didn’t take that ” cried Jen” Yes you are a shoplifter, come with me” he pulled her to the back room and left, right away he came back in” ” I will call the Police and you will go to prison for a long time” ” No I promise , I’ve never stolen anything, please its a mistake” ” No mistake I saw you,” He walked up to her and grabbed her shoulders and shook her” she tried to grab her hands , she didn’t know what was happening ” So now you are fighting me ” he said ” you are resisting arrest, that will be more time in prison:” Jens head was spinning, what is he talking about

he then started to unbutton her top ” what are you doing” ” Only way out for you is to cooperate, if you don’t ,you go to jail” she held still, not totally grasping what was going on, her top was opened and slid down her arms, the clerk smelled it then threw it on the floor, he turned her to the side and she felt him unhook her bra, ” see you cooperate and you will go free tonight” he slid it down off her shoulders and let it drop, she felt his hands on her back , rubbing it, she was surprised how warm and soft they felt on her skin, his hands moved to her sides, under her arms, and he reached around and cupped her tits, Gently groping her, he let out small sighs of approval, he started kissing her shoulders and neck, be surprisingly gentle, he started playing with her nipples, lightly pinching them, Jen couldn’t help but react, he stood and moved to the front of her, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, He grabbed her head and pulled her forward, she automatically opened her mouth, ” NO NO, not yet my dear,” and he put a finger under her chin and closed her mouth, He then began rubbing his cock on her face, on her cheeks, her forehead and chin, growing harder as he did it, he grabbed her hair and wrapped it around his cock and started stroking himself, Jen just sat there, this was all new to her, she didn’t know what to expect, but the not knowing was arousing her, he kept rubbing himself with her hair, with his other hand he reached down for a tit, this time groping a little harder as his excitement grew, he finally let go of her hair , He moved back and started rubbing his now hard cock on her tits, rubbing his head across her soft skin as if he was coloring them with his cock, Jen was more relaxed now, he calmness put her at ease, he leaned over and whispered in her ear ” you are a very sexy beautiful woman, you don’t want to go to prison, your doing very well so far, ” he grabbed a breast in each hand ,squeezing, and groping, ” has anyone ever told you your boobs are perfect, ” then he stood with his cock in her face, looking down at her, not saying a word, she looked at it, she knew what to do but didn’t know if she should, as much as she was attracted to him she still wanted his cock in her mouth, she looked up at him with her big brown eyes, why wasn’t he doing anything, just staring at her, finally quietly she uttered ” can I suck on you” ” that’s not very polite way to ask’ ” Please sir, can I suck on you” he ran his fingers through her hair, then clenched his fist pulling it, ” is that what you really desire” n ” yes it is ” “open your mouth then” Jen opened her mouth slowly for him , then he grabbed more of her hair with his other hand, he inched forward so his cock was just at her lips, ” anything you have to say before I start, say it now” Jen looked at his cock then back up to him, ” my mouth is yours sir, please use it” with that he pushed his cock in her mouth and she closed her mouth around him, slowly he moved his hips back and forth, deeper and deeper, picking up the pace as he tested her, he was pleased when he felt his cock hit the back of her throat with no resistance, holding her head he pushed , feeling the head of his cock enter her throat, he pushed a little more and held her against his stomach, Jen relaxed and took him in, he pulled out, then pushed deep again, Jen learned at a young age how to give great head, she learned how to take a cock down her throat, doing this helped her maintain her virginity much longer than most girls, she also knew this is what men wanted most from a woman, someone who could deepthroat, she relaxed and let the man use her mouth like she told him he could, he wanted it to last, when she sensed he was close to cumming he would stop, he let go of her hair but was still holding her head, she began to play with his balls and he let out a moan ” fuck yes, you can come steal from me anytime” he started picking up pace, fucking her mouth hard now, going deep with every second or third stroke, he grabbed the back of her head and pulled it ,holding his cock down her throat as he started to cum, then he reached down and grabbed a nipple, pinched it as hard as he could as he came, pain shot threw her breast, as she screamed he was able to push even deeper, then he grabbed her head again and fucked her throat hard 5 or 6 times as he finished cumming, she tried to pull back but he wouldn’t let her, ” suck every drop out of me, ” she tried, she kept sucking as he softened, Finally he stopped, ” you can go now , but btw I’m keeping the bra” Jen tried not to look at him as she buttoned her blouse, she could see her nipples through the thin material.

AS she was leaving she asked ” can I have a bottle of wine as well ” ” sure you can help yourself ” as she was picking a bottle he walked up behind her, wrapped his arms around her and held her, ” I will pay you 100 dollars every time you come back and do that for me again” and then his hands went to her tits and squeezed them , ” no sorry, that’s not what I do” suddenly he slid a hand down her yoga pants and on her pussy, ” you are soaking wet, I thought you were enjoying yourself” he pushed a finger up inside her, without thinking she shifted so her legs were wider apart, then a second finger inside her, she closed her eyes and stated to feel an orgasm coming on, then the shop door tipobet giriş opened, he stopped and ran to the front, Jen grabbed her wine and walked out the door, not even looking at him and headed home.

as Jen walked home ,once again she was asking herself, what the fuck just happened, why is this happening to me, is it all coincidence, did she piss off some God somewhere, She just wanted to get home, suddenly from behind she heard someone, ” hey Lady” she turned to see someone on a bike, she didn’t recognise them, He pulled up beside her ” hey don’t you remember me” ” no sorry I don’t” ” I saw you in the park a few days ago, with my friend” it dawned on her who it was ” Oh yes , sorry about all that the other day” ” don’t be sorry, we liked it, you seem nice and we were worried the man was hurting you ” ” No he wasn’t, not really,, I don’t know” Jen looked away as she started to cry, tears running down her cheeks,, ” why are you crying” ” no reason, I’m just having a bad day, I just want to go home and curl up ” ” well can I carry your bag, would that help” ” your very sweet but I can manage ” “please let me help ” Jen went to hand him the bag, but when she did it caught somewhere on his bike and ripped open and everything fell to the ground. ” Jen started bawling, ” what else will go wrong today” ” Its Ok Ill Help you. as they bent to pick things up the boy looked up at Jen, she was bending and forgot she wasn’t wearing a bra, he got a great look down her top ,he even got a glimpse of one nipple. ” thank you so much ,my place is just around the corner” trying to carry the goods was tricky but the managed, ” thank you again for helping me, your such a sweet boy, do you want a soda or something ?’ OK that would be nice ” he replied

They went in and put everything on the table , then Jen poured him a soda, as he stood there she sat on the sofa and started bawling again, ” are you crying because of that man” ” no not really maybe a little, I cant tell you why ” ” I wish I could help somehow” ” its OK, you don’t need to , I think all I need right now is a hug” he moved and sat beside her and put his arm around her, she looked up at him shocked, she didn’t expect him to actually hug her. ” I’m sorry are you mad I thought you wanted a hug” ” its Ok it feels nice” Jen wasn’t thinking strait, she put her arms around him as well and layed her head on his shoulder, he went to put his other arm around her from the front, his arm just under her tit, Oh no she thought, I forgot I don’t have my bra on, maybe he wont notice, she thought it does feel nice to just have someone hold me, He shifted so his hands could clasp around her side, holding her tighter, but of course his arm pushed up on her breasts as well, Jen thought he must not realise what hes doing, Jen tried to shift herself to relieve the situation but when she did her blouse was pulled to the side stretching across chest, pulling it open so she was showing a lot of cleavage and on breast, ” what do I do she thought” “ill just pull it back over, she grabbed the side of her blouse to straiten it, when she did the button popped open letting the one side slide even further open right to her nipple, embarrassed she looked at him and he was staring right down her top, he was getting an eyeful, Jen froze, she just closed her eyes, imagining this wasn’t happening, but the thought of him looking down her top, seeing more then he should was consuming for her. without thinking she shifted again, twisting more towards him, but this pulled more on her blouse and her nipple was completely exposed now, she opened her eyes ” oh dear” she put a hand over her nipple ” I’m sorry you saw that, ” “its OK it looked nice , so pretty ” you really think so ” yea I do, she slowly lowered her hand ” you can look if you like then, but let me be more comfortable and she undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse ,letting it fall open, he didn’t say a word, Jen layed her head on his shoulder again and closed her eyes, letting him look as he pleases, “can I ? ” he asked, “can you what, ” still keeping her eyes closed, somehow not seeing made it OK ” Um can I touch one” ” yes but be gentle Ok” she felt him open his grip around her, she waited, nothing ,no touch, she wanted to open her eyes but didn’t, waiting for him, then she felt it , his hand slide across her skin, ” mmm ” she thought, he put a little more pressure ,circling his hand around, all over, exploring this new feeling, her skin was so soft, so warm, ” mm that feels good, just like that,” he moved from one to the other, he was amazed, ” let me show you: Jen put her hand on his and applied pressure, squeezing a little , sliding his fingers across her nipples, then she let him try on his own, he was doing better, ” Oh wait a second hun” Jen stood up and removed her top, then swung her legs up on the sofa and layed back with her head on his lap, ” now you can use both hands” she closed her eyes and let him play, he wasted no time taking a tit in each hand, Jen layed there for a while , while he felt her up, being more bold, groping harder, playing with her nipples, without thinking she put a hand behind her head, and it went right on his cock, OMG hes excited, of course hes excited, what did I expect, she thought, her hand still there between her head and his cock, what does she do now, she started feeling bad, that wasn’t fair to him, she felt like she was being mean, so she rolled to face him , he kept groping her, she slid his zipper down and reached inside, and he let out a gasp, she pulled his cock out, still with her hand wrapped around it , she gave it a kiss, she looked up and he was looking down at her, she started to lick along him, all along his cock, when she had licked all sides she took his head just in her lips, she massaged his head with her lips, again he let out a big moan, then she opened her mouth and took him in, sliding her hot wet mouth along his cock, then back up again, flicking her tongue over the head, then sliding him back into her mouth, holding him deep in her mouth she started sucking like a straw, he squeezed her tit hard and stated to cum, filling her mouth with spurt after spurt, she did her best to swallow as much as she could, letting only a little slip out, ” how was that hun” ” it was so good” ” it was for me to, I love doing that, , but I’m going to go take a shower, you can stay if you want, I wont be long” “ok ” was all he said as she walked away, she had no idea if he would still be there, but she showered off, did her hair, put on some make up, then dug to the back of her drawer and found an old teddy and French cut panties, Put them on, and looked in the mirror, ” wow after all these years they still fit, she ran her hands up her waist, across her tummy , then gave her boobs a little squeeze, ” I guess I still look Ok for an old gal.

She opened perabet her bedroom door to see him asleep on her sofa, laying on his back with his cock still out. she walked over and knelt beside him, bent over and took him in her mouth again, slowly sucking him in, she could feel him getting hard, she loved the feeling of a man getting hard in her mouth, her hand went between her legs and she started rubbing, getting more excited, He woke up startled , ” Its Ok Hun, just me, she moved up and started kissing him , he responded but wasn’t sure what he was doing, ” why don’t you get undressed for me” ” really, OK” he stood and it didn’t take long for him to be naked, she stood in front of him, ” hun are you ready to become a man for me” ” I think so, what do I do” ” first I want you to touch me where ever you want, ” she moved back, she smelled great, looked great, the white lingerie on her tanned body was so sexy, The top fit snug over her tits, the material stretched across her, with 2 erect nipples poking out, slightly showing through the white material, her ass looked amazing in the French cut panties, even sexier when she moved her legs further apart, the front perfectly cupped her pussy, barely outlining her lips of her trimmed pussy, he just looked at her, he had no idea what to do, he moved ahead and rubbed her bare shoulders, ” my body is yours hun, explore, touch, do whatever you want” this only made him more nervous, he moved behind her and looked down at her shapely ass, a hint of her cheeks exposed, he reached down and groped her ass, feeling the silk, then he moved and wrapped an arm around her rubbing the silk on her tummy, she leaned back so his cock was touching her ass, she wiggled it a little for him, she moved her legs a little further apart, hoping he would get the hint, then he started rubbing her back , she put her hands behind her head and stretched exposing herself to him, hoping he would grab her tits, ” am I not sexy, whats wrong with me, why isn’t he taking me, he doesn’t want an old woman, ” her head was spinning, but at the same time she was getting hornier, he knelt and slid his hands up and down her legs, it seemed he was avoiding intimate areas on purpose, she looked down and could see he was rock hard, so what’s his problem, she turned to face him” Ok stand up hun, what your doing feels nice but we are beyond that, give me your hands” and he did, she lifted them and placed them on the top of her Teddy, ” don’t move them ” she reached down and wrapped a hand around his cock, she stepped closer and rubbed his head on her pussy, ” do you want to find out what it feels like to have your cock inside there?” ” yea I do ” ” then take it, Rip this top off me, I don’t care if it hurts me” he gave a tug, then harder and one strap broke, ” do it , don’t stop” he pulled harder , then harder and she fell to the ground, ” don’t stop” he pulled again and yanked her across the carpet, then again and they heard a rip, he kept pulling as she was pulled around until it was off, ” now my panties” he grabbed at them and started tugging, as she fell he kept going, pulling her around the room, then rip and off they came, Immediately she layed on her back ” get on top of me” he moved to her, kneeling down , she spread her legs for him, ” lay on me” he did and she grabbed his cock, she started rubbing it on her pussy, splitting her lips, he could feel the heat, the wetness, ” now push inside me” he pushed into her waiting pussy, deep in one stroke, ” yes now fuck me, use me, use me to cum” he didn’t wait ,going deep with everystroke, as fas as he could, it didn’t take long, Jen felt the wave coming over her, she started to cum, her toes curled, she grabbed him tight, she arched her hips, which gave him even deep access, He didn’t know what was happening but kept going, 4 strokes later he started to cum, He had never felt so good, pumping her full of another load, he didn’t want to stop as her body slowly stopped twitching beneath him, She wrapped her legs around him, keeping him inside her ” stay still hun, lay an me , rest on, lay all your weight on me, he did as she told him, he let his body go limp, resting his head beside hers, he didn’t want to leave, he loved the feeling of his cock in her hot pussy, he felt the urge to move , he thrust his hips slightly feeling himself slide along her tight pussy, then again, Jen let out a moan, she realised he was still hard, his young cock wasn’t ready to quit, he thrust again, ” no hun don’t move, I’m here to please you, let me” Jen started to move her hips a little, gyrating them and as she did his cock very gently slid in and out of her, she kept moving, rotating her hips in a circle, ,archfiend her back a little then down again, then he gave a couple thrusts , he couldn’t help himself, ” is that what you want hun, do you want to take me again, I’m giving myself to you, do it if you like, make me yours” ” how do I do that” ” by taking what you want” she pushed his shoulders upand he lifted himself to an arms length away” look at me hun, I just want you to be happy with me” ” I am” he moved again and pushed himself deep, ” ohhh, you can keep doing that, look down hun, your inside me, your feeling the inside of my body, and my body wants you there” he leaned back onto his knees , looking down he saw himself inside her tight pussy, he moved a little and watched her lips hug him ,It felt so good he just want to keep pushing himself in ” So I belong to you now, have my body, cum in me again” he pushed himself deep , he couldn’t help himself , he layed back on top of her, he sped up and started fucking her harder, she grabbed her knees and pulled them back ” That’s it hun, take me deep and hard” he was fucking her hard now, balls deep with every stroke, feeling his balls hitting her ass, he used one hand to grab a tit, he let his weight down on her, his hand between the two of them, then he exploded in her again, ” yes hun, yes yes, ” he slowed and finally stopped, again laying on her, ,His phone started to buzz, and he grabbed it ” Oh no its my mom, I have to go ” he slid out and jumped too his feet, and started to get dressed ” wait hun , let me help you ” she crawled over to him , up close and took his now soft cock in her mouth, she started to clean him, , when she was done she let his cock drop out of her mouth, ” Ok now you can go , your a man now, you did a great job” He didn’t know what to say, just bye , as he went out the door, Jen went and crawled into a hot bath and then into bed, She decided to sleep naked tonight, something she hadn’t done for a very long time

Jen woke up early in a panic” shit , what did I do, OMG he was a virgin, that poor guy, that shouldn’t have happened with an old lady, what if he tells everyone, ” She needed to regroup, analyze whats happened over the last few days, its been crazy, how did she let any of it happen

She called work and left a message ” hi Its Jen, I’m sorry I’ve fell Ill and wont be in for the rest of the week ‘

she crawled back into bed she tried to relax she started dozing off as her hand slid between her legs

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