Getting Lucky With Sunaina Aunty

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Getting Lucky With Sunaina Aunty
am a 22-year-old young guy from Mumbai. I stay with my mom and dad. I have a fantasy for an older woman which I got to experience in real life a few days ago. So I used to have a college friend name Suchit. He was from Pune.

So during our college days, we got a project for which we had to shift to Pune for it. Since I didn’t have any place to go Suchit asked me to stay at his place till the project gets over. We went to his place and I met his parents. His father was around 47-48 years old and used to work for an IT company in Pune itself.

His mother Sunaina also used to work in a company in Pune. She was around 44 or 45 years old. His mom was quite pretty and had fats in the right places. She was quite fair and used to look like a hot aunty. The days passed. I started to know Sunaina aunty better as we used to chat and watch television together often.

It was one day when I was sleeping in my room. As I woke up I saw Sunaina aunty coming out of the shower in her nightgown. Her hairs were wet and her gown was also deep neck so her cleavage was visible. Watching her got me hard that day and I started getting bad thoughts about her.

One day Suchit was not at home and I too slept early. Sunaina aunty and uncle had gone to a party. It was around 12 in the night when they returned. I could see uncle a little drunk. Both went inside their room and pushed the door. I could hear some murmuring in their room.

Since they had closed the light I couldn’t güvenilir bahis see clearly. But I could see aunty standing near mirror and uncle lying over the bed. Then suddenly uncle got up and went near aunty. He lifted her nighty from behind and inserted his penis inside her. I could only hear voices but nothing was clear.

Sunaina aunty was moaning. But after 2 minutes I heard Sunaina aunty saying, “Suresh you are done in just 2 minutes.” I could feel from her voice as if she was not satisfied. I went back to my room and was thinking about her. Her voice during sex had made me hard.

I masturbated twice that night thinking of her. Next few days went normal. Then one day I came home early and saw Sunaina aunty waiting for a parcel. A delivery boy came and gave her a parcel. She went inside to open it. I was curious to know what it was. I was shocked to see a dildo inside it.

I knew that Sunaina aunty was unsatisfied so she has got a dildo for her. She closed her door and I knew she would be pleasuring herself. I was getting horny for her day by day but was not able to get the chance. One day I went inside her room when she was bathing and was looking for something.

Suddenly the door opened and I saw aunty in a nightgown with dildo in her hand. She was shocked to see me and quickly hid the dildo. But since I had seen it she was quite terrified and didn’t know how to talk to me. For the next two days, we two couldn’t speak to each other.

Then one day when no one was home she took courage perabet and came to me and said, “Raj I know you saw my dildo. But it’s fine we both are adults and know this very well that we have urges. So let’s not make it awkward for us.” I smiled and said, “Ok aunty.”

From then onwards we got closer to each other. She used to tell me her fantasies and I too used flirt with her. One day Suchit and his dad went for some work out of Pune. I and Sunaina aunty were alone. I never knew this would be my lucky day. Aunty came to my room in a satin gown and started chatting with me.

We both were sitting in balcony holding hands. I was nervous as I had never held any mature lady hand. She was quite smiling at me. I thought about what would happen now. To my surprise, she came near me and kissed me on my forehead and cheeks. I knew I was up for it. I also returned her same.

Now she said, “Raj if you promise you can keep it a secret I am ready to sleep with you.” I was shocked and happy at the same time. I said, “Yes aunty.” She took my hands and made me follow her into her room. I was feeling excited from inside. I was about to lose my virginity.

She made me lay on the bed and slowly removed my shorts and t-shirt. I was in my underwear only. She started to suck my nipple and bite them. Then she slowly gave me a kiss on my lips. I was all excited. It went to the next level when she took out my cock from my underwear and slowly started sucking it.

I was in heaven. She was slowly sucking perabet giriş my cock. She then removed her gown. She was wearing a white bra and a white panty. I unhooked her bra. Her boobs were soft and nipples were hard. I was playing with her boobs and pressing them hard making her moan with pleasure.

She removed her panty laid down on the bed. She asked me to go down and suck her pussy. I obeyed her and went down and started sucking her vagina. She was in complete pleasure. Soon she took out a condom and asked me to wear it. I wore one and slowly started to push my cock in her pussy.

I started stroking in missionary style. In no time within 3 to 5 minutes, I cummed inside her. She kissed me for a few minutes and started to suck my cock again. After 10 minutes of sucking my cock got hard. This time I made her sit on my cock. I was banging her for more than 10 minutes.

Post that I even banged her in doggy style before I cummed again. Now we both were cuddling each other. I was happy feeling a woman body. We both took a shower together. Then I wanted to fuck her again as I was not done yet. She was also ready for it. This time I asked her for anal. She agreed at once.

I slowly fingered her ass in order to open the way for my cock. It was a little tight. But still, after applying oil on my dick, I managed to enter her ass. She was moaning with pain now. I was going hard in her ass. I was also slapping her butts. Her boobs were swaying freely.

She was fingering her pussy while I was fucking her in the ass. I was not cumming and was getting harder and harder. She then bent down and started giving me a blowjob. After a few minutes of sucking, I blew my cum in her mouth. We both then slept naked whole night holding each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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