Family Barbecue

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Family Barbecue
Kristy’s eyes blinked open as her phone blared Wham! and she reached over to her bedside table with a groan to swipe it to silence. She had thought it was clever when she’d set it up, but now she fucking hated that song with every ounce of feeling in her heart. Bed was her favorite place and “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” was the siren that forced her from it every morning. Unforgivable.

She rubbed her bleary eyes and looked at the phone screen. She’d left her alarm set to the weekday time even though it was Memorial Day: the family was coming over for a barbecue and she wanted time to get set up. Although, the familiar feeling she felt stirring around, was the real reason for her reluctance to get out of bed. She reached down and rubbed herself between her legs. She woke up horny again and she could feel the wetness from her pussy that had nearly soaked through her panties overnight. If only she could remember her dreams, they must have been good ones.

Rolling over and propping herself up on an elbow, she looked down on her sleeping husband, Mike. Long gone were the days when his chiseled body made her panties wet. He stopped caring around the time Tim was born, and now he was fat and saggy. Kristy could see the years and the two k**s when she looked in the mirror, but she still looked damn good if she could say so herself. A little softer than college, but not too much—and the tits she’d bought herself a few years back, partially in hopes of rekindling Mike’s sex drive, gave her an edge on her younger self in at least that respect.

He was still sound asleep, figures. Just give me this, Kristy thought to herself. She didn’t want to rub one out in the shower yet again: she wanted to get fucked, feel a cock inside her, taste hot cum, feel it on her body, on her face, in her pussy. She thought about how long it had been since she’d felt any of those things and, with a growl, reached down under her husband’s waistband and grabbed his soft cock. She nuzzled his neck as she squeezed and tugged, gently nibbling the lobe of his ear as she coaxed an erection from the penis that by rights belonged to her.

“Mmm, honey, I’m trying to sleep,” Mike mumbled. He rolled over, onto his stomach, his not even tumescent organ slipping from Kristy’s grasp. She just stared down at him then, with an exasperated sigh, got up and went to the shower.

The annual Memorial Day barbecue at Uncle Mike and Aunt Kristy’s was a family tradition that had been going on for all of Scott’s life, and even though he was now an adult, having just finished his first year of college, and should have been allowed to go to one of his high school friends’ parties—which would have been delightful and filled with debauchery. His father had informed him in no uncertain terms that he would be coming this year as well. His twin, Eddie, had just shrugged at the culmination of that argument. Their sister Chelsea had laughed at his self-righteous rage and reminded him that he had the whole summer free after this one family party.

Sure, he thought, I’ve got the whole summer, but so does Sarah Martin. They had a fling the summer after graduation, until he had to leave in August for school, but they’d kept in touch, texting and occasionally sending each other pics. They hadn’t had sex that summer, but Scott was determined to make it happen now. Problem was, the party she was going to was going to be populated with plenty of other dudes and he was worried if he didn’t strike while the iron was hot, she’d have a new summer fling before he got the chance to start theirs.

He had failed to convince his father of the urgency and importance of his cause and so he found himself climbing out of the family car and walking up the drive to his aunt and uncle’s house. It definitely was a nice house for a pool party, and Memorial Day had proven once again to be a beautiful day to spend in the sun. As his one available outlet for protest, Scott had not worn swim trunks. He was planning on sulking the entire time, with a beer from the cooler and a burning desire to confront the first person who objected to his u******e drinking with a full listing of his drinking accomplishments of the past year.

He stood a few steps back from his father, brother, and sister, pulling out his phone in the hope that Sarah would have responded with extreme regret to his message that he wouldn’t be at the party that night. Nothing. His sister rang the doorbell and a few moments later the door swung open.

“Chelsea! You look wonderful, what a beautiful top! God, you’re more gorgeous every time I see you!” gushed Kristy by way of greeting. “Come in, come in, Mike’s in back on the grill. They’re all back there. Ron, you brought your famous potato salad, wonderful, just set it on the kitchen counter on your way through and I’ll take care of it. Eddie, I see you’re ready for the pool—you’ll find your cousins beat you to it.”

As his dad and siblings smiled and said their “hi’s” in response to Aunt Kristy’s exuberance they filed past her into the house. Scott brought up the rear, ready to meet Kristy’s greeting stone-faced. He looked up at her and his breath caught.

He’d always thought his aunt was hot, and in puberty she’d been the star of more than one of his fantasies. Today, though, she was breathtaking. Her blonde hair was cut short, the loose curls falling just to her shoulders. Her blue eyes shined brightly, lit by her genuine and welcoming smile, but he met them for just a moment before gravity drew his eyes back down. She was wearing a one-piece swimsuit, but it didn’t waste any fabric. Two swoops of bright red cloth contained her big, fake tits and tied behind her neck, but they only covered about two-thirds of her bosom’s ample surface area. The suit pulled her breasts together into a wide oval of cleavage which it seemed to be struggling to contain. Since Kristy was almost a foot shorter than Scott, he couldn’t help but stare down into that lust valley and admire the flesh it offered. Just below her tits the suit was tied with a wide black sash, but he could tell the suit cut in at her belly and only widened again at her hips. He could see the sides of her breasts protruding from the suit, which meant that the bare-backed suit and the skimpy covering would offer a bounty of side-boob. As a bottom she was wearing a light blue, loose, thin, flowing skirt. He caught himself drinking all this in far too late, and shot his eyes back up to Kristy’s face.

“You like my outfit?” she asked with a playful smile. She gave a slow twirl to show off. Yup, acres of side-boob. Scott felt himself hardening. He usually went for the athletic type, but Kristy’s voluptuous body was getting to him now. She turned back to face him.

He tried to reply, found his stomach in his throat, cleared it, and said, “Oh yeah, Aunt Kristy, it looks very comfortable. Um, how have you been?”

“Wonderful, honey, now that you’re all here!” She stepped up to stand beside him, turned, wrapped her arm around him and squeezed, leaning her body into his. He felt the warmth and softness of a breast pressing his side. His cock throbbed closer to hardness. “Now come in, come in! This is going to be the best family barbecue we’ve ever had.”

Alone in the kitchen, Kristy sliced up some watermelon for snacking now that the whole family had arrived. As she moved the wedges and slices from the cutting board to their platter, she looked out the wide window above the kitchen counter that looked out onto the back yard. Mike was at the grill, flipping burgers while he chatted with his brother. Valerie was laying on her stomach on one of the chaises that circled the pool, her string bikini untied, working on her tan. Kristy was proud of her daughter in many ways, but not the least of those ways, was her undeniable beauty. She had inherited the same hair and complexion as her uncle had from her grandmother: dark red hair and naturally fair skin that tanned a bit but freckled more. The freckles, in Kristy’s admittedly biased opinion, made her even cuter than your average illegal bahis tan. Aside from those natural traits, Valerie had been gifted with athletic grace and she used her talent to keep fit and toned. From her father’s family she had also inherited full, natural breasts of which Kristy could not help but be jealous, even now. Pride outweighed her jealousy though, and not by a small margin.

In the pool, Kristy was happy to see, Tim was playing with his cousins Chelsea and Eddie. He was an extremely shy and awkward boy, and wiry thin despite Kristy’s many years of attempts to get some meat on his bones. He was just barely 18, still a boy in Kristy’s mind, but with plenty of time to fill his spindly frame.

Though if Tim’s a boy at 18, Kristy thought, how can I see Scott as a man at 19? She had been turned on to catch him checking her out, she couldn’t deny that. To be fair, she was still full of unreleased energy from that morning and from the past decade plus of building unfulfilled sexual needs of a physically defunct marriage. Mike was a good man, a good father and husband in every other way, but with the k**s now grown… Kristy pushed the thought from her mind. They had been high school sweethearts; she’d never been with another man, and to think of leaving him now that she was nearly 40 was literally unimaginable.

But where was Scott? Not in the pool. Eddie and Chelsea had shown up in their swimsuits, as the k**s usually did, but Scott was wearing jeans when he showed up. Tight enough jeans for her to have seen him tenting when he was checking her out at the front door, she thought to herself with a smirk. Then she spotted him, sitting on a chaise he’d dragged from the pool to the shade in the corner of the house. He had his phone in one hand and a beer in the other. So, she thought, he clearly doesn’t want to be here. And that beer, that’s either a sign of too much freshman year partying or an act of defiance about getting dragged here.

She lifted the tray of watermelon to take out to the patio table. Well, she thought to herself, I have my project for the day. Scott’s going to enjoy this barbecue whether he wants to or not.

Scott became slowly aware that his intentional and aggressive solitude were being deliberately violated. He looked up from his phone and found Aunt Kristy standing over him, smiling down at him. She looked pointedly at the beer can in his left hand and he followed her gaze and then took the opportunity to slowly lift his eyes back up to meet hers, coincidentally lingering on the overhanging underside of her magnificent rack.

“What?” he said when his eyes once again met hers.

“How’s the beer? Mike always buys those expensive craft beers that are way too bitter for me, and I don’t imagine college k**s go for the expensive stuff.”

“No, it’s mostly Rainier and PBR at the parties. Sometimes my buddies and I get some nicer stuff, just to try ’em out. This is pretty good.” He took a sip and grimaced at the hoppy bitterness.

“Mm-hmm. You didn’t spend too much of your time drinking I hope.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s a bit after 11 and you’re drinking a beer at a family gathering even though you’re still u******e. You’ve either developed a drinking problem or you’re trying to provoke a confrontation because you don’t want to be here.”

“So, what if I don’t? I shouldn’t have to be here if I don’t want to! I’m 19 now, I’m an adult and I can make my own decisions.” He looked away and took an aggressive sip from the can. Fucking IPA’s man.

“She hot?”


“This girl you’re pining after, who I assume you’re wishing you were going to see tonight instead of spending all day with your dumb family.”

“I, she, yeah, I guess. She’s pretty. Pretty attractive. Kind of an awkward question, Aunt Kristy.”

Kristy laughed, tossing her head back in the amusement and causing her tits to jiggle. Scott was mesmerized. “I guess it was, Scott, sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

“She hotter than me?”

Scott froze and realized that he’d still had his eyes on his aunt’s cleavage ever since she’d started laughing. He looked back up at her face and saw that she wore a sincere expression there, though a smile still played on her lips. His aunt was flirting with him, not mad that she’d caught him brazenly checking her out, basically giving him permission to admire her curves. No harm in it, he thought. She looks fucking hot, and it’s not like we’re actually blood-related.

“I’m just k**ding, Scott, don’t have a heart attack.”

“Yeah, okay, I mean, no. She’s not hotter than you, I guess, if I had to say one way or the other. You look great in that swimsuit.”

“Thanks Scott! I’m blushing. But where’s your swimsuit? You didn’t plan on sulking the whole day, did you? It’s beautiful out, you’ve gotta enjoy the pool and the sun!”

“Actually,” Scott said, regretting what he now realized was his c***dish strategy that punished no one but himself, “that was kinda the plan.”

“Kind of a shitty plan, huh Scott?”

“Aunt Kristy! I’ve never heard you swear.”

“And I’ve never seen you with a beer in your hand. Come on, follow me upstairs, I bet I can find one of your uncle’s old pairs of swim trunks that you can wear. No one has a bad time at my barbecues!”

She turned and started to walk back toward the sliding kitchen door. Scott watched the ample curve of her ass sway under her thin skirt as she walked away, then shook his head, put down his beer, got up and followed. His dick had gotten a bit of a chub while he was checking out Kristy’s jiggling jugs above him, and it chafed uncomfortably as he walked. He couldn’t adjust it until they got back inside and away from the family’s eyes. Once safely inside, he adjusted himself so that his tumescent shaft was pressed up against his abdomen, but as he finished the maneuver Kristy turned back to say something and her eyes shot down to his hand on his crotch.

“It may take a while to find a suit that’ll fit you,” she said, her eyes coming back to his. “It’s been a while since Mike was your size.”

“What about Tim? Does he have an extra swimsuit?”

“Oh, honey, I’m sure he does, but we’d have a better chance of finding the Holy Grail than of finding anything in that boy’s room.”

“Well I can wait down here while you look, I don’t mind.”

They were at the foot of the stairs. Kristy had already gone up a couple of steps, and now they both paused, Scott hoping to get out of the awkwardness of standing around while his aunt rooted around in boxes, probably complaining about how fat Uncle Mike had gotten. She turned around, her tits right at eye level, and Scott felt his cock pulse against his abs as Aunt Kristy’s cleavage offered its bounty to his eyes. He indulged himself for a beat, imagining himself diving right into the valley, and then looked up at his aunt’s face.

“You might not mind, young man,” she said, “but I do. Don’t forget, I’m doing you a favor here. It’s not my fault you decided to come here to sulk and not have fun. You’re going to help me look, come on, we’ve got boxes of old clothes in the guest room closet.” She turned and started back up the stairs, her hips swinging her ample ass and taking Scott’s mind to images of burying his face in another valley. Damn I’m horny, he thought. Snap out of it, man, that’s your aunt.

Scott followed Kristy up the stairs and down the hall past the family’s bedrooms to the guest room. Kristy went to the closet and beckoned Scott to come over. “Come on, Scott, I need you—I need your height to get these boxes down. Looks like we’ve got two labeled ‘Mike’, I’m sure there will be a pair of trunks that’ll fit you in one of those.”

He walked up and stood inches away from his aunt in the narrow opening of the closet doors. He could feel the heat radiating off her body, smell her shampoo and sunscreen. He reached up and grabbed the closest ‘Mike’ box, bringing it down to hand to his aunt. She took it over to the bed, leaning over it to open it up and immediately start looking through. She’d set herself up so that she was standing sideways to the illegal bahis siteleri closet, and to Scott, and he stood transfixed as he watched, through the wide side opening of her swimsuit, her breasts sway and jiggle as she pulled out clothes and tossed them onto the bed.

At this point he was practically fully hardened. He pulled his gaze away from his aunt, turned to pull down the second box, and as he did his shirt lifted just enough to reveal an inch of his abdomen. Kristy had just pulled out an especially egregious example of ’90’s fashion and turned to show it to Scott as he was raising his arms to grab the second box, as his shirt was lifting, and as her sideways orientation to him revealed her goods, so did his sideways orientation to her reveal, for a moment, the engorged head of his penis sticking out of his waistband.

It was just a momentary glimpse, but his purple head seared its image into her mind. She wasn’t sure what to think, but her body was quickly forming an opinion. She’d noticed him adjusting himself on the way to the stairs, and she’d certainly noticed him checking out her tits, multiple times now, but she’d just chalked it up to men and their hang-up on breasts. Now, though, she could see that he was aroused, and her body was responding. She could feel warmth in her loins. This was interesting. But no, she thought. Man or no, hot or no, horny or no, Scott is your nephew, so the answer has to be no.

“Scott,” she said, brandishing a neon shirt with s**ttered geometric shapes, “Can you imagine your uncle in this?”

“Nope, but not for fashion reasons. I’m not sure that’d get past his neck.” Unaware of his exposure or Kristy’s internal conflict, he brought the second box to the bed and set up across from her to start looking through it.

“Hey, that’s mean. You wait until you’re forty, see how easy it is to keep that body.”

“You don’t seem to have had the same struggle.”

“Was that a compliment? Thank you. But I know I’m a little thicker than I used to be. I used to be a tiny little stick of a thing. Did you know I was a gymnast in high school? State champion. Can’t imagine myself doing some of those things now.”

“I didn’t know that, that’s cool.” Scott had pulled out a lot more god-awful shirts, but still no swimwear. “Thick’s not necessarily a bad thing, though.”

“Scott, I’m blushing. I had no idea you were such a fan of my body.”

His face turned immediately crimson. He looked up from the box of clothes. “I didn’t mean, I’m not—”

“Don’t worry Scott,” Kristy cut him off, laughing, “I’m just teasing you. Don’t ruin it by taking it back, I’m flattered and touched. It’s nice to be admired. Sometimes at my age, as a mom, it feels like people forget that you weren’t always this way. I mean, jeez, I’m not dead!”

“That you are not,” Scott said with evident relief, and turned his focus back to the box, trying to will away the erection that was growing even more prominent, having taken to heart his aunt’s apparent permission to exist. For a few moments they pulled out clothes in silence, until Kristy laughed.

“Scott, look, I found a suit for you.” Scott looked up and saw that it was a speedo.

“Yeah, no.”

“Come on! Humor me. This is your price for coming to my barbeque and sulking. Go into the bathroom, try it on, then come back out and model it for me. In the meantime, I’ll keep looking for something a bit more…more.” She tossed him the speedo. It looked impossibly small in his hands.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Aunt Kristy.”

“Of course, you don’t, that’s why it’s going to be hilarious for me to see how embarrassed you are wearing it. Be glad I don’t frog march you out to the pool in it! Now go, before I decide that’s an even better idea.”

“Alrighty then,” Scott muttered, and went into the bathroom. After closing the door behind him, he looked at his crotch in the mirror and thought, as hard as he could, GO AWAY. Of course, his penis didn’t respond. So, he took a few deep breaths and tried to relax, tried to not think about anything, tried to just ignore away his erection. He took off his shirt, his shoes, his socks, slowly and deliberately, folding them neatly and setting them down on the counter. Then he pulled down his pants and stepped out of them. His dick was still mostly hard, and his head was still pushing out of the top of his boxers’ waistband, pressed against his lower abdomen. Another deep breath, and he picked up and folded his jeans with equal, deliberate care. Then he pushed down his boxers and stepped out of those.

His cock flopped down and slapped against his thigh, heavy with blood but still only maybe three quarters of the way to fully erect. He looked to be at about six inches now and knew that his full erection reached close to eight. So, in theory, he supposed, he should be grateful it wasn’t worse. Eight inches would be completely impossible to hide and would take even longer to subside. This, maybe, just maybe, he could hide.

He pulled on the Speedo and realized that he was an idiot. Sure, the fabric covered his cock, if he angled it up to the left and under the strap, but it was still completely obvious. He positioned himself and then looked in the mirror and was dismayed to feel more blood throb into his cock, getting harder. He was turned on, in spite himself, by how big his bulge was, how the tight suit felt against it. Fuck! he thought. He briefly considered rubbing one out, but even that would take too long—and, since he could hear Aunt Kristy pulling clothes and setting them aside, he was pretty sure she’d hear him jacking it.

He decided to stall, calm himself, and put off the moment of truth for as long as possible. He closed his eyes and was taking a deep breath in when he heard his aunt’s triumphal exclamation.

“Aha! I knew I’d find it. Alright, Scott, come on out and model for me. I found you your uncle’s old swimsuit and it’s only slightly less embarrassing than that Speedo.” Scott kept his eyes closed and concentrated on breathing, willing with every fiber of his being for his erection to dissipate. He was in denial, though, because he could feel its hardness against him and he’d felt it throb at the sound of Kristy’s voice.

“Come on, honey, it doesn’t take that long. Don’t be such a scaredy-pants. Just come out and twirl for me and I’ll give you the suit, I won’t make you suffer too much.”

Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck fuck, Scott thought. Okay. One choice. I cover my junk with my hands and forearms, play the bashful nephew. She’ll get off my back about coming to sulk and hopefully leave me in peace to change into the trunks. Then I can rub one out, get rid of this, and then jump in the pool and relax. The one problem with this plan was that it meant exposing his cock. He couldn’t plausibly cover it with his hands while it was pulled sideways. He’d have to pull it out, point it up to his belly button, cup his balls with his hands and then, hunching over, cover his shaft with his forearms.

He pulled it out and practiced in front of the mirror. It worked. He could even press down and cover it up from one side at a time so that if Aunt Kristy insisted on a twirl he could keep it concealed. It was a gamble, but he couldn’t see any other way out of the situation. He covered himself with one hand, opened the door a tiny bit with the other, used the other hand to give himself more cover, then conjured up the most bashful expression he could muster and toed the door open. He shuffled out, his head down, then looked slowly up at his aunt.

His cock throbbed again, even harder, with the sight of Kristy’s cleavage combining with the press of his arms and his abdomen and the tense, taboo nature of the situation.

“Oh, poor baby, are you just so embarrassed?” Kristy laughed, teasing him. “It’s okay, you don’t have to be. I won’t be cruel and make you pose for me. Just do a little turnaround.” Scott started to spin, slowly so that he could keep himself covered in relation to Kristy’s line of sight. “Very good. Ooh, nice little butt you’ve got there, Scott. canlı bahis siteleri You know, you actually pull that Speedo off pretty well. You’ve got a nice body, a nice butt, and, well, if you’d move your hands I’m sure you’ve got a decent package you just don’t want your aunt to see.”

Scott finished his rotation and gave his aunt a look. She just laughed again. “Just teasing, Scott! Gosh, so moody. Seriously though, are you sure you want these trunks? Make a fashion statement, keep the Speedo.” She held up a pair of swim trunks that were somewhere between lime and vomit green, with pink triangles all over them.

“Those look like plenty of a fashion statement to me,” Scott responded, thinking to himself, Okay, now I’ve danced your little dance, just put down the swim trunks and leave me in peace. “Can I have them, please? And a little privacy?”

Kristy sighed in exasperation. “Fine, you’re no fun.” She turned to leave, tossing the trunks at Scott’s face.?

It was u*********s. He raised his hands and caught them, pure reflex, before they hit his face. Kristy stopped in her tracks. Scott brought the trunks down in front of his crotch and froze. He wanted to back into the bathroom and close the door, but for a moment that felt like five minutes he stood there unable to move.

“What was that?” Kristy asked, turning back toward Scott.

“What was what?”

“Did you have your dick out in front of me, Scott?” She took a slow step toward him.

“What? No, this Speedo, it’s…”

“Are you hard?” Another step.

“No! Aunt Kristy, I’m sorry, the Speedo’s just too small, let me put on the trunks, I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“Offend me?” Kristy stopped, half a foot away from her nephew. “I’m not offended. Why would you think that? You’re a young man, you were just complimenting my body so I know you find me attractive, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. And you shouldn’t be embarrassed, it’s only natural. I know you weren’t trying to expose yourself to me, otherwise you would have come out of that bathroom with the Speedo as a flimsy cover. Don’t worry about it, Scott.”

“Th-thanks, Aunt Kristy. I really am sorry though. But, um, can I change now?”

“I’m just a little concerned, is all.”

“What about?”

“Those trunks,” she said, pointing down at them. “I don’t think they’re going to do much more than the Speedo in terms of covering up your arousal. I’m afraid,” she reached down slowly, her eyes locked on Scott’s like a hypnotist, and gently grabbed the trunks. Pulling them out of Scott’s hands, she finished her sentence, “that we’re going to have to do something about your erection.”

As the trunks left Scott’s limp hands and exposed his cock, he made no effort to grab or cover it. As a result, his now almost fully engorged member fell free and rested on Aunt Kristy’s stomach. She looked down and so did he. His cock, now close to seven inches, had bridged the gap between them. A thick vein ran along the top and ended just before the raised ridge of his hard, purple head.

“Oh, my,” Kristy said softly, “We’re definitely going to have to do something about this.” She reached down and gripped his shaft, slowly stroking her nephew and rubbing his head against the soft fabric of her swimsuit and her belly. He tilted his head back and moaned softly. She got down on her knees in front of him, still slowly stroking his somehow still hardening cock. She could feel it throbbing and growing and could feel herself getting wetter in response. She didn’t feel conflicted any more. Now she felt only unbridled desire.

“Aunt Kristy, we shouldn’t…” Scott said, looking down.

“Why not?” his aunt responded innocently. She kissed his head, licked just under the tip, and then wrapped her lips around his head and let them slide slowly off. “You don’t want to go down to the pool sporting an erection under your trunks in front of the whole family, do you?”

“When you put it that way, Aunt Kristy, I guess not.”

“I didn’t think so. Now, this shouldn’t take long and then we can rejoin the party. So just relax and enjoy yourself.”

“Whatever you say,” Scott sighed as she stroked him gently and sucked his head again, this time with a bit more force. He could feel her tongue swirling around his head in the warmth, the delightful wetness, of her mouth.



“Will you do me a favor?”

“Of course, Aunt Kristy.”

She took her hands off his cock and brought them around behind her head. It took her a moment to untie her swimsuit and Scott watched, mesmerized, as the fabric fell loose, and he caught a glimpse of nipple before Kristy brought her hands back around and caught the suit before the top came free completely. She pressed her tits together and looked up at him sweetly.

“Will you fuck my tits, Scott?”

“That’s me doing you a favor?”

She laughed. “Well, I did notice you checking them out before, so I’m guessing it won’t be a hardship. But I’ve wanted to feel a hot, hard cock between these tits ever since I bought them and I still haven’t had the chance. Can you help your auntie out?”

Scott could only nod his head, dumbfounded. What the fuck, Uncle Mike? he thought to himself. Kristy smiled, and let her hands fall free. Her tits were fake, but they were a work of artistry. Perfect globes that didn’t sag, teardrops of flesh tipped with Kristy’s natural mammary gift, large nipples protruding close to an inch and areolas more than twice as wide. Scott leaned down and took one into his mouth, flicking his tongue against the nipple and then sucking it and savoring the taste and feel of breast in his mouth. Then he stood back up straight.

“Sorry about that. Couldn’t help myself.”

“Do not apologize for that,” Kristy moaned. “Now fuck these big fake titties.”

Scott crouched down to get in position and grabbed his cock. He slapped his head against his aunt’s nipple, and then placed himself in the valley between, which he’d been eying lustily not so long before. The sight of his cock between such fantastic tits had him throbbing and near orgasm already, and then Kristy squashed her tits together around his shaft.

“Now, Scott,” she said.


“You can’t cum on my tits, unfortunately, okay? I would love to feel your hot cum dripping down my tits and neck, but I don’t really feel like explaining why I had to take a shower in the middle of my barbeque. Okay? So when you feel like you’re going to cum, just let me know.”

“Whatever you say. Do you want me to, like, go to the bathroom?”

“God no. No, Scott, tell me when you’re close to cumming and I’ll suck every last drop out of that cock.”

“Well, fuck Aunt Kristy, I’m pretty damn close right now!”

She smiled wickedly. “Fuuuucccckkkk, I’m gonna cum!”

She Immediately released him from her breasts and leaned forward to take him in her mouth. Her lips formed a ring of suction around his head and he once again lost himself in the heaven of her swirling tongue. He moaned with pleasure.

“Mmm-hmm,” Kristy encouraged with her lips still wrapped around his cock, “mmm, mmm!”

He spasmed and started to cum. He felt Kristy twitch as the first strong shot splattered the back of her throat, but she kept latched on and she kept sucking. The hot pleasure of her mouth on him raised him to a level of bliss he’d never even imagined. He kept erupting, and she kept moaning encouragement and sucking him, swallowing, until she proved good to her word, she sucked out the last drop and sat back on her heels. She smacked her lips and wiped her mouth with a single finger.

“Mmmm, damn Scott. You might have warned me about how much you cum!”

“I don’t think I’ve ever cum that much before, Aunt Kristy.”

“Well, I’ll take that as another compliment.” She stood, bringing the straps of her swimsuit back up behind her neck and tying them in place. “Now, get those swim trunks on and come on back down to the pool. And no more sulking!”

“You got it, Aunt Kristy.”

She turned and walked to the door, but she stopped in the doorway and turned back. Even though he’d just cum, even though his cock was finally receding, he felt it twitch at the sight of her plentiful side boob. “And Scott?”

“Yes, Aunt Kristy?”

“You let me know if you need help with any more,” she looked pointedly down at his cock, “problems.”

“I will.”

She smiled, nodded, then turned and left Scott to get changed.

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