Exit 68

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Exit 68
The summer of 1998. OK Computer dominated the airwaves. The internet was dominated by AOL and the endless waves of promotional discs they would send out. Tim Allen was America’s dad and a little group of Friends were making their debut.

For me high school had just ended and I was trying to figure out who I was and where I was going. I felt trapped in my small town in eastern North Carolina. I enrolled in classes at a community college in the neighboring town and got a job as night manager for a Subway sandwich shop.

This Subway was located inside a Pilot truck stop on the interstate . Exit 68. A small Ramada was also squeezed in the same parking lot. The store quickly became my window to the world. Business was typically slow with the occasional trucker on a run or traveler headed to the beach. Most of my time was spent staring out the window at the highway. That highway led somewhere else. Somewhere away from my small town and the monotonous day in and day out routine it brings with it.

The other thing I would spend hours doing is browsing the old and tossed porno magazines that would get tossed out when the new editions came in. Penthouse was my go to. I would browse cover to cover but was always drawn to the cocks and cum shots as well as the canlı bahis siteleri 900 number ads in the back with various kinks. There was always a couple of gay oriented ads. Guys about to swallow a cock or bending over to accept one. These always got me going.

As the summer progressed I would spend more and more time looking at these ads. Sneaking off to the restroom now and then for a quick jerk while I fantasized about a thick cock in my mouth. I needed to act on these urges and explore a little bit.

Turning on grindr and looking for the first horny guy wasn’t exactly an option in 1998 and approaching strangers with that kind of offer could get me fired or worse. I came up with a unique solution. I got a few slips of paper, maybe 2×2″. I would write looking for m2m and my pager number and leave it tucked away in the restroom stalls and shower stalls. I figured it was a long shot but in less than a week I had a response.

My pager buzzed and I recognized the number as that of the motel next door followed by the number 212. I assumed this was the callers room number and after an hour or so of hesitation I called it.
The man on the other end of the phone asked me if I was still interested and I told him I was. We agreed I would stop by his room mobilbahis as soon as my replacement came in. This would be around three in the morning.

I spent the next couple of hours nervously deciding whether or not I would actually go through with it. This was as blind as a blind date could get. This guy could be anybody, into anything. I clocked out, took a few minutes to smoke a cigarette and gather my courage and knocked on the door.

When the guy answered the door I was even more nervous. This guy wasn’t like the physical specimens with gleaming muscles like the magazines. This was a fourty something truck driver with a beer belly and beard. He was wrapped in a towel and appeared to be fresh out of the shower when I stepped in. We made a quick introduction and pretty much moved right onto the business at hand.

He dropped the towel and laid on the bed with his semi erect cock dangling. “Come over here and suck this dick”. It became clear to me then that I was going to be serving him during this encounter which was fine. None of my fantasies involved me being dominant. I wanted to submit to a man and have him use me and this trucker was only more than happy to oblige.

I tentatively took my own clothes off and crawled onto the mobilbahis giriş bed. On my hands and knees I nervously licked the head of his dick. He thrust forward slightly and I was sucking my first real dick. I did my best to mimic what I had seen in porns. I wanted to be a good cocksucker. After I gagged a few times he told me to get my ass in the air.

I had never really considered this possibility. I had imagined I would blow this guy for a while, he would shoot his load and that would be it. I looked at him spreading lube on his now condom covered cock and knew I wanted this to happen. I bent over and buried my face in the pillows. He fingered my hole a little bit and it wasn’t too bad. Then he started squeezing his cock in and it HURT. It felt like I was going to be ripped in two. I was almost ready to tell him to stop when I felt his balls touch my ass.

I gritted my teeth as he continued to fuck me for another five minutes or so. The thought of me being dominated by this stranger was turning me on far more than the actual act itself. I felt him push deep and hold it for a few moments before he pulled out. The condom giving a little snap as it finally came out of my now used ass. I asked if he had came and he said he had. We dressed in silence and I left. There was no goodbye. No exchange of numbers. Nothing. I was fine with that.

It took a few days but slowly the urge started to build again and I found myself making more slips to sneak in the showers. It wasn’t long before I got another page…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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