Good Neighbors

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Good Neighbors

“Bonzo Dog!”
“Bonoz Dog where the fuck are you, you pain in the ass son of a bitch”, I grumble to my self as I head out into the backyard.

My dog has a propensity of disappearing at the most inopportune times. Today’s escape happens to be right when I’m headed to the airport. He’s quite a handful, one that reluctantly became mine when an older friend could no longer care for him, but I do my best with him and that often means chasing him around the neighborhood.

It appears that today’s escape route starts at the gate in the fence that encloses my backyard. It was most likely left open by one of the k**s who like to cut through to get to the street behind me or by Joe, my next-door neighbor who likes to help himself to my lawn care equipment. I really need to put a lock on that thing.

Running through the gate and along side the house to the front yard I start to scan the neighborhood. It’s very early in the morning and there is no activity on the street. I don’t want to be disruptive to those still quietly in their homes but I need to find this dog so I let out a couple of loud ‘Bonzos’ in hopes of him responding. With no clue as to where to go I turn right out of my driveway, run down the road and then round the corner onto Palm Breeze Drive. Immediately I see my mutt standing on his hind legs and peering into the screened porch of the house on the corner lot. I call to him, clap my hands and whistle but get no response. He’s just looking into the porch.

Catching my breath from my run, I walk up to the house. Bonzo doesn’t move when I arrive, his focus güvenilir bahis seems to be directed on whatever is happing inside the porch. I clamp the hook of the leash I grabbed when I left my house onto his collar. At that same moment I hear a gasping sound coming from inside the porch. I had purposely not looked in that direction in effort to be polite just incase someone was inside the house going about their morning business but the sound I heard had a sense of desperation to it and I had to turn and look.

She’s sitting in a wicker chair with one of her legs over the arm of the chair and the other resting on a padded footstool. She’s wearing a white terrycloth bathrobe that is open exposing her breasts, midsection and her neatly trimmed pussy. My heart skips a beat but she doesn’t, she has a pink rabbit vibrator in her right hand that’s feverishly pounding her very wet hole and her left hand is pulling and twisting one of her nipples.

Her soft moans continue as we make eye contact and I find she’s a very attractive woman, a bit younger than me, with auburn hair and soft, smooth looking skin. In an instant I can feel my cock hardening and as I reach down to rub it through my pants she says “Take it out for me”.

I take a quick look around, the neighborhood is still quiet so I carefully unzip my pants and remove my swollen member. As soon as she sees it the pace of the her pussy fucking speeds up and after ten or so repetitive thrusts of the vibrator she pulls it out revealing her open pussy. At the same instant that a deep moan comes out of her mouth a stream of juices shoot perabet from her pussy across the room nearly hitting the screen I am up against.

I begin to stroke my cock feverishly as she put the vibrator deep inside her again. I quickly survey the street behind me and sensing my nervousness my new acquaintance says “Cum for me now, cum!”

Masturbation as an adult has become more of drawn out process, savoring the feel of my hand on my cock, the rise and fall of edging myself and enjoying the time spent more than just the release at the end of the exercise but today I have to call back to the days of my youth when speed was the thing.

The long deep strokes she was taking quickly turn to short rhythmic ones and before too long she again pulls the pink vibrator out of her pussy exposing her wide spread lips and the wet membranes of her vagina. Instantly another gush of hot liquid shoots out of her, which sets of a chain reaction as my cock shoots out a stream of thick cum onto the screen between us. She squirts again at the sight of my cum that is spurting out of me, becoming suspended in her porch screen.

My heart is racing and my breathing heavy as I flick off a few last droplets of cum onto the screen. My cock is hard and stiff as I try to fit it back into my pants. Smiling at my new friend I say, “This was an unexpected surprise and I’d say I’m sorry for being a nosy neighbor but in this instance I am not sorry.”

“I’m not sorry for your intrusion either, in fact I’m more than happy it happened.”

Looking around for Bonzo I say, “I’d love to stay and chat but I really need to perabet giriş get my dog home and then go to the airport.” But he is nowhere to be found.

“That is a cute dog you have but he left as soon as you arrived. You better get after him or you’ll miss your flight.” Then with a little wave of her hand she blew me a kiss and said, “See ya ‘round, neighbor.”

I waved back and hustled home. My cock was starting to lose its firmness when I got back to my place and I started to feel a small stream of residual cum begin to ooze into my underwear. Bonzo Dog was lying in the driveway, with the leash attached to his color, and he was soaking up the warm rays of the morning sun. “Well, Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, you weren’t my choice, I’m much more of cat person but I’m happy to have you old boy. Thanks for introducing me to the neighbor over on Palm Breeze.” I gave Bonzo a big rub along his body and head and then sent him back into the house so that I could get on my way. Old Mrs. McArtney would be by later to look in on him.

I returned late in the afternoon three days later and Bonzo was excited to see me upon my arrival. After settling in I took him out for a walk. Normally we would go to the park up on the hill and run around there but today we took a right out of the driveway and did our walk over on Palm Breeze Drive. When we got to our new friend’s house the place was quiet and empty, no soft moans, no gushing pussies, no intense orgasms. I was kind of hopeful that someone would be there to invite me in but maybe that will be for another time.

After we were passed the house I took a look back at it and as the setting sun struck the screened porch I saw that after three days my dried cum stain was still there. Maybe she just never got around to cleaning it up, maybe she just liked seeing it there when she was out on her porch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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