Fireside First

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My name is Andrea and my senior year of high school was coming to a close. Graduation was only 2 weeks away. I had just turned 18 in February. All my immediate girlfriends talked constantly about sex, but to be honest, I had not met anyone that I would have even wanted to have sex with. Several of the boys I dated in high school were awful. On the first date, they would be pawing at you and hinting suggestively. “Forget it,” I would tell them. My reputation as being cold and untouchable spread fast.

Right before the end of school, I was invited to a party that a friend was having. When I got there, I noticed a boy named Paul. He was tall, with wavy brown hair that seemed a little disheveled. Very cute, I was attracted to him from the start. Paul was a friend of a friend. He didn’t attend the same high school as most of us so I never saw him at other parties.

I noticed Paul was eyeing me and I shot him a smile. He came over and introduced himself. When I told him my name was Andrea, he commented that it was a beautiful name. I had never liked my name until I heard it roll off his lips. We spent most of the night talking. I found out that he was also a senior and had plans to attend the same college I was going to attend. He was pleasant, easygoing and a great listener. Paul was truly interested in my likes and dislikes and kept me talking most of the time. It turned out that we had a lot in common. We even shared the same birthday. At the end of the night, he offered to take me home. I had arrived with my best friend who was nowhere to be found so I accepted.

He drove me home, walked me to the door, reached over and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and asked if he could call me. Naturally I said yes. Wow! What a difference from some of the other boys I dated. The last one must have been an octopus because he had 8 arms all over me. I crawled into bed and could hardly sleep thinking about him.

The very next day, Paul called and we went on our first date. We both had a great time and soon we were inseparable. All summer was filled with magic. I was having the best time of my life. Paul was even well liked by my parents and younger sister. He was as confident talking to them as he was to any of our friends.

Summer was ending and we were making plans güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri for school. We went shopping together, sometimes with my parents, sometimes with his. They treated me like a daughter and I became very fond of them as well.

The first couple of weeks of classes were hectic. He was living off campus in a nice apartment with two roommates. I was in the dorms. We tried to see each other as much as our classes allowed. The campus was large and there was plenty to see and do. We went to movies, saw some great concerts, and attended sporting events. On the weekends, we would usually make the 2 hour drive home. One weekend he would drive the other I would drive.

Even though we had many opportunities, we still had not had sex. He could pleasure me with his touch and I was always eager to reciprocate but we had not progressed any further.

It was a Friday in the beginning of November and a nasty cold snap had hit. We got the first heavy snowfall of the season and it was bitterly cold. My parents were going out of town that weekend. Paul’s parents had called and told him to please not make the drive home due to the condition of the roads. Paul’s two roommates, on the other hand, decided to go skiing for the weekend.

Paul invited me over and had a pleasant dinner prepared when I got there. I came over with a movie and we were going to eat and watch a movie together. After we ate, Paul built a nice warm fire in the fireplace and we sat in front of the fire.

Soon, we started kissing. We both were getting very excited. He gently caressed my breasts while I began running my hands over his body. I knew I was getting very wet and I could see by his bulge that he was excited also. Whether it was the warmth of the fire or the burning that was going on between my legs, I was getting hot. I reached down and grabbed the bottom of my sweater and pulled it over my head. Paul reached back and undid my bra, exposing my breasts. In seconds his planted his mouth on them, flicking his tongue over my hardening nipples.

I started fumbling with the buttons of his shirt. I couldn’t wait to get it off and start kissing and caressing his torso. I ran my hands over his bare back and reached down to play with his nipples. The room was filled güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri with sighs and moans as we pleasured each other. I knew this was the time. I was ready and willing.

Reaching down, I unbuckled his belt. He obliged by standing up and removing his pants and briefs. His excitement was evident. This was really the first time I had seen his cock and it looked delicious. I wanted to taste it and I gently pushed him back on the sofa and took his manhood in my mouth. I licked the shaft, ran my tongue round and round over the head and put as much of him into my mouth as possible. He began to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth, slowly at first and then with more speed. He suddenly stopped. “Andrea, please. I’m about to cum.”

I stopped long enough to tell him that was exactly what I wanted and not to worry, but I wasn’t planning to leave anytime soon. I needed to taste his semen…to feel it blast in my mouth. I resumed my sucking all the while fondling his balls and ass and was quickly rewarded with hot jets of cum as he moaned in ecstasy. The taste was surprisingly pleasant. I decided then and there that I loved pleasuring him orally.

Paul reluctantly pulled out of my warm mouth after his erection subsided. He ran over and threw another log or two on the fire and then was back in a flash. “One good turn deserves another,” he said as he reached for my jeans. Soon, I too was stark naked in front of my lover by the glowing light of the fire.

Ever so slowly, he began to lick and kiss me. He worked his way up one leg and down the other. As his kisses came nearer and nearer to my soaking wet pussy, I began to moan. He was having none of that. He purposely avoided my pubic area and continued up my body, kissing and massaging all the while. He was driving me to incredible heights by teasing me like that. Finally, his tongue trailed down and I felt the tip flick gently at my pussy lips. When Paul found my clit I was on the verge of a mind-blowing orgasm. “Harder,” I screamed. “Please Paul, lick my clit.”

Instead, Paul slowed down. He nibbled gently on my lips and occasionally would flick my clit with his tongue. Twice he had me right on the edge and twice he backed off. He was driving me wild and I didn’t know how güvenilir bahis şirketleri much more I could take and I told him that. He stopped long enough to lovingly look up and say, “that was exactly what I wanted and not to worry, but I wasn’t planning to leave anytime soon.” We both erupted with laughter.

When we stopped laughing, Paul went back to his task. This time it was different. He wasn’t teasing me. He went right for my pussy with a purpose. My body responded rapidly. I felt the first quaking inside and then as I ground my pussy against his mouth, wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure swept over me. I felt like all my energy was drained.

I leaned forward to give him a kiss and he kissed me passionately. I could taste my scent on his lips. Paul grabbed a blanket and came up to cuddle with me. I had my back to him and he held me in his arms. His naked body felt wonderful against mine. In the blissful state that I was in, I must have fallen asleep in his arms.

My eyes opened as Paul was gently caressing me from behind and fingering my moist slit. I noticed he put another log on the fire, but I really noticed the log between his legs that was jutting into my back.

My jeans were on the back of the sofa and I reached up to grab them. I fished into the pocket and took out a condom that I had brought with me. When I turned to hand it to Paul, I noticed that he was unwrapping a condom of his own and rolling it down his hard cock. “Evil minds think alike’, was all he could say.

He entered me right there scissor fashion. Very gently he pushed until he was balls deep in me. I don’t remember pain, just a feeling of fullness. Paul made love to me slowly and deliberately all the while fondling and caressing me taking me on to another powerful orgasm. I was never so happy in my life having someone who cared for me and someone I love taking my virginity and gently consummating that love.

My name is Andrea and now, my senior year is coming to a close. Graduation is only 2 weeks away, but this time from college. A lot has happened in the last 4 years. Junior year Paul and I moved in together. Our life is full of happiness and adventure. Our sex life is wonderful. Paul is still a great listener and is in tune with my needs as I am with his needs. We both got job offers after graduation. We are hoping to enjoy as much of the summer as we have in the past, however, much still needs to be done.

We have shopping and organizing to do. You see, our wedding is being planned for that first weekend in November. We both are hoping for a cold snap and some snow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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