Hooked on You

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“You like that baby girl?”

I love the way you nod your head and bite your lip, unable to speak.

“Good. Daddy enjoys pleasing you.”

Your soft skin feels so amazing against my hand as I caress you. You let the lightest moan escape your mouth, making my cock twitch at the sound.

“Baby girl needs thigh rubs more often then, huh?”

You open those bright eyes and look at me. Your “Yes, pwease Daddy” does it for me. I never tire of hearing that. And neither does my cock, apparently. I squeeze your leg tightly and plant soft kisses up your thigh. Your moans grow louder and I can feel the blood rushing to my cock.

“You get Daddy so hard baby girl. Come here.”

I take your arms and pull you into my lap.

“Are you wet for Daddy?”

Your shy nods are so adorable. But I need to hear you say it. Tell me what I do to you.

“Nuh uh precious. Be a good girl and use your words.”

Your blush gets even deeper and I can’t stifle my chuckle. Goodness, you are so delicious. casino siteleri And I can’t wait to devour you. Your timid voice breaks my thought.

“Y-yes Daddy. I am very wet for you. Can I -um… Daddy can I..”

“Can you what?” My words come out harsher than I intend, I can see the fear in your expression. I know you’ve been a good girl but I love the look in your eyes when you think you’re in trouble. I can’t help it. I turn my expression dark to intimidate you.

“Can you put my cock in your mouth? Yes you may slut. Off of my lap.”

Your frazzled movements to get off of me force a grin on my face.

“On your knees.” You obey.

“Take my cock out.” You hurriedly work to undo my belt, button and zipper. You wrap your hand around my already hard cock. Fuck, your skin against mine is so sensational.

“Open wide for Daddy.”

You open your mouth and my cock twitches at the sight.


You dive right in. Licking, sucking, kissing, slobbering all over my cock. canlı casino I grab your head and force my cock down your throat. I love the way you take me deep so willingly. God, I need inside you. I can’t keep up this charade f

or much longer. Not when you are being such a good girl.

“Okay Daddy’s little cock slut. I want inside your pussy. Stand up.”

I look you up and down. Tears in your eyes and saliva on your cheeks. You really give me your all, don’t you baby girl? So fucking beautiful.

“Strip for Daddy.”

I know you hate it when I make you do this. You’re too shy. But it’s all I can do to keep from ravishing you. You begin to protest “But Da-“


My voice makes you jump. You get to removing your clothes right away. You slowly remove your shirt. I grab my cock and start stroking at the sight of your skin. How do you do this to me, baby girl? Next you shimmy out of your skirt. I can see you’re wearing a thong. Your beautiful, round ass is peeking at me.

“Turn for kaçak casino me.”

You do a 360 while you unclasp your bra. I can’t help but moan. You drop it to the floor with the rest of your pile of clothes. Your bare breasts jiggle upon being freed and it’s enough to get me closer.

“Fuck, baby.”

I knew I couldn’t keep it up once I saw that innocent little smile on such a perfect body. You’re so good to Daddy.

“Keep going. I want to see that pretty little pussy.”

I visibly see your nipples harden at my words. You oblige. You stand in front of me, completely bare. I sit in awe of your beauty. Your curves are perfection. Your big breasts smile at me. Your pussy calls out to be licked. Before I know it, I am cumming from how furiously I was stroking my cock. I zoned out to my admiration of your body. Yet I still need inside you.

“Come ride Daddy’s cock, my precious little slut.”

You prance over and lower yourself down on to me. That noise you always make upon entry slips from your throat and it drives me insane.

“I love starting off with your cum inside me Daddy” you whisper, driving me wild.

As we work together to build your orgasm, I realize something. You’ve got me hooked, baby girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20