His Sweet Neighbor

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Mike knocked at the door, not really sure he’d get a response at all. Yes, he’d agreed to Maggie’s plea to keep an eye on her daughter while she was away with his own wife in their brand new business venture but, what young girl in her right mind would stay at home in a hot summer day such as this? The whole affair seemed rather useless to him, but his word had been offered and, above all, he refused to have any of the nagging his wife was sure to submit him to should he fail to fulfill his promise. So there he was, standing at his neighbor’s house door, because Maggie was a control freak that felt her teenage daughter was incapable of surviving if Mommy was away. Ha. It was a miracle a party hadn’t been thrown every single night since the overprotective Maggie had left.

“Mr. Richardson, hi!”

The joyful greeting caught Mike by surprise. So sure had he been that there was no way she could be at home, that he had very nearly deafened himself to all sort of response. Startled, his eyes flew from his rather uninterested perusal of the street to the open door and the girl standing there, looking at him with a smile on her face.

Well, now that was a surprise, Mike mused. Mara was indeed home.

The greatest one, however, was to see that the eighteen year old had chosen to forego her usually modest yet youthful wardrobe, going for a much more daring option instead.

An option that made Mike notice her for the very first time.

Who would have guessed Maggie’s well-behaved and sensible daughter truly looked like this? She wasn’t the kind of girl to wear revealing outfits to school or parade around in little pieces that barely covered her. Maggie, whom to Mike’s eyes was every bit a prude, surely had a big saying in that. It was obvious that now that she was home alone, Mara was going to wear exactly what she wanted without having anyone bothering her about it.

Denim shorts, shorter and tighter than anything he had ever seen her wearing, exposed long legs and did a great job of offering Mike an unspoiled view of the lush curve of her hips. With the healthy body of a girl who did sports, Mara was firm everywhere, and the breasts holding the black top in place — without the obvious restraints or help of a bra — only served to confirm Mike’s assumptions. His mouth watered a little as his eyes delved on the snug V formed by her breasts. Mother Nature had been generous with this girl, he noticed, eyeing those breasts that would perfectly fit a grown man’s hand… and maybe even some more.

Only Mara’s polite words managed to bring him back from that fog of awakening lust that was developing inside him.

“Is there anything I can do for you, Sir?”

Mike cleared his throat. There was a brief moment of distraction when Mara crossed her arms covered in the off-the-shoulder sleeves of her top, pushing her generous breasts together with her actions, but he managed to curtail it before his mind drifted any further. No, he was by no means a young boy her age; at forty-four, he was literally old enough to be her father. His sex drive, however, repressed by a wife that had little interest in sex anymore and that had failed to be any adventurous when she still was, had to yet be notified of that fact, seeing as it responded to this young, attractive and healthy girl displaying her firm body to his eyes in all its glory.

Swallowing hard, Mike forced himself to go on as nonchalantly as possible.

“Hi there, Mara. Everything is okay, don’t worry. I hope I’m not bothering you, but your mom begged me to check in on you and see if you were okay or needed anything?”

The roll in Mara’s eyes told Mike everything he needed to know and, for a fleeting moment, deflected his thoughts to a much less dangerous area.

“Oh my God, that is so embarrassing!” Mara exclaimed, mortification clear in her voice. “She honestly did that?”

“Oh, yes.” Mike grinned conspiringly at her. “Maggie can be a handful, can’t she?”

Once again, Mara’s instinctive response was to roll her eyes.

“Oh, you have no idea.” She smiled at him with her head tilted to the side, her long, light brown hair falling over her shoulder as her hazel eyes stared at him with a sparkle in her eyes. There was a moment of silence that made Mike somewhat uncomfortable before her smile widened a little and she offered. “Do you want to come in? I can make you a cup of coffee for your troubles and later you can tell my mom you’ve seen with your own eyes her daughter isn’t starving to death and that her house still stands. Maybe that way she’ll stop being a pain?”

The open, unaffected way in which Mara spoke her words, born of her embarrassment and wish to make things better for him, had Mike berating himself inwardly for his earlier thoughts. Mara was a well behaved, level-headed teenager that obviously placed a good behavior above all. There was nothing neither remotely nor purposely enticing in her actions, so Mike pushed all lustful thoughts casino şirketleri aside as he nodded and entered the house.

Or he did, anyway, until Mara, having closed the door behind him, led the way to the kitchen, her bare feet padding silently on the floor, her hips swaying in the most delightful way, drawing his attention to the marvelous way her denim shorts clung to her rounded, firm butt. Not an inch that shouldn’t be exposed was visible, but the garment was tight on her, riding snugly up between the round cheeks and, should she bend over if only a little, Mike was sure he would get an eyeful of lightly tanned skin.

As she led the way, Mara’s cheeks colored with a soft blush as she added an extra sway to her hips, conscious — even without looking — of where Mr. Richardson’s eyes were fixed. She was no virgin, but she was far from being at the level of experience her friends and fellow classmates had achieved when it came to sex. God knew that, with her prude of a mother, she had to be very careful when embarking in any sort of naughty adventures, so she had mostly gone for complete strangers far from home when in need of a good pounding, not wanting her escapades to be known. That Mr. Richardson from next door, a grown, older, attractive man looked at her with blatant hunger in his eyes made all the corners of her body tingle. Especially those between her thighs, where the rubbing of the inseam of her shorts was adding some delightful pressure to a clit that had already been stimulated before Mr. Richardson knocked on the door.

It had been impossible not to notice the way he had stared at her breasts. Although it was the way pretty much every other man in the world stared at big breasts, the way he did it made Mara feel a need growing inside her that made her nipples pebble against the fabric of her top. This man would know what to do to them to make them feel good, she realized as the rubbing of the fabric further stimulated them. Mike Richardson would know exactly how to treat her breasts so they felt good, instead of very nearly mauling them like some overly eager boys had. Embarrassed as she had been for years by her attributes, Mara was now glad for them, as she was for her choice of wardrobe for that day. The shorts and top were part of a collection of revealing items she had collected mostly over the past year and that she kept carefully hidden from her mother. She had become a specialist at leaving the house wearing youthful yet sensible outfits to appease her mother, and then change into clothes she had smuggled out in the most varied of ways. Now, as she caught Mr. Richardson’s gaze fixed on her ass on a mirror as they walked past it, she wished she could have worn something more daring, if only to see his reaction to it.

Too bad he was a grown man, their neighbor, and married to her mom’s business partner to boot, Mara mused, and that other than staring at her, he would most likely never do anything else. Which was a real pity, for although Mara’s sexual partners had all been boys around her age, something inside her wept with need at the sight of this big man that had been fucking women for longer than she had been alive. That, and that she would never find the courage to come on to him the way her fantasies begged her to.

“Why don’t you sit on the couch and I’ll get the coffee ready for you?” She offered over her shoulder, waving in the general direction of the living room’s couch where she had been until the knock on the door had interrupted her previous activities; activities that had had her clit tingling and her breasts heaving.

Mike nodded his agreement, and while he took a seat on the large sofa, Mara hurried to the kitchen to prepare a new pot of coffee for her neighbor like any polite, good little girl would do.

The moment she was out of Mike’s gaze, however, Mara did something that surprised even herself. She, the girl that was still rather shy in her approach to potential sexual partners despite her sexy clothes and dark fantasies in her mind, primped herself for the man in the next room as best as she could. Having noticed the attention Mr. Richardson had devoted to her breasts, she arranged her round curves more properly in her tight top, pushing the neckline as low as she dared without making it blatantly obvious. Her generous tits, pushed together and up by the fabric, strained against the neckline, ready to pop out. Next, she tugged at the waistband of her shorts, allowing them to ride not only up between her ass cheeks, but also between the lips of a pussy that presented no barriers with its lack of underwear, lips now clearly outlined thanks to the thick inseam of the shorts. Mara bit her lip to contain the moan that threatened to spill from her lips when her clit, already tingling and stimulated, was now in direct line of the denim and a clear victim of its teasing, torturous rubbing.

“Oh, God.” She moaned under her breath. She could feel the wetness seeping through the thick fabric, casino firmaları and she had to take a deep breath to still her thundering heart and try to regain some much needed composure.

Why was she so turned on by this? Yes, she had seen attractive boys that she had felt like going to bed with, but not a single one of them had ever had her body in this state of torturing arousal just by looking at her! Mr. Richardson had done nothing but that. He hadn’t give her any indication that he would like to take those stares to a whole other level and yet, Mara’s body burnt with an unfulfilled need that had nothing to do with what she had been doing prior to his arrival. Dear God, she was going to play with herself so much when he left! Perhaps, after a couple of well-earned orgasms, she would be able to resume her life as it was. God, she could even go out and get herself a boy to ride hard, even if her body cried for a more experienced cock!

Running her fingers through her long hair to mess it up in what she hoped was a sexy way, Mara stared at herself in the reflection of the appliances before her for a moment before a wave of embarrassment washed over her. What was she doing? Mr. Richardson would never do anything to jeopardize things between both households! With his good looks, a body that showed he spent a great deal of time working out, and a confident air to him, he could have any woman he wanted. Why would he want a silly little girl like her? Mara was about to push her clothes back where they belonged when she stopped herself in the very last second. If all she was going to get from this visit was a wet pussy from playing sexy to a man that would humor her for a while before leaving without a single look back, then so be it. Someone else would take care of that wet pussy later. With that in mind, Mara pulled at the top’s hem a little further, exposing more flesh until her pebbled nipples were poking at the fabric barely an inch from the top. She rolled the excess at the bottom so her tummy was still exposed to his eyes and, pouring the coffee, she took the two mugs on a tray to the living room.

“Here we go.” She said, a smile on her face as she walked into the room. There was a brief faltering in her steps as she saw Mike’s hand abandoning his crotch almost as if he had been caught doing something naughty, but she recovered before he could even notice.

When Mike looked at her over his shoulder, Mara had a brief victory at the way his eyes lingered on her body, clearly noticing all the improvements to her wardrobe.

And notice them he did! Mike could barely keep his mouth from falling open when his eyes settled on Mara as she returned from the kitchen, tray in hand, polite smile on her lips, sexy body about to spill from her tiny clothes.

The top, which wrapped itself around part of Mara’s torso leaving her tummy uncovered, seemed to have grown smaller by some mysterious magic and her breasts, generous and mouthwatering, pushed against it in such way, Mike was sure they would be exposed if she did as much as move in a wrong way. And were those her nipples pushing against the fabric, showing him the upwards curve of her delectable tits and the sway of their weight? Mike’s mouth dried up all of a sudden. The last time he had seen breasts this large and this perfect, they had been carefully crafted by a plastic surgeon and were bobbing — or not, to be honest — in front of him in his computer screen as the porn actress rode a hard cock. The way Mara’s bobbed with every step she took spoke of their natural, untouched state, and his cock, which had calmed down some in her absence and that he was arranging in his jeans when she walked into the room, hardened instantly once again.

His eyes skimmed lower, and his tongue ran over his lips at the sight of her own lower lips clearly outlined by her shorts. Had that been like that before? Or could it be that this sweet girl was teasing him in some way? Mike could have shaken his head at the thought; Mara didn’t strike him as the type. She did strike him, however, as the sexy type, and that was something he couldn’t fight against.

“Oh, good.” He managed to murmur at last, trying to cover his erection as best he could by crossing his hands over his lap.

Mara smiled at him and when she bent over to pose the tray on the coffee table, right next to her laptop, Mike could do little to fight against the urge that got his eyes rolling over her body in a position that sparked more than a few thoughts in his mind. Her breasts moved in the most alluring way and as she added sugar to his coffee — one, as per his request — his gaze moved to the ass so clearly outlined by the shorts. Oh, the way her ass cheeks were divided by the seam riding up all the places he would like to be himself was so tempting, Mike found his hand beginning to move to cup those tempting curves in time to stop what could be a possible disaster.

When Mara plopped on the couch next to him, Mike couldn’t güvenilir casino have possibly kept his eyes from her breasts. Was it just him, or were her nipples even closer to the neckline than before? And were they pink and delicate, or cherry red begging for a mouth to take them? Mike swallowed hard and turned to Mara, who smiled at him, a sparkle in her hazel eyes.

“So, Mr. Richardson… what have you been up since mom and Mrs. Richardson went away?”

Safe topics. Good. If he could stick to those safe topics and think of a wife that wanted to have nothing to do with him in bed, Mike was sure he’d rein in his burning lust in a moment.

“Working extra hours.” He said, referring to his online business, which he led from his office next door. “Being the responsible man and checking on my neighbor’s daughter to see she hasn’t burnt down the house. Yet.” He smiled at Mara and she returned the gesture candidly, knowing exactly where he was coming from. “You?”

Mara shrugged as she went to pick her own cup of coffee from the tray on the table.

“Oh, not much, really. All my friends are away on vacation, so I was just lounging around and…” Her speech was brought to an abrupt end when, distracted by her innocent answer and her consuming companion, her hand brushed the touch pad of her laptop and the screen came to life, exposing what she had been up to before he knocked on her door. What she had really been up to.

There was no action on the screen, but the still image was revealing all the same, and Mara froze in a mixture of panic and embarrassment, horrified by the sight. “Eighteen year old creampied in a hotel room” went the caption at the bottom. But just in case that wasn’t telling enough, the image of a young girl bent over the back of a loveseat, completely naked as an equally naked, visibly older man stood behind her, his hands on her breasts, did the trick.

Mike could barely believe his eyes. Mara, his innocent next door neighbor, the sweet, polite, soft-mannered daughter of prude Maggie, had been caught watching porn in her living room. By him, of all people. Shock was first and foremost in his mind, but it soon receded, pushed back to the darkest corners of his brain as realization took the front seat, feeding the lust growing inside him like the most potent of fuels. An eighteen year old, as the video title said, was being fucked by a man. Not just by any man — an older man, one that would empty himself inside her sweet, tight little pussy, cravings accentuated by her youth and innocence. Mara was eighteen. Mara was young and innocent. And Mike, her next door neighbor, was about as old as the guy pounding the little girl in the video. He didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but well… conclusions were staring at him in the face with an embarrassed look, a pretty blush on her cheeks and nipples poking against her top.

“Oh my God, Sir… I’m so sorry! I…” Mara tried to come up with something to say, but words refused to leave her mouth, as if refusing to let her get away with this, as if wanting her to take full responsibility for this any way it came. She had felt so good playing sexy around this man, but now that this was in full color before her, she felt tears stinging in her eyes. Would he tell her mother? Would he be disgusted?

If anything, Mike couldn’t possibly be further removed from any feeling of disgust. In fact, disgust had never crossed his mind. How could it, when his cock throbbed with implications, robbing him of most of his rational thinking? This little girl watched porn. Porn with older men doing all sorts of dirty things to girls her age. Why would he be disgusted, when thinking of her watching these videos openmouthed with surprise as she discovered new things, her little pussy growing wet, made him hard as a rock?

“You think it’s wrong, right?” Mara asked, wide eyes shining with unshed tears as she looked at him through her eyelashes. “That a girl my age… that any girl, period… we shouldn’t like porn, right? Oh, my mom would kill me if she found out!” If possible, her eyes widened even more as an idea struck her mind. “You won’t tell my mom about this, will you? Oh, my God, if she found out, who knows what she would do? Please, Mr. Richardson!”

That Maggie was a prude was no news to Mike, and sometimes he wondered how she had spread her legs long enough to have her only daughter. That she tried to keep her away from anything remotely sexual was now becoming equally obvious to him, and he understood Mara’s fears.

Knowing of Maggie’s goody-two-shoes usual behavior, however, presented an option he hadn’t imagined nor expected. A lingering glance over all of the sweet spots in Mara’s body, tantalizingly revealed by her outfit, sparked an idea in his mind. Mara didn’t want her mother to find out about her, in his opinion, rather innocent activities; both her preferences for entertainment for her alone time, as well as her non-sanctioned wardrobe choices. Mike, on the other hand, had a throbbing hard cock in his now painfully tight jeans and an obviously very curious young girl next to him; a curious young girl with a sexy body and a need to keep a façade in her mother’s benefit.

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