Impossible Love Ch. 02

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Unedited chapter, cause I have a fantastic excuse which I can’t disclose out of fear someone may taunt me with it later in life.


All sorts of rape scenes flashed through my eyes, most of them involved me screaming in pain, him grunting like a gorilla and a lot of spanking.

So my first reaction was to grab my disinfectant spray. Holding it in front of me like a three-metre metal spiked baseball bat, I gave him my most dignified, and no-nonsense glare.

“Look here Troy, I am NOT a fag so don’t jeopardise our friendship with your raging hormones!” I warned. Hand shaking as I let out a small hiss of disinfectant to let him know what he was in for if he chose to cross the line.

He stopped, raised an eyebrow and the world’s most disgustingly smirky smirk shone from his face like a fucking light bulb. “You kneed me princess, we ain’t friends, also that disinfectant is safe for child use, it doesn’t sting,” he replied taking another step towards me.

“Princess!? What part of me looks like a fucking….!?” Before I could finish he had lunged at me, knocking the air out of me and my hold on my precious disinfectant.

“Ni Seng Jing Bing, AHOR, fucking piece of baba shi…!”

The sound of metal clicking on metal resounded in our suddenly quiet room. The bastard had handcuffed my wrists to my bedposts. The rape scenes continued their marathon run through my head. I was definitely going to castrate this bastard.

“And to ensure I don’t get erectile dysfunction before my time…” Troy produced another two sets of handcuffs which he used on my ankles. I wanted desperately to laugh at his use of big words and to tell him that he should say, ‘peewee-go-bad’ instead, but being locked, spread-eagle on my bed didn’t put me in the mood for talking.

Running a single rough finger up my stomach and slowly circling it around my left nibble, he regarded me with a thoughtful expression. I really really don’t get this guy, why the how hasn’t he started the action yet?!

“You are a closet case,” he finally stated after a few long minutes of deep concentration and nipple teasing. I don’t know where he got his control from but I just wanted to grab his head and bang it on a hard metal surface.

Not waiting for my reply, not that I could from all my hyperventilation, he continued on with his philosophising about my sexual orientation, “That casino oyna time on your bed, you had a hard-on, and then even knowing I had a crush on you, you would purposely walk around in those cute little jock straps…”

By now I was bored out of my brain and had practically fallen asleep. This bastard was going to pay big time.

“Look asswipe, either do your thing or get the fuck off me, I have homework to do!” I finally yelled out of impatience. The said asshole was still in his contemplation trance and was muttering under his breath about some gay magazine article he’d read. No wonder he had trouble getting laid.

Snapping back to reality, he looked at me puzzled for awhile and then grinned evilly.

“Do my thing eh?”

I wanted to slap myself, me and my big big big stupid stupid….Oh God, he just stuck his tongue in my mouth! Clenching my eyes shut I tried to stop the heaving in my stomach. Noticing my sudden erratic gurgling the bastard had the decency to pull back and regard me with anxiety.

“G..g…gg..ggerrrm..germs!” I hollered out between wheezing and coughing. “Oh, that, no problem…” He got off me, jogged merrily to my battered disinfectant, picked it up and sprayed himself with it like he would with deodorant. The smell of artificial peaches flooded the room and immediately my nerves calmed and I groaned with pleasure. I loved that smell.

Then apathetically flinging my spray away he got back to business, straddling me with his muscled thighs and running his hands up and down my smooth torso. The fragrance of the disinfectant was driving me nuts, and soon I found myself humping my erection against his like a rabbit in heat.

“So…you still don’t think you are gay?” He softly whispered into my ear after he had ravaged my chest with his tongue. Damnnit, him and his fucking talking. What the hell was wrong with this guy!? “I am not fucking gay! I…I…” groan “I have a disinfectant..f..fe.fetish!” which was true. The idea of cleanliness really turned me on.

“Oh really?” he smirked. God I wanted to get duct tape and seal that mouth of his. He lifted his hips off mine and I gasped as cold air rushed in to take its place.

Getting onto his knees he shuffled forward until his crotch was directly above my face and slowly pulled out his massive pole from the top of his soaked briefs.

It gleamed with precum, droplets of it constantly canlı casino drooling down the sides as he swirled a casual finger tip along the angry red slit. I swear the fucking thing was smirking at me and I silently promised it a fate of eternal suffering and cleanliness. Goddamnit, I wanted to clean it up so bad, and I don’t care with what…… I haven’t taken my pills for way too long.

“This turns you on, doesn’t it princess?” it was more of a statement than a question but I felt the need to give him a reply anyways.

“I think your balls are lopsided, you should go see a pee-wee doctor.”

He froze, then glowered at me.

“Since you are so smart, why don’t you be my urologist?”

I opened my mouth to ask him how the hell he knew what a urologist was but before I could start, he had sat down hard on my face, pushing his oversized hairy balls into my mouth.

“Oh God!” he grunted. I wanted to say something similar along those lines but I was having trouble breathing as it was already.

Now, since kindergarten my teachers have praised what a talented tongue I had; state debating champion by year six and I could form over twenty different shapes with it. So it was no surprise to me, that just keeping my mouth open was enough to send him spewing precum like a leaking tap.

Watching him groan, grunt and shake like a leaf suddenly had me feeling really uninhibited. I kept telling myself how gross it was to have his dirty privates in my mouth, but the sadist in me loved the sense of control I had over him. Experimentally, I flicked my tongue over his balls, tracing out a lazy figure eight. In response, he fell forward and wailed like a cheerleader. God that was fun.

With a pop I expelled his sacks and attacked his rod. Oh yeah, I was going to clean it up just the way I had promised it. I don’t think he had been prepared for that, because as soon as I had sucked it into my mouth he pulled out and got off the bed.

At first I thought he was trying to calm down and not cum, but then I realised with a sinking feeling that he was going to phase two of his I’m-gonna-have-you-one-way-or-another plan.

“Hell no!” I yelled and started struggling again. The bastard just continued to smirk at me with his fucking handsome face and fucking dick-normous pole as he slathered it up with copious amount of Vaseline. Then grabbing my hips he pulled me down kaçak casino the bed so that my arms were stretched painfully out above me and my knees were bent at almost ninety degrees.

“You are mine princess,” he growled as he slathered my hole with even more copious amounts of Vaseline.

Pushing in a finger he roughly stretched me before his patience broke and he rammed himself into me. Even though I was already hyperventilating, when he breached the tight virgin ring of my anus I somehow found the breathe to call him every profane word on the English dictionary.

“You..son of a fucking..Oh fuck!” were my last words as pleasure overtook the pain and his ramming rod found my prostrate.

For the first time in my life I found myself being turned on by sweat and the feel of someone else’s breath on my neck. My heart was pounding a mile a second, his babbling and cussing only background noise to the incessant drumming in my ear. Okay, I admit it, I am gay. No woman had ever made me feel even CLOSE to this.

Letting out a loud moan, I swirled my hips and tightened my ass around him. That did it for him. His strokes became erratic, hitting relentlessly upon my battered prostrate over and over again until my vision blacked out and my entire body shook like it was being electrocuted. I came so hard and long, by the time I had finished I simply feinted, remembering with faint horror the feel of his seed leaking out of my ass.

It was around noon when I finally woke up. Still naked and with a ass that felt as if I had dunked it in acid. Disorientated, I sat up slowly and scanned the room, my gaze falling on a miserable looking bulk of muscle huddled at the side of my bed.

“I’M the one that gets fucking raped, and YOU are the feeling bad!!?” I said angrily, voice rasping badly, no doubt from all my screaming and cussing the previous night. Raising a foot I kicked him in the back before hauling myself out of bed.

Alarmed, he jumped up and followed me like a lost puppy as I gathered my toiletries.

“You going to take a shower?” he asked in a sickening soft tone. God, I needed to find that hard metal surface.

“No fuck Sherlock!”

I yanked open the door with vengeance and slammed it in his face.

“Babe?” came a soft sigh of a whisper.

A chill ran down my spin as I slowly looked down to meet emerald green eyes and watch as perfectly manicured fingers trace a love heart on my lower abdomen.

“I know how much you love my letters, but I just knew you’d love to see me more…” came the soft whisper again. God really really really does hate me.

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