Finding my way 01: How it started

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Finding my way 01: How it started
Chapter one

I am Angel. A blond haired, 1.60-meter Gothic. I have a large wardrobe. From plain, but daunting to leather and sexy. To school, I wear plateau boots that make me 20 centimeters taller. They make me look a lot scarier. I also have plateau high-heeled stilettos that made very sexy and 25 centimeters, but I never wear those to school. I parade with them wearing my leather gothic dress in front of my mirror at home. It makes me look like a scary, but very sexy dominatrix. I have the glory, but not the guts to be a dominatrix. Because of my Gothic appearance, the other school mates stay away. I look very dark and mean. I am a loner and I do not mind. My school mates only hold boring conversations about make-up, boys and the like. I am computer whiz-k** and talk about computers with friends. I hack sites for fun. At the start of my story I am 18 years old.

My father is the principal at my high school. He once showed me around the school building and showed the hidden areas. Most of these are on the upper floor. I made a copy of the school keys. One day I am wondering around at the top floor at start of my senior year and I notice something going on: a blond girl is gangbanged by blacks in the old gym of the school. They can’t see me. Two blacks hold her up and a third fucks her. He is replaced by the next one. I keep staring and can’t turn away. With anticipation, I keep looking and see they keep fucking her until they all have cum inside her. I count 8 black guys fucking her. I can’t see if she really received as many creampies, but I have not seen them take off condoms. They were not ready. The girl goes on all fours and each of the black guys fucks her again. She must have taken creampies as I do not see any action that would indicate the use of condoms. After this, she leaves in a hurry. I see her leave through the backdoor of the old gym.

The next day, I return and wait in anticipation. This time I am prepared and brought binoculars. After cheerleader practice, I see one girl leaves early, but returns 15 minutes later and stalls her bike behind a shed after the old gym. I recognize her: it is Mary-Jo, a small 1,60-meter blond with big knockers. I also recognize the black guys; they belong to the Football team. The door is unlocked and she goes in. The blacks greet her and she drops to her knees. She starts sucking black cocks. The blacks push her on her back and spread her legs. One of the black guys sticks his black cock inside her and starts fucking. I can see the black guys don’t wear condoms; she is fucked bareback and takes the loads. I hope she is not unprotected. After a few moments, the black guy is done and is replaced by another. He sticks his cock inside her and cums inside her. I have a good look and can see the creampie inside her pussy. She enjoys it enormously.

Dad holds the school timetable at the home. I figure out when the cheerleader- and football-teams practice at the same time; it is four days a week, only Wednesday they don’t practice at the same time. On my trips I had discovered several other spots to spy on them. From the third time onward, I take a film camera with me and videotape everything.

The third time is a little strange. It looks like revisiting earlier practices. May-Jo is not in the gym. Maybe nothing will happen that day. I can only see the black guys, but it seems there are two more. I film, but do not expect anything. All the guys are naked and suddenly she storms in. She points at all the black dicks and seems to be laughing. She turns to one of the new guys. She is putting her arms in the air: She wants him to lift her up. He lifts her, but it seems her pussy touches his cock. I see she is taking his cock inside, but only a small portion. She back away and takes the black cock a little deeper. Again, she back away. Now she takes the whole top of his dick inside, but no more. The rest of the blacks scream, but unfortunately, I can’t hear anything at all. She impales herself on the dick and starts to fuck faster and harder. The black guy cums inside her. He can’t hold her anymore and tries to hold her, but he can’t. He is left with her dress and completely naked she falls to the ground. She grabs the dick of the other new black guy and pulls him between her legs. She does not give him a chance to get away. She stuffs his dick inside her and starts to fuck. The black guy can’t resist and he fucks her. She just opens her legs wider so he can fuck faster and deeper. I can see she is yelling and screaming. She must be encouraging him to fuck her and cum inside her. Her encouragement does work: he cums inside her within two minutes. This act was performed every time new black guys come to the group. It was a complete mystery to me.

In the period that follows, I see Mary-Jo in too many gangbangs to tell about, but two stand out.

End November, Mary-Jo turns up at the gym and normally the guys pick her up and fuck the shit out of her. She stops them and talks to them. I have no idea what she is up to. I see the black guys lie down on the floor in pairs. Every pair have their cocks against each other. It seems they are not eager to do so, but Mary-Jo insists. She walks to the first pair in line and talks to the rest of them. The rest start to masturbate, but no very fast. It seems she orders them to keep their dicks stiff together.

She goes to the first pair of black guys. She wraps three fingers around their cocks; two at either side and one in between. She uses three fingers to get their cocks stiff. When their cocks are stiff, she lowers herself onto the two cocks and starts to fuck. I can see she is yelling, but I cannot hear what she is saying. Her flexible cheerleader body can easily fuck them this way. She is trying to let them cum at the same time. I don’t think those guys ever done a double vaginal, but at looks of it, they enjoyed it. I see their faces twitch as they cum. They don’t cum at the same time, but it is close. Mary-Jo stands up and I can see they have open up her cunt and cum is dripping down. She moves to the next pair. She grabs the cocks with three fingers again and turns them hard. She drops on them as if she does it every day. She rides them as if there is no tomorrow. I can see she is yelling and screaming. It takes a few minutes and they cum inside her as well. As she stands up, I can see her cunt is wide open and cum is leaking out. She moves to the third pair of guys and grabs their cocks in her hand as well. She does not use her fingers, but grips them at the base of their shafts with one hand and sinks down onto their cocks. Again, I can see her yelling and unfortunately can’t hear anything. It seems to excite the boys very much. She has no mercy on them. She fucks them so hard; it must hurt. They are turning read and cum inside her. She does the same with the remaining pairs of boys. As she has finished them all I can see her cunt is wide open and a lot of cum is dripping out. But she has had so many loads she should still have more inside her cunt then has dripped out.

In the second week of December, she also stops them. She talks to them and I see a few black guys stick up their arms. She directs them to one side. She talks again and another canlı kaçak bahis group stick their arms up. She directs them to another side. She divides the guys in four groups. I wonder what she has in mind.

She sits on her knees and calls the first group of five. They stand in front of her. She grabs hold of a black cock and pulls the guy closer. She takes his cock in her mouth and starts to suck. She has not done that before! Feverishly, she sucks him. I don’t think he will last long. She sucks hard and fast. A few moments later I see the guy shiver. She lets him cum inside her mouth and swallows. She grabs two guys by their cocks and draws them in. She puts two cocks in her mouth. After a few minutes, they come as well, but not at the same time. She swallows both loads. This also happens with the remaining two black guys. She sits back, opens her mouth and shows it is empty.

While still sitting on her knees, she calls the next group of three. As they come closer, she grabs the cock of the one closest and draws him towards her. She jerks him off. She is keeping his cock close to her face. As he comes, she gets a facial. She also jerks the other two off and let them come over her face. She does not remove the cum, but leaves it on. It is messy and sticky.

Then she calls the rest. They stand beside her. Four at each side of her upper body. She says something and they jerk off. One by one, they squirt their cum over her. She is covered with cum. She does not stand up or tries to remove all the cum. She just lies there. After a few minutes, the cum has dried. She looks trashy, very cheap and very dirty. She talks again and spreads her legs. The black guys do what they normally do; fuck the shit out of her. She takes a load in her cunt from all 16 black guys. She leaves, but I have not seen her clean herself. Will she try to sneak inside her house covered in Nigger cum?

In January, she does not return to school. After two weeks, I ask my dad if he knows why Mary-Jo is not at school. Unwittingly dad tells me she has been knocked up, pregnant and she does not tell who the father is. I know she possibly does not know, but I could guess the baby will be black. I ask dad if he will visit her and if I can come along. Dad asks Mary-Joe and her parents; they allow me to come to visit as well. First dad and I talk with Mary-Jo. Dad leaves to talk with her parents and I talk to Mary-Jo. She misses school, but no one is allowed to come over as no one may know she is pregnant. I tell her, I would like to visit her every week. She agrees. I will visit her every Friday between 19.00 and 22.00, when her parents will not be home. They don’t want to know and be remembered about their daughter’s pregnancy. Her parents tell us to stay at Mary-Jo’s room and go nowhere else. Her parents tell me to park my car in their garage and close the garage door. Her father shows me how to get from the garage to Mary-Jo’s bedroom.

The first three weeks, we just talk about small stuff. In the fourth week I ask her whether she makes pregnancy progress photos. Before she can answer, I propose to take pictures. She agrees. That evening, I masturbate to the movies and the picture. I am really turned on because I know she is pregnant by blacks. In the next couple of months, I visit and every time take pictures to see how her pregnancy progresses.

I have not dared to ask Mary-Jo to show her belly. When she is about seven months pregnant, I could not control my curiosity, so I blackmailed her. “Show me your pregnant belly naked, I know your secret. You carry a black baby. I have seen you fuck black guys for weeks.”. Mary sighed. “Ok, but don’t tell my parents. They would go ballistic”. Slowly she lifts her dress and out pops her big belly and tits. She rubs her big belly and she becomes absentminded. She bends over to me and secretively whispers. “I have a Nigger baby in my belly. Don’t tell mommy and daddy, but I love carrying a Nigger baby. I am always horny and want loads of Nigger dicks.” My god, she really got the hots for black cock. I take several pics, but also want to have a video. “Can I make a video as well?”. “Yes, that will be ok, but only if you don’t show it to my parents or anyone else.”, she says. I answer: “That is ok, I will tell no one about the movie”. I start shooting the video and at first, she just poses. I am almost ready to wrap up, when she starts to talk. “Do you like my big belly? I have fucked a lot of Niggers and carry a Nigger baby. I cannot leave the house, but I am horny as hell. I would fuck any Nigger that came in the house. If there would be ten Niggers, I would fuck them all.”. I almost lost it. She had no inhibitions at all.

The next week, I take it further. She told, she would love to fuck black guys, so I place a 10-inch black dildo on the ground at Mary-Jo’s bedroom. At a right angle, I place a video camera to film everything. “Do what I tell you or I will show my movies to your parents and my dad. Take your clothes off. Sink your black pregnant cunt on that dildo and fuck it!” She takes her clothes off and without any protest, she sinks onto the dildo. Slowly she starts fucking it. “Fuck it like those black guys fucked you. Ride harder! Sink deeper, take it as deep as you can. Think about all that creampies that knocked you up with a black baby. Imagine fucking those black guys. I have seen you take multiple loads by all of them. You really liked those hundreds loads of black seed going in your cunt. Ride the dildo thinking about how you became a black pregnant slut. You really loved it. Keep riding, I know you can ride for hours. Let that pregnant belly role and shake as you go down on that big black dildo. Make it wet, cream that dildo! Fuck, little black cock lover.” I don’t know if she heard me. She kept fucking and that belly kept swaying and bouncing. Mary-Jo orgasms as I have never seen or heard before.

That evening I look at my gangbang movies of Mary-Jo. I use the black dildo Mary-Jo had been fucking. I have not cleaned it as I want to feel dirty and nasty. Finally, I look at the film I made that day. I have made the video, but it feels as if someone is telling me I am a Nigger-bred black cock loving slut. I come hard, very hard. For the first time in my life I squirt.

The next two weeks, I have Mary-Jo fuck this black dildo over and over and keep talking dirty to her. In the last week, I do not use the words ‘blacks’ of ‘black’ anymore, I only use ‘nigger’ or ‘nigga’. The dirtier my language becomes, the harder Mary-Jo orgasms.

For the last weeks before Mary-Jo would give birth, I buy a larger black dildo. This one can squirt cum by remote control. I can make it cum whenever I want to. I do not tell Mary-Jo the dildo squirts cum.

The next time, I place the new black dildo on the ground as I have done before and position the camera. As before, I order Mary-Jo to undress, but I yell: “Bimbo, thrust yourself onto the dildo and let it slide in and out. Imagine those nigger cocks filling you again. Cumming inside you again. They used you as their cumdump. You let them knock you up as a stupid Bimbo. You had them spread your cunt and have them shoot their baby-making sperm inside you.”. Mary-Jo sighs and just whispers ‘Yes, Mistress’. güvenilir casino “Mistress? Me?”. Did she just completely surrender to me? Could I do whatever I wanted? I press the remote and let the dildo shoot ‘cum’ inside her. Mary-Jo feels it run down her cunt and along the dildo. “Thanks, Mistress”, she moans.

She had subjected to me! Next time, I will dominate her, be her dominatrix. I need the guts, not just the glory. To get the guts, I dress in my gothic leather dress wearing my plateau high-heeled stilettos with my old horsewhip in front of my mirror. Till Friday, I practice how to be her personal dominatrix. I practice hundreds of lines to get them right: Intimidating and demanding, not accepting resistance. “Ride that dildo with that Nigger baby filled cunt”, “Love that Nigger dick, slut!”, “You are a Nigger dick slut”, “you’re only worth to be used as cumdump by Niggers”. I don’t hold back, whatever comes to mind, I try it. My confidence grows and I feel ready to “give it to her”.

Friday, I am a dominatrix and will subdue and humiliate Mary-Jo completely. Beside my old horsewhip, I also take a Black Water Removable Marker.

Mary-Jo still wants black cocks. She can’t stop asking for it. I have a plan, but it might go wrong. My dad has a van I could use to transport the Niggers. I could hide the van in their garage and I know how to get them to Mary-Jo, unseen. But I have to make contact. That might be difficult as they also fear me. I heard some of them rumor I practice Voodoo. Luckily, I get a chance when one of the Niggers in the video happens to be in the corridor with me alone. I am very direct as we don’t have much time. “I know you and others from the Football team gangbanged Mary-Jo before Xmas. You knocked her up and she’s eight months pregnant. She wants to see you all. You fuckers meet me where you fucked her after Football training and I share how you could see her. She doesn’t blame any of you. It was her own fault she got pregnant”.

Tensely, I meet them in the room they gangbanged Mary-Jo for so long. I tell them, “I meet Mary-Jo every Friday at her place when her parents are out. I park my car in their garage and walk to her room unseen. Next, time I will take my dad’s van and can hide ten of you inside. Unseen, you can come to her room. I will not be able to tell her you will be there as well. She will be pleasantly surprised. Next week, I can take the last ten to see her.” I tell them where and when I will pick them up. They have to decide who will go first. I suggest the first ten should go first. I don’t tell them Mary-Jo definitely wants to be gangbanged, again.

Friday, I arrive at our meeting place, but they are reluctant to step in, when they see me wearing my black leather dominatrix dress. One black guy bends over into the van. When he sees my plateau high heeled stiletto shoes, he mutters, “Voodoo”. I ease them down, but don’t take the Voodoo thought out of their minds. It will keep me in control. They get in and we go to Mary-Jo. I tell them to come in ten minutes after I have left the van.

As they enter Mary-Jo’s bedroom, the niggers are surprised and shocked to see Mary-Jo ride a black dildo being heavily pregnant. Judging by their stiff docks, they are aroused as well. Mary-Jo has a big smile; she will get what she needs.

“Take your clothes off!”, I command. “Give that black-bred slut what she needs: Lots of black cock! Throw her on the bed. You got two hours to fuck her as many times as you want. Use her as cumdump. Fill that knocked-up cunt with cum. Make her suck your cocks to get the hard, but dump your cum inside her cunt.”

Two Niggers lift her up and lay Mary-Jo with her ass on the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide open. She is ready to be used as cumdump. A third Nigger jumps between her legs. Immediately, he starts to fuck her. I slap him on his ass with my horsewhip. “Faster, fuck her faster. You all want to fuck her twice in two hours. You got five minutes to shoot your cum inside her!”.

Mary-Jo also spurs him. “Fuck me faster! Make me cum, make me cum. Cum inside my Nigger pregnant cunt. I need your cum inside me! Fill me up with your Nigger seed. Fuck me, Fuck me!”.

I had heard Mary-Jo use the N-word before, but I did not expect her to use it when black guys would be present. It seemed the guys didn’t mind Mary-Jo was using the N-word. They seemed to view Mary-Jo’s use as an honorary title. The Nigger fucks her a lot faster as she is using ‘Nigger’ to spur him on. He fucks her so fast; he can’t hold back and cums inside her. As he cums inside her, I yell; “Next”.

The boys tried to shove each other aside just to be the next one.

“Guys, you don’t have to jump the queue. Each of you will fuck her tonight. She is so horny; she could be used by a complete army of Niggers and she could still take more?

They make a queue and wait their turn. One by one, they dump their cum inside that Nigger-bred slut. She enjoys it very much. She moans very loud. You can hear she has missed those Nigger cocks all those months. Twenty minutes later, they have all cum inside her and filled her knocked-up cunt with sperm.

“Turn her over. On all fours, slut. Let them take you doggy-style. Queue up again and fill her with more cum. She really needs it. She wants to be fucked.”

Two hours and many creampies later, Mary-Jo has a cum-filled pregnant pussy, but she is very happy. I tell the Niggers to pick up their clothes and dress in the van. We don’t want to have her parents surprise us as they are racist. I stay behind, because I am not ready yet. I want a trophy from this gangbang.

Mary-Jo is still on the bed with her creampie filled cunt pointing towards me. She is recovering from the gangbang. I command: “Get over her Nigger-bred slut. I gave you what you wanted. Now, impale yourself on the dildo for me. Ride it! Come on it and smear those cunt juices and Nigger seed on the dildo! Hurry, ride it!” She really can’t do it anymore, but I hit her with the horsewhip and force her to fuck the dildo again. She sits on it and fucks. The dildo is going deeper and deeper. Juices start running down. It is a mixture of her own cunt juices and the Nigger-seed she has received. “Ride it. Ramm that Nigger-bred cunt on the dildo! Make yourself cum! Show me you are a real Nigger-bred whore! Take it deeper!”. She cums with a wild howl. I can see more juices running down the dildo. It is really wet. I have my trophy. “Next week, we will be back. The rest of your Niggers will gangbang you. They will cum and cum and fill your knocked-up cunt.” Carefully, I take the wet and smeared dildo out of her cunt. I have my trophy!

At home, I place the smeared dildo on the ground. In a weird way it is MY trophy. I don’t really have an idea why I see it as MY trophy. I sit on my bed and look at it. I used the dildos Mary-Jo came on the other times, but now it’s different. It has Nigger-seed on it as well. I can’t get pregnant from the Nigger seed on it, but it is dirtier. Indirectly, I would be fucking ten Niggers as well. The same Niggers that knocked up Mary-Jo. I fell I lose control; a strange sensation is taking me over. The strange sensation has a creepy voice.

“Take the smeared dildo and place it close to your bed. You want casino firmalari to feel it inside you. You want to be dirty.”. As being hypnotized, I place the dildo near my bed. “Hover above the dildo and rest your upper body on the bed.”. Willingly I do as I am told. “Do you see the dildo looking at your cunt: it wants in. It can’t harm you, just take the top in your cunt. Just feel how slippery it is. It is wet with Mary-jo’s juices and the cum of ten Niggers. Mary-Jo wants you to share her juices and the cum.”. I press my cunt on top of the dildo. It feels nice and dirty. I have never done something as dirty. “Impale yourself!”. I impale myself and sink almost to the base of the dildo. “Fuck the dildo.”. I can’t resist and fuck the dildo. “You’re like Mary-Jo. You want to be a Nigger-bred slut. Feel how your body gives in. Those Niggers should knock you up.”. I have my first orgasm and squirt. “You want it! You want Niggers to knock you up. To shoot a black baby in your belly. Feel how they are cumming inside you! Nigger-seed loving slut! Have them make you pregnant!”. I come for a second time and squirt again. The voice continues and I come and squirt two more times. Finally, the voice sounds like a mantra: “Let them breed you! Let them breed you! Let them breed you! Let them breed you!”. The mantra resonates about fifty times when I come and squirt one last time. I collapse onto the bed and black out. When I wake up the next day, I am still leaning on the bed with the dildo inside me. I dreamed about interracial breeding gangbangs all night long.

The next Friday, I pick the other black guys up. I know none of them could be the father of the baby. They are ready to fuck a knocked-up slut, but they are unaware they will fuck Mary-Jo. As the week before, I order Mary-Jo to fuck the black dildo. She moans hard.

“Will there be Niggers again”, she asks.

“Yes, the other ten will be here”.

“Oh, yes. I am so horny. I want to fuck all Niggers that come in.”

The ten Niggers come in and just as the previous week they look shocked and surprised, but their stiff dicks tell me they will not mind.

“Throw her on the bed. I don’t know when this Nigger-bred slut will give birth, therefore I will give her a ‘nice’ surprise. Niggers, hold her legs apart.”. I take a black marker and draw a 5 centimeter ‘Queen of Spades’ just above her cunt. “So, she will know what she is: A Nigger-breeding Queen of Spades for the rest of her life.”. I take the washable marker and write “Nigger bred slut” on her big belly.

“Ok, spread her legs and fuck her. Fill her with your cum.”

The guys are not quick enough and I hit the one closest to me with my whip.

“Fuck her. Fill her knocked-up cunt with your seed. She wants it! She needs it! Fuck her fast and merciless. She can handle it and wants it.”.

The first Nigger fucks her and cums inside her. They are not quick enough again and I hit another one with my whip.

“Fuck her, make her cum. Dump your load inside her. Fill her up. Make her cum. Fuck her hard and deep. Cum inside her.”

After they see the first to receive a hit with my whip, they don’t hesitate again. They quickly replace each other and fuck the hell out of her. Each leaving a thick load inside her. Twenty minutes later, the ten guys have all cum inside Mary-Jo.

“Now, you can fuck her as you want, but every load has to be shot in her Nigger-bred cum. Make her relive all the gangbangs she had before Xmas. She really needs to be fucked hard and long. Cum inside her as often as you can. She can take it. She needs it. If you linger, I will use my whip. Make sure she is fucked and creampied continuously.”

When it is time, I tell the black guys to pick up their clothes and dress in the van. We don’t want her parents to catch us.

I let her ride the dildo again and film it all. It makes me go jelly. I love to see her ride the dildo with ‘Nigger-bred slut” all over her belly. It looks so horny and dirty. As a week before, I scream all kinds of words of sentences at her. Maybe they are even dirties then a week before, but I can’t remember anymore. Seeing her ride the dildo, those dirty words on her belly and the Queen of Spades sign between her legs make me forget everything else. After she is done riding my trophy again, I carefully collect it again. I give her a USB stick. It contains a few movies I shot with her. It contains the video of the first time she showed her naked belly and confessed to be black pregnant, the video where she rode the black dildo for the first time and the gangbang from the week before. “A reminder what you have been doing. Might be nice for later”.

As soon as I am home, I place the smeared dildo on the ground in front of my bed. My body already knows what will happen and slowly I undress. I stare at the cum smeared dildo. All cum dried up and the dildo looks very sleazy and dirty. The creepy voice is back again.

“Drawing a ‘Queen of Spades’ on Mary-Jo cunt was very nice. She is such a QOS. She can’t get enough Nigger cocks. She will be a Nigger-breeding Queen of Spades the rest of her life. You loved to see those Niggers fill her with cum. You couldn’t take your eyes of those cocks filling her with cum. You’re a hypocrite. You wanted all that cum inside you. You wanted them to fill you up. You want to be just as dirty as Mary-Jo. You should draw a QOS above your own cunt as well! Pick up that marker on your desk!”. Mindlessly, I pick up the marker and take the top off. “Draw that QOS sign above your cunt. It is what you want! It is who you are. Accept you’re a Queen of Spades”. Dully, I draw a ‘Queen of Spades’ above my cunt. “I’m a Queen of Spades. I want Niggers cocks and loads of them. They have to shoot their seed inside me!”. The creepy voice continues. “Your cunt got very wet as you wrote the words on her belly. You had an orgasm as you wrote ‘Nigger Bred Slut’. You want those Niggers to knock you up! You want to carry black babies in your belly! Write ‘I want black babies in my belly’ on your belly!”. As hypnotized, I write ‘I want black babies in my belly’. I look down and as I read the words, I have an orgasm. I want to be bred by Niggers!

The creepy voice continues: “Fuck the dildo! Soak the black sperm off! Suck the black sperm inside! Get that sperm of those ten Niggers inside you! Imagine getting knocked up! You want it. You want that sperm inside you. You want to be bred!”. The creepy voice keeps repeating those words and I have orgasm after orgasm fucking that smeared dildo. After an hour I collapse onto the bed. Like the week before, I wake up with the dildo still inside me.

A few days later, Mary-Jo’s mother calls me and tells me Mary-Jo had delivered her baby and they would be moving to another town. I ask if I can come by, but she brushes me aside; “Mary-Jo does not want to see anyone.”. I know it is a lie, but there is nothing I can do. I would not see her again. And I had never asked her why she had fucked all those Niggers and got herself knocked-up. In the beginning, it did not seem right to ask and later we were too busy having sex.

As Mary-Jo will not be riding the dildos again and because of the squeaky voice they somehow freak me out, I have thrown them away. Do I really want to be a Nigger bred bimbo? Would I really only want to fuck black cocks the rest of my life? Would I really want to give up my mind to be a mindless Nigger fucking Bimbo? Everything that happened would indicate the answers would be ‘yes’. Maybe, I should have kept them?

End of part one.

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