Entree Ch. 06

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Chapter 6: Thoughts I Hate To Love

Did I mention my Mistress took digital photos and movies continually? I have no idea how many photos and movies she’s already taken, but I’m to be the darling of her future web-site. She already considers herself a professional destined to catch all my shame for her, and posterity.


I couldn’t believe I’d been seen by my neighbors. I was still shocked silly, scrolling the event through my mind over and over again. What was I going to do now? I would never be able to face them again, never! I would go through the rest of my life avoiding them. What could they be thinking after seeing me on my hands and knees, sporting a tail? I didn’t think I would ever get over this, and maybe… just maybe… it was time to….

I heard my Mistress and her friend speaking and realized just how embarrassed I was, and still am. I was naked before a complete stranger and had just gone to great lengths at degrading myself before her, and continued doing so. She kept looking down at me and me up at her. She smiled as I adjusted my posture beside my Mistress, what else could I do?

“What a pretty puppy,” I heard her say about the time the tip of my nose met the tip of my tail. I was sweat laden, shaking in anticipation, and even after all I’d been through, horny as ever. I enjoyed this… no, I craved being forced to humiliate myself.

“Thank you, and it learns quickly,” my Mistress answered. Her words made me swell with an unnatural pride. Both ladies laughed and my Mistress suggested they have a bite to eat. She spoke of the salads I’d prepared in advance, as I always do. Besides her puppy she also found me an excellent domestic helper. I moved with the left foot of my Mistress, following her into the kitchen. Her friend walked behind me, commenting on my cute behind, framed as it was by the pretty bow. She was amazed to find I carried my tail with the arrogance of a born show dog. I made sure my balls were visible to her and wiggled my ass as best I could in return for the compliment.

I was thrilled by her critique and elated, because the tail is my Mistress’s pride and joy. Almost everything hinges on how well I carry it. The better I become at wagging my tail, the longer my boner can spend with his girlfriend. The friend complemented my Mistress on how well I endured the tail, and my cock understood that to mean he would be fucking tonight.

Before we passed into the kitchen I noticed my Mistress had moved the two most comfortable chairs in the living room together facing one another, set up folding tables, and placed three cinder blocks off to one side. They were stacked one on top of the other, making for a high pedestal draped with the baby-pink doily, her favorite color. I could only guess her intent, before padding onto the linoleum. I went to my water bowl and sipped from warm water as my Mistress flipped the switch on the espresso maker.

“Ass up,” my Mistress snapped and I swung my buttocks around and lifted it to her as I continued lapping. My Mistress opened the refrigerator door and took out the large platter. She turned to place it on the table and went back for a few odds and ends.

Her friend was pleasantly surprised by what she saw and together they moved in on the feast. I finished drinking and padded over to them. To be cute I squeezed between them, chaffing my cheeks güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri on both pair of denims to succeed. They moved enough to let me in and I wiggled up to the table. I went up on my back legs and watched, careful to keep my paws away from the table. My Mistress didn’t seem to mind and went about filling her plate with the aid of serving spoons, forks, and fingers. Her friend kept one eye on me, but I could only take glances at her. Here I was embarrassed enough to hide, playing the part of a puppy to experience embarrassment. Shame was my Albatross and I wore it with a sick pride.

The women seemed to like everything, the fresh salmon salad, the potato salad, egg salad, bean salad, tomato salad and the asparagus vinaigrette. The salads were served on a bed of Bib lettuce along with a dressing of Balsamic Vinegar and olive oil. They ate shrimp in red sauce, sliced avocado, hard boiled egg slices in aspic, and liver pate on wedges of toast. They enjoyed imported Greek Feta cheese, French Brie and crunchy Italian bread. They nibbled on imported olives and crunchy pickles, along with wedges of mango and papaya. They had water on ice or iced tea, and bourbon of course. Bourbon is the drink of PI LODA CUM.

They filled their plates, shunned the water and waited for the espresso machine to finish. While they waited they nibbled and all but forgot me. I caught myself seeking recognition by almost barking, but caught myself before it was too late. When my Mistress’s friend dropped a scrap of bread she was told her not to worry.

“fluffy, get that,” my Mistress commanded and I dropped my mouth to scoop it up off a floor I kept spotless. After chewing and swallowing the bread I went for another drink from my bowl. The espresso was ready before I was done sipping, and we all headed into the living room, salad, bourbon and all.

“Up on the pedestal, fluffy,” my Mistress commanded and I moved to comply. It was a difficult climb but I made it with the help of their chuckling words of encouragement. Then I positioned myself on the blocks. Their wobbling kept me cautious.

“Face away from the chairs fluffy. Face away from us and stand correctly,” my mistress demanded as if surprised I hadn’t already done so. I turned slowly away from my Mistress and her friend and began to position myself again. As I did my Mistress and her friend sat down to chatter over the espresso, and shots. The bricks were unsteady at this height and I needed to move slowly. I brought myself up as tall as I could and went into ‘the arch’. I brought my wrists and my knees together, and tilted my head back. I then brought my behind up far enough, the tails tip to my nose. I was getting very good at this, and heard my Mistress whisper so to her friend.

I hoped my balls were displayed properly and my ass cheeks high enough. I steadied myself to stop the bricks from swaying. I couldn’t get the look on my neighbor’s faces out of my mind. I tried believing I’d imagined the entire thing, and my neighbors had not seen me, but it was all too real. I enjoyed the aroma of the coffee and drifted in and out of thoughts, and my Mistress’s conversation.

“You will be the only one who can remove them,” I heard the friend say and I couldn’t help wondering what she meant. I knew my Mistress was going to fit me with new mittens and leggings, improving güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my ability to crawl. She wanted me outfitted before I moved in with her. She sounded very excited about whatever it was she was given, and made comments about my future.

“I never realized how much fun humiliating another person could be, but I do now thanks to him. I plan to take this thing to the limit, and I mean the limit! It claims to enjoy the thrill of being humiliated and degraded and ya know what, I’m now woman enough to provide what it needs! We’ll see just how much humiliation it can take.”

“Sister, it’s trembling is adorable,” my Mistress’s friend said. I can’t stop trembling when in the presence of My Mistress.

“It’s meant to tremble,” my Mistress said in a cold voice. “It thrills to knowing I’m about to ram humiliation down its fukin’ throat until it chokes. Then cram some up its butt till it’s coming out its ears!” I heard words I never imagined this woman could use. My throbbing hard-on drooled for release, kept in a painful condition that I found pleasurable without explanation. My Mistress went on with promises.

“I promise you this, by the end of two weeks it will have learned to fear me with good reason.” Both women laughed out loud while I fidgeted and itched all over.

“Oh, I don’t doubt that, sister. Mmmm these salads are delicious.”

I knelt unsteadily, filled with anxiety over all I was hearing, contemplating my situation. I pondered my surrender to a woman I knew pretty well, and her subsequent take over of my life. Of her becoming my Mistress and taking control with an ease most unnatural. I was sure I should be scared and I was, but I didn’t want to escape; at least not yet. I figured myself to be a normal person with a perverted craving for weird things! Rationalization made me feel good and helped me stand taller. I kept turning that thought over in my mind, rationalizing its rational. I didn’t hear anything until the women returned from the kitchen again. They walked up to me and my mind returned to the moment. My Mistress held a book, pencil, and the camera. From what I could tell she was all smiles.

My Mistress took some photos as her friend circled me slowly. The friend’s curious attitude and flash of the camera brought me not only humiliation, but the sick need to stand tall and act proud. I looked past my tails tip and discovered a spot on the ceiling to stare at. I tried to escape from my mind and leave it a vacant building for my Mistress to occupy. Today I’d been humiliated beyond words, brought lower then I’d ever been and found myself craving more. Though at the same time, part of me wanted to go no further, didn’t want to continue. My Mistress was on my right, her friend on my left.

“Watch this,” my Mistress said to her friend. She slipped her left hand under my belly and tickled the underside of my hard-on. Both women lowered their heads to watch the results. My cock swelled twitched and released a thick globule of syrup. My balls constricted in preparation to ejaculate and my entire body became tense. I began whimpering when someone’s fingers and thumb caught one of my testicles and began rolling it. Both women were laughing and making jokes and comments. They seemed to take turns wrapping their hand around my boner and jerking me off, getting me to hump.

“Don’t güvenilir bahis şirketleri move, fluffy,” my Mistress commanded as they tried to make me disobey.

“Oh you are a wicked one,” her friend said. It was becoming very difficult to keep still, to keep from humping the fists as they took turns bringing me on. At one point both women were working a testicle and jagging me off at the same time. The duel attack was more than I could bear and my Mistress had to warn me about moving many times. As they pumped, pinched and giggled, my feet and pointed toes went into the air, my arms began to fold and I couldn’t hold my hips in check. Their fists made loud sloshing noises that stopped only long enough for me to subside. I don’t know how long this went on for, but I loved every moment and only wished I could orgasm once.

They finally tired of their game and brought their hands to my mouth to be cleaned. I had to regain my posture and wasn’t allowed to look down as the hands were held up for me to reach. It took a while, but I soon had all the hands clean enough to be washed with soap and water. They left my face coated in my own spit and the lubrication, and it itched like the rest of my body, but there was nothing I could do about it. I had to watch my mannerism, my poise and posture.

The next thing I knew, my Mistress’s friend was beside me. She had a tape measure and started measuring different parts of my body. As she measured, she stated the dimensions and my Mistress stopped photographing to write them down in the small book. I began to shake noticeably and her friend made a comment.

“Relax, fluffy, I’m not going to hurt you. Why are you trembling so much,” she asked with a swat to my behind. I would love to have answered her, but couldn’t even if allowed, because I wasn’t really sure. She measured my arms, the length and thickness; my wrists, hands and finger lengths. She measured my legs the same way and then measured my head in all dimensions. I really began to shudder when her hands came to my behind and testicles again. She made another comment behind suppressed laughter.

“Oh fluffy… stop shivering! You must get accustomed to people looking and handling you,” she said. I tried the best I could, but the very thought of my position left me with little control. She measured my behind, waist and hips. She was quite crude and thought nothing of yanking on my balls as she wanted. The more she worked the braver she became and the meaner she got. Of course I liked it and my Mistress caught it on disc.

She finished after a long check and double check of many dimensions and then the women sat down to chat some more. At first they left me where I was, a little dizzier and dazed. My Mistress noticed and stood to help me down.

“You look as if you’ve been drinking, fluffy,” she said while slipping her finger through one of the metal eyes in my collar. It was true if I looked as weak as I felt, on the brink of going to pieces. I was ready to do anything, anytime, anywhere at all, for one orgasm, I could think of nothing else. The long strand of lubrication connecting my cock to the pedestal broke as it yanked free. I was towed from my perch by my Mistress, pulled from the blocks and guided to her chair. There I was made to stand between the ladies. My Mistress’s left hand slipped under my belly and took hold of my penis near to the base. Then her right hand approached and with one snap, caused me to scream. I cried and my cock went limp, wilted. Then she sat back in her chair.

“Stop, whimpering,” she ordered. She had developed several ways of making my cock go soft and you have just seen one. The women sat back laughing.

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