First Time Glory Hole

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First Time Glory Hole
After Rebecca, my first wife and I, broke up, and even though we’d rarely ever been truly ‘happy’ as a married couple, I was depressed for a while after words. Even though unhappily married, I’d gotten use to her being in my life, and even the angry outbursts between us were at least something, rather than nothing. Still, I felt somewhat ‘relieved’ that the anger had started to subside somewhat in those quiet, lonely hours following our separation and then divorce.

Not long after words, I discovered that she was seeing someone else; and though I knew that our relationship was definitely over with, I guess I had been subconsciously clinging to the idea that she and I might find a way of fixing the problems that had plagued our marriage. I now realized that such a thing seemed very unlikely!

I began going to an adult bookstore in my area soon after this. This was in the days of the ancient technology called VHS tapes. At the time I didn’t possess a VHS tape player. My first foray into porn was through the medium of magazines like Playboy, Hustler, Genesis, and others like that. I’d go buy them in that adult bookstore and bring them home to look at in private (and relieve my sexual frustrations through masturbation). These magazines were, in certain ways, a kind of ‘gateway’ d**g into more pornographic fare; and, eventually, to my first-ever glory hole experience!

When I first started frequenting the adult bookstore I went to the most in those days, I didn’t know about the existence of ‘glory holes.’ But it didn’t take long before I started hearing about them; and it didn’t take long before I was intrigued to try them myself; which I finally did one very hot and humid summer afternoon in 1983!

The adult bookstore I tended to go to the most had done away with the traditional open ‘theatre’ format, and gone to the individual ‘preview tuzla escort bayan booths’ that are still common today. One particular booth, however, was different from the others, in that there was a round hole (about 3-4 inches in diameter) that had been cut through the adjacent plywood divider panel separating two of the booths. You could easily not notice it at first, partly because the booths walls were painted a high-gloss black, and if no one else was in the booth next to yours, watching a video, you’d not see the hole.

Anyway—I was seated on a cheap plastic chair in my booth when I heard someone entering the booth next to me. It was the booth with the hole in the plywood divider. Within moments, I heard someone rap on the wall. I just sat there as the video I’d paid to watch played.

“Hey,” I heard a man’s voice say, from the other side of the divider. “Ya want me to suck your cock?”

I didn’t reply.

“Come on!” I heard him say. “I’ll do it. Seriously. How about it?”

Truthfully, the setting was a bit gross. The booths interior was really filthy. It smelled of cigarette smoke, and something else I couldn’t identify then, that I now know was old, dried cum (on the walls and floors)! Yet, in spite of that, there was an undeniable ambience of intense sexual energy and longing! I, myself, had come there because I was incredibly horny, and more than a little lonely; and so, even though the place was filthy dirty, I suddenly wanted to try the glory hole, and see what that might be like! Besides, I told myself, I was divorced now. My ex-wife was never coming back into my life! She was busy with someone else now! So, what did I have to loose? Who would ever know if I let some other guy, a total stranger, suck my cock? Only I would know!

“So, how about it, dude?” The other guys voice from the other side of the divider said again. orhanlı escort bayan “Come on, man!”

I stood up, and I unzipped my jeans, and hauled out my excited, semi-erect cock, and I stepped up to the hole and inserted it through the glory hole! As I did, my pulse was pounding like mad in my chest, and on either side of my neck!

Instantly, as I stood there in the dimly lit booth, the video I’d rented playing next to me, I felt this other guy take hold of my balls; and I could feel his fingers tighten slightly around them; and, at the same time, I felt his mouth closing around my cock head and upper cock shaft! It felt almost (almost, but not quite!) like a woman’s pussy at first, and yet there was a difference, too; and I liked it!

Whoever the unknown guy was, he certainly knew how to suck a cock; and he soon had me fully erect as I felt his mouth moving up and down, up and down, along the full length of my cock—fast, then slow, then fast again, and then slow, slow, teasingly slow; only to feel it speeding up once again…and I LOVED IT! As he worked me over like that, I found myself remembering how much my ex-wife had never, ever liked sucking my cock; that she found the whole thing revolting, and disgusting; but this other guy now…he didn’t seem to find anything remotely disgusting about sucking my cock!

In my memory, it seems to have gone on for quite some time, but in reality, it probably didn’t. Still, for however long this lasted, I knew I’d crossed a line, a Rubicon; and I knew that I’d never cross back over it! By the time I came (and this other guy actually swallowed every single drop of my cum!!), I was hooked; and I knew, deep down, that I’d be back again for more of that! The whole experience was actually better, on more than one level, than any sex I’d ever had with my ex-wife; and I wanted to experience this aydınlı escort bayan again, and again, and again! I wasn’t consciously thinking of myself as ‘gay’, or even as ‘bi’. All I wanted was to feel that incredible sense of sexual exhilaration again!

By the time I’d shot my load down that mysterious other guys mouth, I’d forgotten my initial feelings of revulsion at the dirty, grimy, cigarette-smoke-and-dried-cum-smelling booth! If anything, those things had taken on a curiously erotic element, which made the entire atmosphere all that much more erotic!

After I’d shot my load, and after I’d pulled my cock back through the glory hole and began zipping up my fly, the other guy said: “Wow. Thanks, dude. That was great. You had a BIG load! I like that!” I was still tingling in the afterglow of post orgasm, and I didn’t really know what to say to him, other than “You’re welcome,” and that was that.

A moment later, the guy from the booth next to mine, left. I tried to get a look at him, but the gap in the booth door was too narrow, and I only got a flash of a glimpse.

I waited a moment before also leaving. When I did, and as I was leaving, the guy behind the front counter gave me a faint nod, along with a what seemed like a kind of knowing smirk; and I wondered if he had somehow known about what I’d just done? He probably, somehow, had; but I didn’t care at that moment. So I left and rove back to my otherwise lonely apartment and took a shower.

As I did, I got a hard on thinking about my very first glory hole experience; and in spite of the fact that I’d unloaded a lot of cum for that other guy, I managed to jerk-off yet another load! After that, I knew I’d never be the same person I’d been before. How could I deny what I’d felt that after noon, as that total stranger drained my balls? I’d so ENJOYED that! So, was I ‘gay?’ I mean…that other guy was obviously gay. Right? So, in letting him suck me off, didn’t that make me ‘gay’ as well? Or, did it? Had it instead been an act of desperate loneliness?! Did it actually matter WHY I’d succumbed? What ‘mattered’, or so it seemed to me, was that I’d DONE what I’d done!

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