Episode 118 – Justine becomes a sub

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Episode 118 – Justine becomes a sub
Week One, Tuesday
Sam dresses Justine in a white low-cut crop top, collar, very short leather mini skirt, fishnet stockings and stilettos; obviously no underwear.

Down at the local pub, He encourages the regulars in the snug to fondle her butt and make lewd suggestions for her sub training programme.

Back home they watch a few BDSM videos together and act out some of the less adventurous scenes.

Sam instructs His trainee sub to carefully think about and write down her hard and soft limits, so they can be fully explored during training.

Sam doesn’t push her too hard that first week – a mild flagellation, followed by soothing creams and passionate love making to take the pain away.

Week two, Tuesday 8AM
at breakfast: “Mum your chastity belt is showing”.

“Sorry baby” replied the sub, inching up her pyjama bottoms to cover the metal waistband.

Justine’s degradation at the hands of her new Master was progressing faster than she had imagined or hoped for.

After Molly had left for school it was important to prepare herself for a long day of sub training, starting with drinking litres of water to get a full bladder.

Yesterday at the office had been interesting – Justine hadn’t planned on ‘coming out’ to her colleagues just yet.

It must have been so obvious that she was wearing a chastity belt for the first time – that funny constipated knees-apart walk and continual adjustment of a tight skirt

The chatter quietened around the sinks in the ladies toilets as Justine emerged from a cubicle, conscious of the padlock click as it snapped closed.

Then she noticed the same tiny silver keys on her co-workers bracelets or necklaces – they were all subs too!

“Nice collar” said her boss, running her finger around Justine’s neck “looks rather masculine – I guess you have a Master, not a Mistress like the rest of these bitches”.

Justine never realised they were all lesbian, or at least bi: “Well yes, my Master is Suzy’s ex, name of Sam”, backing away slightly “He’s only just started the training”.

Justine could feel hands on her butt, lifting her skirt and touching the metal between her legs: “nice design – is this the model with two dildos built in?”

Her boss ripped open the front of Justine’s business blouse: “nice tits”. Then a knee between the thighs ” has He given you nipple clamps yet? I’ve got a spare pair here if you’d like to try them for size”

Last week the blokes at the pub had been very appreciative of her availability, but had been reluctant to take advantage, except for some extreme fondling and filthy suggestions.

To prepare Justine for today’s gang-bang, Sam had advised His sub to watch the video Extreme Cum Humiliation, showing a collared girl being repeatedly fucked by 5 or 6 fit young men.

He first fitted the black leather ball gag to get her jaw relaxed, swapping it for the model with a large circular ring to güvenilir bahis hold her mouth open, ready to receive cum.

Heavier weights were attached to the borrowed nipple clamps and Justine led out naked to the car.

Once the blindfold slipped, it was clear that today the back room of the pub was filled with Sam’s step-son Mikey and 5 of his young naked college mates all eager to demonstrate their virility.

First Justine’s chastity belt had to come off and the two sticky dildos sucked clean while Sam fitted the leather anklets for attaching to the table legs.

Trainee Dom Mikey was allowed to supervise the brutal frenzied fucking – 2 then 3 at a time to fill all her holes with their glistening huge erections.

She couldn’t get enough cock, milking their swollen balls for every last drop of jism until they were spent.

The cum was everywhere – all over her face and tits, dribbling out of Justine’s pussy, arse and mouth until the final humiliation when Sam squeezed her stomach releasing her pent up orgasm and full bladder.

Chastity belt refitted, Justine was allowed one small drink to recover from her first bukkake session before the sub training continued back home.

Tea Time

Molly returned from school with her best friend Rachel; Justine tried to shout “don’t come in yet – it’s a bit messy in here”, but Sam’s cock deep in her throat rather ruined the effect.

“Mother” exclaimed her daughter “this sub training is going well”, trying to cover Rachel’s eyes from the sight of her boyfriend’s cock buried deep in Justine.

“Mikey” shrieked Rachel “what are fuck are you doing to her – you haven’t fucked my arse in weeks”.

“Come and join us” suggested Sam in just his black tee shirt, cock moistened and ready.

Molly helped her friend strip off down to black panties, with a very obvious circular bulge at the back, covering her fat butt plug that Mikey now insists she wear every day to school.

Rachel retaliated by tying Molly’s hands behind her back before going down on her succulent pussy.

Sam seemed happy to watch his young protégé repeatedly taking his sub to the edge of orgasm, with fingers and tongue before pulling back to fuck Molly’s face.

Justine was getting desperate for some cock, trying to go down on Sam as he fingered the two schoolgirls, but restrained by her collar and dog lead fixed to the sofa.

“This is to teach you some patience, slut” as he slapped her face

Only after he and Mike had brought off Rachel and Molly was it her turn for a deep DP session taking both cocks, flooding her pussy and arse with welcome sperm.

“OK bitch, get us all some drinks; mine’s a black coffee” said Mike, slapping her tits.

Week Three, Monday
“You look just like lusty-justy” joked her spiky blonde-haired Domme boss, pulling up Justine’s xhamster profile on her PC.

Justine went red, shifting uncomfortably in her seat as Sam fiddled with the remote control of tipobet the Lovense Lush buried between her legs.

She had to pull over several times on the drive to work as the intense vibrations threatened to take her over the edge.

Safely in the office, Justine propped up the smartphone on her desk so Sam could watch her writhe at the touch of a button.

Sam had insisted she posted the most intimate photos of last week’s training session with himself and Mikey; luckily Molly and Rachel were barely recognisable.

“Is that one with the red hair your daughter? I fancy a bit of that pussy – perhaps we could all help with your sub training”.

Sam had lowered his phone so that his cock filled the entire screen seen by Justine: “lick the phone baby”.

“Um… my boss is standing right behind me”.

“That’s OK – Charly and I go a long way back” – it turns out that the BDSM community around here is surprisingly small.

Justine’s boss removed one hand from squeezing her right breast to tip her head forward.

“Just do it – don’t answer back!”

“OK, Yes” murmured Justine, lowering her face to the phone.

“Yes What?” demanded her Master.

“Yes, Sir” replied Justy slobbering all over the phone.

“Open wide, you nasty sub, now take the whole fuckin’ thing… and no cumming until He tells you to. I think we’re going to have fun with you today”.

Charly’s hands returned to inside Justine’s blouse, pulling her breasts apart and together, then without warning, fixing on the sprung metal nipple clamps.

“Stop whimpering – they won’t properly hurt until I add the weights – do you want me to do that?”

“Yes …. Mistress”. Justine was learning.

Charly turned, offering her bare backside: “Now suck my arse – make it good, slutty lusty”

Now Justine could hear the sounds of an arse being slapped hard and her own moaning – oh shit Sam must have uploaded their flogging video from last week. He had tied her, in just the white crop top, to a kneeling chair and explored her pain thresholds with a variety of household objects and kitchen implements.

Now she could feel a damp patch forming in her office panties, watching the pussy on screen dripping Sam’s sperm as her shaky voice counted from hand slap 12 onwards.

Charly watched in fascination “kneeling chairs – that’s an interesting idea for our new office furniture – I wonder if we can get the waterproof model with built-in dildos – that should keep you subs in line. Now why don’t you bring yourself off while we all watch – I can even smell your desperation”.

Justine hadn’t noticed the three extra subs standing in a row, fiddling nervously under their skirts as her fingers gave blessed relief to a mightily aroused clit.

Eyes closed and head back, she even allowed Charly and her colleagues to fondle her exposed breasts, while shrieking through a whole series of crashing orgasms.

Much later, the pretty office junior, probably a few tipobet giriş years younger than Molly and Rachel, tottered in on her impossibility high bondage-style shoes and tight pencil skirt. She kissed Justine gently on the neck while delivering coffee in her own new ‘office sub club’ mug.

“You too? I love those red shoes – they must be my size – can I try them on?” asked Justine, stroking the ch?ld’s bare midriff, then inside her delicate harness bra to feel the rock hard nipples begging to be m*****ed.

She perched on the edge of Justine’s desk, unlacing the shoes, probably revealing more of her stocking tops than intended.

Justine stroked the ch?ld’s thighs, narrowly avoiding the damp patch forming inside her black silky thong.

“Of course – we’re all are subs here – you’ve met my aunt Charly. Sam’s invited us both over tomorrow night to join your training session”.

Justine refused to believe that her Sam would prefer to have this little tramp, until she saw the photos of His gorgeous cock nestled between the taut young buttocks ready to pump her full of cum.

Week Three, Tuesday

By the time Charly and her niece arrived at 7PM, Justine had been on her knees on the hard floor, worshiping Sam’s cock with her mouth for the past 30 minutes.

She had learned to take the head right to the back of her throat without gagging,hands tied behind her back, although the drool now streamed down her chin, dripping onto her bare breasts.

“Good girl” breathed Charly “that is excellent tongue control – we don’t want Him cumming yet – there’s another sub here” stripping off her niece.

Sam pulled out of Justine’s exhausted mouth, offering it to the young niece, now naked except for the red shoes, gigantic butt plug, collar and begging to be fucked.

Charly then insisted that Justine attempt to eat her out, through the black leather hot pants, cutting off her view of her Master’s carnal lust.

Eventually after shooting his sperm into the young girls arse, He let Justine suck it all out, while she was forced to seek her own climax with a clit stimulator.

Then the flagellation started, Master and Mistress taking turns administering the paddle onto both subs raised backsides. Justine kissed away the ch?ld’s salty tears as they clung together naked in the shower cubicle. The cold water cascaded down their overheated bodies only numbing some of the pain before being roughly tied together for more abuse directed between their legs

Charly took great delight in whipping Justine’s breasts while Sam fucked her, pulling Him out at the last possible moment before either sub could climax.

Then it was Her turn, armed with a giant strap-on She alternated between her niece’s arse and Justine’s mouth. The taste was terrible, but not enough to spoil the beautiful sensation of Sam pumping her pussy full of hot cum – now understanding the true nature of submission.

Reality v Fantasy
Justine confirms she doesn’t work in a large office full of female subs and her boss is not a spiky haired blonde lesbian Domme.
Charly and Her und?rage niece are a complete fabrication; all other named characters and some events are real.

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