Fredrick’s Surprise

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Do not let anyone tell you that because of your age and physical limitations a person cannot have a hell of a sexy life.

I was a woman who thought those guys over 62, were over the hill, most of them with dysfunctional cocks. This past week’s experiences sure shot that theory to hell.

I met Fred online on an adult site. I wrote him an email-saying hello and soon received his reply. As I read his letter, I thought this man sure is out of place on a sex-swinging site. He told me he lives less then fifty miles from me. He then attached a decent photo to the email. Now, if someone would have told me, he was 58 or so. I might have believed them. Here was this good-looking sixty-five year old man with a lean muscular body.

By this time in my life, I was getting tired of looking at the four walls and needed some companionship of the male kind. I was about to call the fire department and tell them, “Light my fucking fire will you!” Therefore, I wrote him asking if he would like to take me out for my fifty-third birthday.

He jumped at the chance and told me we could tour Nashville and end the day having cake and ice cream. He would pick me up at 10am, Sunday and dress casually.

I responded to his email saying, “See you Sunday.”

He arrived as scheduled. I was more nervous then a teenager on their first date and horny as hell. I wondered if he would be a southern gentleman, or could I have him take advantage of this southern belle, and fuck my socks off.

We greeted each other with a kiss and soon drove off exchanging ideas on where we could go. The places we could see were limited due to the hot humid weather, but I was determined to have fun.

We went to the Opry land hotel for lunch. Oh my God, that place is so beautiful! We walked through the garden and he told me about the bad experiences with woman in his life. He wiped a tear from the corner of his eye as he told me all he needed was a real friend and one who was not afraid to date older me.

I turned and looked into his face and said, “Fred, let’s forget about the past! The future is more exciting and I know there is allot more joy-love and happiness to be found in the world”

He asked if he could hold my hand and I replied, “Sure, I do not see why not.”

As he held my hand, he told me he also loves to hug and kiss. Adding, “Right now I wish I was doing that to you. You’re a very beautiful woman!”

I leaned over and kissed Fred’s check saying, “Honey, I am a Leo! I love to hold hands, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri hugs and kiss. I have always been the kind of person who loves to touch people.”

He pulled me into his arms and planted a kiss on my lips that curled my toes. In the back of my head I was screaming, “Ooooooh fuck, where did this guy come from! Keep going baby and I will melt in your arms!”

I brought my lips down on his and gave a kiss guaranteed to make an impotent pecker rock hard.

We continued seeing the sites and soon the day was ending. Fred pulled me into his arms and kissed me once more then asked if I wanted to go to his place for cake and ice cream as well as privacy.

I mumbled a, “Yes,” and soon we were standing in his living room perfecting that kiss.

He then sat me down and told me he was worried about asking me out for more then just a date. He has wanted to have sex with me since the first time he seen my picture online. Then went on to say that, he was impotent and that turns allot of woman off.

I took his face in mine and kissed his lips softly then said, “Fred, do you enjoy sex and have an organism?

Blushing he relied, “Hell yes! I just cannot find cooperative woman!”

I responded saying, “I cannot see that we have a problem then. I think it’s about time we have some sexy fun!”

He led me to the bedroom and slowly removed my clothing. I thought his eye would fall out when he seen my 42DD’s. He laid me down gently while kissing me. After kissing me head to toe, he stopped and said to lie still a minute he wanted to show me what he used to get hard.

He showed me a pump the doctor gave him saying, “It makes my cock longer and harder and I can fuck over 30 minutes with it going down.

I blew him a kiss and said, “They do make it allot more fun for you guy’s, don’t they?”

He nodded yes the undressed. Even in a soft state, his cock was five inches and bigger around then average. In my mind, I could see his cock growing and soon it was a good eight inches and hard. Oh my God, I thought I was going to climax right then and their.

He then kissed me again and let his fingers do the walking. When he slide his finger deep inside my wanting cunt, I gasp. He asked if I liked that and I half way mumbled, “Uh-huh.” He continued and soon I was shaking hard with my first earth-shattering climax!

He then said, “I want to eat your hot cunt! ”

I did not hesitate and spread my legs wide. I would let güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a man eat me all day. Which he did like a pro consequently causing climax number two.

I told him to lie down and began to lick and suck his cock making sure I did both his cock and balls. He screamed, “Ooooooh fuck, I love that! Keep it up baby it has been so long since I had anyone suck my dam pecker! Want me to make my cock hard for you now baby!”

I said, “Oh baby hell yes!” As he used the pump, my fingers drifted down to my throbbing clit. Oh, fuck I love to watch a man and came again! Soon my tips were wrapped around 8 inches and sucking hard. I could tell by his face he was about to about to blow his load!

He moved so we could sixty-nine. His tongue worked its magic on my clit as his fingers entered my hot hole. We were lost in our own little corner of “fuck heaven.” Hot damn, he came like a fucking racehorse and I followed.

We lay there breathless and I glanced over at the clock. It read 8pm; I asked if we could skip the ice cream. It was time for me to go home, because I was expecting a phone call from both my kids wishing me happy birthday.

He replied, “Sure that will give me an excuse to invite you to my place again.”

After he put his clothes on, I asked to see his driver license. I was sure he lied about this age. This hot sexy man just sent me around the world three times and I had four climaxes that would burst hover dam. Now I know forty year olds that cannot do that, and sure enough, a 65 yr just did.

I giggled and said, “You know something in eight months you’ll be 66.”

He smiled saying, “I know!”

Now I am sure that Fred will be a close friend of mine, with benefits. I think I will buy a plaque for the wall which reads; don’t judge a book by its covers!”

Part 2: “How do you spell relief…FRED?”

My soon to be ex, had left my house for the last time. I sent him home telling him just how upset I was and that I wrote him out of my life for good. I wanted to feel loved and feel like a sexy woman again. The guy I often date is on the road and unable to meet me and fuck like I wanted too, so I called my new friend Fred.

We had talked about getting together Tuesday. I not only needed a real man to hold me, but needed fucked until my eyes were crossed. I thought well first we could meet at my house and fuck, then go to his and continue the lusty rendezvous.

It was 12:45am I had just finished answering güvenilir bahis şirketleri my email and talking to a few online friends. God, I was so fucking horny! My pussy was drenched and now screaming, “I need to be fucked by a stiff cock!”

The phone rang and the caller ID said payphone. Now who do I know that would call me at this hour via a pay phone? I picked it up and said, “Hello.”

Fred’s deep sexy voice replied, “Hello dear! I bet you cannot guess where I am. I am about five miles from your house. Babeegirl, I could not wait to feel your naked body next to mine, you hot lips wrapped around my throbbing cock! I want to slide my dick deep inside you hot box! So here I am, can I come on over?”

I said, “Oh hell yes! You my dear lover are not the only one horny!”

He came over and before I could say anything, he pulled me into his arms and planted a kiss on me that would make my toes curl. Oh god, I love this guys kissing. Unlike some guys, he takes his time using his fingers, mouth, and tongue to turn every inch of me on. Then he uses a pump to get rock hard any tells me I am about to be fucked like no one has ever fucked me before!

I pulled him in locked the door and gave him a kiss guaranteed to make his impotent dick hard for a week. He was already semi hard and oozing precum. I could not resist unzipping his pants and stroking his cock. He worked undressing me and tantalizing every fucking inch of me! I led him to my bed and both of us lay down. My naked body cradled in his as our tongues did the lover’s dance.

I stopped kissing and told him to lie on his back. I started kissing my way from his lips downward. Licking, sucking, and nibbling every inch of him until my lips were doing his cock and balls. He screamed, “Oooooooh baby, suck me! You are driving me crazy! I love the way you suck my dick!”

I sucked him for a good 20 minutes then moved so he could do me. Oh my God, he kissed me as his experienced fingers made me cum once. Then he went down on my pussy his tongue working its magic on me. When he slid a wet finger in my cunt and ass as sucked my clit I came so hard vaginally that I covered his face and bed with my juices.

I have concluded he is not only a great friend, but also a new fuck buddy! A man who wants me just like I am and will fuck me anyway I like it.

We did not sleep much last night. I made him cum twice and he made me cum six (I think as I lost count.) I called the guy I usually fuck. I told him a very descriptive detail of what happened and soon he shouted, “Fuck, damn, woman you sure know how to make me cum hard!”

I am not sure if Fred and he will both do me, but if they do, I will be in heaven. Now I need to go find my toy! I am still naked, my pussy is throbbing and I need to cum hard. HUM…want to watch me?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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