Florida Vacation

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Spring break in Clearwater Beach Florida is a trip I will not soon forget. My husband and I took our high school senior daughter, and four of her friends to Florida for their senior spring break. We rented a 3 bedroom condo, not too far from the beach, and told the high school girls that we have the place stocked with food, there were on their own for entertaining themselves for the week, and let them head off. We had the week in Florida, basically to do what we pleased.

The beach was always packed, but hard to beat the Florida sunshine and sitting in the sand next to the ocean. My husband and I spent most of the days lounging at the beach or the condo building pool, cold beers, and the occasional junk food. It was pretty damn relaxing. We did not see the kids much, they slept in late every day and pretty much did their own thing. We would cross paths with them at the condo sometimes, but we basically had the entire week to ourselves, as the kids wanted their freedom and to do their own thing. We snuck is some pretty standard vanilla sex when we could, but nothing out of ordinary.

Like most times we go on vacation, we ask the locals where the really awesome places are for food and drinks. Hands down, everyone suggested a tequila and taco place on the main road through Clearwater Beach. It was only 3 block walk form our condo, so sounded perfect. We headed over that night for some dinner and drinks. The place was not huge, and not overly busy, but it was obvious many of the patrons were for sure locals. They all seemed to know each other, and had some obvious history together. We bellied up to the bar and decided since it was a tequila place, that would be our drink of choice. We each ordered some Don Julio Blanco on heavy ice canlı bahis with some lime. The bar tender was generous with her pours, and the first drink went down really smooth.

After a couple more drinks, we were both feeling pretty good and exchanging some fun banter with the bar tender and some others sitting around us at the bar. A couple came into the establishment, and sat just a few chairs down from us, around a bend in the bar. They looked a similar age, in their early to mid-40’s. They were a good looking couple, fit, well dressed, and just generally attractive. Not over the top hot, but above average for sure. They gave a gentle nod to say hello, and spoke a bit with the bar tender, but pretty much kept to themselves as they enjoyed their cocktails.

As the night went on, we overheard that they were on their honeymoon, and were from a state out west. They threw the occasional comment our way, but we mostly each talked amongst ourselves. An hour or so after they arrived, as we all still sat having drinks at the bar, my husband noticed (as he told me later), that they were sneaking a lot of stares at us, when they thought we were not looking. A couple times, he noticed the woman when she realized that he caught her staring glance. She would immediately turn her bar stool to face her husband, and put her back to us, then a few minutes later work on sneaking some more glances.

I eventually took a break to go to the restroom, and although I did not know at the time, the woman followed me to the bathrooms. This bar bathroom was just a single person at time, with a locked door, so she had apparently stood outside waiting for me to finish. I honestly did not even notice her when I came out, but my husband for sure did, and bahis siteleri whispered to me when I got back to my seat about all the early staring and that she followed me to the bathroom. He made a couple quiet jokes to me, about how it was too bad that she did not follow me right into the bathroom, as she must have been into me. I kind of just blew off his comments and did not think much over it. He sometimes wishes something like that would happen, but I assumed he was just reading into something that was not actually happening.

By this point, I was pretty much ready to call it a night. As we paid up our tab, the waitress came over and told us not to leave yet, as this other couple had ordered us another round. I could tell the waitress was a bit uneasy about it, and as she came back to serve us these drinks bought by this other couple, she positioned herself in a way that the other couple could not see her face, and quietly told us that they were swingers, and that we were likely being propositioned.

My husband and I try to keep sex adventurous in the bedroom, but had never brought another person into the mix, let alone another couple. Did we fantasize about sex with other people, or being watched, or any number of things…for sure…but neither of us had ever really considered acting on it. Normally just something fun to fantasize about or talk about when having sex.

We honestly did not know what to do, or even say to the other couple. We stayed in our seats, raised our glasses to say “thank you” and stayed and finished the gift drinks. It was a bit awkward, we were not sure if we were obligated to go talk with them, buy them a drink, stay longer…we just had never had this happen, and knowing their intention, had bahis şirketleri no clue what to do. After some private back and forth, we decided to just say thank you again and head out.

We laughed about it the entire 10 minute walk back to the condo, and we both started to get a bit turned on knowing this other couple wanted to fuck us. What an ego boost. We had no intention of taking them up on their offer, but knowing it was extended to us, got us both pretty worked up. We sat on the condo balcony for a while, talking about what it might have been like, and what we thought might have happened if we took them up on the idea. Was it a partner swap, were we all going to be together, was it more just us girls getting busy? We had no idea. We actually joked that we should have asked for details on what was being offered, just so we would have known, even if we were still going to decline. After another drink at the condo and an hour or so of talking about it, were both were so worked up, it felt like we could burst.

My husband opened the doorway to the master bedroom, we both went in, and before he even had the doorway closed, by jeans and panties were off and on the floor, I was bent over the bed, hand between my legs, and going to town on my clit. My husband knelt down on the floor behind me, and worked some magic with his tongue. As my fingers continued to rub fast circles on my clit, his tongue darted in and out of my pussy, lapping up my flowing wetness. He took some time to move up and lick my ass, which put me over the edge. I exploded in a really intense orgasm, that seemed to last an insanely long time. He stood up, dropped his pants around his ankles, shoved his cock into me from behind, and eight or nine pumps and he filled me with cum.

We rolled into the bed, pulled up the covers, and passed our spent and happy. We ended up revisiting the swingers pickup fantasy a few times during the rest of the vacation, and always led to some great sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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