Finishing school for special ladies – Part 2

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Finishing school for special ladies – Part 2
Susan and I sat waiting for the lesson to begin.

Here are some cock pictures ladies – look at their various lengths and girths – they do come in all sizes and you must get used to taking even the largest ones.

At this point she produced four different sized cocks made from realistic silicon-latex-rubber and so like the real thing in texture and flexibility. Right two each of similar size – show me ladies how you would pleasure them – Susan you first – she took the smaller one and placed it in front of her on her desk – holding it gently she slipped it into her mouth and sucked it slowly from tip to stem and massaged it as she did so. After about five minutes it seemed to emit a cloudy warm fluid and she showed me as it was in her mouth – tastes like the real thing too – of course it does dear we milk cocks, freeze it and then warm it back to body temperature for our practical lessons such as here today.
Now Sammy your turn – I did as Susan had done and was surprised to feel it moved as I sucked – and throbbed and pulsed too. I soon felt the warm fluid gushing forth and I swallowed instinctively – well done Sammy excellent technique.

Right time for your canlı bahis şirketleri break – go and find yourselves a drink in the school canteen area – and be back here in half-an-hour.

We giggled as we went to the school refreshment bar – there was a man serving – we looked at each other and looked to see if we could spot a bulge in his work pants. Susan told me he was the general handyman who did all sorts of jobs here at school indoors and out. He looked quite young and quite good looking. I smiled at him and think he smiled back but quickly diverted his eyes away from me – I noticed the reason why – the head had joined us – now girls no staring at Thomas – he will not be showing you his cock here and now – get your drinks and back to class as soon as you have finished them.

I still looked at the guy serving us. He winked as we took our drinks. He likes you Susan told me – he winks as his sign of approval. Our satin school outfits get him hard and horny always. I have had his cock – it is divine darling but I will not spoil it for you. Meet him later. He is usually down the garden late afternoons trimming shrubs and has his own flat at that end of the estate.

The day continued canlı kaçak iddaa in class, pictures of cocks, more practice on rubber imitations and then at the end a review of what we thought of cock sucking as an art form and how we saw ourselves doing it to men on demand. I said as a sissy fag and gay bitch-boy it should be a joy to take any cock offered to me and suck it long deep and hard to pleasure it and receive the reward of the cock cream.

Well ladies the rest of the day is your own to enjoy. Susan I want you to go to town and fetch some supplies I have ordered from the Madam Fi-fi dress salon. Sammy you are free to change into the outfit on your bed and chill as you desire. Feel free to explore the grounds.

On my bed I found a pair of denim shorts, gloss tights and a tie waist silk blouse. I changed and put on some low- heeled sandal pumps and went downstairs and out into the grounds of the school. No panty and no bra – well my tits were still very small and my other item was shrinking fast and never hard now with the female hormones on the school diet menu.

The early evening sunshine felt nice on my legs and a slight breeze went into my blouse top and my nipples hardened.
I canlı kaçak bahis found Thomas busy trimming roses. Hello and how nice to see you again – we both said the words at the same time. Then we laughed. He smiled. Let me show you my rooms – I followed him and he closed the door once we were inside his cool flat. Let me fix you a drink – here long cool like you sweet lady. He stood close after handing me the drink. I drank it slowly looking at his tanned physique. As I glanced down his finely honed body I could see his shorts were well filled in his cock region. He placed my hand there. It moved inside his pants. It was soon out of his shorts and in my hand. I stroked it gently. He moaned as he grew quite a bit and it was thick and lean and a mean man meat machine to hold and examine. I was soon on my knees as Thomas put his from hands on my blouse covered shoulders and forced me to kneel before his meat – now slut show me you have been listening in class today and take what is now offered.

I opened my mouth and he slipped his monster into the warm moist home for cocks – my mouth.
He pushed himself to the back of my throat so I gagged. He was so big and still growing as I now sucked him. Good sissy slut – take what is offered. Good slut – suck, suck, suck, oh yeas, good fag, sucking well darling boy. He soon shot his hot creamy load and I tried my best to swallow it all.
Well done.
I can report to Mabel your head teacher that you past your practical.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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