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I’ve been talking in the previous stories about everything that happened to me how I built that today. She passed through gentleness, she went through brutality. Somehow I do not think I’ve talked enough about a man under which I was totally mentally excluded, the humility to the end of it.

A few years ago it was maybe 3-4 I was not sure, some time I had been in a couple of months I did not have a relationship with a man. I do not know why, everything was in my mind, life carried out my duties and I was simply all wounded. As long as the feeling between my legs did not come to me today, I can hardly wait to get it deep inside myself to the egg.

On a famous page, Romeo had a profile to look for a man older than himself because I knew that those more experienced knew what they wanted and they know how to handle me properly. I have to admit I’m being humble, I need a master and I did not even understand what that means, in fact, what is waiting for me, and I know I wanted it because it burned me. I even looked at those BDSM porn movies, all about it. Probably now, reading this, you’re watching what the story is doing here, but then that was what it was. I did not even know what I wanted and what was waiting for me.
I was told each other. All kinds of men, angry when I fuck them because I do not like them, or I’m sorry for them. As long as he did not reply to me, that man who was mysterious, the profile was empty, a picture of his back painted, nothing special. A man about 50 years old, so far older than me. We exchanged messages where he immediately started with some attitude that struck me. Hey bitch what’s up? Such directivity, dominance, descent to wow place enchanted me.

Here I am. How are you? I answered all the ignorant of what will continue. It says great when I see a bitch like you are. When will we be seen? I started answering that I wanted to meet him first, discretion is important to me, I want to get in touch, not to jump right into bed. What he replied to me: DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. He totally defeated me whatever I was thinking. In the end, I agreed and told me to have an apartment in the neighboring town and we can find it there in front of the building. I agreed, got ready, got ready for sex and headed for the city. She came to my time and waited kaçak bahis for me in front of the building and says you did it. I said that and just said follow me. We went into the building, climbed down the stairs with the light that nobody knew and entered the third floor of the apartment. The apartment was in renovation, everything from anywhere.

In a day-to-day room, all the things lay in the middle for refurbishment and just down the floor was a mattress and that old electric stove with three rods of flames. The lights did not even fire because as soon as the stove was switched on because it was winter after 12 months if I was not mistaken, the room immediately got a dimmed color of light. He put the blanket over the mattress and said what you are waiting for. Everything in the gym went immediately to the top of the skull and I took it off, they all felt because there was a cool, still room not warming up. I told him he said cold did not worry I’ll bother you. All I got rid of in my panties. When he saw the bright red tangic on me, she was crazy. Oooo’s cookies, so you got me a little bit for me, come here. He unpacked his pants, took off his belt and pulled out his already puffy kite. Kita was not a bit long, maybe about 14-15 cm, but it was quite thick and filled with those thick veins.

With his big hands he grabbed me while I was on my knees and said open the mouth of the bitch and sniff it as you know. I picked it up and started catching it with my hands, which immediately lighted me and said NO! HANDS-FREE. I listened to him and continued as he told me. I opened my mouth and started to moisten and suck, and he could not withstand it and immediately took his head and started pushing to the end. Since I have not been with a man for a long time and I have not been a long sucking kite I could not get too much of his nagging to size, to tell me what it is that you can not do. I’ll teach you to get her to the end of the first without problems. It is literally so.
He took a bottle and told me to put your nose under it and take a deep breath and you hear my bitch and I did it. I did not know what it was then, today I know it was poppers. When I breathed in and kept a little in it I immediately spun, and he just with his loud voice and holding my head suck him now bitch güvenilir bahis sucking him. I stuck it into my wet mouth more and more as I sensed some weird feeling in my body, screaming but totally disinfected and so relaxed that when he caught me the last time and slammed my cousin into my throat he came to the end with no trouble to the egg and so he kept it. TELL ME TO KUCKO See you can. I started to choke, clap, I felt his swollen head in his throat, enjoyed it at any time. The tears went to my eyes, the sling around my mouth and my nose, I was totally leaking from his throat. I took my gurus out of his legs, but he did not let me keep my head up with my strength until I felt his egg on my bald chin. I was scared for moments, and so relaxed, so dumb, that sense of total humility overwhelmed me. He felt this and let me come to myself. He took the knife out and told me you can, when he pulled it out I did not get the air pulled twice, he immediately fell back into his throat and started to fuck. He started doing what we said on the site say facefuck and it was good for me to start throwing his throat.

It was so easy to go to my throat so much, so much saliva was curled out of my mouth by my chin on the thighs of the trumpet so my dick was totally damp. He stopped telling me now that when I was so good you would get him where his place was. He took me out of his mouth. He pushed to the mattress that I just fell asleep all this humidly restrained by itself. I wiped my hand to get myself all wet. So wet that it can not even wipe away from it, it’s not water it’s simply a sore throat.

When I slipped from my back to the back, wiping off my face, slid to the end, lowered down, and started to spit in my hand and rubbing it between my ass. Since no one was touching me for a long time, I immediately sighed and said slowly, please. Of course he did not listen to it at all. He just said the bitch has to listen to what you are talking about. You’re not important here. I was silent as a girlfriend. He dabbed my wet cushion on my butt, immediately shaved and said stomach, you should put a condom, he told me he does not need anything in the right bitches, he needs a tough piece of meat to feel what it is, I started down his hands down to put it on I was licking the plague and I türkçe bahis immediately heard it. His wet cunt from my throat tucked between my ass on a small hole began to penetrate

He started to enter me, perhaps he was a bit gentle at that time because it was the first time I saw him because I was brutally fucked up later. I poured it completely and walked into me wet millimeters per millimeter deeper and deeper. He did not want to wait, just pushed the bottle back under his nose and said to breathe in to relax his guts. I breathed in again after 10-15 seconds again the feeling that stuffed the body, shaking my head, deep breathing, and I really relaxed my gloom that it came to an end all at once. I stooped, groaned, instantly put my hand on his mouth as his kitten was in my uterus. A silent bitch will hear us in the neighboring apartment as I’ll fuck you again. I shuddered and closed my mouth. He started to fuck me, he started bobbing, was not specially constructed or was an athlete, he even had a little stomach, but I did not mind, why ??? Because I became totally humiliated at that moment, I just wanted to be a sneaky jaw and I excited not to walk away what it was.

The fuck was getting bigger and bigger by the end, I was worried about patting on that mattress in a little boy in the dark next to the stove. I was like a whore that was paid to satisfy a man, and I was doing it for the jabs. I wanted him and he used it. He used my body in full. He felt close and he just told me he came up, stuck him standing above me and opening the mouth of the bitch. I listened to him, wide open mouth and tongue was gone, and not that I thought, but ended up in my facial couple of jets so he pushed it in my mouth and pulled out again and crawled on my cheeks and returned back to my mouth and said cleanse him. I listened to him as a real bitch and put every drop of badge until he started falling slightly.

I did my part of the job. He made me a baby and what happened next, it happened that he fucked me for months for even more than a year in that apartment and once in a row. He fucked me, stuffed me when he wanted, ran to me in my throat, in the ass whereever he wanted and wanted, taught me the obedience to walking like a dog for him, I dressed in the underwear that he bought me, he wore me with my cucumber with that poppers, I had the first anal orgasm because of it. He was urging me to go all over Serbia to the group, but I never had any balls for it. I was afraid. We’ve been upset with time, but I will never forget it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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