First Impressions

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The first fire drill of the schoolyear is always the most hectic at most middle schools simply because getting 950 children safely out of a building in an orderly fashion is not that simple. Such was the case at the Thomas Jefferson Middle School on this gorgeous September morning. As one of three guidance counselors at the school, Dana Deerfield was one of a handful of administrators and teachers in charge of making sure it ran smoothly. There was always an “After Action” briefing with the principle, a former Marine that didn’t take kindly to even the least bit of a slip–up when it came to the safety and well-being of her students.

Dana’s main responsibility was to make sure that no cars could enter the parking lot from the main driveway into the school while the students were present for the drill. So she positioned herself at the entrance to the lot and began her admiration for the 78 degree day with low humidity and barely a cloud in the sky.

Her admiration for the weather was interrupted when she noticed a white Cadillac sedan turn off Pine Street and enter the driveway to the school. Her first thought was that it was a beautiful car a split second before realizing that it was traveling way too fast. She quickly hopped up on the curb in an act of self-preservation before raising both her hands in an attempt to stop the car from entering the lot.

The Cadillac came to a screeching halt right in front of where Dana was standing and immediately the driver’s side window came down

“Could you get Diamond Barnes for me, we late for a doctor’s appointment,” The driver of the car said in a loud, almost shouting voice to Dana.

“I’m sorry, we are in the middle of a fire drill, and you are going to have to wait to sign her out inside in the office when it’s over,” replied Dana.

“Can’t you just get her now, she’s right over there. I see her and I am her mother,” the now agitated female driver of the car said.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, all students have to be signed out inside the office,” Dana answered.

“You gotta be kiddin me! I’m her mother and she is fifty feet away from us. Now we are gonna be late- damn! What you say your name was?”

“I’m Mrs. Deerfield, the guidance counselor.”

“Yeah well, were gonna talk about this policy, this is ridiculous!” the angry mother said before rolling up her window.

Shortly after this terse exchange, the signal to have all the students re-enter the building was given, and Dana walked in the building with the last of the students, making sure all got back in safely. She then began to reflect on what a bitch the woman in the car was for being so rude and angry with her. She was about to blow it off when she saw the mother get buzzed into the front door of the school and head straight for the main office where Dana was just about to enter. Dana held the door for the mother, and offered an explanation.

“Again I’m sorry I couldn’t just let you take your daughter, we take the safety of all our children very seriously,” Dana offered, before the woman entered the office.

“Give me a break,” replied the woman to Dana’s second apology and walked past her to the secretary and asked her to page Diamond Barnes.

As she walked past Dana, she could see the woman was impeccably dressed, smelled like lilacs and hibiscus and was very intimidating. Dana was petite; standing 5’3″, whereas the angry mother stood at least 5’9″, and with her heals seemed taller than that. She had straight black hair that came past her shoulders. She had light blue nails that contrasted her ebony skin. All –in-all she was put together very well for someone who was so rude, Dana mused.

There was an uncomfortable silence while the three women waited for Diamond to get her things from her locker and come to the office. When she finally did arrive, her mother moved quickly to escort her out of the building.

“Let’s go Diamond, we are late now for your appointment,” she said to her daughter before turning her attention to Dana. “If I wasn’t in a rush, we would have sat down with Principle Jennings and had a talk about common sense.” She then rushed her daughter and herself out the door. The secretary and Dana exchanged a look and Dana retreated to her office.

Inside her office, Dana told herself to calm down; because it will not be the only difficult parent she would have to deal with all year. She took a deep cleansing breath and attempted to go about the rest of her day.

The rest of Dana’s day went without incident. The usual routine was for her to go home, relax and unwind in an empty house for an hour, before returning to her school where she would take a four mile run along the jogging trail that surrounded Jefferson Middle School. She would time her run to finish just as her daughter’s soccer practice would be finishing up with the school team.

Dana loved running, as it relieved any stress she may have had and kept her in good shape. The dirty blonde’s petite body was kept taut by her workouts and casino oyna gave her ass and thighs the appearance of a twenty something instead of the 44 that she actually was. A sports bra was worn under her running tank to support the only thing on her body that wasn’t petite- her 34 C breasts. Beautiful blue eyes and pouty lips made Dana a common topic of discussion among the male faculty members of her school, and she secretly appreciated the occasional head turn she got when in public.

The run also gave Dana time to reflect on her day, and all the different aspects of her life. Her daughter Maggie was her pride and joy and the two of them lived alone. She was two years removed from a some-times contentious divorce from her Ex, Jack. Jack had Maggie on Wednesday and Thursday nights and every other weekend. The three of them had begun to settle into this arrangement and the relationship between parents in the last year or so had grown from very cold to cordial. As she ran, Dana thought to herself that if Maggie was truly growing comfortable with the custody issue, this was a huge weight off her mind.

Another thought that entered her mind as she ran was the constant nagging of her best friend, and colleague, Mandy Panillos to get back out into the dating scene. Dana had gone out on a few dates since her divorce and all three of them could be described as awkward. They were good looking guys who took her to fantastic restaurants, but Dana’s mind would always wander to how Maggie really felt about her mom dating guys other than her dad. Plus, Dana just didn’t feel that spark with any of them.

As Dana would tell her friend, “My head is just not into the dating game right now.”

Dana’s usual post-run practice was to grab a towel and a bottle of water from the back of her Honda crossover, give herself a quick toweling off in the parking lot and wait in the car for Maggie to come to her. She didn’t necessarily like her students and the male coach of the soccer team, who was another colleague, to see her sweaty and in a pair of tight spandex shorts.

She was about to do this when she turned the corner of the last row of cars in the parking lot for the final sprint of her run and made it to her car. Out of breath and sweating profusely, she retrieved her keys from the secret magnet under her tailgate and was reaching for her towel and water when she heard an oddly familiar voice.

“Mrs. Deerfield?” the voice inquired. “It’s Keisha Collier, Diamond’s mother.”

Dana turned around, caught off guard, and replied, “Oh, yes, hi.”

“Mrs Deerfield, I have to apologize,” Keisha started. “I was having a real bad day when I saw you this morning. I wasn’t thinking about the job you have to do and I was in a rush to get Diamond to her appointment and I was very rude. For that I am very sorry.”

“Oh, it’s ok, as a mother of a middle school daughter, I know how hectic life can get,” Dana replied.

“Yes, and being a single mother makes it even harder,” Keisha added. “Anyway, thanks for understanding, I promise, if I see you at school again- no attitude.”

Both women smiled at that last statement before Keisha asked, “Is your daughter on the soccer team?”

As Keisha asked this question, Dana thought she saw the taller black woman staring down at her cleavage, which was soaked with sweat and very visible with her skimpy running tank on. She became a bit self-conscious and began to wipe her upper chest with her towel before replying, “Yes, my daughter is Maggie, she’s in the 8th grade.”

“Oh, as you know, Diamond is in the 6th grade, this is her first year on the team,” Keisha said. “So I guess we will be seeing more of each other.”

“Yes, I’m sure we will,” Dana replied.

Keisha then took a step towards Dana and put her left hand on Dana’s right arm.

“Well then I hope we can get past this morning, and become friends, I’m not always a bitch,” Keisha said with a slight smile on her face. She rubbed her thumb one time over Dana’s shoulder before removing her hand from her arm.

“Not always?” Dana replied, with her own smirk on her face.

“Only when necessary, and usually aimed at the man in my life,” Keisha said and gave Dana a quick wink.

Keisha then looked to her right before saying, “Well, here come the girls. I am really glad I got the chance to apologize to you. Hopefully, I will see you around.”

“I’m sure you will, and please don’t worry about this morning- all forgotten,” Dana replied.

The women said their goodbyes and Dana and Maggie made their way home.

That night, after showering, making dinner for her and Maggie and helping a little with her daughter’s homework, Dana finally settled on the couch and turned on the TV. As she was scrolling though the channels she came across the show “Claws.” Dana secretly liked the show and viewed it as a guilty pleasure. The lead character, Desna, appeared on the screen and it immediately reminded Dana of Keisha Collier. It brought back memories of the morning’s confrontation canlı casino and subsequent apology in the soccer parking lot.

Dana couldn’t get over how similar the actress on the screen, whose name was Niecy Nash, looked so similar to Keisha. For the first time, she realized how pretty Keisha was. She then remembered admiring Keisha’s outfit and nails that morning, even though she thought she was a total bitch. But after her apology that afternoon, Dana was ready to give Keisha a second chance, especially since their daughter’s would be playing soccer on the same team this season.


Two weeks later, the girls’ soccer team was holding a fundraiser at the local bowling lanes. Dana and Maggie were picked up by her friend and colleague Mandy and her daughter Bella. After arriving at the lanes, the girls, who were also BFFs like their mothers were, rented shoes and joined their teammates at the lanes to bowl. Dana and Mandy went into the party room, which was adjacent to the bar, to help set up the raffles and 50/50s along with some of the other moms and dads on the team.

Almost immediately, Mike Parsons, the much younger coach and 7th grade science teacher began to not so subtlety hit on Dana. What began with talk about work and the team turned into questions about Dana’s dating life and availability. Mike was a handsome guy, but Dana was not ready to date someone from work, especially one 15 years her junior.

The conversation started to make Dana uncomfortable, and this made her do two things; Order her second Captain and coke of the night, and excuse herself from Mike and go look for Mandy.

Dana found Mandy coming out of the ladies room and pulled her aside to an unoccupied table, that was blocked from the soccer party by a partition that still allowed access to the bar. She said to her friend, “Parsons won’t leave me alone!”

“That’s cool, he’s pretty hot. Most of the female staff in our school- married or single- wants to jump his bones,” Mandy replied. “You should go for it.”

“He’s like 15 years younger than me, and you know how well workplace relationships go in our school,” Dana said.

“Who cares what other people think,” Mandy replied, “Age is just a number.”

Just as Dana was about to reply to her friend, Mike returned and joined the two co-workers.

“Hey Mike,” Mandy said. “I was just about to go check on the 50/50. Hang out here with Dana, and I will let you know when it is time for our handsome coach here to draw the winning ticket.”

With that, Mandy got up from the table, allowed Mike to sit in her seat and quickly disappeared. Dana shot her a look before she was gone and then turned her attention back to Mike.

“Mandy is very cute, and very sweet, but honestly, I would love to take you out sometime, Dana,” Mike said as Dana’s face began to turn a deep red.

“Mike, that’s so sweet, but I’m not so big on workplace relationships, plus, you must have hundreds of women your age dying to go out with you,” Dana was able to say despite her nervousness at the situation.

Just as Mike was about to answer, a waitress came over with another Captain and coke, placed it in front of Dana, and said to her, “This was from someone in the bar area, all they said was ‘enjoy’.” With that, the waitress turned and left.

“Well,” Mike started, “I guess someone beat me to the punch. I have to go do the raffles anyway; can we talk more some other time?”

“Sure Mike,” Dana replied.

Once the coach got up and left the table Dana began to look into the bar area to see who bought her the drink. The bar was crowded mostly with people who did not have a connection to the soccer team. Dana scanned the room for someone who looked familiar. There were a few cute guys, but no one acknowledged her. Just as she was about to give up her search, she looked one last time at the very end of the bar, and there was Keisha Collier looking back at her with a smile on her face. The black woman slowly raised her beer and winked at Dana. Dana, caught off guard and not sure what to do, smiled awkwardly and raised her drink back towards Keisha. The two women stared at each other for a brief moment and Dana wished she could disappear from the face of the planet over how awkward the moment was becoming.

Dana finally looked away, took a long pull on her drink and looked down at the table, not quite sure what she should do next. The last 35 seconds was very weird. Once she got the courage to look up again, Keisha was gone from her spot at the bar.

Dana looked past the partition towards the soccer party. No one noticed her sitting alone at the table, and most of the people were pulling out their tickets for the raffle and 50/50. As she was just about to get up from the table to rejoin the soccer party, Keisha appeared with a tray that had two shots of whiskey and another beer on it.

“No, I don’t work here, they just let me borrow the tray so I could bring these shots over,” Keisha started. “Mind if I sit down?”

“Um, kaçak casino no, but don’t you want to see if your raffle tickets won,” Dana said tentatively.

“We have a minute before they actually draw, besides buying you a shot is the least I could do after being a total bitch to you at the fire drill.”

“I told you, that’s all in the past. Besides, I think I’ve had enough to drink tonight already.”

“Are you driving?” Keisha asked.

“No,” came the reply from Dana.

“Then live a little, girl,” Keisha responded.

Keisha then picked up the shot of Jameson and put it in front of Dana. She then raised her glass and said, “To new friendships.”

“To new friendships,” Dana answered after a brief hesitation, and the two women drank their shot.

The shot warmed Dana’s stomach and she was officially buzzed. She looked up to see Keisha staring at her. There was an awkward silence for a brief moment as the two women looked at each other before Keisha said, “I hope I didn’t interrupt anything between you and coach Parsons?”

“Oh, no. We were just talking about Maggie and the team,” Dana lied.

“So you’re not interested in him? From what I gather, most of the mothers on the team are quite taken with him,” Keisha said.

“Nah, he’s too young, and besides, we work together.” Dana was surprised at herself for first doing the shot, then opening up to this women so easily with whom she had just met.

“That’s a shame for coach, he knows a very good thing when he sees it,” Keisha said and then immediately winked at Dana again before standing up. “I’m gonna go check my raffle tickets,” she added before sauntering away from the table.

Dana stared at Keisha as she walked away. A warmth came back to her stomach as she watched the statuesque woman walk away. Dana first blamed it on the whiskey, but wasn’t quite sure why her body was reacting the way it was. She had to shake her head to snap out of her mini trance. She took a long breath, stood up and went back to join the party.

That night, while lying in bed, Dana thought about the feeling she had in her stomach when Keisha stared at her, and as she watched the curvy woman walk away from her. “Her ass is so different than mine,” she thought to herself, before thinking, “Why exactly were you checking out her ass?” She shook her head at what she was thinking before falling asleep.

The following Friday after school was the biggest game of the year for Jefferson Street Middle. They were playing undefeated cross-town rival –Central Middle School. Dana and Mandy stayed after school and got themselves set up on the side line with their beach chairs, drinks and snacks. Their daughters, Bella and Maggie were co-captains of the team and both of the mothers had a bit of pre-game jitters before kickoff.

Just as the captains of each team had a meeting with the referee, Keisha arrived with beach chair in hand and asked to sit down next to Dana. Dana noticed how short Keisha’s shorts were on her long legs before telling the tall woman, “of course.”

“Keisha, did you meet my friend Mandy the other night at the fund raiser?”

“No, I don’t think I did, hi, I’m Keisha Collier. My daughter Diamond is in the sixth grade and plays left back.” Keisha reached across Dana to shake Mandy’s hand and as she did, her left breast brushed against Dana’s right shoulder, very briefly. Dana was taken aback by this, but also couldn’t get over how good Keisha smelled.

For a brief instant, that warm feeling in her stomach returned, but this time, Dana couldn’t blame it on alcohol. As she was contemplating this, the game kicked off. The first half was very intense with a couple of near misses by both Maggie and Bella and a great clear by Keisha’s daughter Diamond.

Dana noticed that Keisha was a very touchy-feely person. Every time something exciting happened in the game, Keisha would run her hand up and down Dana’s right arm. Dana played it off as Keisha just having motherly nerves as she watched her daughter play. She also realized how soft Keisha’s fingers were on her arm. She didn’t quite know how to process those feelings, and was trying her best to concentrate on the game.

With two minutes before the half, Diamond worked the ball out of her corner, came near mid field and made a perfect pass to Maggie. This time, Keisha grabbed and squeezed Dana’s arm as the mother’s shouted their support. Just before the 18 yard line, Maggie made a beautiful pass to Bella who was wide open. She dribbled briefly, but only to confuse the goal keeper, before she rifled a shot right in the back of the net. The three mothers instantaneously jumped to their feet, and immediately, Keisha gave Dana a big bear hug. Keisha wrapped her arms around Dana and briefly picked her up off her feet. Keisha then let go of the blonde, and gave a big hi- five to Mandy.

There were shouts and cheers from the home crowd and Dana could feel her face blush a bit. She also realized that in the excitement, her nipples began to harden. Dana immediately crossed her arms over her chest before realizing this would bring more attention to her chest. She lowered her arms and hoped her bra would hide the fact that her sensitive nipples were rock hard.

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