Handy Andy – One and Six Ch. 02

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(Note — to the reader: Part One discusses the first half of May with Andy and his other three Very Special Lady Friends. )


Andrew is a retired skilled maintenance person / former owner of a small business that specialized in home repairs. His divorce became final early last year — but the divorce did not bring him any financial problems.

But several months into his early retirement, Andy decided that he needed something more then just fishing, golf and vacations so a part-time business of home repairs and service work was started for those in his retirement community. He is the entire operation.

The business started slowly but word of mouth advertising by satisfied customers kept him as busy as he wanted to be. But he still enjoyed fishing, golf, and vacations — Andy would always make time for these activities.

Many of his customers were retired women — their spouses had passed away. They lived alone but had difficulty and limited knowledge in doing home repairs and possibly could not easily afford a typical repair service.

In time, six woman, became frequent customers — actually, they became very special lady friends ( V S L F ) who had him come to their houses for small home repair and special service work, frequently. His schedule often had him in the six separate homes once a month or once every six weeks or so.

For these six separate woman, Andy did the quick and easy repair work for free — the non-financial benefits were more than enough to frequently satisfy Andy’s sexual needs.

Usually, Andy arrived at the house in the early afternoon and completed the repair work in under an hour. Then the woman and Andy socialized in many ways — but there was always a late afternoon / evening delight of consensual sex. Each woman was unique and varied in her approach to sexual pleasure — it was like a buffet with lots of sex options and pleasures. Andy was not bored — — each woman had different ways to light his candle and ring his bells (cock and balls).

His six very special lady friends were: Roseanna, Stephanie, Bellajane, Marjorie, Charlotte, and Pauline. All were past the double nickel age and could provide sexual satisfaction plus interesting intelligent conversation.


During the first two weeks of May, Andy had worked for three of his lady friends. Now it was the third week of May. Andy has already received telephone calls from two of his very special lady friends — — Marjorie and Charlotte — to do simple home repair jobs on different days. Soon, his sixth special lady friend — Pauline — will be phoning him to do some work.


The third week of May has just started as the SUV stopped at Marjorie’s home in mid afternoon. She had a vacuum sweeper that required the replacement of a broken rubber belt. It would not take Andy long to do the repair job; then the service work could begin. Andy considered Marjorie to be more than a very special lady friend — she was extra special.

Marjorie could really light his candle and ring his bells (cock and balls). Several times, she had taken vacations with him and had also gone on a fishing / camping trip in a small trailer. The actual fishing was rather poor — but his rod had been in her moist openings frequently. But they had caught enough fish to cook over charcoal for evening meals.

As he approached the house, Marjorie opened the door and said, “Welcome. I have been waiting for you while I read a magazine.”

She was wearing a deep red cotton housecoat that completely covered her from shoulders to below her knees. It was securely fastened in front with a matching wide cotton belt. Her blond hair is cut short. They embrace and kiss, tongues meet and explore.

Separating, Andy replaced the broken belt and tried out the machine on the living room floor. The sweeper works, he only needed about twenty minutes to complete the entire job.

Marjorie said: “Sorry but I could not clean the house as I wanted to before you arrived. Do you want me to clear the house now or do we start the service work?”

“I still have nice memories of you dressing and undressing in the small trailer from our fishing trip. I have always liked the service work that we do together.”

“As I recall, when I was in the trailer I was almost always undressed and we were servicing each other’s equipment. We even had sex outside — it was twilight when we started but dark when we finished. I liked the fishing, but I honestly liked our sex better.”

“Yes, those days and nights together created many wonderful memories for both of us.”

‘As I recall, I caught — then released — more fish then you did.” Marjorie stated.


“On that trip, you had success inside the camper with me using your attached pole. But I am not certain about your fishing outside on a lake or stream. Possibly you need to read some more fishing magazines.”

“I already get three fishing magazines. casino siteleri Any more would cut into my time reading golf magazines.” Andy stated, and laughed softly.

“I am certainly looking forward to our next fishing / camping trip. You will take me sometime — — probably in late August or September, after I return from visiting my adult children?”

“Yes. I want to take you. Of course it may rain — — and we would need to stay in the small camper most of the time.”

“And do what comes naturally between a man and a woman?”

“Yes. A naked woman and a naked man.”

Their eyes met — — both smiled. And softly laughed.

Andy touched her covered shoulders, his hand dropped down and unfastened the belt. He pushed the house coat off her shoulders — it fell to the floor. Andy stepped back several feet and looked at Marjorie.

“Do you like my outfit?” She asked. Slowly, she turned completely around.

Marjorie was wearing two pieces of narrow clear colorless plastic wrap. One piece was wrapped around her breasts; the second piece was wrapped around her waist. It was almost like she was wearing a very tight dress — but her skin was very visible through the plastic wrap. The mounds of female flesh on her chest were flattened; the pinkish brown areolas and nipples flatted but very evident. Her pubic hair was easily seen through the plastic wrap.

As Andy removed his clothes, he said: “Yes. I like your outfit. But I will stay in my birthday suit.”

“That is OK. I like seeing you in your birthday suit. Let’s start our fun in the den with a blow job. Then eat some food — served in a special way.”

Andy laid down on his back, his head resting on several pillows — his legs spread. His cock was limp. Marjorie placed one hand on his balls and started to gently stroke them, her other hand grasped and played with his limp penis. She bent over and flicked her tongue at his penis tip, then licked the tip and rim.

In several minutes, her mouth moved over his penis head and rim — the shaft followed. Her head bobbed up and down as she took as much of his partially erect cock as possible. The penis head was always covered, the shaft covered, then uncovered. Frequently! Andy sighed and moaned.

During the long blow job, Andy said: “Yes. Yes. More. I love being in you. In any of your openings. Please continue. Thank you.”

She moved and started to kiss and lick his balls. Then she gently sucked one ball completely into her mouth and applied gentle pressure on the ball. The other ball received equal attention.

Marjorie placed two fingers on his skin between the base of his testicles and ass — rubbing and applying gentle pressure to his perineum. She knows that Andy loves this special attention and continues the rubbing of this sensitive area for many minutes.

“Yes. Yes. I love the pleasure you are providing me. Please continue.”

Marjorie continues to rub and press his perineum. And she takes the head of his erect cock into her mouth and sucks. As the minutes pass, Andy sighs and moans.

“I love your mouth and fingers on my equipment. Thank you very much for all of the pleasure. But let me give you some pleasure now. Please sit on my face.”

Andy was still on his back. Marjorie was now standing directly over his face, her legs spread. He looked up — at her pussy. He clearly saw the stainless steel jewelry that was attached to her clitoris. Then he looked at the undersides of her breasts — still flattened by the clear, colorless plastic. Their eyes met, they smiled.

Slowly she lowered her body, Andy looked at her pussy lips that were approaching his mouth. They touched, Andy licked her treasure and pink flesh for many minutes. Then he sucked her clitoris — frequently his lips and tongue moved the jewelry that pierced her clitoris. Her bundles of nerves enlarged and became firm. Marjorie sighed and moaned — often.

“Do you still like the stainless steel jewelry through your clitoris?”

“Yes. It certainly helps me receive more sexual satisfaction — when you are pleasuring my clitoris. And also when I am massaging myself.”

Andy continued licking and sucking Marjorie’s pussy lips and clitoris as she sat on his face. Consensual sexual pleasure was mutual. Pleasure had flowed from her mouth, through his penis and balls into his body. Pleasure had flowed from his mouth, through her genitals, into her body. Each enjoyed and appreciated the other.

The couple separated. Marjorie opened a small can of pineapple chunks and placed some chunks on Andy’s body. Soon his nipples, stomach, upper legs, and the skin close to his erection had a piece of pineapple. She bent over, took a piece of pineapple in her mouth and shared the piece with Andy. Each piece was shared. Holding his penis in her hand, she placed one piece of pineapple on the penis tip – then removed it and shared the piece with Andy. His penis tip served as the very small table for many pieces of pineapple — canlı casino one piece at a time.

Marjorie removed her clear colorless plastic wrap, as Andy watched. Her breasts were now free to move and bounce.

Marjorie laid on her back and said, “Your turn to feed me.”

Andy placed pineapple chunks on her nipples, between her breasts, on her stomach, her upper legs, and on her pubic hair close to her slit. One at a time, he removed a chunk, and shared it with his extra special friend. The chunks on the most interesting parts of her body were the last to be removed and shared. Then Andy licked any remaining juice from her nipples and from her pubic area.

The naked couple walked to the bedroom to have some serious sex. Andy got on the bed waiting for her to ride him. Play time was over, it was time for fucking.

Marjorie reached into the bedroom closet and put on her cowgirl hat. She was stark naked —

except for the hat. Looking at Andy’s limp penis, she said, “I need to get your constant companion ready.”

“Suck me baby. Get my cock prepared to enter your cunt.”

Andy rubbed and caressed a breast and its nipple. Marjorie stroked his balls, and caressed and pulled on his penis. Soon his penis was erect and pointing toward the ceiling. Marjorie was kneeling, her face to Andy. Holding his erection in her hand, she slowly lowered her body until the penis tip and rim passed her pussy lips. The shaft followed until she was penetrated as deep as possible. Up and down she moved — with his head elevated on a pillow, Andy could see his shaft appear, then disappear into her treasure. Often! Her hand often massaged his chest as she rode him in the cowgirl position.

Then Marjorie moved — now she is in the reverse cowgirl position and supporting her body with her knees and arms — — it was like she had partially fallen off the saddle. Andy’s manhood was still inside her moist cylinder. Marjorie starts moving her body end to end — her breasts rub Andy’s lower legs and his toes — repeatedly.

Her ass was now very visible and within easy reach. Marjorie continued moving her body parallel with the bed. Andy reached out with both hands and fondles her curving ass cheeks. After he puts some lubrication on her anus and his middle finger, Andy touched her anus hole.

Soon she has Double Penetration — a cock in her cunt, a male middle finger in her ass. As Marjorie moves her ass toward Andy’s chest both of her cylinders are deeply explored — as she moves away both cock and middle finger are partially exposed — but neither one completely leaves its cylinder. The D P continues.

“Do you like the Double Penetration?”

“Yes. You know that I love having you put anything in my mouth, vagina, or ass hole. As long as you are gentle. But I also want Double Penetration with something larger in my ass.”

As she spoke, Marjorie reached into a drawer and pulled out a latex vibrator shaped like an erect penis with balls.”

“Use this in my ass — and your cock in my cunt.”

Andy put some lubrication on the latex penis and slowly pushed it into her ass. Inch by inch, her ass was penetrated with the latex vibrator — until the latex balls touched her ass.

Marjorie resumed moving her body. In unison, Andy’s erection and the latex shaped penis moved partway out of the two openings between her legs — then both disappeared into her body. The Double Penetration continued for many minutes.

Finally, Marjorie pulled off, moves, and faced him.

“Did you ever have a Double Penetration with two men sometime in the past?” Andy asked.

“Years ago, my husband finally talked me into a DP. He was in my vagina, one of his friends had his cock in my ass. We did this several times, then his friend moved away. But my spouse used all three of my openings on a regular basis.”

Again, she held his erection and carefully lowered her body until his erection penetrated her treasure. Again she starting riding Andy in the cowgirl position. She moved her body up and down, riding his cock hard and fast. Her ample breasts swayed and bounced up and down and right to left. Andy looked at her breasts during the entire time that Marjorie was riding him. He loved watching her boobs swinging and swaying as she moved.

“I like this position. I love seeing your breasts freely move and bounce as you ride me. Please continue. Also, I like your wearing the cowgirl hat. And I certainly like the rest of your cowgirl outfit — — only bare skin.”

Marjorie smiled and continued riding his erect cock. Her swaying breasts providing ample visual pleasure for him.

“You like to penetrate me in any opening.”

“Yes — — I enjoy any opening — moist or dry.”

Finally one said, “Let’s do missionary.”

Marjorie removed her hat and got on the bed, her ass elevated with a pillow, her legs spread wide. Andy got between her legs, his erect manhood close to her moist pink treasure and its folds of female flesh.

“I kaçak casino enjoy looking at your body. I like seeing you breasts flattened out on your chest. I like seeing your legs spread and your pussy waiting for my cock to enter.”

“Thank you. But less talk and more action. Fuck me, Andy! Now!”

Both laughed and smiled as Andy pushed his hard rod past her pussy lips and entered her tunnel. His shaft followed. In moments, Marjorie was filled with his manhood — as deep as possible. In, and almost out. In, and almost out. Often! She was being fucked and fucked hard as Andy pounded her cunt with his rigid rod. He was fishing hard and fishing deep inside the moisture hole between her legs.

Andy knew he would get a lot of pleasure but was not sure of the legal fishing limit on sexual pleasure. The pleasure probably had no limit — any amount, what ever any two people could handle.

“Yes. Yes. More. I love your cock deep inside me. Please continue.”

Andy continued her fucking. Now both of her ankles were on one of his shoulders, he pounded and rammed her cunt as hard and deep as possible. His balls bounced off her ass frequently with his deep penetrations. Then he spread her legs and pounded her cunt some more. His arms dropped below her knees and he locked his elbows under the back of her knees. Moving forward, he pushed her legs until her knees touched her breasts.

The deep ramming, penetration and exploring of her cunt continued. Marjorie knew that she was getting an excellent fucking. A fucking that she really wanted — from a wonderful man.

At last, Andy shot ‘cum’ deep into her moist treasure. The couple separated and laid side-by-side on the bed talking about the future fishing / camping trip. Plans were finalized.

Marjorie, stark naked, laid on the bed but watched as Andy got dressed. Both walked to the door — embraced and kissed.

Each said: “Thank you for the pleasure. Good by.”

Andy walked toward his SUV, but stopped — turned and waved. Marjorie returned the wave, she had put the deep red housecoat back on but it was completely open in the front exposing her pussy hair and breasts.

For several minutes, Andy looked at her and again enjoyed the interesting parts of her body that had provided him with so much pleasure — recently and in the past. He walked back to her home and approached her.

“Would you like to spend the night with me?” Marjorie asks.

“Yes. There are lots of things we can do together. Especially when two become as one.”

“How long can you stay?”

“Only till mid-morning, about 9:45 am. I am playing golf tomorrow with several male friends.” He replies.

Both were now inside the house. The front door closed and locked. A dim light was burning in the bedroom — — its rays of light touch two connected nude bodies — connected by a hard rod inside a moist cylinder.

On the top of a table by the bed, a bottle of lubricant was open. A latex vibrator shaped like an erect penis with balls was covered with some traces of lubricant. Both had already been used.


It was Wednesday, the third week in May — Andy stopped his SUV at the home of Charlotte.

This time there was no repair work to be done, it was to be all service work to help her celebrate her birthday. Charlotte was an extra special friend, several months ago she had even vacationed with him at a clothing optional nude resort.

Both had a wonderful time of exposing private parts to others and to the Sun — lots of suntan lotion was worn plus sandals, hats, and sunglasses. During the day they played tennis, in the evening they ate dinner with other nude couples, and at night and in the early morning they provided sexual pleasure for each other. Charlotte could easily light his candle and ring his bells (cock and balls).

Charlotte opened the door as he walked toward the front of the house. She was wearing blue jeans and a red shirt tied at the waist. Her dark brown hair is long.

“Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.” Andy said, as he handed her a gift box.

The couple embraced and kissed — tongues met and briefly explored. Then Charlotte opened her birthday gift. Inside were two boxes: one box contained a book of poetry authored by various poets, the second larger box contained a beautiful royal blue housecoat trimmed in gold colored fabric.

Charlotte opened the book and looked at the index of poems. “I know that I will enjoy reading this collection of poems — I love the wide variety of subjects and authors. Maybe I will read some poems to you when you make love to me.”

Andy smiled.

Charlotte opened the second box and looked at the housecoat. “I love this gift. I looked at housecoats several days ago when purchasing some bras. But I did not buy a housecoat.”

Charlotte put her arms around Andy and smothered him with kisses. “Thank you very much. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.”

Hand-in-hand she leads Andy to the bedroom. “Please sit down, I want to try on the housecoat and show you my new bras.”

She removes her jeans, shirt, and sandals. She is stark naked and facing Andy but in a few minutes she puts on the royal blue housecoat and ties it at her waist.

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