Enslaved Ch. 05: Final

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Final installment of ‘Enslaved’, new ‘Queen’ Series will be published, to continue the story.


The next morning Heather had work early. A full day at the gym lay ahead and she was annoyed, she wanted to torment Mike for the day. He also had work, starting in the afternoon. She decided to wake him at the same time as she left, so that his mind would be on her for the rest of the day.

Heather dressed in her gym gear, but this time with leopard print leggings. She sprayed on her perfume and checked the mirror before flinging open his door and striding in.

“Slave, wake up now!” She snapped, kicking him with a dainty foot. When he didn’t wake up, she kicked him again, this time in the balls. Mike stirred.

“Mmmff.” Was the wide eyed response from Mike. Heather became a little wet at the sight of him. The night had been rough for Mike and now he lay there wide eyed with the gag in his mouth, his shirt ruffled from the night before and his trousers yanked down to expose his cock. It grew as he took in the sight of her, his balls bulged, begging for release as morning wood kicked in. She smiled innocently at him, as though she was unaware of his predicament.

Mike gazed up at her, drinking in her beauty and crisp scent. He was in pain but he loved it. Arousal washed over him as he took in her figure. He loved every part of her. He wanted to serve her.

Heather leaned in and removed his ball gag. Her dirty panties had been in his mouth all night, she felt aroused as she finally pulled them out.

“Goddess, your stunning!” He gasped, unsure how she would reply.

Heather just smiled and toyed with her hair. Inside she knew she was winning, previously he had asked for freedom, now it was compliments.

“I adore you Goddess, if you let me serve you i’ll do anything!” Mike gasped again.

Heather responded with another kick in his balls. She laughed as he winced in pain.

“Good slave,” she giggled.

Heather leaned closer.

“Do you have work to go to slave?” She asked.

“Yes Goddess,” he replied. With that she reached for his chastity belt, smacking his balls hard and fast, to bring down his erect dick. She snapped it back on.

“Thank you Goddess” Mike whined in pain.

Heather responded by putting her lips over the cage and sucking on it sensuously, rolling her delicious tongue and lips over the plastic. Her strong but sweet perfume filling his nostrils.

Then Heather took off his cuffs and ordered him to kneel before her. His legs were stiff and sore but he was glad to be free.

“Heres the deal slave,” she sneered down at him. The cruel look in her eyes, that he knew so well returning.

“You give me half of what you earn as rent for staying here.” She basically ordered him. Mike nodded. He wanted it badly, he was addicted to her. All thoughts of escape were leaving his mind.

“Yes Goddess.”

Heather grinned in that devious way of hers. Even when he was turned on it made him nervous. With that she allowed him to stand up and go into the kitchen for breakfast.

They sat opposite each other. He had cleaned up and she had made them both toast. The air was full of arousal. She deliberately had her foot close to his under the table, brushing his leg every now and again. Mike had to stop himself from staring at her. She was disarmingly cute, she didn’t look like the cruel captor of the last couple of days. She seemed like a sweet chick who would never dream of tormenting him in the way she had. Her legs continued to tease his. She locked them around his right leg and began to move them up and down, as though she was stroking a cock with her feet.

“Do you like that slave?” She laughed as he grimaced in pain.

“Its not easy with your dick smashed up against that hard plastic is it?” She taunted.

“With my gorgeous feet all over your legs, so soft and sexy. Do you want to kiss them slave?” She teased in a sweet voice, gazing into his eyes the whole time.

“Oh please Goddess, i do!” He begged. Mike’s dick strained against the plastic as she teased him.

Heather responded by gripping his leg harder and moving her feet closer to his crotch, driving him crazy. She slipped off her trainers and used her toes to tease his caged dick. She prodded and teased his imprisoned cock without mercy while he struggled to eat his breakfast.

“Mercy Goddess, please! I love your feet but my dick can’t take much more!” He begged, the pain was unbearable.

Heather just laughed cruelly, before leaning over the table and kissing him on the cheek. Then to his disgust but arousal too, spat on his toast before leaning in for another kiss on the cheek.

“Eat it up slave.” She smiled sweetly at him, her green eyes piercing his. He stuffed in the toast, making sure her spit went in too.

Heather, who had been getting gradually more horny as the morning went on, now became very turned on at the sight of him eating her spit. She stood up and walked over to canlı bahis him.

“Open your mouth slave.” She ordered.

The second it was open she spat into his mouth. She told him he was not allowed to swallow until she said so and kept spitting, filling his mouth up with her foul morning breath spit. Once his mouth was full of her spit she told him to swallow. She grew even wetter as he slurped down the foul liquid that had built in his mouth. Mike choked as he tried to swallow it down and received a sharp slap followed by cruel laughter from his Goddess. She ordered him to kneel in front of her. As he got down on his knees she picked up the last piece of toast on his plate.

“I’m going to feed you now slave, aren’t i nice?” She said in an innocent voice, but that evil glint in her eye remained.

She carefully put the toast down her leggings onto her pussy, not close enough for it to irritate it, but in a position whee it could catch all her juices. She teased herself, making more juices and smearing them onto the toast. Once his breakfast was glistening with her pussy juices, she pulled it out and spat on it.

“Eat up slave.” She purred, shoving it whole into his mouth.

Mike felt and tasted her tangy pussy juices flow down his throat and settle in his mouth, it was gross but at the same time it had his dick screaming for release like never before as he ate the sodden piece of toast. As Heather watched, she rubbed and teased her pussy, getting off on the sight of him eating the toast that was saturated with her pussy juices. She fingered her clit furiously with one hand, and slapped Mike’s face with the other.

“Oh yes! Come in closer!” She panted, still slapping his face as he moved in, his face just inches from her glistening pussy.

“Fuck yeah!” She shrieked as she neared climax, pleasure flowing through her body. Mike watched, utterly addicted.

“Open your mouth slave!” She gasped, on the edge of climax.

“Fuuckk!” She growled in sheer delight as she squirted all over his face and into his mouth. Her hot squirt added to the taste already there, making Mike’s dick produce precum within its cage, when Heather saw it, she cruelly leant down and began to grind her sodden pussy all over his crotch.

“Is it frustrating, slave? To be so close to my steamy cunt, yet so far. Do you like being denied and tormented by me, and fucked up as i tease the shit out of you? I love seeing the pain in your eyes, the desperation. I know your getting more and more addicted to me, soon you will be my helpless little bitch and you will never want to fight or escape again. And you will love it!” She snarled sexily into his ear.

With that she shoved him back and stood up.

“Enjoy work today slave.” She smiled cutely.

“I know i will, thinking about your trapped little dick.” She teased, still smiling sweetly.

At her command they both stood up and walked out to her car.

“Get in.” She pointed to the passenger seat.

“Thank you Goddess.” He said earnestly, glad not to be put in the boot.

“Oh i wouldn’t be so sure,” she teased with a sly grin on her face.

They exchanged phone numbers on the first part of the journey and even chatted, relaxing and had a bit of a laugh, admittedly at his expense. Both began to like the other’s personality.

The second part of the journey was more difficult for Mike. Heather pulled out a pair of dirty panties and told him to put them in his mouth. She had worn them all night specially, so that she could do this to him. They were strong smelling and still damp from the steamy session she had had the night before.

“I got off last night wearing those, twice.” She explained

“All the time while i was getting off, i was thinking about you and your dick being locked and the fact i fucking own you.” She hissed. Mike’s locked dick once again groaned under the pressure.

“Can you smell the scent of my arousal? The stink of my bum and pussy in your mouth? Your breath is going to smell like my cunt all day slave!” She cackled. The cute talkative blonde replaced again by the sly, evil, drop dead sexy dominatrix. Mike moaned in pain as the taste of her saturated panties filled his mouth. He could taste her juices clearly and the stench of her bum was in them too. She had worked hard to make them as stinky and coated in her smells and tastes as possible.

Too late for his tortured dick, they arrived at his work. He stumbled out, thanking her and leaning in gratefully for a kiss on the cheek. He decided the worst way of approaching the long hours ahead was to think about her. Focus, work hard, forget about her. Easier said than done.

Heather arrived at the gym and settled into her otherwise boring routine, thrilled at the thought of her captive’s cock being trapped all day under her lock and key. She now had his mobile number and decided to use that as her next way of torturing him.

Mike went into his office and sat down. He had paperwork to get through bahis siteleri so he busied himself with that, trying and utterly failing to get the taste of Heather’s pussy and asshole off his mind as it lingered in his mouth.

A few hours past and he began to focus. He’d got some gum from a colleague to clear the taste of her panties and he was doing his best to be disciplined and not think of her. Lunch then came and went easily and Mike began to feel a bit more normal, talking football with the other guards and forgetting, albeit temporarily, about his predicament. He thought about Heather more clearly. He did like her personality, in the car she had been really nice and he could see himself enjoying her company. That was all he allowed himself to think.

Heather had waited for five hours of her shift to make her move. Now she made her way to the toilet and locked herself in a cubicle. She stripped off her top to reveal her white bra. Then she posed in a very sexy way for her phone’s camera. Once she took the photo she attached it to a text message that said:

“If you show anyone this, i will put your film on every social media site there is and ruin you. Send back a picture of your dick for the next photo…”

She giggled to herself as she pressed send.

Mike checked his phone just after lunch, just as a routine move. He noticed a message alert and clicked it. What he saw was Heather in a saucy pose and his dick instantly smashed up against the plastic of his cage. His mind was torn. He didn’t want to hurt himself and cause his dick yet more pain by getting another but his curiosity got the better of him. He loved the idea that she was teasing him without even being there. Mike ran out to the toilet and quickly snapped a photo of his dick and sent it.

Heather saw the message come through. ‘I’ve got him now’ she thought to herself. She waited an hour, firstly to make sure none of her colleagues thought she was unwell and secondly to tease him with the wait. She went back to the toilet and removed her leggings as well this time. She posed again getting as much of her curvy body in a possible.

Mike had waited for the next message eagerly. At long last it arrived and he was stunned by the site her beauty. Down to her bra and panties and her hair let down she would make a model look under the weather. Mike marvelled at her beauty and his dick again crushed against his cage.

The process went round again. The next photo she sent was of her without a bra on, but covering her boobs with her arm. Then one with a bra but no panties, covering her pussy with her hand. The photos drove him crazy each time and even though she wasn’t there to tease him, he was all he could think about. After these photos she sent a message reading:

“If you want to see me naked and much more tonight, film yourself punching your own balls twenty times in a row.”

Mike’s heart raced. He read it over and over to make sure it was true. It was. He was heading for a dirty night in with this stunning vixen if he did as she said. He went to the toilet, making sure someone covered his post, saying he didn’t feel too well. Once in the toilet cubicle he carried out her orders, it was extremely painful and he found himself panting and nearly crying with the pain. By the end he was writhing with the pain of what she had got him to do without even being there. After twenty excruciating hits, he sent off the video and got back to work feeling a mixture of excitement and pain run through him for the rest of the day.

Heather drove home at the end of her shift which finished an hour earlier than Mike’s. As soon as she got in she got out her vibrator and watched his video. On the eighth punch Heather was on the edge of orgasm and by the tenth she came intensely, moaning with pleasure and delighting in his pain. She grabbed up the panties she had used on him in the car and fondled her pussy with them. The sight of him abusing his balls made her feel giddy with power and pleasure. She lay there still caressing herself, thinking about the promise she had made and watching him punish his balls in order to get it and thought wickedly of how the evening ahead would go.

Mike stepped onto the train, clutching his newspaper as he made his way to a seat in the crowded carriage. His new home was only three stops away but that was too far for him. The offer of being inside his stunning Goddess made every minute longer. His dick had been rammed up against its cage frequently since that message came through.

An attractive brunette made her way down the carriage and slid into the seat next to him. She was busy on her phone and hardly noticed Mike, she accidentally put her leg slightly against his and din’t seem to be aware of it. She spent the first leg of the journey buried in her phone. Then as the carriage cleared out at the first stop she sat up and put her phone away, and hastily moved her leg away, realising where it had been. Mike was in immense pain because of her unintentional bahis şirketleri tease and tried not to let it show on his face.

“Sorry, i’ve had a long day at work.” She offered, with a knowing smile.

“Oh…oh thats fine.” He forced, his dick still in terrible pain. He tried to reign in his facial expression too.

“Are you ok?” She enquired. He seemed to be in pain.

“Yeah, um fine, just a long day too.” He managed. It was quite unconvincing.

She was glamorous with smooth black shoulder length hair and a nice fragrance, her smart business get up was attractive too. Mike willed himself not to look at her tight business skirt. Any other day he would have been very happy to talk to her, but his dick was causing him so much pain he wanted her to leave. It shocked him that Heather now basically controlled his interactions with women.

His hot fellow passenger seemed curious. She shifted her foot perilously close to his again and left it there, taking out a copy of a women’s magazine, skimming through a clothes page with dresses on it.

Mike did his best to fight the pain. Her foot was so close and her subtle perfume was getting into his head. He winced as his dick pressed up against his plastic prison. He hoped she hadn’t noticed. He tried reading the paper to take his mind off things, but he knew this was his life now. He just had to get used to it. She flicked her foot, seemingly by accident and it brushed his leg yet again. Once more she left it there as though she didn’t realise it was his leg. The pain set in and the frustration began to tear at Mike. Had she noticed his face that was beginning to show signs of his frustration?

At last the train pulled in at Mike’s stop and he hurried off, saying a polite but clumsy to goodbye to the brunette who just smiled curiously at him. He made his way hurriedly to Heather’s, desperate to see her and to get his reward. He knocked the front door with restraint, to try and appear calm.

“Hey slave.” Heather had her dressing down on and smelled beautiful. She had showered and used lovely oils and soaps. Her fragrant body intoxicated Mike and she knew it. She smiled demurely at him and winked. Mike was in awe of his Goddess.

“Goddess, i…” He started but she silenced him with a warm sexy finger on his lips. It smelled of her pussy.

“Follow me slave.” She whispered sensuously into his ear. With that she wrapped a perfumed blindfold around his head and ripped off his work clothes. Mike felt crazy with arousal. She led him by the tie through the house and into her room. There lay a large glass box, long enough for him to fit in. She cuffed his hands and pushed him in. There was a small hole cut about crotch height and one at head height for his face. She moved him in front of it and put penis penis through it. Mike felt dread yet excitement, he loved it when she was in control.

“Close your eyes.” Her silvery voice ordered. The blindfold was removed and a pair of stinky panties thrust into his mouth. Mike tasted the stench of her ass and the sting of her pussy juices.

“I just got off in these panties slave, then i wiped them all up my bum to get them nice and smelly. A mix of pussy juice and ass smell is what you will taste all night!” She hissed sexily. Then she shut the door, the thud alerting Mike.

“Open your eyes slave.” She ordered.

Mike looked at his surroundings. He was in a very thin glass box on the floor with no room to move. He was crushed up against the front and could not move back. His caged cock stretched out the hole she had threaded it through. His hands cuffed to handles at either side of the box. Heather was behind the box so he couldn’t see her.

Then she strutted out into view, her toned body and legs, her naughty blonde hair, her dazzling face, her luscious ass and perky boobs towering above him. She was the definition of the phrase drop dead gorgeous. Heather leaned forward with the key to his belt in her hand and unlocked it. His tormented dick grew instantly hard, throbbing and standing on end. She eyed it with a sexy grin in her face.

“How does it feel to be free slave? Talk through my panties.” She purred, moving in closer to him as if stalking her prey.

“It feels wonderful Goddess thank you!” He replied in a desperate tone. The smouldering blonde in front of him was driving him mad. She moved in at his response and began to grind her ass on his cock.

“Will you explode from this slave?” She teased cruelly.

“Probably Goddess.” He whined.

“How long is it since you last had an orgasm?” She turned and looked at him with big green eyes, pawing at his cock with her hands.

“Um, you captured me last Friday and today is Monday, but i haven’t cum since last Wednesday. Five days Goddess.” He responded, thinking back through his capture. Heather felt really horny as he explained, particularly when he noted she had captured him.

“Five days huh? Thats pathetic slave.” She sneered, scratching her nails into his aching balls.

“You still have three weeks to go…” She mocked him, pressing her face close to his, only the glass separated their lips. His muscly body literally flat up against the glass, so close yet so far.

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