House to Herself

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She put her earrings in. She wasn’t going anywhere and there was no one to see, but she didn’t care. They felt sexy, the weight of them a drag on her earlobes, almost like the sensation of teeth running over them without ever pulling off.

She hadn’t bothered to get dressed after showering, except for those earrings. There was no one else at home, no noisy, nosey or annoying housemates that might blunder in on her to view her naked state. It was bliss to just be walking around with nothing constricting any movement.

Not that constriction was a bad thing, she considered, gazing at the small collection of corsets, whips, ticklers and restraints hanging inside her open wardrobe. Constrictions, tight, binding restrictions on breathing and movement weren’t a bad thing at all…

She pictured herself in her latest acquisition, a steel boned corset that when fully laced just allowed her to gasp enough air to survive, but never enough to speak without a husky breathlessness that thrust her breasts even higher in their restrictive cage. She imagined the looks on all the little people’s faces when they saw her in it. The awe. The envy. The lust. All the little looks from the men that said they wanted to fuck her and all the little looks from the women that said they were pretending not to care that they had just been hopelessly outclassed.

Quirking her lips up into a smile, she turned away from her toys to look in the mirror, surveying her figure. She wasn’t stick thin, but the extra weight was where it was supposed to be, rounding out her ass and swelling her boobs. The layer over her stomach was soft and fine and there were still muscles underneath but not so apparent that güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri they were what you first saw.

She ran her hands up her belly and over her chest to cup her boobs, her titties. They drooped when she wasn’t wearing a bra through pure weight, but they looked so very pretty when you played with them, she thought. She rubbed the globes together, and then played with the nipples a bit, holding them so that the entire weight of the breast was suspended from the nubs at the end. It hurt just a bit, enough to make her feel wet, anyway. She let go of her own nipples and let the boobs slap back onto her chest before choosing one, the right, and drawing it out from her chest again to lightly slap the underside.

The sting made her gasp in and hold, made her pussy contract, made her let go of her own tit to let it nestle back beside it’s partner. She looked at herself in the mirror again, her blush riding high on her face at her own self abuse. She breathed in deeply, bringing her tits into prominence again and repeated for the left, the draw up by the nipple, the slap and the clench that spoke to her about just how close pleasure is to pain and what her own body preferred. Gentle caresses were sweet, but she always had to dream of being held down to get off.

She rubbed her breasts a moment more, pinching the nipples out to make them pinker before spreading her legs and gazing down her body at her pussy. She had taken advantage of having the house to herself to spend an entire hour in the bathroom and her bush was neatly shaven into a triangle and trimmed down so that the lips were clearly visible and vulnerable.

She spent a few moments güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri running her fingers through her own pussy hair, pulling upwards against the grain, the newly shorn fleece more sensitive to being ruffled than before it’s close cropping. Her pussy pulsed upwards again at this little teasing, the sensation like the best sort of scalp massage in the most intimate of areas. Quirking her lips up again, she spread her legs a bit wider again and then, with a sudden sharp striking movement, slapped the flat of her hand against her outer lips and mound. Her hand shook, but she forced herself to do it again, three quick strikes in succession.

Her shallow gasp was shaky and worn as she stopped. The entirety of her pussy was tingling and hot, begging to be soothed by fingers that would excite and release the sudden craving into a sweet orgasm. She was annoyed with herself. She always wanted to strike harder, but her own body wouldn’t let her, her hand slowing as it reached its target. She reached two fingers down and pressed her clit back against her pubic bone, hard, moving the hood over it, back and forth.

She looked in the mirror again and watched her mouth, open slightly with panting, before making a little kissing motion to herself and walking over to her office chair. She had masturbated many times in that chair, it wasn’t ideal, but the back reclined to a half prone position and there was many times that she had rubbed off on it whilst watching some or another little bit of porn.

Today she wanted it because the fabric was nubby and would abrade her butt just a little when she sat down. Just a little scratch to add to the fun and games güvenilir bahis şirketleri she was playing today. She pulled the chair out from it’s position under the desk, bracing it’s wheels against a wall so it couldn’t roll if she felt the need to brace her legs and push up. She ran her hands over the seat and then the back, enjoying the material, before swinging round to sit down, reclining the seat just a little.

She splayed her legs out to the side, and ran her hands back down to her pussy, repeating her nice little game with the hair there, before grasping pinches of it and pulling until the skin followed. She plucked her way all over her mound, before spearing two fingers of the same hand down between her outer and inner lips. She squeezed her fingers together, pinching the inner lips into prominence, before dragging her fingers off forwards slowly so that her inner lips stretched out then fell back as the tight hold of the fingers lost grip on the slippery inner folds.

She reached in again, with thumb and forefinger this time, pinching around the stem of her clit, again and again, the pinch rolling the flesh through her fingers as she tightened her hold, before being gripped again to deliver even more sweet delight.

Finally she could stand it no more and, dragging back the hood with her middle finger, she pressed her index finger to her clit and rubbed strong circles. Her mouth opened and her feet, which had been up on tiptoe whilst she had been playing, slammed down into the floor as her back arched off of the chair, her weight being suspended by her shoulders as she convulsed her pleasure, steaming the air with the sweet smell of feminine sex juice as her pussy clenched in the air.

She relaxed back down into the office chair, tingling with aftershocks, vaguely hoping she hadn’t stained the upholstery but not with any great care. Upholstery could wait until later, perhaps after she had done that again. After all, it wasn’t everyday she had the house to herself…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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