Erica’s Bukakke

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My name is Erica and my husband just asked if I would ever do a bukakke. In the fit of excitement, I spilled my coffee on my blouse. I turned to my husband and asked, “What brought this on?”

I smiled and took off my shirt. I walked to the closet grabbed another shirt and went into the bathroom to clean up.

Kevin followed me to the bathroom and smiled slyly. “You are the hottest woman I know and I want to see you dripping with cum.”

“Oh, well ok I’m flattered,” I said blushing.

Kevin and I have been married for thirteen years now and we’ve been fulfilling each others’ fantasies. It has been a very exciting couple of years.

I turned to Kevin and said, ” Let me think about this.”

Kevin walked over to me and began caressing my nipples through my pink lace bra. He knows my weakness.

I began to squirm and gently pushed him away. “I said let me think about it,” laughed and put my shirt on.

After work, as I was driving it crossed my mind, “How does one find men for a bukakke for a man and his wife?” “Am I really considering this fantasy?” I mean he didn’t say no when we tried bondage. After all the whippings can I really tell him no? My nipples started to get hard and my pussy started throbbing at the idea of our adventures we’ve been having. I guess that just made up my mind. I couldn’t wait to get home. As I pulled into the driveway I noticed that Kevin was home before I was. That was unusual for him on a Thursday. I couldn’t wait to tell him.

Kevin noticed as Erica drove up. He was very excited for his new venture and he wanted to make the night special. Kevin laid out all of their toys on the bed, had some wine chilling on ice, and was standing completely naked with his rock hard dick at full attention waiting by the door. Erica walked in and was quite excited and surprised at what she saw.

“Well hello handsome.” Erica leaned over and kissed Kevin on the lips. Then she bent over and started sucking his rock hard dick. He had to fight himself to make her stop. He wanted to make tonight about her.

Kevin gently pushed Erica off of his dick and said “I don’t want you to stop, but I want to show you something.” canlı bahis

Erica smiled and said, “Ok, I thought this was my surprise” as she grabbed his cock and slid it in and out of her mouth a few more times.

Kevin was thinking ” Damn I love this woman.”

As they walked into the room Erica began stripping her clothes piece by piece. By the time they made it to the room she was completely naked. As she looked around she noticed that Kevin had planned something so she was going to keep her answer quiet for now and enjoy.

Erica took a shower and walked into the room naked, dripping water from her erect nipples and very excited to get into bed. Kevin poured each of them a glass of wine and they began to kiss. Kevin began stroking her breasts, then flicking her nipples. He knew she liked that the best. He then reached around, grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to suck on her nipples. He then pulled her higher on the bed, spread her legs and began to eat her pussy. Erica really began to moan with excitement. After an hour of eating her pussy and stroking his dick they decided to play with the toys he had ready.

Erica was so happy she decided to wait with her answer. Kevin poured them each another glass of wine and they drank it down quickly. They wanted to play some more. Erica bent over and started sucking Kevin’s cock.

Kevin started to moan in delight, ” I want to stick my dick in you and fuck you so hard.”

Erica stopped sucking his dick and lay on the bed spread eagle and said, “You got to eat some more to play.”

So Kevin starting eating her pussy again while turning on the vibrator and sliding it in her pussy. Erica immediately started to cum.

Kevin liked fucking Erica with vibrators. He pulled out Erica’s new favorite vibrator and turned it on high. Kevin pulled the first vibrator out of her pussy and started sucking on her clit. Her pussy juices were rushing into his mouth. As he was still sucking her juices up he slid the double headed vibrator into her pussy and her ass. Erica began to moan very loudly, she thrust her hips toward Kevin pushing the vibrator deeper into herself. She was gushing cum now. Her bahis siteleri nipples were fully erect, she was in full ecstasy. Kevin began fucking her with the vibrator harder, he loved watching her orgasm. He knew she was going to say yes after tonight. He continued fucking her watching her tits bounce up and down. He would move from eating her pussy to sucking her tits, all while he fucked her with her favorite toy.

After fucking for hours straight Kevin busted his nut in Erica’s ass and they laid in bed talking. Kevin asked, “How are you feeling?”

Erica smiled, replied “On top of the world.”

Erica told Kevin that she would definitely enjoy doing a bukakke with him. She then asked “How are you going to get a bunch of men to want to participate?”

Kevin said, ” Well how about I take a naked picture of you and ask around.”

Erica blushed and asked, “Is it really that easy?”

Kevin smiled and said, “Look at you, you are hot as hell any man would want to cum all over you.”

Erica stood up, posed very sexually and said, “well snap away.”

The next day at work Kevin showed his picture off to the guys in the office. Only the ones who he thought would participate. By the end of the workday Kevin had seventeen guys lined up. When he got home he told Erica how the guys really liked what they saw and they couldn’t wait to join the fun.

They planned for Monday night. Usually everyone works late on a Monday so it was the perfect cover. Kevin and the other coworkers volunteered to stay late for Monday so everyone else could go home early. The boss was happy and impressed with the crew volunteering to stay late.

Kevin went home and told Erica everything. He then went online and ordered a turntable for the day. Erica walked in with her purple nightie and a new pair of lace thongs. They fucked right there on the floor.

Finally, Monday was here. It was closing time and everyone went home for the day. Kevin and his fellow employees called Erica over. The fun was fixing to begin.

Kevin fixed the turntable in the middle of the floor of the biggest conference room the office had. Erica danced seductively and began bahis şirketleri to strip her clothes off. She lowered her self down onto the turntable. Kevin turned it on, it began to slowly turn. Erica was on full display for Kevin and his coworkers.

All of the guys took their clothes off and stood in a circle around Erica. Each of them started stroking their dicks as Erica was turning on display for their enjoyment. Kevin couldn’t believe this was really happening.

After a few moments there were quite a few hard dicks in Erica’s face. She was getting aroused at watching all of these men masturbating to her. Her pussy started throbbing as she watched, her nipples were getting erect. Everyone started masturbating harder and harder when someone asked Erica if she would finger herself while they jacked off. Erica positioned herself and started playing. This caused a great uproar of approval in the crowd.

They started masturbating harder. Kevin left the circle and started eating Erica’s pussy. He wanted what the rest were never going to have. Erica felt the rush of excitement all over her body. Kevin asked that she got back into the position so they could cum.

Someone started to cum, it shot onto Erica’s left breast. Then someone else shot and it hit her in the face. Then everyone started shooting their hot cum all over Erica’s face and chest. As the hot cum ran down Erica’s face and chest Erica noticed that Kevin was still masturbating.

She winked at him, said “I’m waiting for you big boy.”

Kevin said, “I know but I get last.”

Erica watched as the last of the men were shooting their nut. Kevin walked over to the turntable, asked Erica if she would mind fucking in front of everyone and stuck his dick in her ass. They fucked while the other men watched, some of them began masturbating again. Erica moaned ever so loudly while Kevin fucked her deep and hard in her ass. She was so turned on. Kevin reached around and began fingering her while he fucked her. He pulled his dick out of her ass and came all over her big tits.

Someone stopped the turntable. Erica and Kevin got off and stood up straight. Everyone cleaned up, thanked Kevin and Erica for the best Monday ever and went home. Erica went into the ladies room and cleaned up. She meet Kevin in his office and they went home. They took a shower, walked into the room naked and played with Erica’s favorite toy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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