I’m going to Cum Again Blacken

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I’m going to Cum Again Blacken
Susan was bored. Well, not bored, but frustrated, uptight, out of sorts. Something was wrong and she didn’t know what it was. All the other women at work were always talking about sex with their husbands and how great it was. They talked as if it was the most exciting, thrilling thing in their life. She never entered any of the discussions, but always listened to their every comment. She couldn’t help thinking there was something wrong with her marriage. Sex seemed to be the only subject they would discuss and they discussed it for hours day after day. Most shocking of all, most of them seemed to have a boyfriend besides their husband! Susan was raised in a strict white family and was taught very early in life that a woman always obeyed, respected, and pleased her husband.

This was the key to long life, security, and a successful marriage. Making love to your husband and pleasing him was most important. His pleasure was first and foremost. If you were one of the few, very lucky women, maybe, he pleasured you. Susan was not one of these lucky women, but, she had no complaints. There were more important things in life than being satisfied in bed. She had a good, caring, loving husband. They were comfortable together. He was twelve years older than her twenty-eight years. After six years of marriage, it wasn’t his fault if he wasn’t as interested in sex as younger men. She felt it was her fault. She was 5′ 6” and only weighed one hundred pounds. Every woman she saw weighed more than that, even young girls. Maybe, when they married, he expected her to put on weight, but, she had been unable to gain even a pound. She must be sexless compared to American women.

Tammi was her next door neighbor and a good friend. If only she could get up the nerve to talk to her about something as personal as what a husband and wife did in private. After hearing those women talk day after day, she knew something was missing in her life. She lived in America now and wanted to live life as an American. If the customs and lifestyles were different, she wanted to know how and why. Even if it killed her, she was going to ask Tammi this weekend. There was something wrong with her marriage and she wanted to know what it was.

Susan was trimming flowers in her backyard Saturday morning when she saw Tammi come outside sipping a cup of coffee. “Hey Tammi, come over and visit while I cut these flowers.”

“Not a chance! You come over here. I’m not even dressed and I’m barefoot.”

They had been talking about half an hour when Susan finally got up the nerve to broach what was really on her mind. She told about the women at work and their constant conversations of sex and boyfriends. “What I don’t understand is the pleasure they claim to get. Are they lying about passing out from so many climaxes? They make love for hours and their husbands climax time after time. They must be lying! That’s not possible, is it? Another thing, so many of them have boyfriends, and they don’t care if their husband knows or not.”

Tammi was laughing, when she said, “Are these black women doing all that trash talk?”

“Well, most of them are black, but some are white.” Susan admitted.

After pouring another cup of coffee, Tammi told Susan, “Relax and I will tell you the facts of life. All married couples are the same. After a few years, sex with the same person, the same way gets boring. A boyfriend puts spice back into the marriage. Sex with your husband becomes more exciting because you are thinking of your boyfriend. A few husbands don’t ask and don’t care. Some husbands would raise hell and throw you out of the house. Most men think it’s exciting to have another man look at their wife, and they fantasize about him making love to her while they watch.

For some reason, white men want to see a big dicked black man fuck his wife. Blacks seem to have much larger dicks than white men, but, I don’t know why. Those women at work are telling the truth. A man can go many times and that big cock will drive a woman crazy. As for having a boyfriend on the side, they are not doing anything millions of other married women are not doing. Let’s go to the computer room and I will show you an adult website I like to visit.”

Susan was in a trance. Her mind couldn’t accept what she had been told. She still didn’t know why her love life was such a mess, but, maybe she would know before the morning was over. Pulling up a chair next to the computer, she watched Tammi go directly to an adult personals website. She clicked on the Black Men Searching for White Women. My God!

All those photos of naked black men! The size of their dicks! That’s impossible! Dicks aren’t that huge!

“Well, what do you think?” Tammi grinned. “Do you think one of those would make you scream with pleasure? Now, do you believe those other women?”

“I don’t believe those pictures.” Susan whispered. “No man has anything that big. If it’s true, those black men must be abnormal.”

“Oh, it’s true all right, and they are all looking for a white woman to fuck with their black monster.”

Susan was still doubtful, but beginning to accept what her eyes were seeing. “Maybe black women are built bigger to take something that huge.”

Tammi was still smiling at the expression on Susan’s face. “Honey, any woman can take one of those and beg for more. Believe me, I know. Dan is a big man. How long is his dick? How much are you used to? Show me on this ruler.”

Susan was so embarrassed she could have died. She was ashamed to show Tammi the four inch line on the ruler, but she did it regardless.

“A big man like Dan, and he only has four inches? No wonder you’re having problems. My Tom is not much better. He only has six. Thank God, our black landscaper has a huge, hard eleven inches, and always ready to force it into my white pussy. Lately, it doesn’t take a lot of force. My pussy fits around it like a well worn glove.”

Susan almost fell out of her chair! Tammi was saying she was having sex with a black man, and she wasn’t keeping it a secret! Still, she had asked for this! But, God, she hadn’t known this is what she would learn. This still didn’t solve her problem, though.

“What does this have to do with me? None of this helps me and my problem. Dan still can’t satisfy me sexually. I will forever be without the satisfaction of a climax. I know I am missing something wonderful and will always have this empty feeling of loss. Men don’t want someone as skinny as I am. I think that is why Dan doesn’t try to satisfy me more often. He would rather I gave him a blow job.” Susan cried.

Tammi put her arm around Susan’s shoulder and said, “Honey, he could fuck you every day, and with only four inches, he will never completely satisfy you. You need another man. Especially, a black man with staying power. I could talk to Mike and let him do your landscaping, until we can find someone permanent on the computer. Mike may even have a friend.”

“I can’t do something like that! I could never cheat on Dan! I’ll just live as I’ve always done. Thank you for trying to help me. I think I’ve learned more than I should have. I’ll keep your secret about you and Mike.” Susan said.

“It’s no secret about Mike. Tom knows all about it. Tom likes to watch and lick me clean after Mike has fucked me with canlı bahis şirketleri his big black cock. I told you some men were like that. I’m lucky to have an understanding husband. You never can tell, Dan might enjoy the same thing. Most little dicked white men want to see their wife get screwed by a black man. Why don’t you do this, the next time Mike comes over, I’ll call you and you come over and meet him? Nothing needs happen. Maybe, a little touching and getting familiar with another man other than your husband. At least that will give you a better idea of what goes on in the world outside your door. What do you think?” Tammi was getting hot just thinking about Mike seducing her innocent neighbor.

“Well, okay, but no touching, just talk. Is that okay? He won’t try and force me to do anything, will he?” Susan was curious to talk to Mike, but she knew she would never do anything but talk.

During the following week, Susan had decided not to meet with Mike and Tammi. Then, on Friday evening, Dan asked for a blow job. While he was using her mouth as a receptacle for his cum, she changed her mind again. When Tammi called, she would definitely meet with them and see what happened.

Late Saturday morning, Tammi called and asked her to come over for a drink and a little excitement. Tammi was giggling like a school girl. Susan couldn’t help laughing, and she agreed to be right there. Susan walked in the front door and Tammi was standing in the middle of the living room with nothing on but a towel wrapped around her bottom. Mike was not in sight.

“What are you doing? Why are you naked in the middle of the day? I thought you said Mike was here and we were going to talk. I think I should leave right now. This looks like a bad situation and I am not ready for that.” Susan exclaimed!

Tammi crossed the room and took her arm firmly. “Wait a second Li. I’ll put on some clothes and she picked up a wraparound robe. Mike is taking a shower and will be out in a few minutes. I thought we would put on a little show for you, so you would see what you have been missing all your life. No harm will be done to you. You don’t have to be a participant, just watch and enjoy. Please, Please, give this a chance.” Tammi begged.

Susan said, “Well, okay. For just a few minutes.”

Just as she said this, Mike walked into the room totally naked. Susan was shocked speechless! She couldn’t help but see his long black dick, swinging between his legs. He seemed to be completely at ease, without a hint of embarrassment. Her knees were so weak she had to either sit down, or fall down. She collapsed onto the sofa, and that was worse. It put her eyes even with that long, black snake. Mike could see she was flustered and was amused by her innocence. Smiling, he sat down beside her and Tammi sat on the other side. Laughing, Tammi introduced them.

Mike took Susan’s hand and said, “I am very happy to meet a friend of Tammi’s. Tammi has told me of your problem and I will be glad to help anyway possible.”

He was so sincere, Susan believed him and was put slightly at ease. Susan said, “I am so embarrassed and ashamed to even talk about my small problem.”

Tammi got up and kneeled between Mike’s legs. She was smiling and looking into Susan’s eyes, as she took Mikes long cock between her hands and began to slowly stroke him. Susan stared at her and then at what she was doing. Tammi’s fingers just barely went around his dick. His cock seemed to be moving as it got rigid and began to grow bigger. Susan had never seen anything so erotic in her young life. She had seen enough and wanted to leave, but, knew her legs would never support her. Her limbs seemed to be made from rubber, but, even so, she could feel her juices leaking from her burning pussy. All she could do was watch Tammi make Mike’s dick get bigger and bigger. Mike still had her hand in his. He slowly moved her hand until it was touching his cock. He spread her fingers around his dick and moved them up and down in sync with Tammi’s. He removed his hand, but, she never removed hers. His cock was so soft, yet, so firm and getting harder. Susan was in a trancelike state and could only watch this monster grow to it’s full length.

She gasped when Tammi leaned over and began licking Mike’s cock. Susan jerked her hand back, but, now didn’t know what to do with her fingers. Mike took her head in his hands and gently turned her face toward him. He pressed his lips to hers and using his tongue forced her lips apart. She groaned deep in her throat and kissed him back. God, she was so hot! She thought she felt her panties being removed, but his hand was still clasping her head. She knew she felt her bikini panties being pulled down her legs and then off! Tammi! Tammi had removed her panties and she was too weak to resist! She was ready to climax and had never had her pussy touched! God! What was wrong with her? This had to stop! She hadn’t meant to do any of this. All of a sudden, she felt Mike’s fat fingers stroking her pussy mound. She tried to move his hand with hers, but didn’t have the strength, or was it desire? His middle finger was in her slit and going round and round her clitty.

She was so slick the juice had her butt wet. Susan was at the point of no return and close to climaxing! Just a few more strokes with his fingers and she was there! She was sucking his tongue down her throat and pressing her pussy into his fingers. Oh God! Oh God! She was there! She was cumming! Cumming and couldn’t stop! I’m going to die! I can’t stand the feelings! Just when she thought it was over, she felt a mouth and tongue sucking and licking her clitoris! The feelings peaked and she was cumming again! Tammi was sucking her pussy! Oh God, I’m going to die! Tammi was sucking and licking the juice from her pussy. She was coming down and realizing what had happened. Susan had never been so embarrassed in her life. She had acted like a slut or prostitute. She closed her eyes. She couldn’t bear to look at either of them.

Tammi sat down beside her and Mike got on his knees between her legs. His monster cock was pointed at Tammi’s pussy Thank God, he wasn’t going to try and put that thing into her. She didn’t know if she would have resisted. Neither did she know if it would have fit inside her. She didn’t believe her pussy could accept something that huge.

Mike placed it at the entrance of Tammi’s womb and Tammi spread the lips of her pussy to accommodate him. Susan could see it slowly and steadily disappear into Tammi’s body. Tammi was groaning, but not attempting to get away. With a steady pressure, the whole eleven inches was inside! He began a slow seesawing movement in and out. Her pussy seemed to turn itself inside out on the outstroke and then slamming in to the hilt.

Tammi said, “Here, feel my stomach. You can feel his cock up inside me. I think it goes to my belly button. Give me your hand and feel.”

Tammi took my hand and I really could feel his dick going in and out. How could it possibly go up inside that far? Tammi began groaning louder and fucking back on his monster cock. I could feel every stroke! Tammi was screaming to fuck me, fuck me! Then, I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I could feel Mike cum! His cock was jerking and throbbing so hard, I knew he was shooting canlı kaçak iddaa his sperm into her belly! How could she not get pregnant?

Mike slowly pulled his slick cock from her sopping pussy. His dick was wet and glossy. Cum was still dripping from the head of his dick. There I sat with my skirt around my waist and no panties. My pussy was wet again.

He made one move and was between my legs. He took his slick, wet cock and began rubbing it up and down my slit. “No! No! You can’t do this! I’m not going to let you screw me! This has gone far enough. No More! Do you hear? No More!” I shouted.

“Okay, Okay, I’m not going to fuck you, but feel what you are missing. For just a few minutes, let me masturbate you with the head of my cock. Is that okay with you? Can you live with that? I just finished fucking Tammi, so I don’t have to fuck you today.”

“Well, okay. But just a few minutes. Okay? Don’t try to put it inside.” said Susan. While we were talking, he was steadily stroking my pussy with his hard cock. It had never went soft! It was such a heavenly feeling. So comforting and relaxing, but deep inside, there was a furnace roaring to be let loose. If he kept this up, I was going to cum again! The heat was getting closer and closer to the entrance of my pussy! I couldn’t help myself, I was pressing my pussy against his massive fuck pole. At the same moment the heat in my pussy was all consuming and I was cumming in a mind blowing climax, the head of his cock entered my pussy! The pain and the heat of my climax made me scream with pleasure! He wasn’t pressing very hard and with me thrashing around his cock popped out of my pussy. Thank God! For, I knew I could not have said no to him fucking me.

“Please let me up. I need to go home. Too much has happened in one day. I can’t handle all the mixed up feelings going through me.” Susan practically whispered.

“Okay. Next time you will become a woman. I am going to keep your panty’s as a memento until we all get together again. Tammi will let you know when to come over. Next time don’t wear any panty’s. You won’t need them. Another thing, don’t say you aren’t coming. If you don’t come here, I will be over there knocking on your door. Once you go black, you can never go back. That’s true, so accept it.” Mike growled threatenly.

Susan ran out the door with tears running down her cheeks. What had she done? What was she going to do? God forgive me! I didn’t know what I was getting into. Now, I don’t know how to get out of it! Please, God. Let me drop dead, so it will all be over!

She had showered and composed herself by the time Dan came home. She was very good at pretending nothing out of the ordinary had happened. She never saw Tammi during the week. Friday, Tammi called and said Saturday morning was a go, and if she wasn’t there, Mike would be at her door pounding loud enough, for people a mile away to hear it.

Susan had mixed feelings about Saturday morning and what it would mean when she knocked on Tammi’s door. She knew when she entered that house, she was going to be fucked by the biggest cock she could ever imagine. Every night, for a week, she had dreamed of what took place the Saturday before. This went against everything she had been taught since c***dhood. But, they had never taught her the feelings she would experience by doing something forbidden. If I go through with this, how will I feel about my husband afterwards, Susan was thinking. Will he be able to tell the difference in my body? Will I feel the same towards him? The women at work have boyfriends and Tammi has Mike. They don’t seem to have a problem. Why should I? Have I accepted what is going to happen? I think the answer is YES!

Dan went to work Saturday, and Susan took a long, hot shower. She put on a halter top and short skirt. She did as Mike said and left her panty’s off. What the hell, she took off the bra, too. She went next door about 10 and just walked on in. Tammi and Mike were lounging on the sofa, completely nude. This time she never said anything. This seemed to be their natural state. She could smell the sex they had just completed. Mike moved over and made room for her to sit beside him. Tammi went to the kitchen for three beers.

Mike casually reached under her skirt and felt her pussy. “I’m happy to see you can take orders.” Mike remarked. “That’s one of the first things you must learn. Black men like their women to obey. Pleasing your black lover will become the most important thing in the world to you. Are you ready to accept a black man and all the requirements he will make upon you? Remember, once you go black, you can’t go back.”

Tammi walked in and handed out the beer. “Believe me, for what you will receive, it’s worth everything he asks you to do.” She said.

Is it possible to spend the day with you, and give you my decision later? I don’t know what I’m getting into. I don’t even believe I can take the huge dick of yours. I am being truthful and I’m willing to try, but, if things are too difficult, I don’t want to be committed. Is that okay?” Susan asked.

“I’ve never bargained with a woman before. I’ll do it once, but, never try and bargain with me again. While your’re drinking your beers, stroke my dick with your other hands.” Mike said.

Tammi and Susan immediately reached for his semi-hard cock and began stroking. Just as immediately, it began to grow and get harder and harder. His black love pole was pointing at his stomach and reached past his belly button. Susan was scared to death to think of that thing being put inside her small pussy. As scared as she was, she was still getting wet between her legs. She pressed her legs together to keep the juice from running down the crack of her ass.

Susan, get between my legs and lets see what kind of cocksucker you are. Love my cock with your tongue and mouth. That’s one of the things a black man will require of you.” Mike ordered.

Susan got on her knees and was staring at this beautiful big black cock. She had never realized eleven inches was so long. It was as big as her wrist, or even larger. As if in a daze, Susan grasped his cock and began slowly stroking him. She put her mouth within an inch of his cock and inhaled the scent of him. His smell was so erotic! She let his cock touch her lips and licked a drop of precum off the head. She began licking the mushroom head and more precum was leaking out as fast as she could lick it off. She opened her mouth as wide as possible and attempted to suck his cock. That hurt her jaws and was very uncomfortable. She settled for licking and kissing the head and shaft.

Mike enjoyed watching the young white woman attempt to suck his cock. She was the most inexperienced woman he had ever known. It was going to be a pleasure to make a real woman out of her. Right now, he want to fuck that tight white pussy. This would be his first time to have an Asian woman and he couldn’t wait any longer! Later, when he wasn’t so horny, he would show her what’s what. She hadn’t had his long tongue up that hole, either, but her time was coming to experience everything, including his friends. “Okay, Okay. That’s enough. You will get better in time, but, right now I need to fuck your little, tight pussy. let’s see if you can take all this babymaking black snake. canlı kaçak bahis He’s going to spit his poison deep within your belly. Let’s go up to Tammi’s marital bed.”

Susan heard his words, but it never registered he was going to impregnate her. With Tammi on one side and Mike on the other, they entered the bedroom. Susan ended up in the middle. She never realized this was a safety precaution. She couldn’t back out now, even if she wanted to. If there was a struggle, Tammi was there to help subdue her.

Another innocent married bitch was about to become a slave for black cock, Tammi was thinking. There would be another little half black running around the neighborhood. Since Tammi had been seduced and then surrendered to Mike, she was more than willing to bring any woman into the fold. Since Susan was having sexual problems, she was about to become another victim and Tammi was going to enjoy watching every second of it.

Poor, innocent, Susan lay on her back and allowed Mike to spread her legs. His mouth was all over her small breasts, making her gasp and shudder. His lips teased her hard nipples, while his hand found the wetness between her legs and began exploring the folds of her pussy.

Susan moaned when his expert finger found it’s way into her slick, aroused hole. It’s size bigger than her husband’s dick. A thumb flicked across her clitoris in a spasmodic rhythm, that sent electric currents of pleasure throughout her lower body. Her hips responded in a rocking, arching motion.

His mouth never stopped nuzzling and sucking her small pointed nipples. Her breasts seemed to be connected to her pussy. Currents of intense pleasure were shooting back and forth between them. Susan’s body seemed to be at the edge of a precipice and on the verge of flying off into space. She was seconds away from a mind shattering climax!

Before Susan could cum, Mike released her pussy and breasts. His body moved on top of her and he was placing his engorged cock against the opening of her sex. It’s large, mushroom head was unable to fit into her at first and he ran it up and down her slick slit, wetting it thoroughly with her juices.

Susan moaned again and again, pushing her hips forward, her whole body screaming for his cock to be inside her. She was on fire and knew of no other way to put out the blaze. She knew he was too big, and was going to split her wide open, but she didn’t care. She had to have him! She wanted to feel him stretch her open and fill her with his cock. She didn’t care if he ruined her for life, she had to have this fire inside her body quenched!

Mike knew how ready she was and pressed against her again more forcefully. Her tight little pussy still resisted the blunt head of his huge cock. His cock was completely coated with her slick juices, and precum was leaking from his dick. He didn’t want to force himself into her and have her scream with pain. He wanted this to be as enjoyable as possible for her, so she would come back again and again. He wanted a slave, but a willing slave.

Susan took the decision out of his hands, when she pressed her hips forward at the same time he was pushing downward. The combined pressure caused the bloated cockhead to pass the tight muscular gateway of her sheath. She gasped in sudden surprise and pain. He stopped with about two inches inside to let her adjust to his size. After a few moments, he pushed the massive length of his magnificent cock slowly deeper and deeper.

Susan was groaning and moaning, while trying to pull back and away from this monster invading her body. She could feel it pushing her insides before it’s huge length. She had never dreamed anything that big would fit inside her small pussy. Yet, here she was taking all eleven inches of his black cock! There was some pain, but more a feeling of intense pressure. His pubic mound finally pressed against hers. He stopped to allow her body to accept his great size. She could feel his cock throbbing deep inside her body. It did seem like a black snake.

Then it hit her! What he said! He said a babymaking making snake! What had she been thinking? Why hadn’t she understood what he meant? “Wait! Wait! I wasn’t thinking straight. I can get pregnant if you do this! We must stop! You must put on protection! I don’t want to have a black baby!” Susan was hysterically crying.

“With my cock buried to the hilt in your pussy is a fine time to think about getting pregnant. You’re a little late to bring that up. I’m going to fuck you out of your mind! You’ll be begging me to cum inside you before I’m finished. Mike growled.

He was buried too deep to even think of dislodging him. She could only pray she wouldn’t become pregnant this one time. Besides, she had never experienced anything like this in her life. Her husband was so small, she always felt incomplete and unsatisfied. She would never feel that way with Mike.

Mike began moving slowly, as she was wet enough to accommodate his movements. The tightness of her sheath took all his willpower not to cum immediately. He loved the warm, wet, snug feel around his cock, and he knew she would love the feel of him. Soon, she would be begging for his cum.

Susan knew today was going to be different, definitely a day she would never forget. His strong, smooth strokes were causing her to take gasping breaths in time to the thrusting motions of his body. She had been so close to climaxing before, that now she was back at the peak and going over the edge. Her long, firm legs, clamped around his thighs as she climaxed in one giant explosion! This one was followed by two smaller explosions in rapid succession. She let out a long drawn out cry of satisfaction! She had never been so fulfilled! So happy! God! What she had missed all her life!

When Susan cum the third time, Mike knew he could hold off no longer. He could feel the pressure building and was well aware his long cock was pressing against the mouth of her uterus. If she was anywhere close to her fertile time, she would be pregnant. If not this time, then the next.

“Can you feel my cock swelling? I’m going to fill your belly with my black cum. Are you ready? Do you want my babymaking cum in your pussy? Tell me! Do you want me to cum?” Mike asked.

“Yes! Yes! I’m going to cum again! Cum in me! Give me your baby! Please, Please, I want your cum! I want your baby! Fuck me! Fuck me! Susan shouted.

Susan could feel his cock swell and begin throbbing. Her pussy was on fire and only his cum could put out the flames. When she felt the first spurt, it was like a fire hose being turned on. That put her over the edge again and she was cumming like never before! Every spurt of his in her pussy made her cum even more. It didn’t seem as if he would ever stop, nor, could she. Momentarily, she passed out from the intense feelings.

She came to in a couple of minutes and Mike was laying beside her. She could feel his wet cock on her leg. She heard a slurping, sucking sound, looking down between her legs, she could see Tammi’s head. Tammi was licking and sucking Mike’s cum from her pussy. It seemed so natural and comfortable. Susan was more relaxed than ever before in her life. Tammi finished her and then cleaned Mike. Mike had a contented smile on his handsome face.

Tammi said, “I hate to have to say this, but, it is almost two o’clock. Unless you have a good excuse for Dan, hadn’t you better get home?

“Oh, My God! Help me into my clothes! I’m so weak I can hardly stand.” Susan gasped.

Before she went out the door, Mike asked, “Same time next week?”

” Yes! Yes!” Susan shouted

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