First Anal: Not Really

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“Have you ever been fucked in the ass, Lindsey?” the man behind the camera asked.

“No,” I replied, lying like he wanted me to.

I’ve been done in the ass hundreds of times, but this was supposed to be my very first anal scene for all the suckers online. I was sitting on a couch in the middle of a room with not much else around me. The guy behind the camera kept asking me questions and I kept lying the best I could.

“So you’re here today for your very first anal. Are you scared?”

“A little nervous sure.”

“Should we get started then?”

I nodded and he yelled behind him at a door. Seconds later it opened and two more guys walked in staring at me. They had big smiles, walking towards me.

“Lindsey this is Dave and Lenny, they will be the ones fucking you in the ass for the first time today.”

“Hi,” I said shyly, totally playing it up.

They sat on both sides of me, telling me how gorgeous I was and excited they were. They didn’t waste anytime. Both of them began rubbing my bare legs and arms. Their hands got progressively more aggressive. Dave’s hand was soon under my skirt to my panties and Lenny groped both of my small breasts through my tank top. The guy behind the camera got closer and I added some fake moans as my breasts were squeezed.

I knew the drill, let them fondle me for a while then I would release their growing dicks and start to suck them off. Once that was boring they would take over and finish removing my clothing. It was no different than the many other times I’ve done this before. Dave smelled of alcohol and Lenny of cigarette smoke. Lenny’s güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri pre-cum was putrid so I tried to suck Dave more than Lenny. That doesn’t always work when the guy grabs you’re head and shoves his cock down you’re throat and holds you until you gag. Been there done that, almost use to it now.

I sucked and stroked both men until my mouth hurt, spitting all their pre-cum out of my mouth as it arrived. Finally they moved on and stripped me down. Smacking my ass and pulling my cheeks apart, Dave licked my pussy and ass while Lenny pinched my nipples so hard it hurt. Fingers penetrated both my orifices from Dave. Lenny had his cock down my throat while he waited. I couldn’t see anything but knew what was coming when Dave stopped doing oral. His cock entered my pussy seconds later with a violent thrust. I moaned on Lenny’s member in relation to Dave’s thrusts inside of me.

Both men called me bitch and slut, smacked my ass, and twisted my nipples as the scene progressed. They switched places and Lenny had his way with my open pussy while I was forced to suck my own juices from Dave’s throbbing member. I just focused on the money I would get at the end of the scene and what I could buy with it.

The faster Lenny got the more I would scream and moan. It was just what they wanted and the camera got it all. The pussy fucking didn’t last very long; they wanted to move on to the anal since that was why I was there apparently. The cameraman asked me if I was ready to try it. I played coy the best I could and whimpered that I was. Tongues and fingers soon found my ass and Lenny güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and Dave prepared me for their cocks. I was more than ready for them but acted like it was really tight and hurt when Dave’s engorged head pressed into my ass.

It didn’t hurt in the least but I put my hand back on his leg acting like I wanted him to go slow. I was kneeling on the couch now with my back arched. One arm was on the back of the sofa the other on Dave’s leg as he slid further in.

“So what do you think of your first anal?” the camera man asked once Dave’s cock found its way to the base.

“It’s okay, kind of hurts,” I lied again.

“Oh come on you love it and you know it girl,” Lenny said, smacking my ass and leaving a hand print on my right cheek.

Dave began moving in and out of me in a steady rate. Once he was fucking my ass deep and fast Lenny went around the sofa and fed me his penis again over the back. Dave would give me five or six hard thrust and pull out, spreading my ass for the camera. They liked to film my gapping red asshole for the perverts online watching. Then he would shove his cock back in and repeat the process. I kept up the act, whimpering and moaning on Lenny’s stiff shaft while Dave gapped my ass.

They switched us around later and it was my turn to do some work. Lenny sat on the sofa and I was told to get up on him, facing away, and ease down on his cock. I whimpered again when his penis entered my ass. It didn’t hurt at all but I made it look good nonetheless. I paused, acted like I was adjusting to his width, and then rose up off of him güvenilir bahis şirketleri again with my feet on his legs. Dave stood on the sofa and I sucked my ass off of his dick the best I could. Lenny held my ass up with his hands and began fucking my ass with a flurry of thrusts. When his cock flipped out he would hold my ass up for the camera to look inside of me again. Each time they would ooh and awe over my wide-open hole.

Dave jumped down about five minutes later and shoved his cock in my open pussy. They began double fucking me and I screamed like it was killing me, since I wasn’t supposed to have done anal let alone DP. They laughed and hollered as they fucked me hard and fast with their hard rods. They had me sandwiched good, pounding my pussy more than my ass in this position.

It changed about five minutes later when Dave pulled out, lifted my small body up and around, setting me back on Lenny facing him. His cock found my wet pussy and Dave shoved his dick in my ass now. He went all out, pounding me so hard his knocked me forward into Lenny with each thrust. Lenny pinned my arms behind my back and held me down on his cock while Dave fucked me mercilessly. I screamed, faking pain and discomfort for the camera.

For the end of the scene they had me sit on the sofa while they masturbated into my face and chest. They both tasted nasty and I spit all the semen out of my mouth, letting it run down my chest and drip to my legs. I was covered in sticky white jizz after they both finished. I somehow managed not to get hit in the eye today, which was a major plus since it stings like a bitch when it gets in my eyes. They had me say some cheesy line into the camera about my first anal and it was finally over for another time.

I got my money after cleaning up and went straight to my junky for my cheap crystal meth. I got a discount after sucking him off and headed home to get my fix.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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