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HIS P.E.T. 20



My shriek across the airport baggage area drew the attention of most of the other people and they parted a path for me as I ran across the space between us. I dropped my two small shoulder bags at his feet as my hands and arms encircled his neck and our bodies were crushed together. We kissed long and deeply in the midst of the crowd and it wasn’t until we had parted a few inches to allow our eyes to search each other’s that I became aware of some of the people around us. His eyes followed mine as I became aware of individuals and small groups. As I scanned the crowd of people, I found older couples suddenly taking each other’s hands and smiling at each other. I found harried younger couples with tired and upset c***dren stopping, smiling at us, then at each other before corralling their wild bunch around the carousel. A middle-aged man, a businessman with tired eyes and rumpled suit, studying us, then reaching into his pocket for his phone, punch a few buttons, pausing and “Hi, honey. No, nothing important … well, I just thought of you and wanted to hear your voice. I love you, too.”

Hein turned in a full circle, seeing those people and others seeming to somehow have responded to us. Or, so it seemed.

When he was turned back to me, “What just happened?” I shrugged, truly confused and bewildered by it. But, then he smiled, a smile that immediately lit up my face, too. It was a smile that would have been impossible not to reflect back to him.

“I love this look. You have to promise to duplicate sometime back home in Amsterdam.” The smile in his eyes turned slightly with a tease, “Perhaps with some slight modifications.”

The grandmothers, the women who I joined in the tipi, insisted I have an outfit appropriate with my new hair ornament. While we were standing outside the tipi drinking some freshly brewed strong coffee over the outdoor fire, the women motioned above us. An eagle had appeared far above when my shrieking had happened. It was then that Mrs. Standing Bear decided it was time to bring me back from the Journey. They had said the eagle came from nowhere and remained circling on the air currents. The eagle is always a good sign to The People. Suddenly, one of the women had pointed above and we all turned our attention to something separate from the eagle. Something was drifting down and it soon became apparent to be a large feather, presumably from the eagle itself. It fell in a tight spiral and we were transfixed by its descent directly toward our small group near the small column of smoking rising in the still desert air slowing heating with the morning sun. The feather’s descent widened to encompass our small group around the fire, then narrowed directly over me. All the grandmothers, the affectionate term used for all elderly women of the tribe, alternated their gaze from the feather to me as it began to become more and more apparent the feather was dropping to me. It is the way of their beliefs that nothing like this is random and has a purpose and a meaning. When the feather hovered over my head, there was a combined gasp from the women. When a sudden, and unexplainable, wind swirled around me to cause my hair to fly, we all covered our eyes or squinted against the anticipated flying dirt and sand.

When the swirling wind died, the feather was entwined in my hair. The grandmothers fussed over it, inspecting the feather and its attachment to me, then chattering in their language about what the sign meant. My hair was so entwined around the quill that it seemed impossible to remove without damaging the feather or cutting my hair. It was decided to be a sign that must be left until it was ready to separate itself. I was warned, with all the elder women nodding agreement, that it would be a very bad omen to do otherwise.

“So, it seemed only appropriate. I hope you don’t mind spending the money when you have given me so many wonderful gowns. To be walking through airports and sitting in planes with a feather in my hair seemed more explainable if I also wore the colorful native top and skirt.”

He put his finger under the feather and gently lifted it. “You will explain what it means?”

“Oh, Hein … I have so much to tell you. I know I went for a single task about other a****ls, but so much more happened.” He looked at me curiously, but with a look of anticipation took me by the arm and led me to my carousel and my waiting bag.

At the Miami estate house, everyone was waiting in the entryway. I hugged and kissed each with the deep emotional expression I felt and received. As Raul released me, Sharon took me by the hand and led us through the house to the dogs in the back yard. They were at the back wall as we exited the house and every fiber of their being seemed to vibrate and shake when they spotted me. But, an interesting thing happened. They came crashing toward us with their normal wild enthusiasm until they nearly sk**ded to a stop, ten feet from me, their heads cocking from side to side, then sitting in place.

All of us were fascinated by this new behavior. They never jumped on us, but their enthusiasm for attention when they were excited usually seemed borderline uncontrollable. This was different. Except for the wagging of their tails behind them, they sat still, as if waiting for something. Without checking with the others, I knelt on one knee in front of them and, as if we had choreographed it, our three heads moved together, our foreheads touching. When I pulled back, the dogs became their usual wildly energetic selves, combining their long tongues to cover my face, which reduced the humans behind me to laughter.

I wasn’t sure how long I should heed the warning of the old women, but I was going to see what happened naturally with the feather trapped in my hair. It made cleaning my hair very difficult, though, and not the least that my hair was so long and wavy. I believed that something was going to happen soon. It had to.

I made my way down the curved stairway to the entryway. It felt good to be back in my style for our dinners together in the house. This night I was dress in a naughty little outfit pretending to be an apron covering my front and tied at the waist and around my neck. The material was very sheer with a fitted bodice showing my breast and nipples clearly. The bottom of the outfit was three inches below my pussy and that was only when I was standing, obviously. Otherwise, I wore sheer, white thigh-high stocking and high heels. Naturally, I chose a white PET choker. As I considered myself in the mirror in the master suite, the eagle feather seemed out of place, but …

I entered the family room where everyone was congregated for drinks before dinner. I turned heads, to say the least and it felt good. The nudity I had experienced around the ranch with Samantha and Albert was fine, but being with these people like this was the best.

Chris handed me a drink and I gave his peck on the cheek as thanks. He knew there were plenty more of that to come later. I walked through the room to the glass wall and looked out at the yacht secured at the dock outside.

“When are we leaving?”

Hein came up alongside me. He put one arm around my shoulders and pulled me in close to him. “Just waiting on you. We can leave tomorrow morning whenever everyone is ready.”

Chris let out a cheer. “With first light?”

Sharon vetoed that it be delayed just a bit and I was just as glad. I was tired. The five days away felt like weeks. I didn’t know what it was about that dream journey, but it felt like it took days without rest or sleep.

Sharon changed everything. “Honey … when did you get that tattoo?”

I half-turned to her, “What are you talking about? I didn’t get a tattoo.”

She was pointing at the very bottom of my lower back. Hein and Chris turned me back to the window and stared at my naked butt. Chris’ fingers were exploring the region. “It’s permanent for sure. Are you serious that you didn’t know about this?” I shook my head. “How could you not know? Something that intricate with multiple colors would take several sessions and sting like the dickens.” Chris would know, he had several service related tats on his right upper arm and the back of his left shoulder.

I walked to the large mirrors in the entryway. There was one on either side of the front doorway. The others followed me as I stood with my back to one and looked behind me. I gasped. It couldn’t be … could it? The image on my lower back just about my ass was an intricately decorated circle with an eagle feather attached to the top and two more attached closer to the bottom. The feathers were at different angles as though they were being moved by a breeze. It was the same image that was attached to the staff the mystic had been holding. It couldn’t be, though. That was supposed to have been a dream. This would mean …

“Oh, do I have a story to tell you …” And, at that moment, the feather that had been entangled in my hair slipped out and fluttered down. Chris, only Chris with his reflexes, managed to capture it before it hit the ground.

He handed it to me carefully. “I don’t know why, but it seems to be important.”

It was long after we had finished our dinner and now finishing another bottle of wine. We were still sitting around the dining table as I finished my story of the past days away. I told them everything, every detail. I left nothing out about the goat, hog, horses, or Samantha’s Indian friends. I gave every detail of the peyote ceremony and the dream journey. The only details I left out was the ‘island’. I was still trying to understand all that was meant in that. As far as I told it, the ‘island’ was the tentacles.

“Wow!” Sharon seemed flushed, “You were carried away by two eagles?”

“Well, in the dream, yes.”

Chris stopped me, “No, Laura. Don’t you see what happened to you?” I was surprised and I could see that Hein was, too. Chris isn’t usually so deliberate and confrontational. “I’ve been in a lot of tribal situations canlı bahis siteleri around the world where I have been sent. We feel so comfortable in our belief systems and minimize the mystical beliefs of others. Tribes around the world have beliefs that go back thousands of years before Christ.”

I looked at him, “What are saying, Chris? You think all that was real? The old women verified to me that I never left the tipi.”

He shook his head. “I’m not saying it is easy to understand.” I had the sense he was talking to all of us, not just to me. “Look … your rational mind is going to tell you it was all a dream. How could it be otherwise? A world where the sun never moves? A world where sand dunes exist where there shouldn’t be any? A talking owl, wolf, and bear? Not to mention that they mated you. It’s too much to believe, right?” We were listening. None of us were arguing or nodding, just listening intently. He was seldom so insistent about something. “Too much to believe, except for …”

Sharon looked at me, “The tattoo that was the exact image of the decoration on the mystic’s staff.” She looked at Hein as if she was saying something out of turn. “Didn’t you say the mystic walked around you while touching you with the feather? Then, when he was behind you, again, he pressed his staff into your lower back?”

Hein, to my surprise, followed her line of thought. “Yes. Then, you said it was searing burn for barely an instant.”

Chris finished the argument that my mind had been fighting, “But, before you could move your hand to touch it, the burning sensation was gone.”

Hein picked it up, again. “The feather in your hair. The old women told you it would be a bad omen if you took it out. When you recognized the image on your back, the feather fell out on its own. It has to be all connected.”

The table was quiet for a long while. Finally, it was Sharon. “But, what does it all mean? Having the tattoo and all?”

I looked into the last bit of wine in my glass and mumbled the words I had been told, “It gives blessing and the promise of harmony and peace. It brings hope.”

Chris lightened it up after getting us all very serious, “Yes and let’s not forget her new name … White Woman Who Knows Spirits and a****ls. That says a mouthful about our girl.” He raised his glass and it became a toast.

Exhausted, I indicated I wanted to quit early. Hein, ever attentive, took my hand and led us to our suite. He lay in bed, his arm stretched out to me. I knew what it was for and I was eager. I crawled in under the top sheet and moved into his arm, which closed around me as I snuggled tightly against his body. I wiggled and squirmed my naked body against his and sighed as I settled.

I raised my head to look at him. “Can I confess something?” He nodded and his body remained completely relaxed. Even my expression of wanting to confess something didn’t bring tension and that was a part of my confession. I settled my head back onto his shoulder and chest, giving it a kiss. “I came here to be opened more fully to sexual opportunities and challenges and what we have done has been wonderful and I know there will be ever increasing, wonderful situations to come.” I kiss his chest, again. “Thank you. But, these times … alone quietly with you … these are wonderful, too.” His other arm came around me, that hand stroking my exposed arm, his mouth planting a kiss on the top of my head. “Thank you for giving me both experiences.”

I woke to an otherwise empty bed. Through the open curtains and balcony door, I heard activity outside. I checked the bedside clock and found it to be 9:07. Chris was anxious to be out early. I was anxious and surprised I slept so late. I had never experienced anything like cruising the islands, much less on my own ship. I scrambled out of bed, dragging the top sheet awkwardly behind me, somehow being wrapped around my leg. I hopped to the balcony, shaking my leg to lose the sheet.

Chris spotted me almost immediately as he stood alongside the ship lifting suitcases up to Raul. “Sleeping Beauty has woken even without a kiss.” Raul stood up and looked my way, both of them sharing the look of boys with minds intent on mischief. “We’re about ready whenever you get your naked butt down here.”

I smiled. A thought sprang to my mind. Just how much, or little, clothes were they intending me to have on hand?

A voice came from directly below me, “Leave her alone, you two. Give her a chance to wake up.” Sharon was gazing up at me, a wide smile on her face. She was dressed in shorts and a light-weight blouse and sandals. She appeared to be ready, too. She spoke more quietly, “Honey, first get your pretty naked butt down here to the kitchen for some breakfast. They’re teasing you … big surprise … Hein is finishing up a phone call in the office so you are not the one delaying our leaving.” She waved her hand in a dismissive manner at the two by the yacht and they laughed.

I ran into the bathroom, then down the stairway barefoot and naked with an overwhelming realization of the house. When I came … what, almost a year ago? … the interaction of these people was efficient and pleasant. Now, it had been transformed into caring, playful, and intimate, too.

I was bent over my plate of poached egg, fruit, and muffin while reading an article in the paper someone had left at the table. I had become engrossed in the article more than I thought, I was surprised when two hands encircled my body under my arms from behind.

Hein planted a kiss on the side of my face as his hands moved to cup my breasts. “Morning, sexy White Woman Who Know Spirits and a****ls.”

I chuckled and squeezed his arms with mine. “Morning, sexy, yourself. So, is that going become my new name? Kind of long, isn’t it?”

He sat sideways on the chair next to me and considered me. Finally, “Yes, it is. I like it, though. As Chris said, it says volumes about you.”

Sharon came to take my plate to clean it at the sink and gave me a wink. I smiled at her. There was no embarrassment or shyness about my sexuality or the display of it. This group of people who hadn’t belonged anywhere else had come together and grown tighter and closer and partially due to the sexuality I brought into the group through Hein.

I partially turned in my chair to Hein, one leg rotated to the side while the other stayed at the front. My position opened my pussy to his view and, as I would have bet, his eyes dropped to enjoy the view. I smiled at him when his eyes returned to my face. Caught, again, but there was no embarrassment shown on his face. Instead, he returned the smile.

“Will you ever get tired of me flashing you my pussy or body?”

He gave me a look of mock shock, “Tired?!? If you ever get that impression, please check for a pulse. I fear I may be dead.”

I lightly swatted his arm, “You are such a tease.” I leaned over to him and partly rose from my chair to give him a kiss. “And I love your teases.” He smiled. “Okay … I need to quickly pull my stuff together. What do I need?”

He looked up and down my body, “I think what you have will be just fine.”

“Hein, behave.” Sharon dropped into mother-role, again.

“A few summer dresses for dinners on shore. Shorts and tops for roaming the islands. No underwear. Leave the heels and stockings here, sandals will be the norm. A bikini … no, make that that Wicked Weasel that goes transparent when wet.”

“Hein! They may be public beaches with k**s.”

“Okay. A string bikini … but also the Wicked Weasel.”

I stood up. “I get the idea. I am going to be naked, but will need some appropriate covering for the shore.” I rushed off to pull some things together. I loved my life!

* * * * *

I was lying on the sun deck in the bow of the boat soaking up some sun and happily dozing. I was amazed at how tired I still was. The dogs were with me, which I found interesting to get them around the pilot house on the narrow passageway, but they did fine. I was worried about them on the boat, but they handled flying well so I allowed for Hein’s understanding of the a****ls and relaxed. They were now dozing on either side of me.

As yet they hadn’t moved on my body despite it being exposed to them. Under normal circumstances, I might have been concerned, but I put it off on the movement of the boat, which would also explain why they showed little interest in me on the plane.

I was lying on my stomach when the dogs raised their heads, which either meant there was something outside the yacht that attracted their attention or someone else was approaching. When their heads settled back down, I waited for someone to approach.

Sharon came from the side of the pilot house. My head was turned in that direction. My sunglasses may have hidden my eyes, but the smile crossing my mouth told her everything she needed: I was awake, and I was glad to see her.

“You need some sunscreen.”

It was all she said. She knelt on a cushion at my left hip. I wondered to myself with a smile if I really needed some sunscreen or if she just wanted to apply some to my body. Since she and Raul had made the decision to participate deliberately with Hien, Chris, and me, she has been more overt about her touch to my body. I enjoy the quiet, private moments we managed to spend together. Her experience with woman-to-woman intimacy was non-existent before. I and she were discovering how much of a sensual creature she was. From spending some intimate hours with them, I knew she and Raul were exploring more adventurous sex. That night they chose to have sex outside the window and we joined them, even if to merely encourage and assist their experience, had changed everything for the group.

She seemed to be touching the marking on my lower back. I was still surprised when I might see it in a mirror. Having a tattoo was supposed to be premeditated and be accompanied by some stinging and irritation afterward. How this had become a part of me and what it was supposed to represent and mean for me was still a mystery I was reluctant to fully accept.

As if reading tipobet my very thoughts, she asked, “Have you accepted it, yet?” She was talking about the seeming reality that my peyote ‘dream’ must have been a real, physical experience. Her question, I understood, encompassed much more than just the tattoo on my lower back. The tattoo was merely the symbol. When somebody mentioned it, I knew what they were really enquiring about. I was the one who experienced it, but they seemed to quickly accept it for a fact. They didn’t have a way to explain it, certainly not rationally, but they seemed to know in their hearts, their souls … yes, their spirits … that I had experienced something rare, real, and extraordinary. Maybe it was too close for me. I was having some trouble accepting something so surreal as being real. With the tattoo, however, it was hard to argue with.

She spread the lotion over my entire back, shoulders, legs, and butt. It felt good. For a while, her fingers seemed to spend a lot of time at my lower back and she confessed she was intrigued by the marking, tracing the image depicted there. Her fingers did stray, though, and that was intriguing to me. A single finger moved between my butt-cheeks, sliding over my anus to the bottom of my pussy. Back and forth her slippery finger moved until she stopped over the puckered opening and pressed. With an involuntary reaction, my hips rose off the mat, returning the pressure back to her finger. I gasped and she gasped.

She patted the side of my hip and asked to me to roll over for her to apply sunscreen to my front. I smiled and willingly complied and smiled even more when, while paying a considerable amount of attention to my breasts, she confided, “I love your body, Laura. I never thought I would say something like that to another woman. I love touching it; I love the way it responds.”

I smiled at her, my sunglasses shielding my eyes enough to watch her with the strong Caribbean sun behind her, “I like when you touch me, Sharon. But, I like even more when I touch you and see you are responding to me. For me, though, I love most to see you and Raul so fully enjoying each other. You two deserve that kind of shared love.”

She bent down and kissed each of my nipples, “Thank you, dear Laura, for all of this.” She looked up at the pilothouse with its darkened windows. We both knew the three men were probably behind those windows, keeping Chris company as he piloted the boat, enjoying an afternoon cocktail, and watching us to see what might happen.

Sharon was wearing, for her, a daring swimsuit. She apparently bought it before leaving on this trip because I had not seen her in it even around our private pool, though I have gotten her into the pool naked on occasions. The suit is a skimpy two-piece, not as skimpy as my string bikini, but very skimpy for her. The single layer, large triangles of cloth at her breast cover her but do nothing for support, which means her ample and less firm breasts are well exposed on the sides and cleavage and move easily when she moves. I want to see her in it at a public beach. The bottom is constructed of ample cloth for coverage, but the sides are tied, which exposes the sides of her ample hips and thighs. Sharon had taken up walking and swimming with me. She had lost weight and firmed her body, but she would always be blockier, it was just her body type. The positive responses she received from everyone in the house, though, has encouraged her and allowed her to be more comfortable to expose her entire body around the men.

She began applying the lotion to my front, massaging my breasts and nipples, eventually moving to my pussy. My reaction was instantaneous, partly because it was Sharon who was so blatantly touching and stimulating me. She moved my legs apart, encouraging my knees to bend and splay to the sides, then aggressively began stimulating my pussy. When her slick finger roamed over my puckered asshole, again, my hips flexed up and I gasped. I opened my eyes to focus on her, my mind marveling at what she was so openly doing to me and my body was pleading with her not to stop.

Several fingers slipped into my pussy, then coming out and one pressed into my ass. She lost any indication of tentativeness about what she was doing to me and, possibly, in front of the men as she continued until she had pushed three fingers into my pussy, pulling them out after some time and working two into my ass. She continued to vary the number of fingers she worked into me. Soon, though, she had four fingers working in and out of my pussy. My head arched so far back as I screamed out in orgasm that I could see the darkened front window of the pilot-house. She must have felt my pussy release in orgasm because her entire hand plunged into my pussy. I raised my head to see what I couldn’t believe. Her hand had indeed disappeared, only her forearm visible outside of me.

She kept her hand inside my pussy as my orgasm very slowly subsided, but the presence of her hand didn’t allow my body to fully recover.

I gasp out to her, “My God … what possessed you?”

Her hand inside me continued moving slowly back and forth, her fingers closed in a fist, then opening as if tickling my insides. I felt her nails on the walls of my pussy, but even that was erotic. When her finger glanced off my cervix, I was reminded of both Wolf and Bear, but mostly Bear who had fucked me right into my womb.

I was regularly shivering from this new experience, made even more erotic and stimulating because it was Sharon giving it to me. She sucked on a nipple, then looked at me, “You turn me on so much, honey. Maybe I should have asked, but you lying here, seeing your body responding to my touch … I couldn’t help but stimulate you.” She smiled, “Besides, I couldn’t really imagine you not wanting it.”

I returned a weak smile but gasped more as she continued to move her hand inside me, “Ohhhhhh … never worry … hmmmmmmm … niiiiiice … I love what you are doing, but …”

She chuckled, “All of the sudden, I was thinking about your description of that huge Spirit Wolf and his massive cock and knot stretching you beyond what you might think your body could take. Even if you are having some latent question about how real it was, we are convinced it was all physically real, even if it defies rational thinking. I figured if you took that knot, you could take my hand.”

She pulled her fist almost out of me, stretching my pussy wide, again. Then, she stared into my eyes, “What I can’t wait to see …” she glanced up at the darkened window and I saw a new part of Sharon that I loved to see as she taunted the men on the other side, “is when Chris gets his hand up inside you.” I didn’t know if the men inside could hear what she was proposing, but it was real enough to me that my back arched and rose up off the matt, another orgasm quickly approaching. With that, she plunged deep, again. And, I exploded in another orgasm, screaming and gasping, as my body writhed and arched, my entire body consumed and electrified.

She lay on her side alongside me, lightly stroking my breasts down my stomach to the top of my pussy, assisting me back from my orgasm, “Will you do me a favor?”

I turned my head and gasped, “God, Sharon, anything!”

“Help me with one of the dogs?” I turned onto my side to fully face her. She nodded that she was serious.

“Gladly … anything … absolutely. It will be so wonderful, I promise.” I knelt up alongside her and pushed her onto her back. “But, first, it’s your turn from me.” I removed her skimpy bikini and lavished attention to her breasts and nipples, alternating to cover her mouth frequently. It wasn’t long, though, before I had her legs spread and my mouth over her pussy. Her body arched with the same abandon mine had expressed. I drove my tongue into her opening pussy. I lapped at her pussy, flicking her clit while a hand was busy at her breasts and nipples, alternating between the two. My mouth sucked and chewed on her pussy lips and clit. My teeth tightening around her sensitive clit caused her to cry out and arch her back, lifting her hips into the air. My mouth followed her, maintaining contact with her delicious pussy, which was seeping her juices now. She came quickly and hard, very likely because of her belief that the three men were only feet away in the pilot-house.

The three men were indeed at the windshield of the pilot-house watching the entire thing. By the time we were done, they were in desperate need. From inside, they watched us walk naked along the side of the compartment. We entered the compartment and found the men turned to watch our entrance. Without a word, Sharon and I exchanged a knowing look and Sharon dropped the two pieces of her suit onto the floor. She walked deliberately, naked, and confidently up to Raul, put her arms around his neck and smothered his mouth in a kiss that impressed me. Breaking the kiss, she looked around at the rest of us, then took Raul by the hand and led him below to a cabin. We all watched them leave. There was no mistaking what that woman had in mind and she was unashamed and completely in control.

I moved alongside Chris while Hein shifted to my other side. We were cruising in wide open seas, nothing visible around us. I saw Chris look to Hein who must have given him some reaction in return because Chris pushed the power throttle to stop and turned off the engine, putting us in a drift. I smiled, pleased with their desires, took their hands, and led them to the ladder to the deck below. Being the first down the ladder, I dropped to my knees and waited for them. They never hesitated, such was the understanding of our relationships. They moved directly to me and stood expectantly. I reached up to each, removing their shorts, and finding the hard cocks I could feel through the material. My love of sucking cock, though, kept me where I was with each hand softly grasping a hard cock.

I looked up at each man in turn. Each duplicated the other’s tipobet güvenilir mi action nearly at the same moment. Chris’ left hand and Hein’s right moved to the side of my head and softly stroked my hair tied back in a long ponytail. The two leaned back against a portion of the ladder as I leaned forward to kiss each cock head, then lick the tips before taking each into my mouth in turn. I was sucking Chris’ cock when I turned my head to look up at Hein through the corner of my eyes. My lips formed a smile around the cock of his friend in my mouth. He smiled back at me.

After several minutes of sucking cock, I had them past the merely hard status. Their cocks were straining and I could feel the tightness in the shafts, the increasingly ragged breathing from them. I stood up, pressing my lower abdomen against their rigid cocks as I kissed each passionately.

I moved Chris to an armless chair and he took over from there, understanding completely what my intention was from our many experiences together. He sat on the chair, extending his arms to me, and wrapping his arms around my upper back as I straddled him and the chair, grasping his cock, and sinking down over it until he was deep inside me.

We fucked like this for a minute or so, Hein patiently behind me, also knowing fully what was coming. I slowly raised myself up and off Chris’ cock, put my hands on his shoulders for support, and kissed him. While Chris and I kissed, Hein lined up his cock to my pussy and pressed it in. He fucked me for another minute, then withdrew and watched me resettle my pussy around the length of Chris’ cock. I then moved both hands behind me and pulled my ass cheeks apart, exposing my anus and inviting Hein’s re-entry into my body. Double penetration became a favorite position of ours a long time ago and none of us got tired of it. It filled me and caused me to feel fully and wonderfully used and it made both of my chambers tight and arousing for both men.

This was proving to be a defining day. At the next quiet island stop to let the dogs run, Sharon requested Raul to take us and the dogs ashore in the inflated raft with the small motor on the back. Hein and Chris didn’t think anything of it and Raul didn’t, either. Sharon and I, of course, had our own plans for the time on shore with the dogs and it would be memorable for Raul, as a result.

Raul powered the raft onto the sand of the beach on a stretch of a little island along our route. Sharon and I each were hugging and soothing one of the dogs. Once the raft slid to a stop on the sand, we released the dogs who bounded over the side and onto solid ground. It seemed to do them wonders to have a surface underneath them that was not moving in some way. We watched as they trotted into the vegetation growth, sniffing and exploring before finally doing their business. They rushed out of the undergrowth and onto the sandy beach, chasing each other but seeming more interested in the running than in the catching.

I watched the dogs bounding playfully around us, burning the energy pent up by the confining spaces and unsteady nature of the boat. As we walked along the edge of the water lapping at the sand, Sharon and I both had an arm intertwined with Raul’s, I saw the dogs moving along with us at our pace. They had burned through their need for release.

I looked past Raul at Sharon, “Are you still intent on doing this?”

Raul looked at me, then at Sharon. The look of confusion was plain on his face. He was about to ask what I meant when Sharon responded. “Yes.” She stopped and turned in front of Raul, “There was a reason why we asked you to take us ashore and for the other two to remain on the boat.” She was holding both of his hands in hers. “Laura is going to help me experience my first dog and I wanted you to be here for it.” She looked down at their joined hands and there was a sense of tentativeness in her attitude. She looked up into his eyes, “That is if it is okay with you.”

He beamed, “Okay?” He moved his hands to the sides of her face and kissed her. “Sharon, dear, we agreed we love each other and to be lovers and to be partners and, hopefully someday, to be married. That did not take away your independence and personal desires. I love you because you are a strong woman who knows what she wants. I am honored that I am one of those wants. I will be here to support you in whatever our journey might present as options to experience. Besides,” he smiled and kissed her, “you know how stimulating it is when we see Laura with the dogs. Seeing you with one … it will be amazing!”

She hugged him and smothered his mouth. She then turned to me and nodded her readiness.

Raul stepped back, wanting to give us space and not to crowd Sharon for her first time. I stepped up to him, “You are a wonderfully supportive man. She wants this and I am glad you want this for her.” I then kissed him as Sharon looked on, a smile of appreciation spreading over her face. I think I took him by surprise, but I eliminated any further awkwardness by turning to Sharon. She just smiled. She pulled her tee shirt over her head revealing naked breasts. She then kicked off her sandals and dropped her shorts revealing her nakedness. She may have had clothes on but she did without the underwear, know full well what we were going to be doing.

I pointed to the ground as if I were directing one of the dogs. It wasn’t lost on her, either. She laughed at herself as she obediently complied. I was already naked and now the dogs saw both of us naked and Sharon on her hands and knees. It didn’t take any coaxing to have their full attention.

Max came to me, possibly anticipating my moving to the sand, too. But, since I didn’t, it was Axel who found Sharon’s open pussy. His snout was at her butt, sniffing and investigating. He knew what this was, the only question was if it was acceptable. I knelt next to them and patted her butt. Axel took this as an invitation and his tongue flicked out at her exposed pussy and ass. The first touch elicited a low gasp from Sharon and her knees in the sand spread a little further. Whether it was purposeful or a reaction to the tongue, Axel now had more room and took advantage of it. Its tongue licked from her pussy and up to her asshole. Sharon was sighing and gasping with increasing frequency as the licking continued.

I reached underneath her and grasped a hanging breast, “Are you ready to be mounted?”

“Oh, god, yes … yes.” I looked up at Raul and his eyes moved from Sharon to me. I gave him a smile and his face reflected it back to me.

I moved Axel’s snout from her ass and patted her ass. As I was doing that, “You’ve seen me be mounted numerous times. You’ve seen me take the dogs and how I do it. Remember to use your hand to guide him in. It will be easier.” She nodded, her body shivering in anticipation.

Axel jumped onto her back and she grunted. The weight of the dogs is significant, made more so by your attention being on the upcoming penetration, not the supporting the dog in the meantime.

I watched and saw her hand shoot between her legs. She was making a constant stream of sounds: grunts, groans, gasps, and sighs. Suddenly, it changed to a loud gasping moan and I was sure Axel had found the mark and penetration was made.

“Ohhhh, fuck! Yessssss …” It took me by surprise that this came from Sharon. I glanced quickly up to Raul and he seemed to be stifling a laugh.

I grabbed one of her swinging breasts and nodded to Raul to join in assisting his lover. He dropped to his knees alongside her and helped himself to the other breast. He was quietly talking to her, extolling her, reinforcing how much he loved her, and how exciting it was to see her mounted. She continued to gasp and moan.

Seeing her well on her way, I took a position at right angles to her so I could keep an eye on her. Max wasted no time upon seeing me in position. He was on my back and his already hard cock was poking at my butt before I could get my hand back to assist him. Once in, though, I joined Sharon in uttering moans and contented sighs as the dog moved from positioning himself to aggressive fucking.

Axel was a few minutes ahead of Max, but I could tell when Sharon was feeling the knot pressing against her knot-virgin pussy, her first time, and it doesn’t seem to matter how old you are or how ‘experienced’ you are, the first time taking a large knot is a uniquely trying experience. I was sure of Sharon’s reactions when I could feel Max’s knot pressing against me.

“Sharon, now is the time to press back against him. Help him. You want his knot, too. Work together.”

It was all coming out in gasps and her reaction was subtle; not saying anything, she leaned her body back on her knees, creating a firmer position for the dog to thrust and press into her. Her breasts were swinging wildly when they weren’t being handled by Raul.

I heard her cry out, a cry that seemed a mix of sharp pain, surprise, relief, and exaltation, all mixed together. Shortly after, I felt Max’s knot pass through my pussy lips, embedding itself inside me and throbbing with his need to climax. I looked up to watch Sharon and Axel as their mating came to fruition. Her body quaked and shook as her orgasm overtook her. Raul had one hand stroking the neck of the dog and the other fondling his lover’s breast.

When my orgasm took hold of me, I dropped my head to my crossed forearms and released myself to the mutual climax of dog and woman. After I had partially recovered, I rose to my hands, again, finding Raul kneeling in front of Sharon. Axel had turned on her and she was greedily sucking on Raul’s cock as Raul stroked her bare back and one slightly swinging breast.

When Raul brought us back to the yacht, the dogs were more docile than before, but Sharon was much more talkative. She remained naked, too … and was beaming with delight as Chris met the raft at the stern of the boat. As he helped her, then me, over the edge at the back, our pussies had to be obviously gaping and leaking. Me, I love the teasing image that presents. I was curious how Sharon would handle it, but she looked back at me, then at the look of awareness coming into Chris’ eyes. She just smiled at me.

* * CHAPTER 21: VOODOO ENLIGHTENMENT will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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