Ginger and George’s Love Story

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Ginger and George’s Love Story
i was 19, unmarried, never had had a relation with anyone. i grew up with two older sisters who always liked to dress me up like i was one of them, so that i was not as gross as the other boys they saw. And i really liked how i looked as a girl, so i decided when i was going from junior high to senior high, that i wanted to become a girl, dress as a girl, and look as passable as possible. Luckily, this is 2010, and we had just moved into Stanford, where both mom and dad had very good jobs. My sisters left the house and lived in with their boy friends; they all worked in IT jobs now.

Since that move, my sisters really took to me, handing me their worn clothes, which i collected, even their undies. They were all washed and clean and i had no second thoughts about it. I was happy not having to deal with a period of bleeding between my legs, or looking into painful birth giving. Since I’d begun taking hormones even before i swapped sex, I was now, four years later, looking passable.

I still had no boy friend, as it was well known even at my new school that I was born as a man; rumors fly endless distances. Some older girls told me i was a freak, in the first year, and there were moments that all i could do was just sit and cry. I did my best at school, but the hormones created an effective brain-blocker, so it reflected on my outcome, and eventually i left school without a diploma.

So, without any reward, after many years lost at different schools, i was sitting on a bench in a park, all sadness and tears. I didn’t even really notice the big black man, in his suit, coming to sit next to me. Only when he started talking to me did i notice. ‘Hey hey girl, come on, it’s allright, look at how beautiful this day is!’ and i lifted my head up, looked him in the eyes, and i said, sorry Sir, i’m just a loser, without any diploma, without a job, what am i gonna do?’ and started sobbing again, my world was all gone, there were tears on my shoes, my plaid skirt, my white socks, and when i took my make-up mirror, i saw that my make-up was now ready for a complete make-over.

The man asked if he could touch me. As he looked nice enough, i said, yes Sir, please Sir. He carefully laid his arm over my shoulder, and him being much bigger then me, it was like he’d built a nest full of trust and safety all around me. Boy, this felt good! i thought…and let my head hang against his mighty chest. I started to fantasize about how that chest would look like, without the suit. His left hand now touched my left upper arm, and my ear lobe, cheek, mouth, neck, and then asked me if i was maybe born in the wrong body.
Alarmed, i almost jumped up, giving him the clue he needed, but luckily it didn’t offend him, like some other men. I hoped that he would be into gurls like me, sexually. And he said, please come back, and sit next to me again. I just felt your adam’s apple, that’s all, that is how i know a girl started as a boy. Which is not important at all! I think you look very feminine, very attractive, a sexy cd school girl! And as he was talking, he pulled me closer again and asked if i would like to sit on his leg like a little girl. I had dreamt about this. It is something innocent that all little girls do, but at the same time, prepares them for a future of lap dances if they choose to go into the naughty direction.

He asked me a lot about my family and in particular, how my sisters had turned me into their play doll. He seemed interested in how my class mates accepted me, and how embarrassed I got every time I was not accepted as a real girl. I never wanted to live as a boy or man, and had no idea what to do after school. At that point, I asked for his name, which is ‘George’. I said, good name for you, you are Gorgeous! then I said that I was called Jake, but i had taken the name of ‘Ginger’ since i have red hair.

‘Oh Ginger! What a beautiful, well chosen, fitting name! It will be in my thoughts all the time, I will be dancing and calling Ginger, girl, you are mine’.
I blushed, no one has said something nice like this, ever. Almost started crying again, thinking it was just a dream that i would wake up from, to just be back in the endless school.

He was clever, and said ‘I will take you to my house, and make you a nice drink, after which i can bring you home, if you want.’
I thought for a few seconds. What if he is a c***d m*****er, a r****t, a mean and evil charmer? But in his looks i saw that he did not have those qualities. Thank God for a good canlı bahis şirketleri vibe-antenna! He said, why don’tcha work your make-up, i can hold the mirror for you.’

I stepped into his car, a 1964 Corvette Stingray. Real movie star car. He laughed at me and explained that back in the eighties, he had invented and patented a software trick, that he never sold, but rented out to companies, knowing that this was so basic that it would always be easier and cheaper for them to pay for the use of his software library, then to try to build something similar instead. It was a lot of information for me, and he saw that i did not understand much about the subject.
‘What hobbies do you have?’ he asked. ‘Oh, i have so many, i love to read, go to movies, cook, and go shopping for clothes and more. Oh yes, i also like to have sex’
i stopped suddenly. WHY did i say this? What was going on? Didn’t I control my own mouth anymore? Did he make me say that? I was confused. He laughed, and said, wow, yes you are very beautiful, i would pay you if you let me have sex with you, if you’re old enough’.

‘I’m eighteen’ i said. ‘C’mon let’s do it’, i added, since i was hopelessly in love with him and overrun by my own body’s hormones, for the very first time in my life. It was like I could see ahead in the near future, and act and respond in exactly the right way.
He drove into his driveway and opened a huge 3-car garage. His house was very stylish, Spanish style architecture, and he showed me around, it was the biggest villa i’d ever been, with 3 bath rooms and 5 bedrooms, a big kitchen with stainless steel cooking island and marble top, a living space with multiple levels, giant flat screen, romantic film posters, big fireplace, and glass sliding doors to the terrace area. The garden behind it looked adventurous as well as secluded, and i almost drooled.

‘What do you like to drink?’ he asked. ‘I’ve got beers, wine, whiskey, or just soda’. ‘Can i have a beer please?’ ‘Of course, would you prefer Corona, or a bit heavier?’ ‘Corona is fine’. I’m always more free after i had drank some beer. He plopped next to me on the couch, his big body launching mine, at which he and i looked at each other and laughed, spontaneously. I felt the butterflies coming into my stomach…
‘So did you always want to be a girl? or was it a growing feeling?’ ‘No, i always liked to be like my sisters, they are so beautiful and elegant, so smart and sweet at the same time, and i never saw myself as a successful boy, or a real man like you’.
‘I see’….he looked a long time at me, his eyes narrowed to slits. Probably taking measures, which was exactly what he did. Then he started his first demand. ‘Show me your dick’. Somehow, i’d foreseen this. So i lifted my skirt and grabbing under it, took my pecker out of her panties. ‘wow, i’ve never seen one as tiny as this’ I blushed. I wouldn’t be much of a man, anyway. What can a real girl do with that? Nothing!’ and George nodded, indeed, you did make the right choice. Now man have more material to choose from. While there are not many girlyboys like you around, or men like me that especially are attracted to that.’
I blushed even more. Did I heard that right? Was he into trannies like me? Was that maybe why he sat right next to me? Was I his victim? But again, there was nothing in this house suggesting that i met a r****t or worse. We both were getting increasingly horny.

Now I asked if I could see his. He smiled, and walked closer to me until he stood in front of me. ‘Open it’. Another command. And i liked it, i liked to be commanded. And i still do. It makes me hot. It shows the power exchange, how i am his sub while he is my master. My penis got hard, very visibly. Just like my nipples, under the tight, lacy bra.
I put my head closer, to find the zipper behind the flap, and pulled it down, then tried to get that big growing snake out of the boxer short he was wearing. With a little help i produced the biggest cock I’d ever seen, even though I’d spend quite some time with gay porn magazines.

He asked me if I would like to suck on it, to take it in my mouth and i did not hesitate a moment! It was in my throat before I had even thought about taking it there, and i felt both of his big hands push my head towards his belly, with that growing snake deep in my throat, going in and out, in and out, until he let me go and i was heaving for air.

‘Sorry ginger, that was a bit too much wasn’t it?’ i said, yes, well, maybe i just have to learn canlı kaçak iddaa a lot. He seemed happy with my answer, and asked if i liked to go upstairs, to his Master Bedroom. ‘You are such a hot girl, i can’t hold it any longer, c’mon finish your beer or bring it with you, with that nice tight lilly white ass of you’. I blushed again, as none ever had said such things to me.

In his bedroom, he asked if i would like to dress in something more sexy then what i was wearing. He’d said his previous girlfriend (also tranny, as i found out) left a lot of her clothes when she moved to another continent. She had been given a lot by him, so it wasn’t such a big deal, and he’d given her a fair amount of money to start her new life. They still are very good friends. He can’t be a bad guy, i thought again. ‘Can you call me Daddy? i like that, ginger. i also like you to write your phone number, email and home address here. Just in case you forget something here, then I can call you and bring it back’.
It all sounded innocent enough, so i wrote down the requested information and kept going through the sexy outfits in the various drawers. Finally, I’d found a lovely red-and-pink combination, with ruffles, lace, and garters. It made my curves stand out more, and added to my innocence and youth. Had it on in ten seconds, after which he simply lifted me up, threw me on the bed, and undressed until he was just one big chocolat teddy bear. That liked to kiss me, and feel all over me, play with my weener, while he swaffeled me with his dick in his other hand.

‘Wait’ he said, stood up and walked around the bedroom, touching the walls here and there. I had no idea that he was starting his cameras. I had no idea, that this was the final point in where he took me, my persona, my integrity, everything, without warning. He gave me fantastic sex, as anyone could see and hear, and later on I found the edited video on pay-sites all over the world, his and my face clear as if we both consented to it.
I hesitated. Could go two ways from here. Either, the legal one, demanding a bunch of his money, after which we would be enemies, or, the accepting one, in where we would produce more movies in this future series which already started to pick up some speed. I already was getting known in the porn scene, this can happen overnight, as there are that many guys watching porn constantly. An entire world, a huge industry. I also realized that he could punish me in more ways than I would be able to fathom. Sometimes it’s better to just go with the flow, whatever that flow is. The picture of me on my knees sucking his cock would be on our bedroom door, during our entire relation, until I was old and he had died. I had to take it off to stop the memories….of pure lust, and happiness. Balance.

He wanted me to wear a chastity device. That way he could control when I came, or in other words, build up my obedience. I never felt like I went too far, after an ejaculation. He’d kept me building up my little bit of sperm, as it also was building up sexual lust, submissiveness, and desire. I was always turned on, wearing my CB6000, and afterwards, the Steel Moon stainless cage. He furthermore added to my obedience by demanding me to wear a uniform, like i was a hotel maid, and high heels. It also added to my own feelings of both lust, and being trapped. I felt like i just HAD to be nice to him.

Since I actually denied putting it on, he had asked if i wanted to try bondage. When he had me all tied up, completely immobile, he just came with the CB and put it on, asking me to forgive him for doing so, but he definitely saw the need for me to have it, he said. There was no asking for permission by him in this relation. He simply was the King in his house, and I was his sextoy annex slave, for the reward of living in his comfortable home, and getting free food, clothes and drinks.

But, before I actually was this far, I had to go home! Mom and dad were gone until the end of the week, which had come now.
George just wanted to make sure that I would come back, as he has the key to my weener cage around his neck, on his gold chain. It even says ‘ginger’ on it… just like the necklace he bought me, with the letters ‘s l u t g i n g e r’ on it.
He asked, i said something that sounded like i smarted him off, and next, i was in my schoolgirl uniform, head looking down at his floor tiles, my heels dropping on the floor, and his big firm hands landing whacks on my butt. I didn’t even remember what canlı kaçak bahis i said, but it must’ve been bad since now it was raining flat handed spanks, that made me cry of pain and humiliation. I realized that i would never be his equal, always his little slutty cock-fairy. After the beating, he made me cum while calling me a fuck toy, a web cam whore, and demanding that i say ‘i am your sex toy’ and making me promise to suck his dick next week. He opened my agenda, at the current week, and asked ‘when will you be back?’ and i saw the entire, empty week, without any school work, and asked ‘how soon do you want me?’ and he said, well, I have a couple of things to do, so it’ll be best if you can come wednesday afternoon, around two, if that suits you. And, please, don’t try to get out of the cage, you can ruin your pecker that way. It will be good for you not to come for a few days, it will build up your mental power.’
I promised so, and he brought me home, stopped right in front of mom and dad’s home, and i saw them watch me get out of the car, and kissing the driver.

Mom and dad asked who he is, and said, ‘well, he looks decent, it seems like a nice man’ and my heart jumped up. How I’ld LOVE to bring him home, and present him to my parents, as my lover!

Of course, the days did not go by fast at all. They crept, and I kept looking at the numbers on my clock. Until it was Wednesday. I was not able to wait until two, and rang his door bell around one thirty. He opened after a minute, and laughed. ‘Come in Ginger’, patting my butt when I stepped over his threshold. ‘How are you?’ and i told him mom and dad watched me and him and that they thought he was a nice person, and he nodded, ‘i’m trying to!’ and laughed. Then he went over to more serious business. ‘Okay, you have sucked me long and square, but do you think that you can have me in your pussy?’ I blushed, once more. Of course my anus was not used to big objects, like his penis. It would need some training to get into it, into being hampered, being stormed, fucked like a battlefield.

If I let him fuck my anus, he said, he would allow me to cum again.
These hot summer days, I produce more sperm then during the winter. My balls fell like they wanted to explode into a cloud of cum. So yes, of course i said, let’s do it’.
This time however, he really took his time. He first let me undress, then made me wear the uniform with fitting heels, and clean his bed room, then make some tea with a piece of nice home baked pie ‘I’ll teach you how to do this’ he said. As we sat on his couch, I could feel his left hand explore me again, going under my butt, until his thumb was right under my anus, and went straight in it, like i had no sphincter. He had lubed it well! And although it felt a little uncomfortable, he explained to me ‘this is what each and every girl has to undergo; giving up your body, for your lover, so that he can enter it. In the beginning there will be a little bit of pain, but eventually, you would not even want to go live without.’ I moaned a little, as it hurt. My penis got harder in its cage. My balls hurt a bit.
After what seemed just a minute, i looked at the clock to discover we were on his couch now for almost an hour. He’d been fingering me for over fifteen, twenty minutes, and my ass was starting to get excited by his finger massage. He lifted me up, and carried me upstairs to his bed, on which i was thrown. The ruffles, satin and lace of my servitude dress were all around and over my head, and i like the flowery smell of clean, stainless, laceware.

He taught me to cum while he fucks me, a sissygasm. Never was I allowed to touch my weener without the cage. Every time he ended our sex he stimulates me, with vibrator, or just a dildo, with which he fucks my hole, stretching it a little more. I can have him now, and he was right, now that i’m used to the feeling, i almost can’t live without that sting in me!

When I realized that I had crossed the point of no return, that i was addicted to him, i asked if i could live in with him, and he nodded, saying ‘that would be my ultimate dream’. I recorded him saying it, since it was mine, too.

Mom and dad looked at each other and said, ‘well, girl, your sisters have left the house, and that was our time to learn let go. We know they are happy, and want you to be as happy as your sisters!’

George and I got married a year later, I looked beautiful, the hormones had taken care of all my curves, i wouldn’t even need a laser hair removal or boob job. My big, full lips were all natural. George took me to get permanent make-up, and some piercings, he thought would make me look sexy.

It did, as I became prettier and more petite, less muscular, and my submissive tendency grew as fast as my male admirers’ pool…

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