Girl on Girl Maybe?

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Girl on Girl Maybe?
I recently had an experience so strange and so amazing that I feel compelled to share it. I am Brittni, a typical Cali girl who is 5’6, 120 pounds with sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes, small C breasts and a pharmacy school student who had just finished my third year when this happened. At 24 years old, I have had several boyfriends in my day but have settled on my current Shane. We have dated a couple of years and he might even be the one I will marry someday, just not now. I have also had several girl on girl sexual experiences that I have enjoyed tremendously when I get in that mood.

My “strange” experience happened this past June. I was taking a single class on campus to stay on pace to graduate on time. Not many students remained as they whisked off to their jobs and parent based homes. On that day, it started uneventful as I sat perched in my comfy chair at the local Starbucks a few hours early to relax and take a timed quiz on my laptop. Only a few people were in the coffee shop with me at that time which included a young couple sipping on their lattes, and older gentleman eating a muffin with his coffee, and a beautiful girl who looked around my age, sitting across from me, pecking on her laptop as well.

She was about 5’10 with blonde hair slightly lighter than my own and blue eyes with large C breasts weighing nearly 130 pounds. She was wearing stretchy black leggings with a lavender stripe running up both sides, a tight matching purple top and black Nike running shoes with a purple swoosh, overtop white ankle socks. Her makeup and long flowing hair were flawless.

I had finished my quiz and had nearly completed my answers proofread before I had to submit it. While on my last answer, the gorgeous girl looked over at me and gave a “hello” type smile. I took a drink of my warm beverage and smiled my greeting back to her. Everything seemed to be flowing nicely until it happened.

The Starbucks Wi-Fi went out and I began to panic. I needed to submit my quiz before time expired to avoid a zero. I raised my hand and from behind my table asked a worker across the counter about it and he apologized then explained that it would be out for the next hour for a router switch. I was devastated and began to panic ever more noticeably. There would be no way I would have enough time to either go back to my condo or make it to campus.

As I was packing up my laptop to hopefully find another establishment, the beautiful girl approached me and with a warm smile offered in her high voice, “Hi, I’m Mercedes and I know it might be forward of me but I heard you talking to him and that you are in need of help. I live a block around the corner in an upstairs apartment and my roommate is at work so if you want to hurry over with me, I have Wi-Fi.”

I was desperate so I anxiously agreed, “I’m Brittni and are you sure about that?” I joked, “I could be some serial killer.”

She laughed, “I will take my chances. There aren’t many serial killers who are trying to work on a college assignment.”

I gratefully replied, “Thank you so much! You are the best. Can we hurry though, I only have about twelve minutes left before my time runs out.”

In a flash, Mercedes packed up her laptop and out the door we went scampering down the sidewalk. Once we reached her outside door, we had to walk up a flight of stairs and into the two bedroom, old style contemporary apartment, we went. It was quite charming and she led me into her kitchen, gave me the password and with a few minutes to spare, my quiz was sent.

I took a deep breath, “Whew! Thank you so much. You are a lifesaver. I probably should get going and thanks again.”

Mercedes snickered, “Well, you are here now. I have coffee and cold drinks. You can just hang out until you have to go to class I assume?”

I thought for a moment and she seemed harmless, so I nodded, “If you are sure, I can hang out for a little while. By the way, this is a really cool apartment. I love how you have it decorated.”

She was already at the counter on her tiptoes pulling a mug from the top shelf while responding with her back to me, “Thank you. My roommate Autumn and I have been here a couple of years and we think we have gotten it the way we want it.”

I smiled as I noticed her contracted muscular butt and calves through her tight pants, “You girls have done an excellent job. It is really nice.” I then asked, “Now I might be too forward but are you two a couple?”

She giggled, “I guess that depends on what you mean by couple. We both have boyfriends so I would say the answer is no but we do have fun sometimes.”

I snickered, “Nothing wrong with that. I have done the same with my roomies.”

After handing me my drink, we both went into the living room and sat on a huge sectional sofa with a large square Ottoman that fit into the L shape. It was comfortable and we began revealing more about ourselves as I told her about college, my family, working out, and about Shane. She shared with me that she was 30 years old, also a fitness freak which judging by her toned figure was definitely true and her job as a fitness coach at a major corporation down town. We had more in common than I had thought possible and we seemed to be having a pleasant time.

Mercedes then complimented me, “When I saw you in Starbucks, I was floored on how pretty you were wearing your jean shorts, white top and those adorable sandals. I want a pair like that.”

I blushed, “Awww…that is sweet. When I saw you, I thought the same thing. I’m not just saying this but you are stunning.” I then laughed, “I know it sounds like a guy line but have you ever modeled?”

She politely responded with a smile, “Yes that does and no I haven’t, but thank you.”

At that point, anything sexual between us had not even crossed my mind. We were two girls chatting about life. She slipped off her tennis shoes and put her sock covered feet up on the massive cloth stool and offered me to do the same, “Do you have some time before class? You can get more comfortable if you would like.”

I still had about 90 minutes before I needed to be on campus so I slipped off my shoes and put my bare feet up on the same Ottoman shaping our legs like a V.

I sunk more into the soft couch, “This is so comfortable. I would take so many naps on this.”

Mercedes winked, “There are other things I do on this too.”

I laughed, “I bet with all this room.”

Then I realized that she was either hitting on me or at the very minimum, flirting. She wasn’t shy as she asked, “Do you have time for us to maybe try it out together?”

That question was very daring and before I responded, canlı kaçak bahis she added, “We both have boyfriends, we both think the other is attractive and my roommate will be gone all morning.” She scooted over until we were touching side by side, gave me her beautiful pearly smile and finished, “What do you think? Do you feel frisky?”

With the entire lovely atmosphere weighing on my decision, I answered, “We could maybe try a little and see how it goes.”

She leaned in and kissed me slowly on the lips for nearly five seconds. When she pulled back, I opened my eyes and felt a flutter in my stomach. It was quite nice and it was my turn to lean in and kiss her for double that time. Mercedes smelled and tasted good so we continued to trade kisses. I was not a lesbian by any means but it felt right and I was getting wetter with each one.

We remained side by side with our heads tilted while we made out and eventually our tongues invaded each other’s mouth. Right on cue, her right hand first cupped my breast overtop my shirt before walking her fingers on my flesh underneath it. Upon reaching my bra cup, those same fingers wiggled underneath the wire support until her entire hand was fondling my boob.

Leaving her hand underneath my clothing, she twisted and positioned herself on her knees in the opposite direction but still beside me. It was easier for her to gently squeeze my nipple like she was trying to milk it. Never breaking our kiss, Mercedes eventually performed the same ritual on my other breast. The foreplay was driving me wild.

When I began to get to my knees, she paused our kiss and with her lips an inch from mine, stopped me with a soft whisper, “No,” before taking the bottom of my top and pulling it gently up over my head. My hair popped out from the neck opening and cascaded down all over my shoulders. My bra cups were already above my breasts and when she reached around my chest to unhook it, her larger boobs pressed against mine. I murmured in pleasure.

Even through her bra, I could feel her long, stiff nipples pressing against my bare ones. Sitting back down, Mercedes leaned over my lap and locked her lips on my boob like a fish onto the side of an aquarium. First, she gave my perky boob flesh a few hard sucks before honing in on my areoles and finally onto my nipple. The warm sensation was overwhelming and at that point, I wanted her to never stop. She was magnificent in the art of breast pleasure causing my vagina to be slick and gooey.

I had never had an orgasm just from breast play but I was getting close. I arched my back allowing Mercedes to move her mouth into the crevice between my boobs. Kissing and using the tip of her tongue, she worked her mouth down to my belly button ring. I am unsure how she did it but when her tongue circled my jewelry inside my pierced navel, my pussy began to spasm in orgasm.

Not wasting time, her hands unhooked my shorts and with me excitedly lifting my ass, down they came to my ankles before she tossed them onto the floor. I was then wearing only my pink silk panties and Mercedes was fully clothed. Pulling my ankles toward her, she spun me until my bare feet were in her lap and I was on my back. Digging her thumbs into my arches made me moan in ecstasy. I have always loved foot massages and the one she was performing was magical. Her fingers would dance and caress my toes before moving to my pads and heels.

When the massage ended, Mercedes lifted both my feet like one would do before changing a diaper. Spreading my legs wide, she turned over onto her stomach until her face landed directly onto my panty covered pussy. Her lips sensually gnawed my labia through the silk. She would kiss the wet spot before moving to another trapped vaginal lip. Her warm, wet breath was getting me close once again and she sensed that. With a full pucker, she put her lips overtop my silk covered clit and blew tepid air, creating a wonderful vibration.

I gasped, “I’m going to cum! Oh my God! Oh my…….aughhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhh! Yessssssssss!”

My knees quivered while Mercedes help them up out of her way. Her face and mouth worked my crotch until the front of my panties were completely wet either from my own juices or her saliva. She took her chin and used it as a dildo and rubbed my clit until I grabbed the back of her head in another climax!

I hadn’t quite recovered when she used her middle fingers to hook my waistband and pull my panties down. He put the wet crotch to her nose and inhaled deeply, “Smmmmmmm….ah! Amazing!”

My lady juices were already running down the crack of my ass when her face found its way into my slit. After all that foreplay, her actual warm soft tongue felt like heaven when it penetrated my folds. I grabbed my own knees to hike my legs behind my head as far as I could get them. I wanted her to have complete access.

I begged, “Eat it! Lick it! Don’t stop! Eat my fucking pussy!”

Mercedes was already nose deep in it with tongue flicks on my tight anus. She was a silent oral assassin and my vagina was her target. It was getting to the point where I would orgasm almost one after the other. Using her thumbs, she gently spread my folds so she could penetrate me then lick upward and skim my hooded nub. When her two fingers darted inside me and she focused her lips on my clit, I screamed and squirted into her mouth and down her neck. I didn’t want to mess up her couch but it was too late to hold back. She continued her combination licking and finger banging until I doused her face again.

As I lay quivering, she sat up and the front of her shirt was wet and sticking to her boobs. Crossing her arms, she quickly pulled it off and soon followed that with bra removal. Her boobs were bigger than mine and perfectly formed with the longest nipples I had ever seen measuring over an inch. I was feeling great and wanting to return the pleasure when I sat up. Mercedes was then wearing only her leggings and socks. When she rose up on her knees, I simultaneously pulled her tights and thong down and there it was!

I literally yelped, “What the?”

With my eyes as wide as saucers, Mercedes smiled, “Is there a problem?”

I stuttered, “You have…have a…a…you know what.”

Before my eyes, was this long, thick, smooth cock that was so hard, it was pointing up past her navel with a strand of precum oozing off the tip. What struck me as odd was the fact there was no pubic hair of any kind which caused me for a moment to think it was a strap-on dildo. Her entire crotch region was not shaved but naturally hairless.

Mercedes slowly nodded her head, “Yes casino firmalari I have a penis. I am a shemale which means I am biologically a female in every way except I have male genitalia. What do you think about it?”

I was still in a state of shock. I had never thought about shemales and really never considered them tangible. Of course, I would rarely see pictures on the internet but I was never certain that they were even real and not Photoshopped. With that frame of mind combined with no interest in watching those types of videos, I was oblivious. I was now confronted with the reality of it and my curiosity had been raised.

I hesitantly responded, “I really don’t know. I will tell you that I’m shocked a little. You are so beautiful and have no guy features at all except for this big…big dick staring at me. How did you hide it in your leggings?”

Mercedes laughed, “That is because I’m all girl inside and out….well, almost out. I have my ways to hide it. You have a boyfriend and consider yourself straight so you obviously like cock. I have been blessed with a pretty good one and not to brag but I’m very good with it.”

My shocked emotion melted into more a scientific curiosity, “I can see that it is erect but is everything fully functional down there? Can you…you know…cum?”

Very confidently, she replied, “Oh honey, I can cum more than any guy and keep it hard. The doctor said since I have male sex organs fighting against female estrogen, my body over produces sperm to keep up. I can fuck several times in one day.”

Right then my curiosity may have switched to arousal, “Really? Like, how many?”

She giggled, “Let’s just say, nobody leaves me unsatisfied. Just before I walked over to Starbucks, I fucked my roommate right in her bed after her boyfriend’s poor attempt to satisfy her. I’m doing her two and three times a day sometimes and her boyfriend has no idea. We can’t keep with her orgasms.”

I was listening in fascination when she suggested, “Come over here and see for yourself. I think you will really enjoy it.”

I have never been one to discriminate against anyone and considered myself of having an open mind. I thought to myself, “This might be pretty hot. Maybe I should give it a try.”

Mercedes slid back and leaned against the arm of the sofa wearing only her white ankle socks. With one leg up on the cushions and one foot on the floor, she leisurely stroked her hard cock while she teasingly moaned, “Mmmm, this feels nice. Don’t be shy, come and get it.”

Like she had a spell on me, I crawled over and went down to my stomach. My hand replaced hers and now I was the one leisurely stroking it. It was so soft yet so hard and that is when I realized it was uncircumcised with the tight foreskin naturally pulled down and as I stroked it, it slid right along with my hand. Her cock was every bit as long as Shane’s eight inches but twice as thick. Mercedes had a right to brag because she had the most magnificent penis I had ever seen or felt.

Soon, jerking wasn’t enough. I needed it in my mouth and started at her smooth balls. I licked and kissed them but never stopped sliding my hand up and down on the shaft. When my tongue began to replace my hand and licked a trail up the side of the large vein, her earlier sexual romp with her roommate was confirmed. I could easily smell and taste Autumn’s pussy on Mercedes’s erection. Judging by the sweet and salty taste, especially under the bunched foreskin, I knew she had came several times.

When my hand would stroke upward and rise above the mushroom, I would tongue the inside of the loose skin like it was taffy. I was enjoying myself and I would get deeper and deeper until her hard cock had slipped past my throat. I slowed my sucking and swallowed until every inch had disappeared in my esophagus. I needed to get used to the feel before I deepthroated it up and down.

As I sucked it like that, she leaned her head back, allowing her long hair to flow down beside the couch. I was hitting my cock sucking stride and going to finish her off with just a blowjob when Mercedes stopped me. She excused herself and came back into the room with a ribbed Trojan XL package, tore it open and slid it down her large erection.

I was so horny and ready for it. In a flash, I was on my back up on the couch with my legs spread. Soon, Mercedes was on top of me, slipping her latex covered cock inside my slippery hole. Once she began thrusting, I was in heaven. That cock was so perfect in every way. It gently touched my cervix and stretched me out all at the same time. She was making love to me with smooth, rhythmic strokes and I was soon building to another orgasm.

I held my own knees back and grunted, “Oh God…I’m cumming! Yesssss! Yessss!”

It was very good but not great. I needed that extra sensation so I gasped, “Take it off. I want it bare.”

Mercedes smiled in agreement, pulled her cock out of my pussy and yanked the rubber off before tossing it the floor. In one swift motion, her member was back inside me, creating that warm, fleshy feeling I craved. She laid down on top of me and we kissed with our nipples touching one another’s.

That was such a different sensation and so erotic. As she fucked me, the jarring was causing her pointy ones to rub mine like she was doing it on purpose. With her cock and breath inside two of my orifices and her boobs mashed against mine, I was out of control!”

“Mmmmmm! Aughhhhhhmmmmmm! Mmmmmmuhhhhhhhhh! Mmmhhnnngggggg!” I moaned inside her mouth during my powerful climax!

She continued fucking me until I had two more orgasms with each one more powerful than the previous one. The last one was a giant squirt that made a mess all over her couch. She didn’t seem to mind. My pussy was quivering in satisfaction.

She lifted her upper body and announced, “Ohhhhhh! I’m cummmming! Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Being so deep, I felt her cum spurts against my womb and being so thick, I felt her ejaculation twitches against my walls. She was depositing her love inside me like we were a couple trying to conceive. Thank goodness I was on birth control or I would have been impregnated for sure. Mercedes’s eyes were tightly closed until she finished. When they slowly opened, she smiled again and shook her head in a post orgasm tremble.

She pulled out of me and sat back on her heels. Her cock and balls were dripping from my squirt. I was also trembling from sheer pleasure but noticed that beautiful dong was still hard. The girl hadn’t lost any engorgement.

She asked, “Do you do anal? My boyfriend takes it in his ass all the time but Autumn casino şirketleri won’t. She says it is too big. Come to think of it, I have never had a girl take me in the booty. You want to give it a try?”

Considering how much I enjoyed anal with my boyfriend and even though Mercedes’s penis was twice as thick, I curiously agreed, “Sure but please use lots of lube and go slow.”

As she disappeared into the bathroom to retrieve the lubrication, she agreed, “I always do baby.”

Soon, I was on all fours on the Ottoman with my bare feet hanging over the edge. Mercedes slathered her dong with plenty of lube and wiggled the tip against my anus. Gritting my teeth, I prepared myself for entry. She pushed slowly and the head stretched my tight sphincter until it popped in. I gasped in pain but took quick choppy breaths to deal with it while I instinctively began to pull away.

Mercedes grabbed my hips, “Don’t run from it baby. Stay strong. Let me get it in.”

I could feel inch after inch slowly working its way into my rectum. The pain began to subside as my anus became more and more acclimated to the girth. The pressure was causing the deposited semen inside my pussy to ooze out and drip between my legs. She was gentle and began to screw my ass like she did my pussy. Within a few pumps, the sensation transformed from pain to tolerability to pleasure. That big cock was sliding in and out of my ass and I took it with enthusiasm. My perky boobs were rocking back and forth and I’m sure Mercedes’s were bouncing in rhythm to her thrusting. That anal friction was vibrating my G-spot and I was close to orgasming again.

I panted, “That feels amazing! Don’t stop! Can you go deeper?”

She replied, “Sure, baby.” After putting one foot up on the stool beside me, she was able to add that little extra I needed before asking, “How is that?”

I screamed, “Perfect! I’m going to cuuuuuuuu…! Oooooooo!” I rubbed my clit sideways and my feminine squirt began to splash all over the Ottoman like I was anointing it in holy water. I couldn’t stop cumming. That big dick was forcing more liquid out of me than I thought possible. At one point I was having multiple orgasms but the juices continuously flowed. I kept screaming and if someone had walked by, they would have thought someone was getting hurt inside the apartment.

Mercedes was getting tired and stopped pumping my anal cavity to catch her breath. I turned and hungrily offered, “Do you want me to ride it?”

She beamed in agreement. She pulled out and sat down on the couch with her goopy cock pressed against her stomach. I stood on sofa straddling her lap. When I sat down on it we kissed again, nibbling at each other’s lips. She encouraged me to arch back so she could suck my nipples. She knew how to lightly sc**** her teeth on them before adding total suction. That, combined with her pole lodged up my ass was an additional sensation that kept me horny. I rocked back and forth not wanting her lips to leave my breasts.

She went back to kissing my neck and pinching my nipples until I squealed, “Ahhhhh…yessss! I’m cumming again! Ohhhhhhhh!”

I took hold of her shoulders and began to bounce up and down. I was riding her big cock like I was on a trampoline, slamming myself down each time. I begged, “I love it in my ass! I want your cum! Please fill my asshole up with your spunk like you did my pussy! Do it!”

When I screamed and squirted on her lap, she held my hips and began to cum, “There it is! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! I’m cumming. Ahhhhhh!”

When we both had finished, I continued to sit on her cock while we kissed. At that point, both of us were sweating and breathing hard like we were workout partners. I whispered, “You are good! All I can say is wow!”

She giggled, “I told you. Don’t knock it until you have tried it.” I began to stand up when she asked, “Do you want to do it one more time before you go?”

When it slid out of my bottom, it was still hard. I looked at it and her and back at it before responding, “Are you serious? What are you…a machine?”

She laughed, “I told you. I can cum several times I always do. Just ask Autumn. You want another round?”

I shook my head in disbelief, “I’m satisfied. Look, my ass and pussy are gooey as all get out. Both are swollen and stretched.” As I was about to decline, I commented in amazement, “Look at that thing. How can it still be hard? I wouldn’t mind jacking it off and seeing it cum.”

“That sounds great. Where do you want me?” Mercedes asked.

I directed her in the middle of the sofa while I knelt down between her legs. Even though it was still covered in lubrication and semen, I spit on it to add my own. I first jerked it with one hand then two. I am fascinated with foreskin and loved sliding it up and down the smooth, hairless shaft.

The more I stroked it, the more I wanted it in my mouth. I didn’t care that it had just been in my ass, I wanted to suck it again. I jerked and sucked simultaneously even though the lube tasted very bitter. My hands slipped and slapped with ease. allowing me to add twists like I was grinding pepper.

“She exhaled, “I’m getting close. Do it just like that.”

I stopped sucking so I could watch her face. I love watching guys cum so I knew it would be a thrill for me. I requested, “Tell me when.”

She gave precision instructions to help me get her off, “A little faster. Yes, just like that! Oh! Almost there.”

My hands were pumping up and down and her eyes began to glaze over. She had given me such tremendous orgasms so I was wanting to do the same for her. She thrusted her hips upward causing her ass to raise off the sofa when the first shot landed in her cleavage.

“Aughhhh! Ohhh! Augghhh!” she cried out while I instinctively wrapped my mouth around the head to catch the rest.

Spurt after warm spurt filled my mouth. I was once again amazed at the quantity of cum after her previous two orgasms. I swallowed the sweet slime and stood up, “You are simply an amazing lover. If you were a guy, you could hire yourself out as a gigolo and make bookoo money. Aww, forget that. I’m sure there is a demand for shemales so forget that I said that. You have the best of both worlds and could fuck girls and guys.”

Mercedes sighed, “Well, there are so many people freaked out by it all. I’m glad you were open minded. Thank you.”

I shook my head, “No…thank you! It was amazing. I want your number and maybe we can hook up again.”

She smiled, “I would like that. We could also get some coffee together there at Starbucks.”

I agreed, “Deal.” I got my phone off the counter and put her number into my contacts. I dressed and left with a huge smile on my face.

After my class, I stopped by Shane’s house with another huge smile on my face.

He smiled back, “I know that look. Did you have some girl on girl sex today?”

I giggled then paused before answering, “Uh…sort of!”

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