Initiated by an Older Man

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I am a 60 year old male and this is my true coming of age story. This may not be jerk off material.

It happened …

This was the seventies. I had just turned eighteen and was still living at home with my parents. We were living in suburbia on the outskirts of New Orleans. New Orleans is famous for the French Quarter and the gays who live there. I was young, horny, naive, and was starting to experiment with marijuana. Me and my friends were young and didn’t much money, so we had to ‘bum weed’. The beginning of this story unfolds by me tagging along with a friend who was going to visit this older man he knew so we could ultimately smoke some weed.

We took a transit bus down to the quarter and walked several blocks through the French Quarter and ended up in front of this door on Royal Street. We hit the buzzer and were buzzed in. Bob, the older man who would soon take my virginity, had been waiting for us. Although I had been in the French Quarter many times in my life, it was mostly via car with my parents. I had never really walked down there and got to experience it up close. The French Quarter and these old historical buildings were strange to me. We entered through this locked iron gate which led to a narrow bricked corridor, which ultimately led to an open to the sky courtyard. An outside stairway off the courtyard led to a second floor where there were several apartments. I followed my friend up the stairs. Would find out that my friend had been here many times before.

We knocked on the door and Bob let us in. The apartment was dark. It was a single room with a small dirty kitchen off to the right side. As I stood in the doorway scanning the single room, there was an unmade double bed to the left of me. In front of me was a couch and table. The wall had two small doors that opened to a balcony overlooking Royal Street. We made ourselves at home while Bob got the weed out.

Bob struck me immediately as a friendly guy, but in an odd sort of way. He was an old man to me. Anybody over mid thirties was old to me at the time. He was a little shorter than average. He was a stout kind of rough man who was starting to bald. I don’t recall his age, but he was in his late thirties or early forties. He seemed different than the older people out in suburbia. He acted younger and liked some of the things that I liked (weed, music and hanging out). I came to find out that Bob was a tugboat captain. He piloted tugs along the Mississippi river.

He rolled some joints, we passed time talking and listening to music for a few hours as we got high. We eventually had to get home so me and my buddy left for our journey back home. When we got home, as we were parting ways, my friend wanted to ask me something and was kind of uneasy and nervous asking it. He pulled me to the side and asked if I wanted to make twenty dollars. He explained that Bob liked me and wanted casino oyna to have sex with me. He explained that Bob had been paying him to regularly have sex. I questioned him what exactly I would have to do. My buddy told me that for twenty dollars, that I would let Bob fuck me. I asked him about ass fucking and the pain, etc. I don’t know why, but I said yes. My buddy told me that he would set everything up for Saturday morning.

On Saturday morning Bob came to pick us up at our rendezvous point. At this point, I wasn’t really thinking about what was getting ready to happen. I was not nervous at all. It was just me, my friend and my new older friend. The ride over to the French Quarter was a twenty minute ride. Bob wasn’t going straight to his place though. He stopped at a news stand right outside of the quarter. Back in those days news stands had a porn section. Bob told me and my buddy to pick up a few magazines, cigarettes and snacks. We piled back into the car with our bounty and headed towards Bob’s place.

It was an early weekend morning and the quarter is quiet and still sleeping from the previous night’s party. We drove up and down the streets of the quarter looking for a parking spot on the street. We eventually found a spot and strolled up to Bob’s place on foot. Bob hurried us inside and locked the door behind us. We found our seats on the couch with Bob between us. Bob started rolling joints as me and my buddy got comfortable thumbing through our newly acquired porn magazines. Bob lit up a joint and took a hit. He turned the joint around with the lit portion inside his mouth, grabbed my face between his hands, spun my head around and got his lips very close to mine as he blew the smoke into my mouth shotgun style. I had done ‘shotgun’ many times, but none that were ‘kind of sexual’. Bob continued this alternating between me and my buddy. Shotgun after shotgun, I started feeling the effects of the high fast. In between Bob’s shotguns, we continued to thumb through the porn as time passed allowing the weed to work it’s magic.

Bob senses that I’m high and horny from looking at the porn. Bob got up and asked me to move the party over to the bed. There was no misunderstanding with me about what was going to happen. Bob was going to pay me $20 bucks and I was going to let him fuck me. What I hadn’t envisioned was that it was not any sort of orgy or threesome – it was going to be a twosome: me and Bob.

I was young, high, naive, naked on a bed, and a virgin with no idea what was going to happen next. I (at this point in my life) was not a homosexual. I had not read any stories or imagined gay sex. I was totally straight as far as I was concerned. I was brought to church as a child as long as I could look back. I had the typical southern US brainwashing by family and society which seeded the idea that ‘gay was wrong’. I was moments away from experiencing full on gay canlı casino sex while my buddy sat fully clothed on a couch a few feet from me. Not only am I going to commit a gay act, but now I was realizing that my buddy wasn’t going to be a participant, he was going to be a witness.

Bob was older and hairy. He was your typical somewhat overweight, balding man. His cock was average, but still looked intimidating as his circumcised cock stood straight out. I was flat on my back as Bob moved on top of me. He wore a cheap cologne whose smell I will never forget. Bob pressed his weight on me and lowered his lips to mine. This caught me totally off guard and I was a little repulsed by Bob sticking his tongue into my mouth. I thought I had signed up for an ass fucking. I had rationalized that anal intercourse was OK, but kissing was gay. Bob sensed my reluctance and panic; he obliged not to kiss me on the face. He asked if it were OK to kiss elsewhere, and we agreed that no face kissing. And so it began.

I wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen. I was high and I was horny, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be there or not. I wasn’t sure if I had made a mistake or not. Bob started worshiping my tight teen body with his lips and his hands. He moved off of me and laid down next to me. He gently turned me to my side as he lovingly caressed my body. He spooned me and I could feel him rub his cock along my butt cheeks. Since I was a virgin, I was expecting sex that was mechanical and to the point – like masturbation – but this wasn’t like that. I Iaid on my side staring into space as what I would describe as “Bob making love to me”.

He was slow, patient, and was letting me know what he was going to do before he did it. After 10-15 minutes of his foreplay, he grabbed a jar of vaseline from the edge of the bed. He explained that he was coating his dick and my asshole. He coated a finger and slipped a finger inside me. He was gentle and slow, but nothing can prepare someone for the sensation of being penetrated for the first time – even with a finger. He eventually got in position to work his cock in me. It wasn’t pleasant and it was uncomfortable. It took what seemed like a long time to work his cock inside me. It hurt and I was relieved that he finally was in me, but I soon found out that he only had the tip in. He kept at it, pushing in and backing off a little. I was hurting and not enjoying the sensations at all. I got frustrated and decided to resist by trying to push his cock out of me by making a “shit contraction”. When I did that, my inner sphincter muscle opened which allowed him to slip painlessly all the way in. Bob left his cock fully balls deep in me to get me used to what it feels like to have a full erect cock deep in your ass. I laid there and submitted to this gruffy old average overweight with the cheap cologne. Bob started rocking slow in and out of me. What once kaçak casino was pain was not so bad. Bob was kissing my neck and back all the while he was rocking in and out of me with strong full slow strokes. He never fully withdrew. Just nice long smooth strokes.

I would like to write that I pushed against him, and that we had raw unbridled mutually pleasurable sex. But it wasn’t like that. I laid there like a dead fish. I was a young and inexperienced virgin. I was high, confused, and experiencing an older man sawing in and out of me. As I look back now, I know that I was somewhat manipulated. But in the same sense, Bob lovingly fucked me. He didn’t rape, or hurt me. He wasn’t brutal or used a lot of force. He never did fuck me with abandon, overpowerment, strength or might. Like every other sexual experience I had in my life, Bob eventually groaned with pleasure as he unloaded his seed in my ass. It didn’t feel like anything as it is described in porn. I didn’t feel the pulses, hot cum flooding my orifices, or anything like that. Bob withdrew and we both laid there during his refractory period. It was over as quickly as it had started. Bob called my friend over to take his pants off. Bob was going to suck us both off. This part of the sexual experience was very “matter of fact” and “to the point”. It was very much like masturbation. I still don’t know if the blow jobs were a reward for us, or if Bob just liked the taste of cum. Bob being the experienced cock sucker was able to get my buddy off in a few minutes. Bob was definitely a swallower. Bob then motioned me over. I was a little turned off by looking at an older man’s balding head bobbing up and down on my cock. I closed my eyes and focused on the sensations and ultimately exploded in his mouth as he swallowed every drop. There was no mess to cleanup after a blowjob from Bob.

As I explained in the opening paragraph, I was young, horny, and liked marijuana. Bob knew this. I had what Bob wanted and Bob had what I wanted. Because of this, I continued to meet up with Bob. The events that I wrote in the paragraphs above became an arrangement. Go to Bob’s, get high, move to the bed, enjoy some nice hard cock, and get a nice blowjob. Bob never reciprocated (offering anal to me), and I wasn’t looking for that. That would mean I was gay.

All things must end eventually and I quit going to Bob’s – I found myself having access to money, weed, and started getting pussy on a regular basis. I was confused about the gay thing from my upbringing and society. Through my twenties, I found homosexuality to be offensive. I was repulsed by gayness. I was ashamed of what I had done and who I was.

Fast forward to this point in my life. I now consider myself to be a bisexual male. I have a few regrets. I regret society brainwashed me with religion and hate for gays. I never enjoyed the experience for what it could have been. I always felt it was wrong because I was taught it was wrong. If this had been me as a young teen having sex with an older woman, it would have been “acceptable to me”. But because it was a man, it was wrong.

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