Hooking Up Mrs. Curry Ch. 02

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(The following chapter contains sex between a 65-year-old woman and 18-year-old man, and playfull and romantic lovemaking, creampie eating and panty fetish. Best to read the first chapter to catch up, hoping you like this one. I’m really enjoying doing this latest series, even though the first one hasn’t gotten very high votes. I like the way this is going, hope you do, too)

Suzie had many thoughts on her drive to Dennis’s house. Everyone of them sexual.

The handsome 18 year old had come to her house to hook her laptop to the Internet, a friend’s grandson. He’d worked under her desk to do it and as she found out later, had secretly filmed her, shooting her feet, her legs, her pussy, her ass. He’d attempted to relieve himself in the bathroom, but she interrupted him.

And she sent him on his way, despite the urgency she felt to bed him. But she also discovered he’d stolen her favorite blue panties, for his own obvious use. And now she raced to his house. She wasn’t at all sure what she’d do when she got there. But so many ideas flooded her horny mind on the way.

The widow woman hadn’t had sex in ages, not since her husband died. She missed him, and their rather frequent sexual encounters, and now fully fantasized about finding that passion again, albeit with a man-child some 47 years younger than she.

She went to his house; she’d been there occasionally before, knew where it was, having visited with the boy’s grandmother. His parents and sister were away, he’d told her. She knew he’d be quite alone. With her filthy, soiled panties. She felt the ones she wore now, sweaty from playing tennis on this hot day, grow ever wetter.

She pulled in his yard and quietly approached the house. The front door was locked. She remembered the back deck, where parties were held that she’d attended. She walked around the house. It was open, only an unlocked screen in her way.

“God, what am I doing, what am I doing?” she whispered to herself, walking in, listening.

Faintly, down the hall, she heard it. Dennis, moaning. Dennis, calling her name. Dennis, presumably stroking his hard young cock and smelling the panties he’d stolen.

She crept down the hall, heart pounding in her chest, pussy tingling, shapely thighs trembling. She reached the door. It was open. She looked in. The headboard was to her left, against the wall. Dennis face was partially hidden by the doorway and what she could see of it was covered by her bright blue panties jammed over it. Suzie watched, transfixed, as his hand furiously stroked the biggest, thickest cock she’d ever seen, easily dwarfing her late husband’s or any other man she’d been with before they’d met.

Which weren’t many. Now, she regretted not finding someone like this boy earlier. She licked her lips, sneaking her hand under her short tennis skirt, feeling her wetness, smelling her ripe aroma waft up to her nose.

“Oh, fuck, Mrs. Curry!” he cried out, the panties on his face, his free hand holding his cell phone to view the recent sordid footage he’d captured of her as he jerked his dick with the other. “Goddam, your legs are sooo fucking hot!!!”

They were, she knew, they were her best asset. Now they shook slightly as she leaned on the door frame, diddling her pussy, watching this boy stroke himself to images of them.

He was close, she sensed, very close. He’d been close in her bathroom before she cut him off by knocking on the door. She wanted to watch his thick cream shoot up his naked chest as he now peeled off his t-shirt, his gym shorts already cast aside. She wanted to see the juice explode from his cock and those enormous, hairless balls. He was smooth there, she noticed. He’d shaved his pubic area, and she thought of hers, unkempt, furry, moist.

She didn’t know what she’d do if she walked in. But she couldn’t stop herself from doing it.

He was about to cum when from the corner of his eye, the one partially blocked by her incredibly stinky panty he was sniffing and licking, he saw a form. He tore the panty off, turning his head, praying it wasn’t his parents or sister. Susie stood, not smiling, not appearing angry or shocked or shamed. She just stood. Watching. Eyes wide open. And her hand under her skirt, fingers beneath her panties, stroking the furry patch.

“MRS. CURRY!” he screamed, stuffing the panty under his ass and dragging a corner of the bed sheet over his crotch to hide his wet, beautiful dick. “WHAT…PLEASE…I’M SO SORRY!!!!”

The bed sheet was instantly soaked with his copious precum. She stepped closer. She smiled ever so slightly.

“Don’t be, Dennis, don’t be,” she heard herself say. “I’m not…”

“But…but…but…” he stammered, fear in his eyes that were filling with tears of shame.

“It’s OK, Dennis, it’s OK,” she said in a soothing, maternal voice, approaching him and sitting on the edge of the bed, finding herself putting a comforting hand on his thigh, causing him to jump.

“It…is?” he said in squeaky voice.

“Yes, casino siteleri I know…you young boys have…needs,” she said, looking him in the eye. “I know…well, I know what you were doing at my house. At first I didn’t, but I checked your phone. I know about your filming me..my legs and…you know…”

“You…you DO?” he cried out. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry, Mrs….”

“Shhhh, shhhh,” she hushed in that soothing, calm tone even as her heart thundered in her chest. “I must say..well, I am flattered that you..that you’d film…that you seem to like what you saw! I mean, I’m an old lady….”

“An old sexy lady!” he blurted out, stopping himself and shaking his head. “Sexy lady…but still, I…”

She slid closer, facing him, her bare right thigh brushing his on the bed. He jumped again.

“Those photos…clips…you got a lot of my legs,” she continued, her skirt riding high on hers to reveal her succulent, shapely and slightly fleshy thighs, browned by the sun. “You…you like my legs?”

“OH GOD YES!” he gushed with too much enthusiasm, and scaling it back by adding, “I hope…that’s OK?”

“Of course it is, again, I’m flattered that a handsome young man like you would be so taken by and old…an older woman’s body, and her legs,” she giggled. “I must admit, I do have pretty good legs. Don’t I?”

He nodded furiously. She giggled again at his cute nervousness.

“These legs,” she sighed, patting them with her hands, then standing a couple feet away and twirling playfully. “You like these legs.”

She didn’t say it as a question. Her intent was clear. He nodded again, more slowly, eyeing those muscular old gams up and down.

“You seemed to like everything down there,” she laughed with a mischievous tone. “My bum! You filmed this as well!”

She playfully lifted her short tennis skirt, making him groan, showing him the slightly saggy creamy white flesh of that delectable derriere.

“Film me,” she found herself saying.


“Go on, film me!” she laughed. “Now you don’t have to be secretive about it, Dennis! Film my…my legs…my ass…my feet…my pussy!”

She couldn’t believe what she was doing as now she waltzed around the room, putting on a show as Dennis’s trembling hands held his cell phone, aiming it at her every move. He zoomed in close on her sexy feet, as she kicked off her sneakers, and up those supple calves and gnarly thighs. She hoisted her skirt, pulling her panties up between her lips, making him gasp at the sight of that furry pussy embracing the thin strand of fabric, moistening it. She twirled around and bent over, palming her meaty ass cheeks, feeling her cunt get wetter at his frantic groans as he watched. And filmed.

“We probably shouldn’t,” she finally said as she slowly walked toward him, dropping her skirt to the floor and kicking it away. “I mean…”

“I know,” he said with a warble in his voice, considering the notion that they wouldn’t.

“We’re….the age difference….it’s just so….” she continued softly, eyes glued to his, peeling off her top, taking off her bra and tossing it aside, smiling gently at the gasping boy as her slightly saggy milk-white tits swung into view, slightly splayed to the sides and drooping a bit, delicate blue veins snaking under the alabaster flesh.

“Yes,” he said in a voice gone squeaky, his mouth dry as he gulped and she neared.

“I mean it wouldn’t be right,” she said, slithering out of her soaking wet panties and raising them dramatically to drop on his crotch, right on his stiff cock outlined in the sheet moist from his pre-cum.

“No,” he whispered.

She sat down and leaned to him, their eyes searching. Their lips met and melted away any misgivings. They kissed, gently at first, then like hungry long-lost lovers, eager to reunite, body and soul. Her slender hand traced down his handsome face, over his tight, muscular chest to his hard belly and under the sheet. His eyes were wide open, staring disbelieving into hers, their tongues wrestling for space in each other’s mouths.

And his eyes fluttered as her tiny hand encircled his cock, both of them gasping into their mouths. She moved it slowly, up and down, ever so slowly, painfully slowly, feeling the thickness in her fingers and the pulsating heat of the engorged shaft.

“Oh..my..GOD, Mrs. Curry!” he cried out, feeling his huge balls throb.

She broke the kiss, smiling and sitting to his right, offered him the gift of her meaty left tit, his mouth opening and seeking the thick nipple like a hungry bird as she stroked him. He groaned, fisting the wrinkled flesh into his trembling hands, sucking and licking, moaning and gasping. She watched him, her eyes wide open, drinking it in, his young, limber body writhing under her stroking touch.

“I’m gonna…oh GOD, Mrs. Curry, I’m gonna….” He groaned as her hand slapped faster up and down his throbbing cock.

“I know, Dennis, I know,” she cooed, picking up the pace, bending his canlı casino dick toward his tight belly, watching the thick stream of pre-cum strand over her working fingers, the slime glistening on them. “It’s OK, cum for me! Cum for Mrs. Curry! There’s plenty more to follow, I’m sure!”

And he did. With a mighty, throaty, desperate growl, he came, the first thick, long rope of cum jetting out of his cock and catching the startled woman across the face, making her cum from its heat and texture and smell, her mouth open to catch the dribbling gel as it trickled down her forehead and nose into her lips and onto her tongue.

He groaned again, the second, third and fourth shots arching out of his dick and splashing wetly onto the very tit he was sucking at the top, thick rivers of it that ran down and into his adoring mouth that frantically licked at her nipple, making no effort to stop and eating his own cum from her quivering tit flesh.

The next couple hit him across his own face, making her cum again, watching his mouth work her tit, creamy and wet, his expert tongue lashing over the meatiness, his mouth open and soaked with his sperm. She impetuously lifted one socked foot to his crotch now, squeezing down on his bloated balls, eager to milk the rest from him and the last waning jets laced in cinnamon stripes up his belly and chest. Her jerking slowed, her pussy soaking wet, her hand now benefitting from the dribbling remains of his wrenching orgasm.

“Oh my word!” she laughed, finally pulling her hand from his still-stiff dick and looking at the cream covering it. “You certainly needed that!”

He smiled a dreamy, creamy smile, still lapping at her tit, cleaning her of him. She laughed.

“And look at you!” she roared. “Eating your own cum! My goodness, you are a rare bird, I must say that! You must be used to it, I imagine, jerking off and cumming as hard as you do!”

“Yeah, I do hit myself in the face all the time,” he sighed, licking up her wrinkly neck to clean the cream there, then to her face, gently lapping the remains from her lips, chin, cheeks and forehead.

“You taste heavenly,” she growled in a sexy low growl, kissing and sharing cum, lifting her hand to their mouths for both to lick clean.

They kissed for a long moment longer, she draping herself over him, chest to chest, her meaty thighs closing around his cock, making him moan and thrust up into the fleshy warmth of them.

“My, my, ready already!” she laughed, slithering up his chest, making it up on the fly. “But now it’s my turn…if you would be so kind….”

“Oh, GOD, yes!” he cried out, holding her thighs as they inched up his chest, spreading, her meaty, hairy pussy parting to his view, his nose sniffing the air for her sweaty, musky scent.

Her thighs framed his face, the fur of her pussy on his chin. She looked down at him, hands on hips, reveling in the dominant pose.

“Have you ever….eaten a woman before, Dennis?” she said, surprising herself with the question.

“Not….not often….not like….” he moaned, gulping, licking his lips as he looked into the furry promise of her glistening crotch.

“Not what?” she giggled, thrusting her hands to her sex, parting the lips, her oily clit sticking out, aimed at his mouth. “Not hairy, you mean? Are the girls you’ve been with shaved down there?”

“Yes,” he hissed. “This is so…different…so very…sexy….”

“Then get busy, boy!” she laughed, now grabbing the headboard and sliding up to his face, planting her hairy quim on his mouth and nose, gasping at the feel of it against her sopping pussy. “Oh, God….”

Her late husband was fairly good at oral sex, it was a big part of their sex lives. But this boy was something else. From the second she made contact, his tongue erupted in a lizard-like frenzy of wiggling and delighting her, making her grip the headboard harder, arching her back, thrusting into his trapped face. He worked his way through her like a pro, lapping at her clit, drubbing it with that magic tongue, wiggling his head side to side. Then he lapped down, driving the length of it inside her gripping cunt, thrusting in and out, wantonly fucking her with it.

She came almost instantly and from then on was lost in the orgasmic blur of riding the young man’s face, hearing her groans morph into screams, thrusting her hips back and forth, blasting her gushing pussy over him, scraping over his face from her asshole to her clit, from his forehead to her chin. It was almost an out-of-body experience, her soul lost to the task, feeling as if her relentless face pounding would erase his features to a nub.

She lost count of her orgasms, but felt them wane finally, and slowed her hunching hips to grind down hard on his nose and mouth. She felt him groan, his face try to twist away to get air and realized she was smothering him in her pussy. Her thighs, tight now with muscular exertion from so continual a flow of orgasms, cinched over his face, hiding it. She laughed kaçak casino and parted them and heard the gasp for air between them.

“Wow!” he squealed from under her sexy body, his face soaked with her juices. “Wow!”

She laughed and peeled her sex from his face, sliding back toward his cock, leaning to kiss him and now lick his face clean of her juices. They made out like horny teens, and she devoured his lips and tongue, getting wetter as she inhaled the musky scent of her sweaty cunt that covered him.

“You ready for this?” she giggled, licking down his neck to playfully bite his nipples, her hairy quim brushing his eager dick.

“Oh God yes,” he moaned.

She slithered down on it, putting a hand between them, fisting the thick head to her furry slit and sighing as she sat back, sheathing his cock deep inside her. They both moaned in unison, he feeling the velvety heat of her pussy encase his cock, she trembling at the fullness he provided. It was a gentle motion at first, she lifting off and slithering down, then faster and faster as their intensity and urgency mounted. She leaned over him, biting her lips, her meaty tits bouncing and scraping over his face. Frantically, he fisted them in his hands, running his mouth back and forth over each one, devouring her thick brown nipples.

It lasted just enough time, given his previous, massive orgasm, several minutes of undulating bodies and sweaty flesh sliding over each other. His clenching hands wandered to her meaty rump, massaging and kneading the flesh, slipping a finger into the furry tightness of her asshole, triggering yet another in an endless series of orgasms of varying intensity.

She leaned over him fully, letting him drive his hips up, his huge cock filling her, slapping his balls into her meaty thighs. His tongue licked her face, down her cheeks, ingesting the soft furrows of her salty neck, tasting the meat of it, savoring the flesh in his mouth, nipping at it. She came again from having a part of her body she long detested worshipped so completely.

And he came, drilling up into her, holding there, feeling his nuts knot and jet into her aching womb. Just enough time, she thought; it’d been awhile since a cock had been up there and never one this deliciously thick and long. She was starting to get sore and didn’t want to tell him, but now he finished, the last jet scorching into her, his mouth on hers, eyes open and staring into her soul.

“Wow,” she giggled, flopping off him to the bed beside him, thighs open and slack, her thatch matted with their combined juices. “Wow indeed….”

He smiled, turning to her, fingering her pussy. Her hand stopped him. She smiled.

“It’s been awhile, dear boy,” she laughed. “I’m a bit sore…”

“Then I’ll kiss it,” he said daringly, eyes flashing, launching himself between her fleshy thighs, facing the well of her creamy pussy. “And make it better…”

“Oh my God,” she moaned, finding herself twisting her nipples in her slender fingers as he gorged himself.

He ate long and deep, lingering strokes from her quivering rectal ring to scoop up escaping cream and up to her hole, slurping wetly from it, swallowing and going back for more. He attached his mouth to it, his nose grinding her clit, his eyes wide open and looking up over the white swell of her belly and tits into her face, which was twisted into a mask of want and need and orgasm. She came suddenly and savagely, grinding into his face, her thighs instinctively clamping shut around the boy’s face, her calves locked and legs straight out. Any hint of sagginess was gone as the muscles in her incredible legs punched tight against the wrinkled flesh, quivering and scissoring his face with surprising power.

She came quickly, and hard, holding his head, pulling his face to her. Finally finished, she relaxed her scissoring thighs and they fell slackly open, the gentle sway of her inner thigh flesh peeling off his cum-soaked face. He smiled at her, playfully darting his tongue to her sensitive clit, making her pull back with a giggle.

“You just can’t get enough can you?” she laughed, pulling him up between her legs to kiss him and taste them.

“Not enough of you, that’s for sure,” he groaned.

The words settled over them, a casual toss-off of endearment under ordinary conditions. But these were far from ordinary. Now the words lay thick over them with the heft of meaning.

“But…this was nice…but…” she stammered.

“Then why stop?” he asked, kissing her gently, eyes open and eager.

She smiled and lay with him for long tender moments before standing, dressing to leave. He pulled on his shorts, watching her slip into her bra and top, sneakers and skirt. She looked on the floor where the blue panties of his affection had fallen. Smiling, she picked up the panties she’d peeled off earlier, the white ones redolent of her scent. She balled them up and walked to him, playfully stuffing them into his mouth. He laughed a muffled laugh, eyes rolling as he tasted her before pulling them out.

“Keep ’em,” she giggled, picking up the blue ones. “In case you need a reminder.”

“Oh, I won’t,” he sighed, pointing to his cell phone on the nightstand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20