Football Game Night

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“Wait, what?”

“You heard me, unless you’re afraid,” she said teasingly. “I would understand that coming from you, not to mention your sorry-ass third-string Broncos.”

Dani’s proposal caught me off-guard. Maybe it shouldn’t have, but it did.

It will help to have a little background. I made the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in February. I was offered a promotion by my company, but it meant I would need to move to corporate headquarters. That meant a move from Denver to Newark. Nobody goes from Denver to Newark unless they have a good reason. The two-step jump up the company ladder with the big increase in my pay and benefits were good reasons to consider it. The decision was more difficult because it meant leaving my buddies and the outdoor sports and activities I enjoyed. Rock climbing, snowboarding, hiking, and cycling kept my six-foot two-inch muscular frame in shape. I bit the bullet and made the move, taking the job at corporate to lead a marketing team in the Sales and Marketing division. Shortly after my move, the pandemic hit. I was in a new city and state, half-way across the country and didn’t know anyone except the few people I met at work. Needless to say, it made meeting people more difficult than it already was, except for the few people I met at work.

One of those is Dani (short for Danielle). Dani is a feisty petite five-foot four-inch brunette with a broad smile and sparkling blue eyes. She is lively and outgoing. She never met a stranger and she is highly competitive. She is wired for sales, which is why she leads a team on the Sales side of the division. She is also attractive. We only met in person a few times; due to the pandemic, most of our interaction were on Zoom. That didn’t quell her enthusiasm. I chose to keep things professional with people at work, not wanting to complicate things in my new position, especially with the company frowning on fraternizing within the ranks. With her personality and natural beauty, I assumed she was unavailable despite her overt friendliness. I couldn’t tell if she was flirting or her playful winsomeness was just her outgoing personality that had a gift for closing sales.

The move up the corporate ladder didn’t require a move for Dani. She grew up in the suburbs of Newark. She was born and bred New Jersey. She was a proud Jersey Girl. She was also a die-hard Jets fan. “They might be called the New York Jets, but they play in my back yard,” she repeated. As far as she is concerned, they are a Jersey team. Her team. When all the fair-weathered bastards abandoned them because they are bad, Dani remains true. This year, they are bad – again.

As the Broncos/Jets game grew close as the first game in the fourth week of the already-strange football season, Dani began the inevitable smack talk. She knew I was a Broncos fan and had no intention to shift my loyalties. It started on the Thursday, two weeks before game night. Her banter came in all forms, including bold comments in Zoom meetings, emails, intranet messaging, memes and even texts. The rare times we were both at the office, she never passed me without saying something. Dani always started it and was relentless. By NFL standards, she would have been penalized for taunting. Of course, I had to defend my team by returning the banter.

On the Monday before the Thursday night game, Dani called to discuss third quarter Sales and Marketing quota numbers. I knew the call wouldn’t end without some comment about the game.

“How sad you have to watch your Broncos get their asses beat again while you’re stuck in your apartment all by yourself.”

“Oh, there will be an ass-beating,” I answered impetuously, “but it won’t be the Broncos.” I suddenly realized I was talking with her more like one of the guys than someone from work. “I won’t be alone, I’m representin’ my team when they’re here with me in enemy territory,” I added.

“That will be a sight, watching you see them make their way back to Denver with their asses handed to them.”

“That’s not going to happen,” I answered.

“I know a great sports bar two blocks from here. Want to watch the game from there?” she offered.

I looked at her with surprise. She looked back with her broad smile and playful competitive gleam in her eye.

“It will be fun watching you both lose,” she added.

“You’re on,” I answered. “Thursday night after work,” I said. “Loser buys the drinks.”

“You’re on, Loser,” she quipped as she turned and walked away. She had a confident bounce in her step that showed off her small round ass in a way I was not sure if she intended.

Over the next couple days, Dani’s playful razzing intensified. It was difficult to tell if she was mocking or flirting. Maybe both. Whatever it was, it was incessant – especially on Thursday. With the Jets playing that night, and with so few people in the office, our company let employees wear Jerseys to support the local team. Of course, my 58 Miller jersey revealed my enemy status. Due to sales meetings, Dani was canlı bahis unable to dress casual, but wore a green dress to show her support.

“I wouldn’t be caught dead in public wearing Jets’ gear either,” I jabbed.

“I’ve got it with me,” she answered. “Meet you downstairs at 5:00.”

I stepped into the elevator at 5:00, the only one wearing orange and blue. While there were a few obligatory comments as people got on and off the elevator, most don’t have a lot of hope or interest in the Jets. Many would have had no idea they were playing except for the few loyal jerseys seen throughout the day. I stepped off the elevator and walked across the large first-floor reception area to wait for Dani by the large glass entrance. I looked up and saw Dani walking toward me from the other side of the massive tiled floor. The first thing I noticed was her confident broad smile as her sparkling eyes drilled into me from across the vast entrance. She walked with purpose. Heads turned. She had changed her clothes, losing the Gotham green dress. She wore a low-cut cropped jersey with 14 emblazoned on the front, a short black skirt and Gotham green heels. She topped it all off with Gotham green lipstick. She looked stunning. Her midriff showed off the shape of her 34C tits and the firmness of her abs. The tight skirt and heels showed off her tanned legs and raised ass. The look on her face said she knew she looked good.

“OK,” I said, “someone’s ready for game night,” I added as a hint toward a compliment.

“Always,” she quipped. “This is going to be fun watching you lose newbie. The Broncos are going to get schooled on how we do things in Jersey.”

“You’re relentless,” I said as she kept walking toward the large glass front doors and toward the sports bar. Because of the virus and arriving early for happy hour, we were able to get a small table surrounded by TVs. We started with small talk, appetizers and drinks. As more people poured into the bar and the game got closer, the energy ramped up. I was the only one wearing orange in a sea of Gotham green. Verbal assaults came from all directions. So did the looks toward Dani.

We moved from apps to burgers while the drinks kept coming. We had three hours to kill before the 8:20 start time to the game. Time went fast. I couldn’t help admiring how sexy Dani looked. I could tell she knew it. If she didn’t, the continual stares from admirers around the room would make it obvious. The more drinks we consumed, the less hidden my glances at her body became and the more she showed her enjoyment of it.

“I might make you a Jets fan after all,” she quipped, calling me out about a half an hour before the game began.

“Not going to happen,” I said.

“It’s getting crowded in here,” she followed. “I live two blocks from here. Want to watch the game from there?”

My heart raced but I did my best to not let my face show it. The waitress delivered two more drinks. We were already feeling the effects of the alcohol. “Sure,” I said. “Maybe I won’t be so outnumbered there,” I added with a smile.

“You’ll still be outnumbered,” she said. She looked up at the waitress without allowing any chance of reconsideration. “Can we have the check please?”

“Just charge it to my tab,” I said to the waitress.

“We’ll be glad to make Denver pay all night,” the waitress said. “I’ll be right back.”

“You didn’t have to pay for dinner,” Dani said. “We could have split it.”

“Small price to pay seeing your ass lose,” I jested.

There was an immediate awkward silence. The drinks loosened my tongue more than I usually allowed.

“It’s not MY ass that is at stake,” she answered back with a playful smile.

The waitress returned with the bill. Seconds later we were walking down the block. The cool crisp air greeted us as we stepped out of the hot crowded bar. I could see Dani’s tits respond to the coolness, her nipples showing their form through the jersey. Dani walked with a sense of purpose, but in a relaxed playful way. “Here we are,” she said as she turned toward the entrance of a tall high-rise condo building. We took the elevator up to the tenth floor. “This way,” she said as we got off on her floor. I followed just behind her, admiring her ass as it moved enticingly. Who wouldn’t follow that ass, I thought to myself. She walked all the way around to the last door, the condo door farthest from the elevators on the corner of the building. As we walked in, low lights dimly showed the open layout of her condo. There was an open living room with glass walls showing off the city lights. More importantly, they faced toward East Rutherford. Being this high up, I could faintly see the lights of MetLife stadium in the distance.

“If you don’t mind taking your shoes off,” she said as she kicked her heels off, letting them fall by the door.

“Not at all. Nice place,” I said, before looking toward the kitchen and then down the hall toward where her bedroom must be. My glance looked back out toward the windows where bahis siteleri she was standing. “Nice view,” I said looking directly at her, allowing her to interpret my words however she wanted.

“Thank you,” she said, glancing down at herself with a smile, before looking back up at me. “The game is about to start.” She reached for the remote. A second later, her 65-inch lit up the wall in front of a long white couch. A glass table sat in front of it. “Have a seat,” she invited.

Dani walked to the bar and made a couple drinks, knowing I was watching her. She smiled as she brought them to the table. She positioned herself with a look of deceptive innocence as she bent over to put the drinks down. She looked up with a smile as she knowingly allowed a full view of her cleavage and small view of the curvature of her ass. It was clear that if she was wearing panties, they were nothing more than a tiny thong. She was teasing. We both felt the unspoken playful sexual tension in the room.

She stood back up after enough time for her to be confident she had my attention. I could tell she was enjoying her tease, not promising anything would come of it. She lifted her drink up and toward mine. “So what are we betting?” she asked. I raised my glass to hers, the glasses kissed, letting off a starting bell. We both took a sip, continuing the buzz.

“We can bet the score,” I suggested. Dani walked back over to her bar, grabbed a fresh bottle of tequila and large shot glass.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Add up the two scores at the end of the game to determine how much the loser has to pay.”

“We can do better,” she shot back as she plopped down next to me with the tequila. She put the bottle and glass on the table in front of us. “Something more fun. I don’t need your money. There’s got to be something better at stake that we both want.” She looked up at me coyly with a smile.

“O.K., name it. What do you want?” I asked.

“Your clothes,” she answered.

That’s where the story begins. “Wait, what?”

“You heard me, unless you’re afraid,” she said teasingly. “I would understand that coming from you, not to mention your sorry-ass third-string Broncos.”

Dani’s proposal caught me off-guard. Maybe it shouldn’t have, but it did. Her words were bold and unapologetic. It was as if she had thought about and planned it. “Um, I’m not afraid, I just…”

“You’re in Jersey now. We only play when the stakes are high and something matters is on the line. Otherwise, what’s the point?” Her voice was confident like it is when she closes a big sale. “But if you’re not up to it, we can play your little Denver ‘bet the score’ game,” she toyed. The national anthem started to play behind our conversation. “Either way, we better decide.”

“How would this work?” I asked, seeing her eyes light up at my question.

“Every time my Jets score, I get to take one item of your clothes off,” she said. “And you have to drink a shot.”

“You’re serious?”

“I never make a proposal I won’t follow through on,” she answered.

“There are different ways to score,” I negotiated. “Doesn’t seem right that a safety gets the same reward as a touchdown.”

“Then every touchdown,” she offered.

“What about for every seven points?” I countered. “Kind of like a quota.”

“Deal,” she said with a smile. “But a shot with every score, no matter what it is. This is going to be good. I get to pic what comes off.”

“How many clothes?” I asked. “I assume you have four, I have three.”

“I’ll let your socks count,” she offered.

“Deal,” I said, putting my hand out to shake hers. She took mine and smiled coyly as she shook it. I looked again at her body, studying it for what I hoped would become my prize. I certainly hoped I would at least see more of it.

Part of me shuttered at the thought putting so much on the line when the Broncos were playing with so many second and third-string players in key positions. Until the Sunday before, I had never heard the name of the Broncos third-string quarterback. I was now counting on Rypien, who was starting his first NFL game. Everything was riding on him.

The sexual tension in the room was high. The excitement for the game was suddenly much higher than what the two teams deserved. I couldn’t help being aroused with Dani sitting next to me, purposely looking so sexy. It was not lost on me that Dani could see my arousal pressing against my Wranglers.

The whistle blew and Thursday night football was underway. We watched the Jets systematically move down the field while finishing our first drinks, mostly out of shared nervousness. Dani got up to replenish them, purposely walking in front of me. “Get ready Dave,” she said. “Your humiliation is about to begin.”

She put the drinks down on the table and playfully sized me up. “Hmm, I’m wondering what I want to take off first,” she said with a giggle. Suddenly, only three and a half minutes into the drive, my Broncos defense was unable to stop Jets quarterback bahis şirketleri Sam Darnold as he ran 46 yards into the end zone.

“Damn!” I said.

“Damn right!” she answered. We both watched as the Jets’ kicker Sam Eicken easily put the ball through the uprights for the extra point.

“There it is,” TV commentator Joe Buck announced. “The Jets are first on the board, seven to zero.”

“There it is!” Dani repeated in a mocking tone. “Darnold is my guy! Everybody rides him, but I think he’s got potential. He’s scoring for me already tonight.” She looked at me as if ready to claim her prize. “This is going to be fun. Now, what do I want to take off of you first?” She looked at my jersey, and then dropped her gaze to my pants. “I want to be strategic about this.”

I could feel my cock getting harder at her excitement. The movement in my pants was noticeable.

“The first thing I need to do is get that fuckin’ jersey out of my sight,” she said.

I started to take the jersey off, like lowering the flag of my team.

“Uh, uh,” she said. “I get to take it off,” she insisted.

She leaned toward me and swung her knee over my lap, facing me. She raise herself up, kneeled over my lap so her tits were right in front of my face. She reached down with her hands, took hold of the bottom of my jersey at each of my sides and pulled it up and over my head. She threw it at the door. “That’s the last I’ll have to see of that,” she said.

The sexual tension was palpable between us. She reached over and grabbed the bottle of tequila and the shot glass. She filled the glass and held it up.

“Down the hatch, Loser,” she said playfully.

I took the glass and threw my head back to empty it down my throat. I could feel it burn all the way down.

“I say we add a little more to our wager,” she said.

I could feel the buzz intensify inside me as the tequila went down. “What’s that?”

“I get to enjoy any part of your body that is naked each time I win. The more you lose, the more I get to enjoy.”

“And me too?”

“Yeah, but I don’t see that happening with the way the Broncos are playing. But yeah, hypothetically,” she teased.

“Five minutes?”

“Or until the next person loses, whichever is shorter.”

“You play a tough game,” I said, mostly because the alcohol was dissolving any inhibitions.

“I came to play. You can keep time if you want,” she said. “That’s up to you,” as she leaned forward, allowing both of her petite hands to make their way up my chest. She smiled seductively as her fingers caressed the front of my body. I could feel my staff growing again underneath her. She leaned forward and kissed my neck softly as her fingernails lightly grazed my body. Her ass pressed into my lap, grinding slowly. Cold chills went down my back from the feel of her lips on my neck, the touch of her fingertips and her slow lap dance. I could feel her boldness growing as her hands continued slowly down my abs, folding her fingers to allow her fingertips to move below the top of my jeans. With each pass, she allowed her fingers to reach a little farther under my pants, breaking the rules for a chance to feel the tip of my growing cock reaching for her.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, enjoying her prize before her lips and tongue pressed more firmly against my muscular neck. She continued her tease mercilessly.

I glanced at the clock, wrestling with whether to call time on the five minutes or to let her have her way with me. I knew I would not last long with the way she was seducing me, and working my cock with her ass. “Time,” I called.

“Too bad,” she said. “Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be back and it won’t be your jersey next time.” She sat back hard on my cock before swinging her leg over. She fell back into the couch, posturing herself seductively while picking up her drink for another sip.

We watched as the two teams battled it out in all their mediocrity. With just under five minutes left in the quarter, the Broncos had to settle for a field goal by Brandon McManus.

“Oh look, they actually scored! Your turn. Oh wait, they didn’t score enough – not even half enough. Too bad. You still have to drink a shot. Now it’s our Jets turn again.”

I dutifully poured the shot and drank it.

The Jets battled Denver’s defense, unable to score on their drive as the first quarter ended. Dani and I watched closely as the two teams handed the ball back and forth while we consumed the endless drinks from Dani’s bar. Glances at each other intensified the anticipation of another score. Finally, early in the second quarter, Broncos quarterback Rypien threw the ball to Jerry Jeudy who slid out of a tackle attempt and walked into the end zone. Jeudy celebrated the moment with a little dance. I joined him. The extra point was good. The score was ten to seven, Broncos. For the first time, the Broncos were in the lead and more importantly, scored past the all-important seven points.

I looked over at my prize. “Hmmm, they just blew past seven,” I said.

Dani felt a shutter in her body. Her focus had been on enjoying me for the game, even hoping for a shutout. But now her Jets had given up the lead, and it was time for her to give something up.

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