Fantasy Sex Cruise 14

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This is the fourteenth episode in a multi-part story. It is the seventh chapter of Linda’s cruise with Bradley but you should read Chapter 01 first so you can see how these cruises started and get introduced to the characters then read Chapter 08 for the beginning of Linda’s cruise. I hope you enjoy the journey.



I awoke feeling wonderfully refreshed after a good night’s sleep and remembered the last thing we’d done before we turned out the lights. I had made love to Barbara with help from Mark, Ashley and most of all, Bradley. I looked over and saw Bradley sleeping peacefully so I carefully slipped out of the bed to go pee and brush my teeth. I saw Barbara sleeping on the sofa bed in the living room with Jesus on the floor next to her. He opened his eyes when he heard me walking to the bathroom but closed them again when he recognized me. I was on his good list and posed no threat to his charge. Oh what a friend I have in Jesus.

When I finished in the bathroom I returned to the bedroom and got back in the bed. This was our last day on board and I thought about all that had happened on this trip. I had changed. A new me had emerged and I felt good about it. I thought at first that I had been missing something but I began to realize that this new me was part of my growth as a woman and as a human being.

I was thankful that something in me had compelled me to take this trip and allow that growth to happen. I was also thankful that Ed loved me enough to go along with it. I really hoped that he would come back with the same new attitude about our relationship as I now had. Expanding our sexual options did not threaten or jeopardize our marriage but truly enhanced it.

I looked over at Bradley. He had been everything I wanted him to be and more. I wasn’t in love with him but I liked him a lot and respected him. He was still growing in his own life and this trip had helped him almost as much as it had me. I felt very grateful to him and considered him to be a good friend. His eyes opened and he turned his head toward me. “Whatcha thinkin bout this morning sexy lady?”

“I’m trying to decide how we should have sex to start this glorious last day of our cruise.”

“Well you keep thinking and I’ll make a quick trip to the bathroom.”

When he returned he found me lying on my back with my legs spread wide and my head on a couple of pillows against the headboard. I was nonchalantly rubbing my clit with the fingers of my right hand while my left hand was fondling my left breast.

“I see you decided to start without me. I’m happy you’ve discovered and embraced masturbation; not that you’ve had a great deal of time to indulge in it what with all the activity that’s been going on but there will be times when it will come in handy so to speak.”

“Yes, I find it liberating and empowering and fun. Thanks for your insistence that I make friends with it. Why don’t you join me so I can watch you while I have my first orgasm?”

He crawled up the bed until he was kneeling between my legs. His cock had already begun to stiffen from looking at me when his hand wrapped around the thick shaft. I really liked being free enough to do this with him now. All of my inhibition regarding masturbation had disappeared and I understood that it was a natural function engaged in by all primates and probably any living thing that was capable of sexual feelings. I briefly wondered who had taught me that it was bad but then decided not to waste time on somebody who was hung up enough to not only consider it wrong but had passed that teaching on to an innocent child.

The pill was still in full effect and was beginning to make its presence known as my fingers’ attention to my clit intensified. I was getting wetter and my vagina was definitely warmer. I extended my middle finger down to probe my opening to confirm these feelings and the tip slid easily inside me.

“Use two fingers Linda. Fuck your pussy so I can hear your hand slapping against your wet lips.” I did as he said and started moving them in and out of my vagina. It didn’t take long before they were covered in my juice and we could both hear the sounds of my wet hand slamming into my swollen lips. “Ooohhh yeah baby that’s it. Press up against your g-spot as you stroke.”

I moved my other hand down to rub my clit while I continued to increase the speed of my fingers inside my cunt. I could feel the first stirrings of an orgasm approaching. I looked at Bradley’s cock, which was at full erection as his hand stroked the thick shaft.

I thought about how good it was going to feel inside me in a few minutes. No sooner did I have this thought than my climax exploded inside me and my hips began to pump up and down while my fingers went into a frenzy of motion in my wet channel.

“Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh Bradley… I’m cumming! I’m cumming so good.”

My stomach muscles tensed and my legs trembled as the orgasm swirled all through me. The sensations were intensified by knowing I had done this to myself and I could do it anytime I wanted to.

“Bradley canlı bahis I don’t know if it’s you, the Ecstasy or the pill Gina gave me but my orgasms just keep getting better and going deeper every time I have one. Why did it take me fifty years to learn how to cum?”

“Maybe you’re just a late bloomer Linda. But now that you know how, let’s keep them coming so to speak.”

He lay down with his head between my legs and before I even knew what he was doing, it felt like my entire pussy was in his mouth. God I loved the way that felt. His talented tongue was licking me in broad laps from my hole to my clit pausing only long enough to slurp my flowing juices into his mouth and swallow them. He stopped and pulled his head back and looked at me.

“Linda your pussy is the most delicious thing I’ve ever put in my mouth.”

“Oh come now Bradley; you can say that after having Barbara’s sweet young cooze in your mouth last night? And let’s don’t forget Gina’s and Ashley’s.”

“I’m not saying that their pussies aren’t fabulous because they are but believe it or not, all of you have unique traits and flavors. Barbara’s is like a barely ripe peach; tasty but still a little shy of perfectly ripe. The texture is still a little bit firm and not as pliant as yours. Her juice is sweet but lacks the full spectrum of erotic flavors that yours has.”

“Your pussy is like a fully ripe mango; softer and more yielding and full of exotic tastes. Your juices are more complex and plentiful like a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon that has been aged to perfection. Barbara’s are like a light fruity Pinot Grigio; very satisfying but yours are what I think sex should taste like. I can’t get enough of it.”

“Ohhhhh Godddd Bradley you’re making me feel like cumming again by just saying that. Get your mouth back where it belongs and let me cum in it and fill it full of what you crave.”

His mouth covered my pussy again and he resumed eating me like a child eats ice cream: slurping, sucking, licking and flicking his tongue in and out and all around. Suddenly I didn’t even want to cum. I wanted to enjoy the sensations of his loving actions. This wasn’t sex to have an orgasm anymore. This was sex for the pure thrill of it; to experience each and every touch of his sexy tongue on me. Electricity was radiating from my pussy to every other part of me. I could feel my juices literally running out of my vagina as if I was having my period; which, thank god, I hadn’t had in ten years. The more he sucked me the more I wanted to give him. I wished his tongue could reach all the way to my cervix so he could lick that too. Hmmmmm, maybe his tongue couldn’t reach there but I knew a part of him that could.

Despite my wish to prevent my climax, Bradley’s efforts combined with the pill were too much for me to resist. When my orgasm started it felt like what I had seen on TV when they show what would happen if a comet struck the earth. The initial blast was followed by a gigantic shock wave of hot energy that spread through me and laid waste to my entire body. I was temporarily paralyzed by overwhelming sexual sensations. My mind scurried off somewhere to seek refuge from the powerful pulsations that every other part of me was experiencing. I loved it!

It was an unexpected but immensely pleasing revelation to know I was capable of having orgasms this powerful and pleasurable. If they were the result of the pill then the world was in for a huge surprise when women discovered their newfound sexual capabilities. This was societal dynamite. It would literally change half of our species. Women’s lib was a mere prelude to what was about to happen if all women reacted to this medication the way the four of us had.

I would have expected that after an orgasm like the one I just had, I would have to wait a while before I could even think about sex again. Wrong! Bradley barely got his head out from between my legs before I rolled over and put my ass in the air. “Bradley, I’m sure that lovely cock of yours is nice and hard so get behind me and put it where your tongue was. I want to feel it as deep in me as you can get it.”

He moved into position behind me and swiped the mushroom head up and down my sopping slit a few times before placing it between my labia at the entrance to my vagina. I moaned loudly as the head slipped inside it and kept moaning as he inflated it with his long thick cock until his prodigious balls pressed against my clitoris. My pussy throbbed around the fat hard shaft as if it was sucking on it.

“Ohhhhh Godddd Bradley, my pussy is addicted to your cock. You stretch me to my utmost limit and make me feel things I’ve never felt before. I didn’t know my body could do these things. Ohhhhh fuck me Bradley. Fuck me nice and strong. See how many times you can make me cum for you.”

He began to stroke me with a steady rhythm, pulling almost all the way out and pushing all the way back in. I could hear the squishing sound as his cock plowed its way through the juices being continuously excreted inside my vagina. I dropped my shoulders and lay bahis siteleri my head on my arm to elevate my hips and opened up my pink channel so he could penetrate me as deeply as possible. The pointed tip of his cock felt like it was trying to dilate my cervix each time it slid insistently into it.

He leaned over me and put his hands on my tits and massaged them. My nipples swelled and hardened as they pressed into his palms. His ass was making a slapping sound each time he slammed into my hips on the down stroke. I was consumed by sex now. My whole focus was centered on my vagina and the wonderful sensations it was experiencing as he pounded into it. The feeling was similar to when he was eating me but more internalized. My pussy wanted to push into his mouth but it wanted to pull his cock into me. I was completely aware of how it was performing the function for which it was made. Every action, each finely tuned movement was to achieve one goal: to extract his semen and flood my cunt with the hot pearly liquid. I didn’t have to think about any of this. It was built in to my unconscious brain just like breathing and keeping my heart beating. All I had to do was feel it and enjoy it. And oh god was I enjoying it!

Once again without much warning another powerful orgasm swept through my body. He stopped stroking when he felt me cum. “No Bradley, don’t stop… Keep going; please… keep fucking me. Make me cum without stopping. Keep me in a constant orgasm.” He resumed his stroking, even increasing the tempo a little and I just kept right on cumming. I had relinquished all control of my body to my pussy as it continued to spasm and convulse around his wonderful thick cock.

I have no idea how long we stayed in this state but finally he stopped and before I could protest I felt his hot cum spurting into my deepest recesses. My gluttonous vagina squeezed his cock with each of his ejaculations, milking every drop if his thick cream out of him. This sent me into an entirely different realm of orgasm. My mind seemed to stop functioning so the feelings my body was experiencing could be felt directly without conscious interpretation.

It wasn’t until my legs gave out and I slid forward to lay flat on the bed that the orgasm began to subside. Bradley collapsed with me, keeping his cock buried in my cunt. We lay silently for a few moments until we could both function somewhat normally again. He slowly extracted his deflating cock from me as he lifted himself up off me and rolled over on his side next to me.

“Wow Linda, that was some way to start the day. Are you sure you’re the woman I came on board with?”

“I’m sure I’m not the same woman you came on board with. I’ve taken over this body and I’m never giving it up again. You’ve awakened a sleeping nymphomaniac and filled her with a wonderful resolve. Thank you Bradley. You’ve exceeded my wildest expectations for this cruise and brought me back to life.”

I got out of bed and headed for the shower. On my way there I heard Barbara, “Linda, is it time to get up?”

“It’s past time to get up. I let you sleep because you’ll be up rather late tonight and we have to be up very early tomorrow to disembark. I’m on my way to the shower if you want to join me.”

“Ummmhhhhh that sounds like a great idea. I love it when you wash me. Afterwards I’d like you to come with me to walk Jesus.”

I took her hand and we walked together into the bathroom. Cum was oozing out of my pussy and slowly sliding down the insides of my thighs. It felt sexy and wanton squishing between my legs as I walked. I turned on the water and helped Barbara take off the little camisole top she wore as a nightie. Before we got in I took her hand and placed it between my legs. “Feel what Bradley’s been doing to me all morning.”

“Oh my God Linda. You’re soaking wet. How many times did he cum in you?”

I moved her cum covered fingers up to her mouth and she stuck them inside and licked them. “I didn’t count how many times he came, I was too busy cumming myself. I did feel the last time and he must have pumped half a cup of his hot cream into me. God it was wonderful. My pussy has become insatiable.”

“I’m feeling rather horny myself this morning. That’s really unusual for me. I can’t even masturbate before I’ve had two cups of coffee.”

“Let’s get in the shower and I’ll see if I can get you started better than coffee.”

The water felt good cascading over our bodies. I may have become a middle-aged slut but I wasn’t about to be a dirty one. I picked up a washcloth and poured some body wash onto it then started rubbing Barbara’s incredible young body. She had the most beautiful smile on her face as my hands moved over her flawless skin.

It was easy to see how much she loved me. Even if her eyes could not see they could still reflect the love I felt for her. I moved close to her and kissed her. Her arms wrapped around me and held me tightly. She kissed me the way only the young can kiss, putting her whole heart and soul into it and filling it with wonder and excitement. God, how long had it bahis şirketleri been since I kissed that way. She made kissing feel almost as good as having an orgasm. My nipples swelled and protruded against her breasts and I felt a flush of warmth sweep through me that I hadn’t felt since I was sixteen.

“My darling Barbara you make me feel like I’m as young as you and I’m discovering love for the very first time. Loving you makes me remember how thrilling and confused and frightened I was the first time I knew I was in love. Of all the things I’ve done on this cruise finding you may be the best of all. Thank you for who you are and for doing what you’ve done for me.”

“Linda it is I that should be thanking you. I know now that I am discovering love for the first time. The few times I felt anything like this before were puppy love. What you’ve shown me is real, mature, unconditional love. You accept me totally for who I am and don’t expect anything from me which makes me want to give you all I have and share all that I am with you. I’ve never felt more comfortable with another person, not even my mother. The way you kiss me, the way your hands slide gently over my body, the way you tell me how it makes you feel; all these things convey a love I never knew existed and make me happier than I’ve ever been.”

“Oh Barbara you truly are an angel.” I knelt in front of her and put my head on her stomach. “Spread your legs and let me show you how much I love you.” She moved her feet apart without hesitation and I slid my face down and covered her adorable pussy with my mouth. I licked and sucked her the same way Bradley had done to me earlier. I couldn’t get enough of her as I moved my lips from her clit down through her slit to cover her opening with my mouth. Her sweet juice dripped onto my tongue as I pushed it as far inside her as I could. My hands moved to her ass so I could squeeze her cheeks as I ate her.

She pressed her pussy against my mouth and began to moan. “Ohhhh… Yesssss… Yesssss… Linda let me cum for you. Make me give you what we both want so badly. Ohhhhhhh… Godddd… Yessssss… love me Linda.” Her hands grabbed my head and held it against her pussy as she began to climax. Her legs trembled as I sucked her while the warm water continued to fall on us.

I stood up and hung the washcloth on the handle of the shower door then picked up the body wash and poured it on both our chests and pulled her close to me and just rubbed my body all over hers. I spread my legs and straddled her leg so my pussy could slide up and down her thigh. My leg was doing the same thing to her. Her hands moved all over me, massaging my ass and sliding up and down my back. My mouth was glued to hers, as we tasted her sweet pussy juice together.

Her hand slid through my ass crack and her finger stopped at my anus. I felt the slippery digit enter me easily and she inserted it all the way. I continued to slide my clit against her thigh as she worked her finger in and out of my ass. I felt her hard nipples pressing into my tits as they slid over them, her soft breasts mashing against my own. I was ambushed by another orgasm as my legs clamped hard around her thigh. I moaned into her mouth and had to pull my mouth away to gasp for breath as my climax intensified.

“Ohhhh Barbara, baby, do you feel what you do to me? Uhhhhhhh, Uhhhhhhh, you take my breath away.”

She pulled her finger out of my ass and moved her hand around to slip it between her thigh and my pussy and started rubbing my slit with her fingers. She flicked them back and forth on my clit until I came again. If I hadn’t been holding on to her I would have fallen on my ass in the shower a second time. My whole body shook for at least a minute.

“Linda, making love with you is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done. I wouldn’t have believed when I walked on this ship that I’d ever be saying this to another woman but it just doesn’t matter that you’re female. You make me so happy.”

“I’ve got to get out of this shower before I collapse. I don’t even know how many times I’ve cum this morning but I need to take a break. I’m hungry and we need to go walk Jesus. That is if I can still walk.”

We finished washing and dried off then got dressed and took Jesus up for his potty break and a little exercise. When we returned to the room, Mark and Ashley were there so we made Jesus comfortable and went to the dining room for some breakfast. We took our time and had a delicious, relaxing meal. About half way through it, Gina showed up.

“Well Gina you’re looking particularly beautiful this morning. How did your evening with Ryan go?”

She sat down and a waiter came to take her order. When he left she said, “Linda I’m so glad I decided to come on this cruise by myself. If my friend hadn’t had to cancel at the last minute I would have missed meeting you and having all this fun. Ryan was a very attentive and enthusiastic lover. I can see why you seduced him. He was fascinated by my pussy and spent a lot of time exploring it with his mouth. I thought he was going to chew my clit off he spent so much time sucking it. I must have cum three times from his going down on me before we did anything else. I returned the favor and we spent most of the night fucking in various positions.”

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