D’s Final Adventure

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(This is the final installment of the series D’s Adventure. You really need to read the first two in this series before reading this one)

(The day after Early spending the night with me)

D is a 45-year-old female that was widowed 2 years ago. She experienced quite a coming out after meeting Marsha and members of a local rugby team. She attended a party with Early for fun and games. This story starts the next day.

After Early left Sunday morning, I was elated. I had enjoyed the evening of sharing sexual favors with Early, Jim and Mera, Mike and Marsha. I was even beginning to think maybe things could work out with Early as a long term relationship.

But as I went back to work that Monday, the realization that it just could not work out between Early and myself. The age difference was too great. But my now I know that I wanted to continue exploring my sexual appetite. I did not want to go back to the boring sexual relationship I had with my first husband. So my problem was how to tell Early that we could only be friends. But I was open to being fuck buddies. It was just too much fun to stop.

So the dilemma was how to tell Early. He had invited me to come see his office. I decided that was the way to do it. There he would have to listen. So I had a plan.

“Hi, this is Early,” Early said as I answered the phone at home Monday night.

“Hi, so glad to hear from you,” I said. “I had such a good time Saturday night. Did you?”

“Of yea, that was the best party we have had thanks to you,” Early exclaimed. “Would you be available to come by Friday afternoon and see the office?”

“I would love to. What time?”

“Just come by after work,” Early answered. “Do you want me to have a car pick you up?”

“Do you mind? If you could have someone pick me up at home and get me home that would really work best for me.”

“Sure no problem,” Early said excitedly. “We can have dinner then I can take you home.”

“Sounds good,” I said excitedly. “Where do you want to go? How dressed up do I need to be.”

“Well, it sounds like we are going on a date finally,” Early laughed.

“Yes it does,” I said. “But don’t jump to any conclusions.”

“Let’s go to the new Thai restaurant downtown,” Early said. “Do you like Thai?”

“Sure. We have a date.”

As I hang up I call Mera. “Hi, this is Mera”

“Mera, this is D,” I said. “I need a favor.”

“What kind of favor?” Mera asks.

“I want to discuss the situation with Early with you,” I said. “And I need a conservative dressy outfit.”

“Well you have come to the right place,” Mera said. “Why not come by Wednesday afternoon after work.”

“OK sounds good.”

(The afternoon with Mera)

I arrived at Mera’s about 5:30pm. Mera had told me that they closed at 6pm on Wednesday but we could take as long as needed.

“Hi, Mera,” I said as we hugged. There were a few people in her shop. Mera had other employees working with the customers.

“Let’s go to the local pub after we pick your outfit and we can talk,” Mera said. “Jim is away on business this week. We can make this a girls night out.”

“Mera, I am going on a date with Early Friday night to see his company and then a nice restaurant and I need something classy,” I said. “Not overly slutty but more elegant than my normal school attire.” I was wearing a stern teacher suit at the time.

“You know I think I have an idea,” Mera said. “We have a new line that would really show off you flared hips, making them look so feminine and shrinking your waistline. Of course your breast will stand out but that is true with anything.”

Mera went and got it. I tried it on and it worked exactly as Mera said. My waist looked smaller than it really was, while the line of my hip were slopped nicely to a pleated skirt that ended just about the knees. It had a very gentle slope that really looked good. The start of cleavage could be seen but it was more suggestive than blatant. The color was an elegant pattern of black background with red swirls. It looked really good.

“That looks beautiful on you,” Mera bounced up excitedly. “The lines are perfect.”

“It really is great, isn’t it?” I exclaimed. “I have a pair of mid height black pumps that will work great with it.”

“That is perfect,” Mera said. “Now for underwear. I think black lace bra and panties will work. Unless you want to wear your famous cord thong.”

“No I think your suggestion is best,” I laughed. Mera went and got them and said to try them later. It they did not work she would exchange them. It was close to seven and I was ready for something to eat.

Mera took me to a local pub. It had snack foods and was covered with local blue collar people both men and women. Most were younger than me with about two males to each female. Most of the females were wearing tight jeans and low cut tight tops. Most guys were also in tight jeans and t-shirts. I really stood out as I was wearing a longish skirt with a silk blouse and jacket. Mera was wearing a low cut top that showed a lot canlı bahis of her ample cleavage and tight jeans. As indicated Mera has a tight large Latino butt.

We ordered wings and beer with shots of tequila. We discussed my situation about Early and Mera was very supportive that Early needed to understand that a long term relationship would not work but just having fun would be great. She agreed to help me with Early if he wanted more.

“I really want you to continue coming to our parties,” Mera enlisted. “You add so much to the festivities.”

“You know I would like that,” I said.

“Well, look at this,” a young man said as he walked up to our table. “These are the best looking women in the place.” These were two men no more than 25 years old.

“That is a terrible lie,” I said.

“Speak for yourself,” Mera said. “I think we are the best looking broads in the bar.”

“Can we buy you both a drink?” the other man said. “I am Trey and this is Jeff.” Trey was a large man over 6′ 2″ probably 200 lbs and all muscle while Jeff was smaller but sinewy.

“You know I think you can,” Mera said. I looked at Mera like saying what are you doing. “We will both have a shot and a beer.”

They went to the bar and got our drinks. “What are you doing!” I exclaimed.

“Let’s play it by ear,” Mera said. This might be fun.

These guys came back to the table and sat down. After a little discussion, they asked if we wanted to play pool.

We decided to play girls against boys. Before the first game Mera and I went to the bathroom.

“Let’s play to win,” Mera giggled as we enter the girl’s room. She pulled her top off, removed her bra and place it in her purse.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“We can only win by distracting them,” Mera said. “When they are shooting show a little skin. Take your slip and bra off. That silk blouse will certainly distract with nothing under it.”

I thought about this and decide, why not. I am still looking for adventures and these guys seemed nice but horny. So I took off the sip and bra. I was wearing granny panties so I decide those had to go also. I placed all in my purse and looked in the mirror. You could clearly see the outlines of my breast when braless but the blouse was not see though so it seemed ok. I unbuttoned the top 2 button so that just a very little cleavage showed. The skirt I could raise by rolling it around the belt. This got the helm a few inches above the knee. It certainly looked sexier but not too much.

I have played a lot of pool and so had Mera. We decided to play the first game of nine ball to see who bought drinks.

As the first game was being played it was clear the guys were only slightly better than us.

As Mera went to play, she bent over he ball and gave both guys a good view of her braless tits. They could not see her nipples this time but could see her cleavage to her waist. She ran off 2 balls. Then Trey was about to shoot. I was sitting where he could clearly see me so I unbuttoned the third button and bent down to pick up my chalk. The blouse was loose and gapped open more than I hoped so I am sure he saw the whole right tit. He missed the shot.

It was my shot, I re-buttoned the third button. Trey knew exactly what I was doing. I had to reach over the table to get to the queue ball. My dress pulled across my ample hips showing the fullness of them. Both guys were staring with months open as the dress pulled up to about 5 inches below my pussy. They could not see the glory hole but the closeness of the exposure, I am sure made them want more. I made the shot. It was now down to sinking the 9 ball. I called it and barely missed.

“That too bad,” Trey said. “Let Jeff show you how it is done.”

As Jeff got ready to shot I crossed my legs where he could see me. I did a slow move where my shaved pussy could be seen. He missed.

“Now let me show you how it is done,” Mera said. She sank the nine ball so we won. The guys went to get us another shot and a beer. We both laughed as they left.

“Let’s raise the stakes,” Jeff said. “The team that wins gets to have the others do a dare.”

“We are in,” both Mera and I said.

Mera broke. Her top had now been stretched so that when she bent over the entire tit showed. I think she had done this on purpose. She then ran off 3 balls.

Trey then took his turn and ran off 2 balls. We could not afford him for him to run sink another. Mera walked over to me and unbuttoned the third button and squeezed my left breast. That felt good and Trey did not have a chance. It was now my turn. I decided to leave the button undone. I ran the table and we won.

I looked at Mera and said, “I want my pussy licked like a popsicle. What about you?”

“You know that sounds good but I think it my butt hole that needs attention,” Mera said. “Ok who gets D’s pussy and who wants my butt hole.”

Trey the larger guy said, “I want D.” We went to the lady’s restroom while Jeff and Mera went to the men’s. Trey and I slipped into a stall. I sat on the toilet bahis siteleri lid and lifted my skirt. Trey knelt down and went to work. He worked over my pussy until I was wet down to the knees. I had orgasm after orgasm.

“Keep your pants on buster,” I said as Trey started unbuckling his pants.

“I have to have relief, D please,” Trey begged.

“Win a game and then you have some leverage,” I said.

We returned to the game and both guys got very serious. I now left the fourth button unbuttoned so almost the entire length of my cleavage was showing. Mera was smiling like a cat and had tied the knot top where is was pulled down at the cleavage and knotted just under the tits. When she bent over you could see the bottom of her tits. I was sure this top was stretched beyond use again.

Mera broke and ran 2 balls before she missed. Trey did not even look at me or Mera as he made 2 balls. Then just as he glanced at us, Mera reached over again and grabbed my right tit but this time pushed the blouse aside showing Trey the nipple in her hand. Her hand covered very little of the tit anyway. Trey missed.

“This is not fair,” Trey said.

“What is not fair Trey?” I asked. “Don’t you like the show?” I recovered the nipple, but plenty of tit still showed. We now had an audience of 3 guys with one stacked girl. It was getting late and most people had left the bar. The owner had put up a closed sign up but had made no move to stop us. He was watching from the bar.

“Ok, yes I am enjoying the show,” Trey lamented. “I am enjoying the show. But maybe we can play that game also.”

I again had to reach across the table. This time however I hiked up my skirt so when extended I could feel the helm of my skirt right at the edge of my butt cheeks. I made the shot. As I was about to line up the next shot, Trey unzip his pants and let his huge member hang out. It was at least 9 inches and thick as a brick. I missed.

“I told you 2 could play that game,” Trey laughed. He put it back in but did not zip up. Jeff made the next ball. There were now 3 balls left. Mera got to where Jeff could see and unzip her jeans and pulled them off and stood with her legs spread. Jeff missed. Mera made the next ball. Then as she lined up Jeff unzipped and let his meat hang out where she could see. He was shorter than Trey but at least as thick. Mera missed. Trey made the next to last ball before we could distract him. Then as he was lining up the nine ball I reached into Mera’s panties and started rubbing her lit. She squealed. Trey missed. I called the nine ball in the side pocket both Jeff and Trey pulled their jeans down and pulled out their clear erections. With all the concentration I had i made the nine in the side pocket.

“Do you guys have condoms?” Mera asked. Both pulled out their condoms. She then looked over at the owner. “Do you mind a little adult entertainment?”

“Be my guest,” he smiled. “Do you need anything?”

“Do you have any lube?” Mera asked. “I may need it for my winning dare.”

“Will vegetable oil work?” he said. The owner was in his 60’s and looked very happy.

“That will do,” Mera said. He walked over to Mera and handed her a bottle of oil.

The onlooker 3 guys and the girl were beginning to make out as they watched. They were also down to their underwear.

“Ok here is what I want,” I began. “First strip, I want to taste that big dick and then I am going to bend over this pool table and I want my pussy banged till it hurts.”

“I want the same but pour the oil on my ass and fuck my butt hole til it hurts,” Mera said.

We all disrobed. I put as much of Trey’s dick in my mouth as I could and sucked the head. Mera was beside me doing the same to Jeff. This was quite a turn on. We then bent over the pool table side by side and I held Mera hand. Jeff was taking the oil and putting it all over Mera ass and his dick. He pushed 1 then 2 then 3 fingers in Mera’s ass. She began to moan. Trey was sticking his tongue up my pussy so that he was hitting all the right spots.

Jeff, then put his dick at the entrance of Mera’s ass hole. I was watching and it was making me even hotter. He pushed in where the head was now embedded in her butt. He was now entering slowly but steadily. Trey was now entering my pussy. It was so slippery that even his massive member entered easily although he could not get it all the way. I was determined that he would bottom that thing out in my vagina before he finished. Jeff now had at least 6 inches in her butt.

“Can you take more?” Jeff asked Mera.

“I am going to take the whole thing, just keep pushing,” Mera said. Jeff continued to push until the whole dick was swallowed by her big ass. He began to pump in and out slowly. She was now well lube but he but a little more oil on when he pulled almost all the way out.

“Shove that dick of yours back in all the way,” Mera yelled. Jeff rapidly slammed into Mera until his balls slapped her pussy. I could feel her orgasm as he did. “Oh that feels good,” Mera said.

Trey was now almost all the bahis şirketleri way into my pussy. He had maybe an inch left to go. “Shove it all the way into my pussy Trey,” I yelled. He then made one more push and I had a massive orgasm. I looked to my other side and the onlooker girl was being thrashed by one of the onlooker guys. She smiled at me. The owner was sitting in the chair yanking at his old member that was also cover with vegetable oil. All three guys were pumping away. Trey could not hold out much longer and I also thought Jeff was ready to go. It turned out that Mera tight ass hole was too much for Jeff and he was cuming into his condoms. He bent over and kissed Mera’s neck as his dick went limp.

As he pulled out one of the onlooker guys asked Mera, “Can I have some?”

“Be my guest,” Mera said. “Put on a condom.”

“I am prepared,” he said. “Which hole?”

“My pussy needs some attention,” Mera said.

I was surprised that Trey was holding out. The guy next to me had erupted in the girl onlooker. He was not wearing a condom as these people looked like they knew each other. Without asking onlooker number 3 took onlookers number 2’s place.

“I want it in my butt like she did,” onlooker girl said indicated the way Mera had been fucked in the ass.

Onlooker 3 guy then took the oil and lube her ass. Her ass was much smaller that either Mera or I. It was very tight. He had to work very slowly to get it in.

Trey could not stand the sight of this guy slowly but steadily pushing his big cock into her small butt hole and he let go into his condom. I was now delirious form orgasms. As Trey finished he also kissed my butt and said, “Thanks for the relief.”

“How does it feel,” I asked the girl next to me. She looked like she was struggling to get it in.

“It hurts but I think it is going to feel good,” she said.

“Relax as much as you can,” I advised. “Once you get used to it the feeling is great. In some ways I like it best.”

“So you are an expert,” Jeff said. He was now bending over me kissing my back. “Can I have a turn at you. I am almost ready to go again.”

“Get the oil and give me the same treatment you gave Mera,” I commanded. He quickly began to spread oil over my butt and working it into my anus. He worked up to 3 fingers as he had done Mera. He could tell I relaxed my ass hole easily and I was going to be able to take his big dick.

“I love you girl with the big plump asses,” Jeff said. “You can take my big dick better that these smaller girls.”

“I am getting the hang of this,” the onlooker girl said. “This dick in my ass feels so good now and has stretched me so I think I could take you now, big boy. Don’t underestimate small assed girls.”

We all laughed. Jeff now had most of the head embedded in my ass. He was slowly working it in. “Push it all the way in, then pull back reoil and slowly push it in all the way.” I said to Jeff. He did that and when he got it all the way to his balls hitting my pussy I was convulsing with orgasms. I looked over at Mera and onlooker 1 was about done. He was filling up his condom.

So onlooker girl and I had our ass full of dick while Mera’s pussy was getting threshed. The owner took a long time to cum but he was done.

All three girls squealed as our guys shot their wads. It was over.

The onlookers said, “You girls are welcomed back to this bar anytime.”

“Next time the drinks are on the house for you girls,” the owner said. “Can I have a kiss?”

“Sure” both Mera and I said. He kiss us both. Of course the kiss came with a tit squeeze and a finger in our pussies. Which was quite alright with both of us. We all got dressed after wiping off with a bar towel. Of course panties and bras were not necessary. As we got in Mera’s car to go home we both laughed.

“Anytime you are ready for a girls night out let me know,” Mera said. “We make a good team. Good luck with Early, I think you are right to limit the relationship to just a good time.”

(My visit to Early’s company)

As the day arrived for my first date with Early, I am confused about what to do. While I still believed he was too young, I also was having the time for my life. I never knew sex could be like this and I was not ready to stop and Early and the lifestyle enjoyed by the four horsemen was not something I wanted to stop.

I left work and hurried home to get dressed. Early was supposed to send a car and pick me up at 4:30pm. His office had cocktails on Friday afternoon as part of team building. The dress that Mera sold me was really outstanding. It was really sexy looking without showing much and the bra and panties really made me feel sexy.

The limo arrived at 4:30pm exactly. The driver came to the door and knocked. When I opened the door for him he really looked familiar.

“Hi, my name is D,” I said.

“My name is Brit, Early said to bring you to the office,” Brit said.

Brit was a distinguished looking gentlemen with a wonderful accent. I thought maybe English. He was my age or maybe older, it was hard to tell because he was in such great shape. He was maybe about 6′ 2″ tall. His hair was only slightly greying but still very thick and wavy. It he had not been a limo driver, I would have been interested in him.

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